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Hello Pokémon fans,

I'm writing here because I have some pokemon cards and do not know where to start...
I was buying 1st edition cards when I was a kid - few days ago someone told me about selling cards, as they are pretty valuable right now, but I have no idea how to evaluate them.
My hobby shifted from Pokémos, when I was 8-9 years old to vinyl records and synthesizers, so selling them might be good option for me, as I'm buying a lot of records these days.
I have original base set (blue with 1st edition sign and shadows around drawings) and complete sets: power reserve, grass chopper and bodyguard and quite a few Team R cards from blisters and some promos as well. Cards are in VG+/NM condition (Very good to near mint), never traveled with them, played occasionally at home with friends, boxes are old, and worn, but overall in good condition (if someone is paying attention to boxes). I have a decent scanning device at home, so I can scan every card to high resolution. Basically - is it better to put them online for sale/bid starting from 1 usd/ 1 euro as set or get some sort of authenticity certificate and sell card by card? I will be thankful for any hints where to start.

Kind regards and have a good week!


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If you want to start selling your collection online I think it would be good for you to check resources on how much a particular card is worth and begin a listing on EBay for singles or whatever selling platform you prefer. If you have the entire Base Set, all 102 of the cards, you can sell the whole thing as a completed collection. But the price would be highly dependent on the condition of the cards and whether they’re first edition or not.

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