1st Gen Your partner Pikachu in Yellow

Started by Sheep January 18th, 2022 9:06 PM
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In Yellow, you start your adventure with Pikachu! This little one follows you around in the overworld and was the first time we had an anime-sounding cry for a Pokémon in the games.

Did you use Pikachu? Did you ever have a playthrough where it went to the box? Did you ever try evolving it when you were younger?


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I used it for sure, from start to finish.
Can't remember if I tried to evolve it though .

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Hm. Remembers talking to Pikachu at the end of Victory Road. Must have brought it along. Filled the Electric role.

Almost certainly tried to evolve it. Bases this on caring about power, rather than a specific memory. Watched the anime episode against Lieutenant Surge, though. Likely expected it to fail.
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Absolutely used it. I have fond memories of my first team in Yellow, and Pikachu had a big role in it (I totally bought into the fact that you could raise its friendship level, let’s ignore the fact that it’s probably maxed out by the time you reach Misty’s gym 😅).

Definitely tried to evolve it upon reaching Celadon City, too, but of course was greeted with the refusal message.

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Pinball: we've always played pokemon yellow with a bunch of glitches and one we sometimes do is use the ACE warp to leave pallet town without getting pikachu and go to celadon city to get eevee as a starter! but normally we keep the pikachu though we sometimes do the hybrid glitch to get a water type pikachu
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I never used Pikachu in Pokémon Yellow. I always thought Pikachu was overrated and that I had better options, even then. However, I tried to show Pikachu more appreciation and recently got Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu, but I turned out not liking the game at all.



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I used it in my original playthrough, though I eventually temp traded it to Red where I hacked Surf onto it (I didn't have codes for Yellow). When I traded it back, it hated me! I seem to recall it even showing a skull above its head when I talked to it.

I used it for most of my most recent playthrough, but I dropped it for Magneton toward the end since I was wanting to raise a team to finally clear Gym Leader Castle (Stadium) with.

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Definitely used it! Couldn't it learn surf in Yellow? I also remember trying to evolve it and wondering why it wouldn't, didn't understand that it was a game mechanic for the longest time!
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Couldn't it learn surf in Yellow?
Only if you met certain requirements in Pokémon Stadium, which I didn't have the patience for back then. Pretty sure it wasn't until last year that I ever fully trained a team in Gen. I.

Back then you needed a Surfing Pikachu to play the surfing minigame, but you can play it regardless on the Virtual Console version.

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