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Old April 12th, 2013 (5:51 AM).
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    Nathan - Celestic Town

    'First time in Celestic Town...'Nath noticed that the town was still intact, but there wasn't that many people. Everyone seemed to stare at him when he flew down, as if they had nothing better to do. It was slightly creepy, and like a ghost town. Everyone seemed so depressed. Actually thinking about it, the whole place was filled with elderly. There was not a single person that looked under 60 there. Nathan didn't want to speak, as none of the other residence seemed to want to either. The fog was deep, so finding is way was somewhat difficult. Even though the creepy atmosphere, Nath felt like that to be some secrets hidden within this town. Why? Because Nath was curious, he had learned about the Celestic ruins when he was 5, so it was his natural instincts to investigate. He felt a bit rude, just barging in and not saying hello, but again it couldn't be helped. The whole town was the definition of 'creepy.

    The ruin's were actually more comforting than in the town itself. There was a decent amount of light, and Nath could actually see where he was going. There was no-one here, so this gave Nath a perfect opportunity to inspect the ruins carefully. In doing so, he was pleased to find some information based upon arceus inscribed on a strange plate.
    "Arceus is the being of one type,
    but the 16 plates that accompany him bring him power,
    without these plates, arceus grows weary,
    and even out of control,
    to stop his rage that plates must be returned to him,
    he can devour the world."
    The last sentence gave Nath shudders. 'he can devour the world?' What was that supposed to mean. Was he literally going to 'eat' the world? The other thing that caught Nathans eye was the point about the plates being returned. Perhaps arceus removed the pokémon in a rage? Perhaps if he had all of his plates he would have been more generous? Nath wanted more answers. Perhaps there's more to this ruins then meets the eye...

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      Bay & Flow - Jubilife Outskirts

      "Adults have warred endlessly since the end of Pokémon—they've enslaved countless children for their own purposes, and even Arceus itself has turned its back on them."We're going to destroy the city, and those within it. You can either help us, or get out of our way..."

      Bay tightened up his fist and rose to his feet with a determined look on his face. He emerged from his hiding spot,his fist balled up tightly and firm at his sides. His legs were prepared to leap at this person he saw as an adversary as he walked towards her steadily.
      A long, furry and bushy tail pushed it's way through the surface of his skin and erupted from Bay's rear.

      "You blame the adults for slavery but then you plan to kill everyone- including the children? That makes you even more despicable than the adults to me! You're a hypocrite and you're most likely using the adults as an excuse to kill... The people from Eterna... You destroyed people's lives adult and child alike and what you are doing is selfish, just going from place to place leveling a city and then assuming you can go about wrecking havoc and reaping sorrow as if it would go unnoticed."

      As Bay got even closer to Emily he could hear Flow's protests to calm down but this went unheeded. Flow understand Bay's point although he didn't know much about his past, which just enforced Bay's view. Although his point was agreeable, it didn't save the fact that this girl could kill him with ease.

      reached into his bag with his left hand and felt the vial containing the strange liquid from Blaine's lab. If this girl wanted to kill, he was going to give her a taste of her own medicine. No more innocent children were going to be harmed whether or not he had to dirty his own hands with this girl's blood. If she tried to refute his statement in any way he was still going to attack, using the chemical as an agent that would make a fight with a wielder easy... if it worked.


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      Get up
      Spark Wake up
      The voice was loud, and Spark opened her eyes to it. "What..." She said softly.

      "It's me, Spark wake up, it's me." Before her, was a person that wrecked her heart. "Silly, you are sleeping in."

      "B-but" She said shakily.

      "Look it's me see." He put his hand on her arm, she felt the warmth. Spark didn't expect this and quickly rolled to the side and stood up. When she gazed upon him, it was indeed Arc. "Why are you so scared of me?"

      Spark's heart leaped, hurting her chest. It was his voice too. She couldn't say anything, just back up as her brother approached. "Do you hate me?" He said. No... She thought, I don't.... She backed into the side of the mountain. "It really is me, Arc, your brother."

      It isn't Arc, it can't be... She shook her head. The experience was traumatizing, she still couldn't speak. "Well then I suppose if you hate me so much." He said calmly. "There's only one thing to do." His face shined a wicked smile, full of sharp teeth. He opened wide, "Good sister you are." He said, before chomping down.

      Spark woke up hyperventilating, she was covered in sweat and crying. "Why are you crying?" A small voiced asked. Spark was instantly startled, and carelessly threw a bolt of electricity in a random direction. "Eeek." The voice squeeled. Spark couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl.

      "Sorry." Spark said.

      "Oh it's fine, there's another one of you who does the same thing." Spark still couldn't see where the voice came from, "Except he burned me."

      Spark wondered if the guy this voice spoke of was the person she needed to deal with. "Does he scare you?" She asked.

      "Very much yes."

      "What if I got rid of him?"

      "Then I would be stuck here alone..." The voice said sadly.


      "He tells me all the time, I'm scum and if he were to die I would be lonely scum. He took me here, but when he couldn't kill me, he left me here and taunts me all the time." Spark sighed, this voice, this child was imprisoned and kept company by a psychopath.

      "Well I'll take you back. But you have to show yourself, and show me where this evil boy is." Right in front of Spark, a child became visible. It was a little girl, wearing green, red, and orange. It frankly surprised Spark, Pokemon had many powers.

      "I don't know if it is actually a boy... The person wears a mask all the time."

      "Isn't the voice an indicator?" Spark asked.

      She shook her head, "The mask makes him scary, and I can't really hear her voice well."

      Spark sighed. "You better not be leading me into a trap."
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      Old April 17th, 2013 (6:56 PM). Edited April 17th, 2013 by PkMnTrainer Yellow.
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      Hailey, Arcea, Emily and Bay - Outskirts of Jubilife
      Hailey seemed angry with Amethyst, or rather Faith whom was possessing her. First angry, then confused... then angry again. This time her expression lingered, as if she'd had a moment of doubt.


      She stared Faith down for a moment before a boy abruptly interrupted. She turned her head and narrowed her eyes at Bay harshly, decidedly staring him down instead. Soon Arcea moved in behind Hailey, maybe half a meter behind her. She waited until Bay was finished almost patiently. Perhaps he didn't realize that she was psychic..? You're lucky Lucy can't see you holding that, Bay! She'd... gobble you up... or /something/!

      "...The only hypocrite here is you, /boy/. I've seen what your kind is capable of..." she responded in an extremely venemous tone. Who was his kind again? ...Males? ...Pokespirit wielders? ...Humans?

      "I'm no hypocrite..." she responded in a more calm tone, beginning to focus her mind. An aura started to radiate around her, whereas Arcea became tense, her tail curling around her leg and head-tail around her neck respectively. She too seemed to start glowing with a barely visible aura of energy, like a wavering in the air as if they were both emitting a strong ammount of heat into the air through their bodies. It was the only warning Bay would be getting that they were not sitting ducks to be attacked.

      "Do you think anyone but I cared when Jonathan was murdered in his home by bandits, or when Milly perished in the desert because no one cared to feed her? NO!" she growled out, a sort of righteous fury boiling to the surface. "Because they were the ones that killed them! Do you think anyone but myself mourned when...--" she continued, still almost rabid with fury until she abruptly stopped as if something had caught her attention. "...when Ciel..." she continued before once again trailing off into nothing. Suddenly her rage was gone, replaced only with bitterness. Whom had these names belonged to, and why were they significant to Hailey?

      Perhaps Faith would recognize them from conversations long past--Conversations that took place long before Hailey, or rather Myra, had become... /like this/. They were the names of the children that had previously wielded Myra, Hailey's pokespirit. Knock knock? Who's there? Not Hailey! Not really... anyway. Ciel in particular Faith would find she did not know anything about. Hailey had never at any point or time been willing to talk about that particular child.

      "...You can try and stop me if you want... We're not afraid to die. Everyone has to die. It's the only way..." she said, beginning to mumble her words. Notably she had finally referred to herself as more than one person, a trait most wielders could identify with. She proceeded to turn away from Bay to stare directly at the city. Holding out one hand she proceeded to narrow her eyes and start to clench her fist as if imagining herself crushing the city. In reality, she was readying herself to do exactly that... only with psychic power instead of her bare fist.

      Meanwhile, Arcea merely stared Bay down. She was oddly silent for someone following someone as passionate as Hailey around.

      Bay clutched the potion tighter. He had no clue what Hailey's anger was directed at. She seemed to be experiencing a delirium or to just be insane in the first place. Whether or not those were the names of fallen comrades or just made up names would probably never be known to him. This all just seemed to be the work of a confused person who pushed all of their emotions onto others and didn't care who suffered.

      "So killing good and bad without differntiating the two then letting Arceus sort them out is your idea of justice?" He would finish this one way or another. He didn't know who it was who was the most powerful of this group but if this girl wanted to kill innocent people then it didn't matter to him. He shifted his free hand to his belt and clutched his knife.

      In one split second he hurled his knife at Hailey as if to distract her, though without an arm applying force from behind after being thrown it really served no other purpose, not so much s able to pierce Hailey's skin. It bounced off harmlessly, landing on the ground nearby. Hailey turned and stared at the knife briefly in disbelief, as if questioning what fool would actually believe such a petty attack would actually hurt her, before turning back to what she was occupied with. Meanwhile, Bay burrowed into the ground using dig. Dirt and debris covered his eyesight and before he knew it, he was tunneling underground. He dug around the area where Hailey was in a few circles before rising out of the ground in front of Hailey with the potion in hand. He then made an attempt to swing his tail at her, which glinted with a metallic shrine and texture indicating an iron tail attack. As he did this, simultaneously moving to whip the potion at her as a secondary effort, a powerful foot slammed into his chest. It was Hailey, flying through the air in a move straight out of a kung-fu movie. It wasn't a powered move, but rather improvised combat. Therefore, it did not pack anything more than her supernatural strength behind it. That was still more than enough in her coiled state to knock Bay harshly onto his back, where the skirt-wearing female promptly perched above him, one leg pressing down on his chest and making it slightly hard to breath. She was totally flashing Bay her undergarments from above as an unfortuante result of her short skirt, but... frankly she didn't care. She was too busy hurting him.

      The potion flew through the air.

      Crack! The makeshift glass container broke against Hailey's skull, and the odd liquid spilled all over her. At first she merely seemed to be distracted by the blow, turning to glare at Bay only to find that Arcea was dealing with him. The sound of sizzling could be heard however, and soon a look of alarm spread across the small girl's face. She cringed and adopted a face of pain, attempting to wipe the liquid off to no avail. It seemed to be... /burning/ her! Yet, no burns of the physical sort seemed to appear on her body. Rather, after a few moments of struggle she collapsed onto her knees and clutched at her stomach. "W-Why?!" she demanded, seemingly of Arceus. "What did you do?!" she then demanded of Bay, glaring at him harshly. At this point Arcea turned and just sort of cringed at the sight. The liquid bubbled against Hailey's skin, reacting with it, absorbing into her. Soon she fell to her side and curled into a ball, just sort of shuddering there. One could only imagine how painful it must've been, like being ripped apart at the soul-level and forcefully de-fused.

      What was likely of less concern was a feeling of static electricity building in the air. It was strong enough that many of the spirit wielders probably noticed it. Hairs stood on end, and internal compasses went crazy. ...However, if any of them had known what was about to come next, they probably would've paid more attention to this than the girl writhing in pain on the ground. Abruptly, the sound of something large shoving air aside at an extremely fast rate would reach the ears of everyone present. If any of those present looked up, they'd see a bright light growing larger by the second. At first it grew at a slow pace, but it rapidly started to grow at an increasing rate.

      That was no light in the sky...

      It was coming towards them! Arcea froze up, staring up into the sky like a dear in headlights. Hailey was in no condition to move. There was no time to dodge without utilizing teleport. Arcea attempted to dive off Bay in an effort to shield Hailey with her own body, but in reality it wasn't directly at Hailey. The blast of light, a beam of destruction stretching several meters in diameter, crashed down into the earth with incredible force, immediately tossing Arcea through the air as it generated a powerful shockwave, scorching her body and sending her rolling into a bodily heap on the ground nearby. The beam hit Bay directly. The boy hadn't had the faintest chance, and the light consumed him readily. Hailey, having been no more than a few feet away, was also consumed. The blast spanned several moments before the area cleared, leaving a crater in the ground with no sign of Hailey or Bay to be seen.

      The scorched earth was hard, and packed tight. There was little hope that they were burried under it. Both of them had been utterly vaporized.

      Looks like someone forgot the rules~

      It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~
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        ∣ Amethyst Yula
        Jubilife Outskirts

        Chapter Two: Part Eight
        Reach for Hope

        "Hey, kid!"


        "Remember that bad feeling I had earlier?"


        "It's a thousand times worse." Blade seemed almost threatened by whatever was going on.

        Amy looked back at Hailey's general direction, seeming to nod in agreement. "Oh, you're right... Wow..."

        "Let's go, my sister is still up there!" Faith shouted, nervous that her sister might be harmed, despite what she had become.

        Amy nodded. "Right." She began to hover at a decent pace, back to the elevated area where now Bay also appeared to be. "What-- Bay!"

        There was a moment of silence, where time had slowed to a snail's pace, and Amy's, Faith's, and Blade's center of attention pointed to one vial of colorful goop, slowly sinning through the air, until... CRACK!

        "MYRAAAAAA!!" Amethyst shouted impulsively, though it was clearly Faith causing this. She immediately rushed over to try and tend to the collapsing Hailey, only... To find no logical way to do so. Touching the liquid would only damage Amethyst and her spirits, but it had to be removed to...



        There was a slow realization that, no matter how hard they tried, no matter what they came up with... There was no stopping this. "Myra, no! Don't go!" Tears began forming in Amy's notably blue and half-blue eyes, sobbing over the girl's writhing body, her hands holding onto Hailey's uncovered hand, as if trying to heal her out of sheer will. But once more, nothing happened.

        "GET AWAY NOW!!" Blade shouted through Amy in a raspy roar, Amy's eyes both becoming red and slitted, as her figure turned and dove, rolling into an upright stance, turning in time to see the beam of light crater the Earth and take Bay and Hailey before disappearing completely.

        ... Long silence.

        There was a long pause, as Amy slowly turned to Arcea, as if silently asking her if she saw the same thing she had just seen. They seemed to be on the same level, both losing someone they knew to the light. Part of her hoped this was some awful dream or nightmare.

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          Nathan - Moments

          Nathan shrugged off the small shudder in the earth. Something must have happened somewhere.
          'Ah well' he thought as he continued to study the wall. Nath was starting to get bored, and lonely, just by looking at these runes. Every picture seemed to have a story along with some difficult to understand text. It was moments before the aftermath of the shudder occurred.

          An earthquake? In a split two seconds a small, but mighty earthquake knocked Nath off his feet and onto the ground, hitting his head hard off the ground. Then there was the noise of crumbling. Nath tried to open his eyes a bit, and could just see the exit collapsing before he was knocked unconscious by a falling rock. Nap time...

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          Kraus and Cecilia (Gin) Reese

          Kraus stopped when Lucy came near him. "I, uh..." He was having trouble forming functional sentences, and his face became flushed. He was struck by some sort of sensation that made his chest beat like a drum. He had no idea what it was he was feeling, however, it was foreign to him. He had an idea of what it was, maybe some sort of affection born recently...but from what? Kraus had no reason to have feelings for Lucy, and it was this confusion mixed with affection that made communicating so hard.

          "Yeah..." He turned away from Lucy. "Those guys, uh..." Then he felt something small, but very, very hard, hit his head. Kraus looked back at Cecilia with contempt, and then he continued. “They were no problem. What, you don’t think I can handle myself?” He looked away again and said, “Then again, I distinctly remember you saying, ‘You look a little strong to be being rescued’…so I guess there is reason for concern…hehe.” It was yet another instance that he, like Mako, remembered but cdouldn’t put a finger on. This time, however, there was no pain brought on from reviving a lost memory, as was the case with most of their mysterious memories from before. Instead, he just…knew. He remembered hearing her say it as if he himself were there, and if he had been able to see the event in his head, he would have been sure that it happened to him.

          Cecilia took notice of what was happening off in the distance, and she had been watching since the beginning. All of it. She watched as the altercation took place, knowing that something unexpected was about to happen, but there was naught that she was willing to do, not when her brother was enjoying himself, so. Then, suddenly, the sound of incredibly fast moving wind shot through Kraus’ ears like a bullet. He covered them and grabbed them, almost tearing them off from the sincere pain (due to his heightened sense of hearing and, similarly, his heightened sensitivity). “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT N-“ He couldn't take it anymore. He was barely able to witness the mayhem taking place a ways off and, mid-sentence, he collapsed, Cecilia dismounting before he hit the ground. Cecilia pulled and shoved on Kraus’ unmoving body, mouthing the name “Mako” over and over, with tears in her eyes.

          Mako Reese - ???

          "Mako, wake up." A familiar voice spoke from the darkness.

          Mako opened his eyes...or so he thought. There was still only darkness, and he couldn't even see himself. "Kraus?" He started. "Kraus, is that you?"

          "Listen to what I have to say." The voice continued without answering, or even acknowledging his question. "My name is Creed...and this is probably the last time anyone'll be hearing my voice, so I want to make it count." Mako remained silent, not really understanding what was going on. Interestingly, though, the name Creed did ring a bell, as if he'd heard it many a time before. "I'm not the type for exposition, but...well, there's no better time than when both you and Kraus are outta commision, and since you guys'll never catch on to the whole situation, I'll simply explain it to you. You need to understand yourself, and I'll try to aid you in that. I don't have much time, I suspect, so I'll be brief."

          "First off, I am you...or rather, I am a culmination of both you and Kraus. If I had to guess, I'm a persona that came about because you needed me, it's not unheard of. Having said that, we are not the same person. I don't really know what I am...I'm not even sure if I truly exist...and if I do exist, I shouldn't. I can usually come out when you (and Kraus) need me most, or when you lose consciousness...but that's no longer possible. You've become far too strong willed...and even need me anymore. As such, you may have noticed that, since the evolution, things have been clearer. I'm referring to memories and the like, things that you don't remember happening but you still know that they occurred. This is because I am being absorbed into your consciousness...we're essentially merging, except you will remain as Mako, you won't change shape or have to change your name to "Meed" or "Crako" or anything like that." He stopped talking for a few moments. It was hard to tell what he was thinking or feeling at the time, but Mako had a good feeling that he understood. "Once that happens, you will know all that I know, and you will feel all that I feel and have felt, physically and emotionally. However, our mingling personalities, which I have already seen you display, are what make us unique, and what makes 'Creed' an individual, even if he no longer exists. In that sense, we really will be separate...and I selfishly take comfort in knowing that, in some sense, I will exist as my own entity."


          "In a way, I guess you could say that this little endeavor is pointless," Creed continued after a pause. "...but I feel that it was at least for closure on my part. Take care of Amy and Lucy, you and them are all I love and care about in the world. Ciao." With that, the voice drifted away until it was absorbed by silence. Mako remained speechless, but he was quickly thrown into a whirlwind of pain when he all the sudden started to gain memories, bombarding his mind as if they were bullets from a machine gun. He couldn't yell, however. He couldn't even move. There was only one thing he could do: wake up.
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            Aria - A Revalation

            Aria slowly sank to the floor, her back resting against the door. She was about ready to cry, but didn't. Her face remained blank as she tried to process what had just happened. The boy on her doorstep... Somehow, someway, he had known Aria's father, and where he lived. However, this boy apparently didn't know her father that well, as he hadn't known about his tragic death. The large amount of informations wasn't helped by Eve attempting to calm her down. It was only when James put his hand in hers that the tears broke, and she cried yet again.

            Makoto - Following the leader

            Makoto had watched the entire scenario with a look of fascination, and could tell even from his distance that Aria was dismayed by the boy's presence. With that, Makoto set off after him, determined to make him pay for hurting Aria...

            It was slightly difficult to track the boy as he flew, but Makoto's wolf-like spirit helped him traverse the woods with ease. He soon found himself at the edge of Celestic Town, as the sign told him, and watched the boy land. This boy seemed to make a beeline to the center of the town, stopping to talk to someone on the way. Makoto followed, attempting to remain unseen as he followed the boy to what seemed to be a large cave...

            Entering the cave, Makoto nearly forgot his purpose for coming. Along the far wall was a large mural, and Makoto couldn't help but stare. It wasn't until he stubbed his toe on a protruding boulder that he was brought back to reality. The sound would most likely alert the boy, but Makoto was able to take a hiding place before the boy was even able to register what he had heard. It was in this place that he waited for the perfect opportunity for revenge...
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              Nathan - A new beginning

              Nath woke up to find himself lying on top of quite a comfy mattress. He noticed that his left arm was aching with pain, and his sides really hurt too. He opened his eyes to see a woman with red hair hovering over his body.
              "Oh papa, he's awakening!" Voices could be heard from all over, and there was either a discussion or an argument happening out their. Nath sat up to have a look, and he could see a group of about 8 people staring at him, including the red haired girl. Whoever these people were they had just save Nathan's life. He got up and stood on is feet. He noticed that he had a cotton sling on his arm, presumably made from someone's bandana due to the patterns.
              "Where am I?" He spoke softly, as a shout would probably wreck his throat. He stumbled a bit before regaining balance.
              "Your in a small community we like to call the Coronet crew! We found you in the Celestic ruins when we went to look for some food, you were out cold, underneath a couple of rocks." That's right, there was a cave in, when Nath touched something on the wall. Yet something didn't add up. Why were they looking for food in the ruins, why not ask the townsfolk. Nath asked that very question.
              "What townsfolk? Gahaha, there hasn't been any there for years," an old man spoke with a spit in his throat. Nathan gulped. If there wasn't any townsfolk then, who were the people he saw before?

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