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Old January 23rd, 2013 (5:20 AM).
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    Username: Seraphimon-sama
    Type: Dragon
    Challenge: Single
    Game(s): Blaze Black 2
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    The Fennekin Fan!
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      Posts: 756
      Update #1 on Yellow:

      Started with
      Finished the beginning stuff and caught a .
      Also caught a in Viridian Forest.
      evolved twice while training.
      Defeated Rival at Rt. 22 and quickly completed Viridian Forest.
      vs : Difficulty: 0/5

      * had Confusion
      Got to Mt. Moon Pokecenter and got a .
      Trained .
      evolved after defeating Jessie and James.
      Defeated Rival at Nugget Bridge.
      evolved in Nugget Bridge.
      Got and it evolved to after training.
      Got S.S. Ticket from Bill.
      vs : Difficulty: 1/5

      * used Bite on all his pokemon.

      This ends my update.
      Check out my gaming company:

      Old January 23rd, 2013 (8:44 AM).
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      Nature/Egg Move/IV Breeder
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        Nature: Timid
        Posts: 28
        No longer adding in images / GIFs into my updates. Takes too long. Sorry :\ However I will add pictures of beating the Champion.

        Fire Red Normal Monotype Challenge Update #5
        ~ ~

        -Didn't save (or my 'legit' FR copy from Ebay screwed me over...the pain of selling my original :'( ), had to redo Erika -> onwards from last time
        -Picked up SURF from Safari Zone
        -Now that I have 5 pokemon instead of 3 who engage in battle, level gains have decreased dramatically - the game will be more challenging now! Yay ^-^!
        -Taught Krabby SURF
        -Picked up STRENGTH from Safari Zone Warden
        -Taught STRENGTH to Krabby Wigglytuff Kangaskhan
        -Picked up FLY from Route 16
        -Taught Pidgeotto FLY
        -Taught Snorlax BRICK BREAK
        -Obtained bike and defeated the trainers on the Cycle Path
        -Pidgeotto evolved into Pidgeot at Lvl36 ^_^!! All team pokemon are now at their highest evolutions :) (Except for my HM Slaves)
        -Gave tea to the tunnel guard and arrived at Saffron City
        -Defeated Koichi (Fighting Dojo) difficulty: 2/5
        -Defeated Koga difficulty: 2/5. Obtained TOXIC
        -Taught Wigglytuff TOXIC
        -Entered Silph. Co
        -Defeated blue difficulty: 1/5
        -Defeated Giovanni difficulty: 0/5
        -Defeated sabrina difficulty: 4/5. I screwed up and trapped her alakazam into an ENCORE of CALM MIND - took down all of my team but snorlax, and reduced him to 25hp o_O.
        Badges: 6/8

        The Team:

        Pidgeot "Hayden" Lvl41
        Clefable "Emily" Lvl41
        Wigglytuff "Kaitlin" Lvl41
        Kangaskhan "Tara" Lvl41
        Snorlax "Isaac" Lvl41
        Krabby "Owen" Lvl5 (HM Slave)
        Old January 23rd, 2013 (8:58 AM).
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        Umbreon Catcher
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          Nature: Mild
          Posts: 29
          Hi everyone, sorry i haven't posted in a while. I have finished the sinnoh section of my ground monotype, and the unova section of my
          Bug monotype
          Catch an Umbreon. You NEED an Umbreon:t197:
          Old January 23rd, 2013 (9:53 AM).
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          Dark Type Master
            Join Date: Jun 2008
            Location: Springfield, Ohio, U.S.
            Age: 29
            Gender: Male
            Nature: Jolly
            Posts: 672
            Ultimate Dark Monotype Challenge Hoenn Chapter Update:
            -Traveled to the Trick Master's house, and got me a Rare Candy
            -Beat down PKMN TrainerMay
            -Traveled to Mauville City and beat down PKMN TrainerWally
            -DefeatedLeader Wattson, ObtainedDynamo Badge
            -Got the Mach Bike
            -Thought I'd head west to Verdanturf Town...

            Level - 28
            Adamant - Chlorophyll
            Fake Out

            Level - 27
            Modest - Keen Eye
            Night Shade
            Fake Out
            Ultimate Monotype Challenge:
            K-8/8 J-8/8 H-8/8 S-1/8 U-0/8 K-0/8
            Dark Party:
            Old January 23rd, 2013 (1:24 PM).
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            I hate Smeargle.
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            Gender: Female
            Nature: Lax
            Posts: 1,293
            Normal monotype
            -Defeated Blaine. Had to keep using Fly against his Rapidash because it kept on using Bounce.
            -Defeated Lt. Surge. Got forced to stall out his Magneton because it kept using Double Team and paralyzing everything. Glad to have Milk Drink and Roost.
            -Defeated Gary...barely. My team was slightly higher level than the majority of his but they were strong. Survived with Pidgeot with only 3 HP left. The rest had fainted. :(
            -Need to do some major leveling since Red's team is in the 80s.

            Current team:
            Pidgeot Lv. 59
            Wing Attack|Roost|Fly|U-turn

            Girafarig Lv. 59

            Noctowl Lv. 59
            Air Slash|Shadow Ball|Extrasensory|Roost

            Miltank Lv. 60
            Zen Headbutt|Body Slam|Stomp|Milk Drink

            Kangaskan Lv. 60
            Outrage|Fake Out|Dizzy Punch|Drain Punch
            Terriermon and Lopmon

            White: 1463 5558 5309
            X: 2208 5685 5454
            - - - -
            Old January 23rd, 2013 (1:58 PM).
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            Necrum Necrum is offline
            I AM THE REAL SONIC
            Join Date: Jul 2012
            Location: Portland, OR
            Gender: Male
            Nature: Adamant
            Posts: 5,082

            I am finally a Champion! Now to do it 4 more times, lol.

            -Grinded until I could beat my rival
            -Cleared Victory Road
            -Challenged Lorelei, won fairly easily
            -Challenged Bruno, gave me some trouble with Rock Tomb, but got through it
            -Challenged Agatha, really tough battle, wound up Bulking Up to sweep them
            -Challenged Lance, incredibly difficult, won by status conditions and luck
            -Challenged my Rival, took a long time, but I somehow managed to beat him with a little planning and even more luck
            -Completed the challenge! Yay! \o/

            Final Team:

            Lvl 53, Lax
            -Giga Drain
            -Silver Wind

            Lvl 52, Docile
            -Pin Missile
            -Brick Break
            -Focus Energy

            Lvl 53, Brave
            -Giga Drain
            -Aerial Ace

            Lvl 55, Adamant
            -Brick Break
            -Bulk Up
            -Rock Slide

            Lvl 52, Bold

            I will start HeartGold as soon as I finish the challenge that I am already doing on it.
            Old January 23rd, 2013 (2:00 PM).
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            Youtube Content Creator
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              Location: Toronto, ON
              Age: 23
              Gender: Male
              Nature: Jolly
              Posts: 629
              Finally started Pokemon Emerald of my Bug Monotype.

              • Started the game and chose so my rival could have the advantage. Released it as soon as I...
              • Caught a named Beauty hoping it would become a .
              • Kind of upset when Beauty evolved into but whatever.
              • Helped catch himself a.
              • Went to the Petalburgh Woods and caught myself a named Botox. I'll switch their names when I get to the name rater.
              • Helped the Devon Researcher and Beauty evolved into .
              • Passed through Rustboro to Route 116 and caught a named Ninja.
              • Botox evolved into
              • Took on the gym multiple times, my only Pokemon with a super effective attack would faint from 1 hit.
              • Grinded for what seemed like forever before I finally won.
              • After getting the badge I went back to Route 116 then into Rusturf Tunnel and beat the Aqua Grunt.
              • Got the Match Call thing and Letter from the Devon guy.
              • Headed to the guy with the boat and headed to Dewford Town.
              • Took on the gym with no problems.
              • Now that I can use Flash I went into Granite Cave where I saved the game for now.


              Level 13
              Nature: Modest
              Ability: Compoundeyes
              Scratch, Harden, Leech Life, Sand-attack

              Level 16
              Nature: Naughty
              Ability: Shield Dust
              Tackle, Gust, Poison Sting, Confusion

              Level 17
              Nature: Gentle
              Ability: Swarm
              Harden, Gust, Absorb, Stun Spore
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              Chespin, I choose you!
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                Age: 28
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                Nature: Timid
                Posts: 216
                Monotypes are so much fun. Here's a bit more of my adventure with Water pokémon on pokémon FireRed.
                -Beat Green on the ghost tower on Lavender
                -Went to Celadon get my eevee.
                -Evolved my eevee into my favorite pokémon, Vaporeon.
                -Taught Vaporeon Water Pulse. There goes my first TM...
                -Got the Silph Scope, leveled a few levels on my vaporeon
                -Went to the tower to train a bit with the ghosts and earn a few more levels
                -Beat Marowak and learned Aurora Beam as an added bonus. Get ready Erika, here I come.
                -Won the PokéFlute, fought against snorlax and defeated it. It gave me some trouble, I captured it for my Strength slave.
                -Got the Super Rod, time to do some fishin'!
                -Caught a Horsea!
                -Went to Vermillion to stock up on pokéballs and fished a Shelder!
                -Finally went against Erika, after so many detours... And beat her and her crew with Vaporeon only. Just switched to Gyarados to finish Erika, so that he could earn some Exp.
                -Got Fly, caught a Spearow to be my slave.

                Stopped the game on Celadon.
                Level 27 Horsea
                Level 41 Vaporeon
                Level 38 Gyarados
                Level 40 Blastoise
                2 HM slaves: Oddish and Spearow.

                New friends:

                New badges 4/8
                3DS FC: 1032-2650-8413
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                  Location: Canada
                  Age: 28
                  Gender: Female
                  Nature: Sassy
                  Posts: 129
                  I'm having trouble getting my screen caps up, so until I do, I'll have to update textually, and I'll put up the images when I can get them uploaded. Fair warning, without picture uploading working, I got incredibly bored and made my update rather... colourful. Long winded, bitingly sarcastic, incredibly fanfic-like... and colourful.

                  Being one of the first two challenges I've ever undertaken, I was well aware that this road ahead of me would be unlike anything I've ever encountered. A true test of my abilities laid at my feet, demanding nothing but calculating strategy and rigorous dilligence. The road would be fraught with danger, and I knew that there would be decisions lying ahead of me that would question the very core nature of my existance. Surprisingly, I encountered the first one far sooner than I had ever expected.

                  Am I a boy? Or a girl?

                  This earth shattering inquiry rendered me almost catatonic for ten minutes, but finally I regained my composure and sense of self and developed the insight and quick thinking that I needed to formulate an answer. I checked down my shirt and confirmed that I was, in fact, a girl. The next of these trials was not quite as harrowing, but nonetheless rather important. What was my name? This was of course the opportunity to rename myself however I wished. Given the nature of this challenge, surely it would be appropriate for me to name myself related to ghosts, the paranormal, the undead, the other side. Many dark and dreary names that call to mind thoughts and reminiscences about encounters with those beyond the veil called out to me, all eager to be used as my new moniker... I dismissed them all as cliche hogwash and named myself Muffins. Satisfying the bare minimum requirements for starting my journey, I set out from the moving van with high spirits, eager for my first task.

                  Said first task was to set my clock. Like a boss. I proceeded to do so before heading off to meet the neighbours at my mother's urging. You know, while she just sat there watching TV. She really ought to get out more, I mean, all that TV is probably why I wound up being named Muffins. So while my mother vegetated and watched Toddlers and Tiaras, I wandered off to meet the neighbours. The friend of my father's that I was supposed to meet wasn't there, and instead I got roped into talking to his wife, who immediately tried to set me up with their son... ew. By the time I had found my rape mace I had been ushered up into his room where, oddly, he wasn't present. Instead, I found a pokeball lying around in the middle of the room. Since it was the only interesting thing there, naturally, I tried to nick it. It was at this point that the boy stormed in, demanding that I get my hands off of his balls. Stop giggling. The conversation veered into small talk briefly when suddenly, the boy, Brendan, dropped this little gem.

                  "I wasn't expecting you to be a girl. When I heard that you were a talented gym leader's kid, I assumed you were a guy."

                  I'm not quite sure what, exactly, happened following that statement, I remember brief snippets of angry feminist ranting, maniacal laughter and mad ramblings about Y chromasomes. By the time I came to I was being instructed by Professor Birch to go and meet Brendan at Route 103 - god he's even worse than his wife - so he could "show me how to be a trainer"... ew. Also, for some inexplicable reason, I had a Mudkip named Goober under my care. ...I think maybe my mother's penchant for naming is hereditary.

                  Goober and I proceeded towards Route 103, slaughtering most anything in our path and only stopping to recuperate at a Pokemon Center was well as receive a complimentary Potion from a PokeMart clerk. How sweet. I then made my way up to see my sexist archnemesis. Surely this would be a harsh battle, Brendan has been raising his pokemon since he was young, and I have just gotten this Mudkip no more than twenty minutes ago, at most. It will be a hard, cruel battle to assert my place in what is appearantly a Man's World and a Man's World only.

                  About a minute later I was trying to figure out how this stuck up little boy has survived this long with a Treecko four levels lower than Goober. Regardless, I then had to backtrack all the way back home... it begs the question why I couldn't have just waited at home until Brendan came back... Oh yeah Mom would still be watching Toddlers and Tiaras. You know, maybe I should go for a walk. A walk far, far away. I'll just take this pokedex being shoved at me and use it as an excuse to get as far away from this hick town as possible. As I was leaving, my mother flagged me down, apparently wanting to give me... shoes or something. Whatever. Thanks Mom, go back inside and watch TV.

                  I had little patience for the trainers standing in my way, so when I could, I simply just waltzed on by (not literally mind you, that'd just be silly). I was resting in the pokemon center in Petalburg when I realised that this was the town my father was working in. Considering my father was a much more active figure in my life (at least he has WORK as an excuse to not be a part of it...), I figured I should drop in and say hello... and then kick the **** out of him with Goober. Priorities. Dad was glad to see me, and we had a nice little chat before some boy just barged in demanding a pokemon. ...not sure if I want to sound annoyed or d'aww... Appearantly he's actually sick and lonely and moving away, so I suppose I'll go with a d'aww.


                  Dad wanted me to escort the sick kid Wally while he caught a pokemon, and since he's the only parental figure I respect, I did. After I finished that up, I was eager to knock my old man down a peg. Unfortunately he wimped out, and told me I needed more badges first. Whatever, I'll just keep going towards the next gym. Goober took care of the few trainers I couldn't just walk past, mostly just a couple of stuck up rich twerps and a bug catcher with a couple of Nincada. Pff, I'll show him how to use Nincada. Upon making it to Rustboro I immediately set off to catch the first pokemon I'd need for my mono ghost type journey. As I said before: Nincada. I was in luck, it was the first pokemon I encountered. I managed to catch it immediately and with great reluctance named it Jimbo. (It appears that it won't respond to "The Great Jimbodini", too much for it to remember.) Goober's services were no longer required, so I sent it off into the PC to go become a Digimon. Goobermon. I like the sound of that... something that concerns me greatly.

                  Jimbo and I immediately threw ourselves into a training montage of Rocky proportions, unfortunately I could procure the rights to neither "Eye of the Tiger" or "You're The Best Around", so we instead level grinded to the inspiring song "Banana Phone". I doubled back and fought all of the trainers I had previously ignored, as well as caught two other Nincada as reserves, the breeding pair of Margie and Reggie. (Don't tell them they're a breeding pair though. They don't know yet. I plan to pull a Hojo and surprise them with it. : D)

                  By the time I was done training my future Shedinja army for Rustboro gym, Jimbo was an impressive level. ...the other two were far less impressive. But that's why they take point. Roxanne proved to be a particularly arduous opponent, generally because she kept making her pokemon curl up into the fetal position like little sobbing wusses. Just because I was throwing sand in their face, jeez. My invertebrae pokemon have more backbone than that. Somehow, both Margie and Reggie got flatted by a bawling Geodude, so Jimbo had to step in and show everyone who's boss. A few Hardens made the attacks of those big babies worthless, and a relentless, surgical application of Cuts and Leech Lifes brought both Geodude down. Beating up a pair of cowering rocks with butch arms appearantly made Jimbo figure out how to use Fury Swipes, and once he used up all of his Sand Attacks on Nosepass, he put them to work. It took a couple dozen slashes, but the giant Mario-nosed statue went down like the rest. Muffins One, Hoenn League DICK ALL, BABY!

                  Current Team:

                  The Great Jimbodini, Male Nincada at Level 15
                  Ability: Compound Eyes
                  Sand Attack
                  Fury Swipes
                  Leech Life

                  Sir Reginald Barkley the Useless, Male Nincada at Level 9
                  Ability: Compound Eyes
                  Sand Attack
                  Leech Life

                  Lady Margaret of South Thatcher Who Is Pretty Much Exactly Like Sir Reginald Barkley, Female Nincada at Level 9
                  Ability: Compound Eyes
                  Sand Attack
                  Leech Life
                  Back after long, unwanted, unforseen Hiatus... Nothing worth noting in signature as of yet... : <
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                  now known as aslan
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                  I'll sign up! :3.

                  Username: Rainbow Arcanine
                  Type: Flying
                  Challenge: Single
                  Game(s): Crystal
                  pineapples are cool.

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                  Cordelia Cordelia is offline
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                    Nature: Sassy
                    Posts: 9,529
                    Update -- I beat Marlon for the 8th badge and I've also beaten Plasma and Ghetsis. Preparing for Victory Road and the E4 now!

                    Scrafty level 54
                    Krookodile level 55
                    Zoroark level 53
                    Bisharp level 54
                    Ducklett level 25 (hm slave)
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                      I haven't updated in a long time since I'm still trying to get a Yanma in HeartGold. I've spent 6 Hours looking for it, it's good experience, but its a pain.

                      Any tips? All is can think of is keep changing the day in my DS Settings until it swarms, but i don't really want to do that.

                      EDIT: Okay, so right after I post that, I find a Yanma. So here's my update!

                      -Skipped Trainers on Route 35
                      -Caught Scyther
                      -Named her Erza; after the character of the same name in Fairy Tail
                      -Grinded Erza to Level 19

                      -Began Searching for Yanma
                      -Grinded from Level 19 to Level 24
                      -Timelord evolved into Ariados
                      -Bought the Metal Coat from Pokethlon
                      -Evolved Erza into Scizor
                      -Called it a Day after 6 Hours

                      -Grinded from Level 24 to Level 26
                      -Finall Found & Caught Yanma
                      -Named her Suzy; since I was watching Game Grumps, and Arin's fiance is called Suzy.
                      -Grinded Suzy to Level 15
                      -Finally Continued Playing normally
                      -Made it to Ecruteak
                      -VS Rival Pepsi
                      --VS Gastly: Psybeam w/ Row
                      --VS Zubat: Sonicboom w/ Suzy
                      --VS Bayleef: Night Shade(x6) + Leech Life(x4) w/ Timelord
                      --VS Magnemite: Dig w/ Timelord
                      -Scared off the Legendaries
                      -VS Leader Morty
                      --VS Gastly: Psybeam w/ Row
                      --VS Gengar: Shadow Claw(x3) w/ Heracross
                      --VS Haunter: Psybeam(x2) w/ Row
                      --VS Haunter: Psybeam(x3) w/ Row
                      -Obtained Fog Badge


                      Row [BUTTERFREE] Lv27 (F)
                      Relaxed Nature @Pecha Berry
                      -Sleep Powder

                      Timelord [ARIADOS] Lv27 (M)
                      Calm Nature @Soothe Bell
                      -Leech Life
                      -Night Shade
                      -Fury Swipes

                      Ceefore [HERACROSS] Lv27 (F)
                      Jolly Nature @None
                      -Shadow Claw
                      -Rock Tomb
                      -Aerial Ace
                      -Brick Break

                      Erza [SCIZOR] Lv27 (F)
                      Sassy Nature @None
                      -Wing Attack
                      -Metal Claw

                      Suzy [YANMA] Lv23 (F)
                      Mild Nature @None
                      Speed Boost
                      -Shadow Ball
                      -Quick Attack

                      So, yeah, This is all my team will consist of. It'll be fun.
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                      Last of the Wailords
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                        Nature: Jolly
                        Posts: 49
                        -- Update 1 --

                        First update in Johto, sorry for the delay. Caught 4 Pokemon and got the first three badges on my way.

                        - Started new game - Slavic
                        - Talked with Prof. Elm and received Totodile - Irwin
                        - Arrived in Cherrygrove City
                        - Talked with Mr. Pokemon and received the Pokemon Egg
                        - Talked with Professor Oak and received the Pokedex
                        - Challenged by Rival - Xerxes
                        - Irwin destroyed Chikorita with Rage
                        - Defeated Xerxes
                        - Returned to Prof. Elm and received Pokeballs
                        - Talked to Mom and had her save money
                        - Caught Spinarak - Aranea
                        - Caught Ledyba - Red Ranger
                        - Arrived in Violet City
                        - Went through the Sprout Tower
                        - Challenged Sage Li
                        - Aranea took out both of Li’s Bellsprouts with Poison Sting
                        - Red Ranger beat Li’s Hoothoot with Supersonic and Tackle
                        - Defeated Sage Li and received HM05 - Flash
                        - Arrived in the Violet City Gym
                        - Challenged Falkner
                        - Aranea took down Falkner’s Pidgey with Constrict and Poison Sting
                        - Red Ranger aced Pidgeotto by confusing him with Supersonic, who then proceeded to hurt himself 5 times in a row
                        - Defeated Falkner and received the Zephyr Badge

                        - Went through Union Cave
                        - Arrived in Azalea Town
                        - Talked to Kurt
                        - Cleared Team Rocket out of the Slowpoke Well
                        - Entered the Azalea Town Gym
                        - Challenged Bugsy
                        - Aranea took out Metapod with Poison Sting and Kakuna with Constrict
                        - Red Ranger weakened Scyther with Supersonic and Comet Punch
                        - Aranea finished Scyther off with Poison Sting
                        - Defeated Bugsy and received the Hive Badge

                        - Challenged by Xerxes
                        - Aranea knocked out Gastly with Night Shade
                        - Red Ranger took out Zubat and Bayleef with Supersonic and Comet Punch
                        - Defeated Xerxes
                        - Red Ranger evolved into Ledian after the battle
                        - Entered Ilex Forest, chased Farfetch’d and received HM01 Cut
                        - Used TM02 to teach Red Ranger Headbutt
                        - Caught Pineco - Alkatraz
                        - Left the Ilex Forest
                        - Arrived in Goldenrod City
                        - Entered the Bug Catching Competition
                        - Caught Pinsir - Raider
                        - Came in 2nd Place to a Butterfree
                        - Entered the Goldenrod City Gym
                        - Challenged Whitney after being beaten 5 times
                        - Raider beat Clefairy with Vicegrip
                        - Alkatraz took out Miltank with a Critical Selfdestruct
                        - Defeated Whitney and received the Plain Badge

                        ~-~ My Team ~-~


                        -- End of Update 1 --
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                        The Fennekin Fan!
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                          Posts: 756
                          Update #2 on Yellow:

                          Defeated Rocket Grunt and obtained TM Dig.
                          Reached Vermillion.
                          Defeated all the trainers in the route east of Vermillion and S.S.Anne to get Cut.
                          vs : Difficulty: 0/5
                          * used Sleep Powder+Confusion combo.
                          Completed Rock tunnel.
                          Reached Lavender and quickly went through the route to reach Celadon.
                          TMed my pokemons a bit.
                          vs : Difficulty: 1/5
                          *, and used Psychic,Ember and Ice Beam respectively on 3 of her pokemon.
                          Check out my gaming company:

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                            Since I finally was able to reach some Bug-types within Unova, I can actually update it. So here's my team! Not much to say, I beat the Bug gym with Bugs. Mine are superior.

                            -Entered Pinwheel Forest
                            -Caught Venipede
                            -Named it Arcane; after the are you find Scolipede in PokePark 2
                            -Caught Sewaddle
                            -Named it Stela; for no real reason
                            -Grinded a while
                            -Arcane evolved into Whirlipede
                            -Stela evolved into Swadloon
                            -Got back the Dragon Skull
                            -Traveled to Castelia City
                            -Helped out Burgh
                            -Stela evolved into Leavanny
                            -Beat the Trainers in Battle Company
                            -VS Leader Burgh
                            --VS Whirlipede: Rollout(x5) w/ Arcane
                            --VS Dwebble: Razor Leaf(x2) w/ Stela
                            --VS Leavanny: Bug Bite(x2) w/ Stela
                            -Obtained Insect Badge


                            Arcane [WHIRLIPEDE] Lv27 (F)
                            Serious Nature @Quick Claw
                            -Bug Bite
                            -Poison Tail
                            -Rock Smash

                            Stela [LEAVANNY] Lv27 (F)
                            Bashful Nature @Scope Lens
                            -Bug Bite
                            -Razor Leaf
                            Old January 25th, 2013 (6:33 AM).
                            Lockdown's Avatar
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                            Doom in a can
                              Join Date: Nov 2012
                              Location: The Great State of Tennessee, in the US
                              Age: 19
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Impish
                              Posts: 72
                              Fighting Sinnoh...
                              ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost everything on my fighting challenge......... *Breathes heavily, seething with anger*. ...... and that is why I need to be more careful.... I was playing a regular run through on it, and saved over my save for fighting!!! God damn it all....

                              K J H S U

                              LG G E P White
                              LG G E P White

                              Click it if you dare--->Do you dare?
                              Old January 25th, 2013 (1:40 PM).
                              waveguidebuizel's Avatar
                              waveguidebuizel waveguidebuizel is offline
                                Join Date: Aug 2007
                                Location: rhythm heaven
                                Age: 29
                                Gender: Male
                                Nature: Timid
                                Posts: 1,033
                                Hey, this sounds like fun! I'd like to join. ^-^

                                Username: waveguidebuizel
                                Type: Grass
                                Challenge: Ultimate
                                Game(s): Fire Red, Heart Gold, Emerald, Platinum, Black 2

                                I'll probably start with Heart Gold.
                                Completed Solo Runs
                                Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
                                Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)
                                Old January 25th, 2013 (9:03 PM). Edited February 1st, 2013 by jdthebud.
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                                Engineering Solutions
                                Join Date: Oct 2010
                                Location: Washington, USA
                                Gender: Male
                                Nature: Lax
                                Posts: 3,920
                                Next monotype to finish is Poison, on Black 2:

                                Update on Ultimate Monotype Challenge (Poison).

                                Update #1 on Black 2.

                                Name: Roman
                                Rival: Gorman
                                Starter: Snivy
                                • Used a code to activate Challenge Mode, then set off.
                                • Beat the first gym with Snivy, then caught Pendra the Venipede on Route 20.
                                • Got to Virbank City and the Complex, where I got Deadhead the Koffing.
                                • Trained them up, then challenged the gym. Roxie was soloed by Pendra's Rollout.
                                • Defeated the TP Grunts and did the PokeStar Studio, then sailed to Castelia City.
                                • Wen to the Sewers and caught Count the Zubat.
                                • Beat all the trainers I could find in the city, and Pendra and Count evoled!
                                • Took on the gym, and while Burgh's Dwebble was annoying as always, he wasn't too difficult to defeat.
                                • Continued on through Route 4 and beat Colress, then reached Nimbasa City, where I saved.

                                Team Roman:

                                Deadhead the Mild Koffing, ♀ - L26 @ Eviolite
                                Ability: Levitate
                                Moves: Sludge, Assurance, Venoshock, Selfdestruct

                                Count the Lonely Golbat, ♂ - L27 @ Amulet Coin
                                Ability: Inner Focus
                                Moves: Wing Attack, Astonish, Bite, Confuse Ray

                                Pendra the Adamant Whirlipede, ♀ - L27 @ Leftovers
                                Ability: Poison Point
                                Moves: Poison Tail, Bug Bite, Rollout, Defense Curl

                                HM Slaves:

                                Servine - Cut, Flash

                                Darumaka - Strength, Dig

                                Old January 26th, 2013 (12:51 AM).
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                                The Fennekin Fan!
                                  Join Date: Jul 2012
                                  Location: Delhi, India
                                  Age: 18
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Nature: Modest
                                  Posts: 756
                                  Update #3 on Yellow:

                                  Completed Silph Tower and got Pokeflute.
                                  Completed both the routes to reach Fushchia defeating the Snorlaxes.
                                  Got the Surf and Strength HM.
                                  vs : Difficulty: 3/5
                                  *Mixed efforts from , and .
                                  Defeated everyone in Silph Co.
                                  Completed Fighting Dojo.
                                  vs : Difficulty: 2/5
                                  used Surf on her first 2 and killed Alakazam with Slash.
                                  Completed all the surf routes.
                                  Saved at Cinnanbar.
                                  Check out my gaming company:

                                  Old January 26th, 2013 (12:59 AM).
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                                  Scarlet Pirate
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                                    Age: 20
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Nature: Careful
                                    Posts: 489
                                    I thought now would be the best time to play B2/W2, so I found out why the ROM's weren't working for me and they started working. So I'll do one more gym after this then go back to Kanto. I myself believe that the requirements for B/W should be to beat Ghetsis, but because they aren't, I do them one gym ahead so I can add the Elite Four Rematch as the last thing I do.

                                    -Began game
                                    -Named myself Crackin
                                    -Named my Rival Pepsi
                                    -Chose Oshawott
                                    -Caught Sewaddle
                                    -Named him Geoff; after Geoff from Rooster Teeth
                                    -Grinded a bit
                                    -Found the lost Herdier
                                    -VS Cheren
                                    --VS Patrat: Bug Bite(x2) w/ Geoff
                                    --VS Lillipup: Bug Bite(x4) w/ Geoff
                                    -Obtained Basic Badge


                                    Geoff [SEWADDLE] Lv14 (M)
                                    Serious Nature @None
                                    -String Shot
                                    -Bug Bite

                                    And now I am going to catch Venipede and beat Roxie.
                                    Old January 26th, 2013 (3:17 AM).
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                                    Nature/Egg Move/IV Breeder
                                      Join Date: Jan 2013
                                      Location: England
                                      Age: 23
                                      Gender: Male
                                      Nature: Timid
                                      Posts: 28
                                      Fire Red Normal Monotype Challenge Update #6
                                      ~ ~

                                      -Crossed Route 21, defeating all the trainers and arrived at Cinnabar Island
                                      -Flew back to Fuchsia City and crossed Route 19 and 20, defeating all the trainers
                                      -Explored the Mansion, obtained the Secret Key
                                      -Defeated Blaine. Difficulty: (a disappointing) 1/5.
                                      Badges: 7/8

                                      The Team:

                                      Pidgeot "Hayden" Lvl45
                                      Clefable "Emily" Lvl44
                                      Wigglytuff "Kaitlin" Lvl45
                                      Kangaskhan "Tara" Lvl44
                                      Snorlax "Isaac" Lvl44
                                      Krabby "Owen" Lvl5 (HM Slave)
                                      Old January 26th, 2013 (5:38 AM).
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                                      Scarlet Pirate
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                                        Age: 20
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                                        Nature: Careful
                                        Posts: 489
                                        And so I have caught up with the other games in Black2. Roxie was pretty difficult, considering her Pokemon were defensive and I didn't have any moves that could substantial damage, besides a 5-turn Rollout, which didn't quite happen. I survived with 5 HP and one Pokemon left. Anyway, here's the team and events

                                        -Caught Venipede
                                        -Named her Kaiser; I really don't remember why, but I think someone had the name Kaiser
                                        -Did no grinding at all
                                        -Explored the Complex
                                        -VS Leader Roxie
                                        --VS Koffing: Rollout(x4) w/ Kaiser
                                        --VS Whirlipede: Return(x4) + Rollout(x3) & Pursuit w/ Geoff + Kaiser
                                        -Obtained Toxic Badge


                                        Geoff [SEWADDLE] Lv18 (M)
                                        Serious Nature @Silk Scarf
                                        -Razor Leaf
                                        -Bug Bite

                                        Kaiser [VENIPEDE] Lv18 (F)
                                        Docile Nature @None
                                        Poison Point
                                        -Rock Smash
                                        Old January 26th, 2013 (5:46 AM).
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                                        Just came back from a break!
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                                          Gender: Male
                                          Nature: Lax
                                          Posts: 357
                                          I'll sign up for this using psychic and ill do an ultimate up through gen 3/4
                                          Old January 26th, 2013 (6:15 AM).
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                                          King Of Water Pokemon
                                            Join Date: Mar 2012
                                            Gender: Male
                                            Posts: 51
                                            Username: Niall
                                            Type: Flying
                                            Challenge: Ultimate
                                            Game(s): LG,HG,RUBY,PLATINUM,W2

                                            Ill start with HG

                                            ill start when i can find my ds :(
                                            Current Challenges:
                                            The Ultimate Solo Challenge Run


                                            The Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence
                                            FireRed, SoulSilver, Ruby, Pearl, Black2, Y
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