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You begin as the player, (either Justin or Ellie), in a region of four islands, Epsilon Island, Theta Island, and Gamma Island. You have a strange dream.. about a female Pokemon researcher, and a criminal on the loose who is using Pokemon, as toys. The police chase after this criminal, but he escapes as he takes a plane ride to Theta Island. You wake up with mild memory loss, lost in a cavern infested with Diglett. A hiker discovers your appearence, and takes you out to your hometown, Celeste Town. The female professor is conducting research and realizes you, and then soon take you to her lab. She wants you to discover the world, to find and use Pokemon to find the criminal.

None, in very early development
Gen 4 forms and Pokemon, custom sprites, new region and story
Stat nerfs and boosts
Gen 5 repel system
Functional day and night system
Komodo Dragontaile
Jackj106 Games
Jorge Adolfo
July 5th: Today, while on our journey through the densest part of the jungle, we were surprised to discover a new pokemon.
July 10th: We decided to name the recently-discovered pokemon Mew.
February 6th: From the potential within Mew, we have managed to create an entirely new pokemon...Mewtwo.
September 1st: It has become far to strong. It is beyond even us now.