Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black 2 & White 2.

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    Which OST in Unova is your favorite?

    In my opinion Unova is the region with the best music to date. Great hometown music, the White version Opelucid City theme, the Dragonspiral Tower music, and the famous Route 10 theme are all awesome for me.

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      There isn't a soundtrack from this generation that I DON'T like. No seriously, I can't actually think of a soundtrack that bugged or bothered me. Maybe due to repetition but no dislike.

      That said, it's very hard to think of a top 3 or 5 of favourite OSTs because they're all so awesome. So, apart from the first one, this is all in random order:
      1. Wild Battle (BW)/Rare Wild Battle
      2. Reshiram/Zekorm/Kyurem Battle (& the Awakening theme)
      3. Legendary Pokémon Battle
      4. Humilau & Castelia City Gym
      5. Ending (BW)
      6. Abyssal Ruins
      7. Hoenn Gym Leader (BW2)
      8. Driftveil Drawbridge
      9. Cold Storage
      10. Icirrus City
      11. Reversal Mountain (W2)

      ...This did not became a small list, whoops. Honestly, I should buy the soundtrack to both BW and BW2.

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        It's really hard to pick top 10 gen 5 favorite soundtrack.They have amazing Soundtrack, fit with their situation.So this is probably my top 10 favorites because it hard to pick.

        1.Pokemon World Tournament ( Final Battle)
        2.Vs Bianca/Cheren
        3.Acummula town
        4.B2W2 ending
        5.BW ending
        6.B2W2 N's Room
        7.Skyarrow Bridge
        8.Pokemon BW vs Zekrom
        10.Last Pokemon Gym Leader battle B2W2

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          Ghetsis Battle theme from both BW1 and 2 mainly on how like the character himself seems to be so unique compared to most of the characters in the franchise by far.

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          My favorite Unova VGM would have to be Route 10. That route marked the end of the badge quest, and you were about to be sent off to conquer the much stronger trainers. It's a very nostalgic theme for me now.

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