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Game Over! Grand Idea Mafia: Fishing Edition [WERESHARKS WIN!]

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Old 4 Weeks Ago (5:11 PM).
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The sharks went after the fish that hated cops, once they were finished there were only two left. This was not enough to keep them at bay. They ate a fish that liked counting leaving the two headed hydra, knowing that they could not kill it by normal means the sharks grabbed it and dragged it to shore. Transforming back into their humanoid forms they cooked the Hydra fish, the fire would prevent it's massive regenerating abilities and thus they devoured it. Ridding the lake of these strange breeds of fish. This hunt has ended but their hunt may continue to keep the lake a sanctuary for their kind.

L'Belle is dead. They were the Town Compulsive Copkiller.

The Weresharks have equal or more than the town fishies and have won the game. congrats Johnny and Desi!

Roles and what they did will be in the next post. Points and other things will come about later.

Pecilia as GM
TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan as Blind Follower
Desox as Town Encryptor
Miah as Town Perfectionist
NightKrow as Fisherman Arsonist
Gimmepie as Serial Killer 3-Shot Second Chance Piranha
purplecicada as Mafia Compulsive Cop
Bardothren as Pikachu
BidoofFTW as Mafia Day Goon
Sparkin as Town Doduo
aeternum as Town Shot Counter
Melody as Lemon Fish
Desinishon as Wereshark Even Odd FBI Agent
Paranoia_ as Town Suicidal Neighbor Bomber
Johnny as Wereshark Godfather
L'Belle as Town Compulsive Copkiller
Charlie Brown as Town Hydra
Jdthebud as Fishbot Lyncher
Credits to Ash for the wonderful CSS which I mercilessly robbed, and Superjolt for the first Grand Mafia game.

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Originally Posted by TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan View Post
Sounds too confusing for me and might lead to a salty death for me but I'm in
Originally Posted by aeternum View Post
put me in coach
Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
Alright, I'm in.
Originally Posted by L'Belle View Post
Fine. I am totally in
Originally Posted by Charlie Brown View Post
i’ll slot myself in too if there’s still space!
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Old 4 Weeks Ago (5:20 PM).
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Blind Follower- You do not know your exact win condition. You only know that it is dependent on XXXX. If XXXX wins the game then you win too. If XXXX looses the game then you loose too. You don't know if XXXX is Mafia, Town, SK, Cult, Survivor or even a Jester. Spend your time during the day trying to figure out what XXXX's goal is. During the night I will allow you to bodyguard XXXX if you want. You may not at any point during the game discuss the game with XXXX outside of the game thread. Good luck, you'll need it!

Encryptor- An Encryptor is a role that allows people who can converse with it to talk during the Day phase. Otherwise, they are restricted to speaking during the Night phase.

Town Perfectionist- If your vote is on town, or on nobody, at the end of the day phase, you lose your vote the next day phase.

Arsonist- Douse players during the night and they can light during night, but not at the same time.

Serial Killer 3-Shot Second Chance- Each night you kill another player. Upon using the ability Second Chance, the current day phase's countdown will be reset and all votes previously casted no longer count. You may use this ability 3 times.

Mafia Compulsive Cop- Each night, you must target someone. Their alignment is revealed publicly at the beginning of the next day phase.

Pikachu- At some point in the game before you die, you must make an at-least-subtle reference to Pokemon (GM gets final say on whether or not it counts). You win if you survive to the end of the game after doing so, without anybody suggesting that you are the Pikachu. Only the first accusation made by anyone during a Day phase counts as such a suggestion. You may not make such an accusation yourself.

Mafia Day Goon- All your mafia kills are now performed in the day rather than at night. This will bypass doctor Night action, etc.

Town Shot Counter- Checks a person and receives a report of whether their ability has shots, and how many shots they have.

Lemon Fish- A normal townie fish, but with a hint of lemon.

Werewolf Even Odd FBI Agent- Each night, you may target a player to learn if they are SK/not SK. Your sanity is not guaranteed and may be different on odd and even nights.

Town Suicidal Neighbor Bomber- If there are any neighbors in this game, you automatically suicide bomb all of them at the end of day 1. If there are no neighbors, you are a Vanilla Town

Town Hydra- If you would be killed in any way (by action or lynch), you instead gain an additional head; your choice of dead player becomes your hydra partner. If there are no players that are dead and unchoosen, you will die instead.

Wereshark Godfather- Appears innocent on cop reports and aligned with the Weresharks.

Town Compulsive Copkiller- Each Night you must target a player and you will kill them if they are a Cop (regardless of alignment). All other roles are safe. Failing to do so twice (total) will get you modkilled, so don’t miss out on an action.

Town Doduo- The first time an action is used on you by each player, it will fail. When said player uses their action on you a second and so forth time it will succeed.

Fishbot Lyncher- You cannot vote, be voted for, or be targeted in any way. XXXX serves as your Lynchee. You win when they are lynched.

XXXX for both was Melody.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago (6:48 PM). Edited 4 Weeks Ago by TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan.
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Wait wtf happened...
What a load of carp...
Be strong, TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan. You're perfect as you are
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Don't be afraid whatever you got, show
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    Oh -.-

    edit: good game everyone :D
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      Well not like I didn't expect this..
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      gg johnny! it was too ez :p
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      You’re welcome, Bard. kukuku.
      Well done, weresharks. Tbh I was so confused about this game lmao.
      ♥My pair♥
      Some dude obsessed with Eevee. ;)

      ●<--- by Kitty
      Credits to bae for making this. :>
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      gg, and thanks for hosting pecilia!
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      Grand Idea Mafia: Fishing Edition points:

      Team Win - 40 Points: Johnny and Desinishon
      Die on Night Zero - 10 Points: Bardothren, Purplecicada
      Achieve a solo win - 50 Points: Jdthebud
      GM a game - 30 Points: Pecilia
      Make an explicit hard claim for a role you don't have and remain undiscovered for the rest of the game - 20 Points: Johnny and Desinishon
      Be removed due to inactivity - -20 Points: Ida13
      MVP bonus (as chosen by the GM) - 30 Points: Johnny. Kept himself under the radar pretty well, also had 3 different partners.

      Sorry for the delay, work hit like a truck the past few days. Notes coming soon, this time I mean it.
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      Old 4 Weeks Ago (10:21 AM).
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      Aeternum checked Sparkin, which failed because of his role, however if he did so again I would've counted the Doduo as shots and givien Aeternum every shot he had for every action available.
      While we're on the subject of Sparkin's role, I decided the kill action would be faction based, so a kill from the fishermen would not count towards a kill from the werewolf.
      Also to finish it off, Sparkin was visited 4 times, he was really popular.
      Kiyo (at the time) killed purp and Johnny/Ida killed doof the following night, eliminating a faction's night kill. Nightkrow's first target died, and second was Sparkin so failed. They were able to snag one kill though.
      Nothing else notable really happened that stemmed from the N0.
      GP missed his first night kill, sending me his action during the day, but the next night went for CB, which allowed the Hydra to get Melody as someone to talk too. Sadly the next day the encryptor died making it harder for them to communicate during the day.
      Miah was the one who died due to Nightkrow detonating.

      Nothing really too notable happened after N3, I maybe be missing something.

      Also here's a question: Would it be better to pre-roll the roles and post them for another game like this?
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      Originally Posted by Pecilia View Post
      Also here's a question: Would it be better to pre-roll the roles and post them for another game like this?
      yes. for me personally, i couldn't figure out what the actual purpose of my ability was or who I was supposed to be searching for with it which is why i eventually just gave up on sending in night actions.
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