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General Luminary's Trading Shop 2.0

Started by LuminaryX 6 Days Ago 5:05 PM
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Wandering Lost

United States
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Posted 2 Days Ago
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20 Days
UPDATE: 12/7/19
-Updated Inventory
- New Available Times*
(I am having issues reaching some people because of time difference. So I had to set my own times! Sorry!)
- Dr.Pokerus

Shop Opening Times:
Monday and Friday: 5:00pm - 8:00pm EST (Will take orders all day)
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: All Day (Generally)
Saturday and Sunday: On and Off All Day

Welcome back PokeCommunity members! I took a small break after the holidays because I was starting to get some spoiled apples in the Inbox here and was getting rather annoyed. But, I won't let that ruin it for the rest of the people. I see a lot of people looking for Pokemon but not hearing anything back from people, which sucks. This is why this is here! I'll try to keep an eye on the posts in general here but to be honest, I am mostly on Reddit and don't pay as much attention here as I use to but will be notified of notifications.


1. I am participating in Galar Beginnings, so I am rather busy trying to train my team. Though I already have who I need. This doesn't mean I am not going to be doing the breeding, it just might be a little slower.
2. Holidays/Christmas is coming up. I do have a son and family that I will be spending time with this December so please be understanding around those days. I do not have a lot of patience for some people and I don't like being messaged over and over because I did not respond right away. If you message me more than twice within the hour over the same subject, I will not proceed with your order. Sorry, but it's not like I am making money from this...
3. I added the "Grab and Go" because, I am also a shiny hunter. Meaning I have a lot of leftovers and hate my slots being filled.

1. Do not ask for anything specific, if you don't see it. I don't have it.
2. There are "prices" to some of the trades, but are loosely enforced in some circumstances. Otherwise, please apply fair trade common sense to your brains. If you want an IV/Pokeball pokemon, I am going to expect one in return. Please have your trades ready at the time of exchange.
3. There is a forum you MUST fill out. If you do not, your request will be ignored. No hard feelings. Do NOT give me a Link Code with your request. I am not always readily available. I will message YOU with one when I'm ready or checking to see if you are available.

Special Offers

FT: Newbie Pack: All three starters with 3-5IVs
LF: Nothing/Non-ENG
*One per account

FT:(Limited) Leon's Mock Pack: Charmander, Axew, Honedge (IV's Random)
LF: Nothing/Non-ENG
LF: High IV for High IV (5MIN Guaranteed)
*One per account

Today's Freebie, Grab and Go

Charmander + Possible HA
Ponyta + Pastel Veil


Mareanie + HA
Charmander +HA
Hateena +HA
Corsola +HA
Octillery + HA
Toxel/Toxtricity +HA
Magikarp +HA
Dreepy +HA
Snom +HA
Milcery +HA
Applin +HA
(Updated Regularly)
(Will take Female HA Pokemon, EXP. Candy L-XL x4-x2per (With Pokemon), Bottle Caps, Apricot Balls Item Form, Shiny Pokemon, etc.
Would totally love people to help speed up the training on my Pokemon. #goteam-luminary. LOL!)

Pokeball Trades
Applin +HA + Heavy Ball
Dreepy + Beast, Moon or Dream Ball
Milcery + Dream Ball
Goomy + Dusk or Timer Ball
Rotom + Dusk Ball
Magikarp + Moon, Lure, Dive, Net Ball
Hateena + Dream Ball
Ponyta + Moon Ball
Munna + Dream, Luxury, Repeat Ball
Mimikyu + Dusk Ball
Eiscue + Lure or Heal Ball
Feebas + Love Ball or Luxury
Snom + Net or Moon Ball
Charmander + Fast Ball
Mareanie + Lure Ball
Wailmer + Dive Ball
Goldeen + Dive Ball
Eevee + Master Ball
(Will take Female HA Pokemon, Bottle Caps, Apricot Balls Item Form or with Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon, etc.)

Pokemon IV Exchange:
Recently, I been kind of doing test runs on something. I have high IV Dittos that I won't part with however, I know sometimes people have Pokemon they don't want to part with BUT want them to have better stats. Great! The Pokemon IV Exchange is where you can trade over your Pokemon, I breed them with higher IVs, you get your original and new Pokemon back. It's still in the works but is currently available. It really just comes down to trust.
What do I get in return? I copy of whatever you sent over.
Though please note, sometimes baby making just isn't possible. I mean I don't blame the Ditto for not wanting to love every single species. Some are just something a mother could only love. In this case, you would just get your Pokemon back and a free ticket to the shop. Everything will take place within an hour.
NOTE: Males with HA do not get their skills transferred over.

Dr. Pokerus :
Another experiment I been running! Oh Boy!
Recently, I learned the Pokerus spreads between pokemon in your party. So, I accidentally got my whole party infected not that, that is a bad thing. You want pokerus with your Pokemon? Hand it over and I'll enter some battles with it with one of my pokemon that has Pokerus. I'll get it infected and hand it back over! Pokerus is great for EV and boosts but it does go away after 3 days. Keep in mind, your pokemon will be getting exp.
When applying; Clarify if I should or should not stop evolutions. Clarify: To replace or keep old moves.
What do I get in return? Well, Pokerus isn't something you come by very often... On top of trusting me, I am going to want a decent trade. Just offer up something. Doesn't have to be crazy.


Switch FC: (Won't promise I'll add you but if we have conflicting times, I will.)
Pokemon/Service Requested:
Pokemon Featuring:
Timezone/Best Times: I have my own times now, but all oversea people, please try to calculate the times so we can work things out!

***I will message you with a code when I'm ready. I will like your post so you know I saw it!***

Death Siren's call is the reminder that your time is running out.
But don't forget to stop by to see what there is to trade or free to grab: Luminary's Trade Shop


Wandering Lost

United States
Seen 4 Hours Ago
Posted 2 Days Ago
114 posts
20 Days
I got shiny sudowoodo and shiny salad it im looking to trade for another shiny if your in6terested. Ill give you two for one
Sorry, but I don't have any shinies in stock.

Death Siren's call is the reminder that your time is running out.
But don't forget to stop by to see what there is to trade or free to grab: Luminary's Trade Shop


Information Broker

Canalave City
Seen 18 Hours Ago
Posted 19 Hours Ago
37 posts
6 Days
IGN: Izaya
Switch FC: 8200-5960-6236
Pokemon Requested: Darumaka, Applin HA Ball
Pokemon Featuring: 5IV Feebas Modest in Luxury Ball, 3 egg moves. +XL Ex Candy
Timezone/Best Times: My sleeping schedule is so wack, just message me at your leisure.

I hope that I did this correctly. I have twelve XL candies just to specify.
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