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    Episode 23: A Hunter's Adventure (サファリゾーンのラッキー)
    [3:22 PM, Mar 29, Safari Zone]
    Red ponders on his current team after healing them at the local Pokémon Center. Currently most of the members are pure Normal-type. Being a type specialist will raise difficulty if he encounters an opponent whose type specialization is super effective against his. He decides to expand his team more with various other types in the Safari Zone.

    At the entrance to the park, Red is welcomed by two of the staff members.

    "Welcome to the Safari Zone!" says the male attendant, "For just 500 Poké Dollars, you can play the 2-hour safari game! You can roam around the wide-open safari and catch what you like. Would you like to have a try?"

    "Could you show me the detailed information about the safari regulations?" asks Red.

    "Sure!" The male attendant hands over a brochure containing the rules. According to the regulations, only a special kind of Poké Balls, named Safari Balls, is allowed within the safari area. Since Pokémon battles are disallowed, all the Trainer's Pokémon and spare Poké Balls are temporarily kept by the staff until his safari game is over. The Trainer will be informed by the PA if he runs out of time or Safari Balls.

    "OK, I understand. I'd like to have a try."

    "Then 500 Poké Dollars please." says the female attendant.

    After receiving the payment, the female attendant gives Red 30 Safari Balls and a small bag of Pokémon food. She then guides Red to deposit his Pokémon and Poké Balls at the counter.

    "And please wear this on. It is a mandatory requirement during the safari game." The female attendant gives Red a watch-like timer, "Our PA will inform you of your end of the safari game. You can also view the remaining time at any time during your adventure. Call our staff at any time if you need help by pressing the button on the right upper side."

    And after Red puts on the timer, the attendants activate it and leads Red into the safari park.

    "Shhh! Be very very quiet, you readers. I'm hunting Pokémon!" says Red.

    The map in the entrance area shows that the entire Safari Zone is divided into 4 areas. A diversity of Pokémon is distributed in every of them. According to the staff, a Trainer is permitted to throw small stones at wild Pokémon for attracting their attention, as long as he does not hurt them, so Red picks up some stones from the ground and puts them away in the bait bag.

    When Red is searching in the first area, a wild Rhyhorn walks into his sight, apparently hunting for food. Red thinks for a while before he resolves to catch it.

    After hiding himself behind a tree, Red throws a little sum of bait at the Rhyhorn. The Rhyhorn does not hesitate for very long before it runs up to the bait and starts helping itself to it. Red secretly takes out a Safari Ball and tosses it at the Rhyhorn, with the ball sucking it in and begins shaking.

    Since lowering the HP of a wild Pokémon as an enhancement of catch rate is disabled, the possibility of success depends entirely on a Pokémon's basic catch rate and current level. Red stares at the shaking Safari Ball with his heart beating…

    "Poof!" The Rhyhorn breaks free from the Safari Ball. It briefly looks into the direction where Red hides himself before it starts to walk away at a leisurely pace, as if nothing had happened. An non-resigned Red casts a stone at Rhyhorn, but the rhinoceros Pokémon will not pay any attention to it since its body is composed of rock itself.

    "Fine. I'll search for other Pokémon." thinks Red as he continues wandering about in tall grass.

    It does not take very long before Red catches sight of a Pinsir, two Nidorina and a Venonat in the first area, but it is too bad for him as every attempt to capture them botches. An out-of-patience Red has to shift his hunting position to the eastern area.

    Near a rest station of the 2nd area, Red spots a double-headed, avian Pokémon tramping around in the grass. It's a Doduo!

    Red obscures himself behind a tree before he pitches a stone at the Doduo. Being a Flying-type, getting hit by rocks or stones infuriates the bird. It looks around with both of its heads to discover nothing, thus going on its walk.

    A second stone is tosses at the Doduo. The wild Pokémon is riled at the provocation, but it is yet to find the bold opponent who dares tricking with it.

    And when Red casts a third stone, he is caught in sight as luck would have it. The eyes of the Duduo glow red like an angry bull, and it charges at Red with its beaks spinning like drills. Red attempts to pacify the Doduo with some bait, only for it to ignore the food and continues its charging. If Red did not shelter himself in time in the rest station, he could not imagine what would happen to him if hit by the Doduo's Drill Peck.

    After convincing himself that the Duduo is gone, Red resumes his safari hunting. The 2nd area is quite a challenge for hunters as most of the local Pokémon are bad-tempered and tends to attack and hurt them, including Tauros, Kangaskhan, and Parasect. Whenever someone gets a rise out of them, they will chase him down recklessly until their target is lost. Letting out a sigh, Red gives up and shifts once more to the 3rd area in the northwest.

    Apart from being surrounded by the trees at the borders, the northwestern area is fenced by a stretch of bushes. No plants visible are growing within this area except 5 tall trees an patches of tall grass. A bushed Red takes a brief rest near the grass before he resumes.

    Suddenly, a grass patch rustles and a wild Pokémon appears! Red quickly gets up and bends down his upper body to avoid potential attacks.

    As Red is carefully observing, a pinkish ovoid Pokémon steps out of the grass. There are three strands of "hair" growth at either side of its head. It grows stubby arms, short feet and a short tail. It holds a white, oval egg inside the pouch on its belly.

    How super lucky it is that Red encounters a Chansey! As an extremely rare species, it is said that whoever meets or catches one of them will be brought good luck and happiness to.

    "Haha. I'll surely get this lucky star to me!" says Red to himself as he stealthily slinks up to the Chansey.

    "Ouch!" Red is tripped over by a rock hidden in the grass before he can get close, causing him to cry out involuntarily. The little hunter is filled with regret upon making noise at the thought of scaring the Chansey away.

    But contrary to his belief, the Chansey runs up to him when she hears the noise. While the Pokémon is looking at the human stranger, Red is perturbed whether the Chansey would assail him.

    However, the Chansey speaks out in a tone like a nurse as if asking if the boy is hurt or injured.

    Oh, I remember! Chansey is a kind-hearted Pokémon who likes to take care of anyone.

    Red stands up and finds that he is fine except that his jeans are stained with some dirt and sand.

    "I'm well, Chansey. Thanks for your consideration."

    The Chansey picks the egg from her pouch and gives it to Red.

    "You want me to have it?" asks Red.

    The Chansey nods.

    "Thanks. Let's eat!"

    Red takes the first chomp out of the egg and he is imbued with strong sense of happiness, "Uwoooow…I feel soooo happy…I feel the entire body is healed!"

    The Chansey smiles and waves her arms.

    "You're so kind, Chansey. If I had my partners, I'd like 'em to see you." says Red, "We carry out training every day and injuries are not infrequent. If I had a nurse like you, I would be free from resorting to Pokémon Centers."

    The Chansey is a bit puzzled.

    "I mean, would you like to travel with me? I think my team is in need of you."

    The Chansey slaps and hops.

    "Great. Now in the ball, Chansey!"

    Red takes out a Safari Ball before the Chansey actively presses the button and captures herself in.

    "Rest for a while, Chansey. I'll let you out after I finish my game." says Red to Chansey's Poké Ball.

    In the rest of the time, Red's luck seem to skyrocket with Chansey in his party as he successfully captures a Poliwag, a Dratini, a Nidoran♂ and a Scyther, in spite of the cost of 6 times of escape, 4 times of missing, and 5 broken Safari Balls, in a total of 19 attempts. Normally, a hunter needs a Super Rod to hook a Dratini out of water before he can throw Safari Balls at it, but this Dratini is so curious at a human hunter that he cannot help watching at him above the surface of a pond, allowing Red to catch him with an itsy-bitsy deal of bait.

    "Ding-dong!" Red's timer peals as the 2-hour limit expires, and he has to leave immediately. He retrieves his Pokémon and Poké Balls before he returns the remaining spare Safari Balls, bait and the wristwatch timer.

    And when the little hunter is about to leave, the female attendant looks up on the computer screen before she smiles to Red, "Congratulations! You've won a stupendous prize!"

    "What prize?" Red's feet halt as he hears the woman.

    "We're currently holding a campaign, where hunters can compete for a secret prize. The only requirement for the competition is that they must capture at least 5 wild Pokémon during a single run without losing more than 5 Safari Balls. You fit the requirement like a glove, so you deserve it!" The attendant explains before she forfeits an HM case to Red.

    "It contains Surf. Does it mean I can cross water by it?"

    "Sure." says the attendant, "HM03 allows Pokémon to ferry you across rivers, lakes and seas when taught. And when used in battles, the user summons a huge wave and swamps it across the battlefield. It would be useful when you try to attack multiple opponents. But it has its flaw that your allies will be also implicated, so it's not recommended in double or triple battles where your allies are not resistant to water."

    [5:28 PM, Mar 29, Fuchsia City]
    After exiting the Safari Zone, Red releases all of his current in-party fellows outside of their Poké Balls. The warm-hearted Chansey greets her companions by producing eggs in her pouch one at a time and shares them among the Pokémon. All egg consumers are permeated with happiness at the first bites, and a big-stomached Snorlax and Pikachu demand that they want even more eggs after stuffing the first ones into their mouths, making Chansey grin awkwardly.
    --End of Epsiode 23--
    Save File:
    Player: Red
    Time: Day 32
    Pokédex: Seen 98, Owned 12
    Badges: 5

    You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
    Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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      Episode 24: Secret Mission: Silph Co. (ヤマブキに潜入!侵されたシルフカンパニー!)
      [8:04 AM, Mar 30, Fuchsia City]
      Exhausted from the Gym battle and the subsequent safari hunting, Red spent the whole evening resting in the Pokémon Center of Fushsia City.

      The following day, Red is waken up early, but not by his alarm clock set to 8:30, but a phone call, nope, a text message from Blue:
      From: Blue
      To: Me
      Date & Time: 3/30, 8:04
      Text: Hurry to Saffron! Before the guard of Rt 7 wakes up! Quick!

      Blue must be in an emergency! Changing into his Trainer's clothes swiftly, Red flies to Saffron City on his Charizard (Why do not he directly fly to Saffron? Don't you know that Fly cannot target a city you have not visited?), the proceeds east to Route 7. Before that, Red mutes his smartphone and disables all the alarm clocks to avoid any potential alarms.

      Hiding next to the gate in bushes, Red notices that the guard on Route 7 is indeed still dozing off. He slides quietly before the guard into the city without alerting him.

      Upon entering the city of golden buildings, Red sends a text message to Blue:
      From: Me
      To: Blue
      Date & Time: 3/30, 8:18
      Text: I'm in Saffron! Where R U?

      He receives the reply in seconds:
      From: Blue
      To: Me
      Date & Time: 3/30, 8:18
      Text: In 1F of Silph Co.! Hurry! Beware of Rockets!

      Those Team Rocket crooks are in Saffron City! Red raises his vigilance and conceals himself in a narrow alley between two buildings. Looking out into the streets, he spots a small number of Team Rocket Grunts patrolling along the main avenue. There does not seem to be an ordinary citizen outside, and all doors to the buildings are locked off.

      Silph Co. is a tall, 11-storeyed building erected in the center of Saffron City. It is the headquarters of Poké Marts in Kanto, and the main developer and manufacturer of all kinds of Poké Balls (including the Safari Balls). The Silph Scope is also one of latest products of Silph Co., although it has not reached its volume production stage. Red has also heard that the company is recently developing a special kind of Poké Ball. It is said to significantly raise the catch rate of any Pokémon species, even the legendary Pokémon! If it is so, it is no wonder those Team Rocket crooks are attracted to the company to force them service the criminal gang.

      Unlucky for Red, a Team Rocket Grunt is guarding the front gate to Silph Co.'s main building. But he is also napping as the guard on Route 7 does. In a flickering instant, Red steals into the building without startling the Grunt.

      [8:26 AM, Mar 30, Silph Co.]
      Wide as the reception hall on 1F is, there is seemingly nobody inside. Red finds it strange when a hand rises from behind a bench and signals Red to go there. Red follows the hand and it turns out to be Blue's. They whisper quietly in order not to give them away to the enemies.

      "Blue! How did you find the guard drowsing?"

      "I'd attempted times to enter Saffron but the guards just wouldn't make any exceptions. After days in Celadon, I found the guard on Route 7 was forgetful about his duties, never waking up before half past eight. That's why I called you early!"

      "But why in Silph Co.?"

      "On the streets of Saffron, I found it bizarre that no one is out before I noticed some Team Rocket thugs advancing towards Silph Co. murmuring something like 'Boss's order'. I beat them to lurking inside only for the entrance to be guarded by one of them afterwards. I texted you on the thought that two men are double as strong as a single!"

      "Fancy you thinking of me! Look at what you was in those Team Rocket crooks' hideout!"

      "Tch, the past is the past! In all, we're gonna explore this building. I'm afraid the boss of those Team Rocket thugs is working on something of their sinister plans!"

      "OK!" agrees Red, who avoids the look of the guard at the gate with Blue and sneaks up to 2F via the stairs. They do not use the elevator to avoid making undesired noise.

      Mon Dieu! The second floor is in an awful mess! A swarm of Team Rocket Grunts are swaggering along the corridors and in and out of the offices. Some of them are playing with and destroy objects as if they were toys. Some of them are rummaging in the shelves, drawers and safes. None of the employees dare stop them as none of them are with Pokémon. Both the boys are ticked off by the gang's audacious evil deeds.

      "Eek! What do you think you're doing! Get your dirty hands off me, pervert!" cries one of the employees.

      The boys stick their heads out and notice that a Team Rocket Grunt grabs the arm of a pretty female clerk in a lascivious way, obviously wanting to touch her up!

      "HALT IT, YOU TEAM ROCKET CROOKS!" Red shouts out in a lusty way and he ambushes the criminals together with Blue. It is not until a whole of 5 seconds later do those men in black realize that they are confronting two preadolescent intruders and grasp Poké Balls from their waist belts , their Pokémon slaves lunging at the boys nefariously, yet only to meet their dooms like moths plunging into fire.

      Before all the enemies on 2F are subdued, the boys perceive that one of the Grunts takes out his walkie-talkie and talks to somebody before he rushes upstairs.

      Beyond doubt, the rascal is informing his leader, or rather, boss, about the presence of the boys as trespassers. The boys will be in jeopardy if they are encircled and suppresses by a large army of enemy soldiers. They talk over for a while before they reach the decision that they sweep the underlings before they join somewhere where they cooperate to fight the boss.

      With the bona fide power of 5 Badges, Red wipes out all the Team Rocket Grunts from 2F to 10F with the help of Blue. A female janitor on 9F even offers a bottle of Hyper Potion to Red when she hears that they came to save their company.

      Going up the stairs and it is 11F! The boss of those Team Rocket crooks, just you wait!

      However, to Red's distress, the scene on the 11th floor is by no means pleasant--A downhearted Blue sits on his knees holding on to his fainted Blastoise, with Giovanni glaring at him with an icy look, his Rhyhorn standing beside him. The tiles, the walls, and the ceiling are in an odious disorder. Behind Giovanni are a terrified old president and his secretary.

      It is discernible that a battle took shortly before Red's arrival, but it is beyond imagination when a fully evolved Water-type Blastoise with moderate speed should be stomped flat by a non-evolved Ground- and Rock-type Rhyhorn with rather slow speed.

      "Oh, Red! It's no good…" pants Blue, "The boss of those Team Rocket thugs, are, are appallingly strong…I couldn't even…even match up to a mere Rhyhorn…you…be careful…"

      Red flies off the handle when he reminds himself of the scenes where he rescued Blue from the dim, damp basement in Team Rocket's hideout, where his newly obtained Eevee was only in skin and bones, where he watches Marowak's spirit departing into heaven…

      "GIOVANNI! Here we meet again!"

      "Just when I visited the president did I hear that two 10-year-olds had trespassed into the Silph Co., and it must have been nobody but you two." says Giovanni, "The president and I were discussing a vital business proposition. It is quite daring of you to keep your nose on our grown-up's matters."

      "No matter what you were discussing about, I would NEVER forgive you for your ruthless crimes and imprisonment of my best bud!" shouts Red.

      "What a little mouse. Don't you know you have bitten more than you can chew? Since you persist in going on your own way, I'd make you experience a world of pain!"

      After finishing, Giovanni withdraws his Rhyhorn and sends out a Nidoqueen, where Red responds by sending out Snorlax.

      "Snorlax, Body Slam!"

      Snorlax slams his heavy body into Nidoqueen, but Nidoqueen's fist glows white and she punches hard on Snorlax's belly. It is a Brick Break attack which is super effective against Snorlax, yet the actual damage is lessened by Snorlax's springy fat. Snorlax rises to his feet with the sustaining force from the wall behind.

      "Snorlax, Headbutt!"

      Snorlax lowers his head before he launches himself head first at full force into Nidoqueen, but Nidoqueen willfully takes the damage before she clenches her fist and punches Snorlax's head with a Counter, returning double damage to the Sleeping Pokémon.

      Snorlax's speed is too slow compared to that of Nidoqueen, forcing Red to switch. His second fighter is Charizard.

      "Charizard, use Flamethrower!"

      Charizard fires a stream of fire onto Nidoqueen, only to be uppercut to the chin with a Brick Break soon afterwards. Though only half effective on damage infliction due to Charizard's Flying-type, the attack from Nidoqueen makes Charizard giddy and he is unable to even keep on his legs.

      "Grrr! Charizard, back! You go, Scyther! Aerial Ace!"

      Scyther flies up to Nidoqueen and slashes her twice with his scythes, but Nidoqueen whacks him with an Iron Tail and sends him crashing into the wall behind, fainting him when his back head is hit badly by the hard cement.

      "Yowch! You ba…Scyther, come back! Go, Rattata, Super Fang!"

      Rattata leaps up to Nidoqueen and tries to bite her, but Nidoqueen simply grabs him and slams him into the ground. Rattata is knocked out before he even has the chance to use Endeavor.

      "Last resort! Pikachu, Iron Tail!" Red is driven reckless at his succession of defeats.

      Pikachu somersaults in the air and slams his metallic tail into Nidoqueen. He then attempts to dodge Nidoqueen's counter attack but Nidoqueen stamps her foot and creates a small earthquake! The move Earthquake is a splashing move like Surf as it targets all Pokémon except the user on the battlefield. Trying to avoid it while standing on the battlefield is useless even if the user's accuracy is lowered, unless the target is Flying-type or possesses Levitate.

      Finally, when Pikachu's butt is kicked by Nidoqueen's Earthquake, it has only been minutes since Snorlax's entry.

      What a mortifying defeat! When Red's eyes meet Giovanni's forbidding look, he feels that he will soon meet his pitiful, inescapable demise…until Giovanni's phone vibrates.

      After talking a little on the phone and putting it away, Giovanni says in an inhospitable manner, "I would be saying 'Blast it all! You ruined our plan for Silph!' if I weren't a mature man. I'd like to 'award' you of something for your arrogance, if I didn't have a new mission with me. I'll let you two go for a second time for the sake of you being kids, and we'll postpone our plans for Silph. But Team Rocket will never fall! And all Pokémon exist for Team Rocket! I must go now, but I shall return!"

      Vowing to make a comeback, Giovanni retreats from Silph Co. with all his subordinates.

      "Phew…And they're finally gone!" Blue rises up to his feet and wipes off the sweat drops on his forehead, "It's completely against the routine of a role playing game! You know, the single, aloof, wordless protagonist always defeats the antagonists no matter how strong they are…"

      "Sorry, Blue, I involved you in…" apologizes Red.

      "Oh, never mind, dear young men." says the president, "Thank you for saving Silph anyway. We'll never forget you saved us in our peril. Are you hurt?"

      "Er…Not really." answers Red after he inspects his body, "But our Pokémon…"

      "Just apply some Full Restore to them and it's done!" The president takes out bottles of potions from the drawers and sprays them on all of the boys' fainted Pokémon, restoring their energy. Afterwards, the president lets the boys sit on the sofa opposite to him and his secretary.

      "Thank you, Mr. President." says Blue, "But I doubt the reason those Team Rocket thugs smelled your scent?"

      "It must be because of our confidential research!" says the president, "We had kept it as a top secret but those scoundrels managed to grasp it somehow. But I never imagined that even children have heard more or less about it! Sigh…Seems we have to upgrade our security!"

      "Oh, we're sorry but we aren't spying on your research!" apologizes Red.

      "Hahahaha, why should I believe you anti-Team Rocket heroes to be spies?" laughs the president, "In return for your good deeds, I can offer you some exceptions. You can have these!"

      The president has his secretary open a safe beside them and give the boys each a purple Poké Ball with a letter M on the purple hemisphere.

      "Mr. President. Is this sort of Poké Balls your 'confidential research'?" asks Blue.

      "It's NOT an ordinary Poké Ball!" explains the president, "We call it a Master Ball, 'cause it is a master in capturing Pokémon! Our ultimate plan is to develop a kind of Poké Ball that captures EVERY kind of Pokémon without fail! "

      "Goodness! The power of technology just blows me away!" exclaims Red.

      "But to tell you the truth, it is still years before the birth of a true Master Ball." says the president, "What we gave you are only two sample prototypes of the Master Ball. They have notably increased in catch rate compared to Great Balls and Ultra Balls, but still far from 100%, though they work approximately the same as ideal Master Balls when it comes to normal Pokémon."

      "But aren't you concerned about we blowing the gaff?" asks Blue.

      "We trust you, heroes." says the president, "Just promise that you'll be quiet whenever using them."

      "We promise!" say Red and Blue in one voice.

      After making the promise with the president and resting in his office for a short while, the boys are on their way of leaving the Silph Co., until they are stopped by a male clerk on 7F.

      "Hey, you there, may I keep you for a minute?"

      "What's up, sir?" asks Blue.

      "I've heard from our president that it was you that got rid of those ruffians!" says the clerk gratefully, "And I've got an extra Pokémon here. You may take it if you wish!"

      The man opens a drawer of his office desk, taking out a Poké Ball containing a Lapras.

      "It's a Lapras, a very intelligent Pokémon." explains the clerk, "It was nearly snatched by those ruffians without your timely appearance! I think it'll be much better off with you!"

      "But where did this Lapras originate from?" asks Red.

      "I caught it during my holiday at Sevii Islands. It's very rare, but I think you'll be good Trainers for it. Lapras are good swimmers, and they can give you lifts across water. If you want to visit Cinnabar Island or somewhere without a boat, then Lapras may be your best choice."

      "Hmm…Blue, do you want that Lapras?" asks Red.

      "I hate to say no, but do you have a Water-type Pokémon?" asks Blue.

      "I only have a Poliwag I recently caught at Safari Zone." Answers Red.

      "Then you take the Lapras." says Blue, "My Blastoise can already carry me on water, but I don't think your teeny-weeny Poliwag can even hold your weight, hahaha!"

      "Humph. Then thank you, sir!" Red accepts the Poké Ball from the clerk and registers a new piece of information in his Pokédex. Blue also records Lapras' information, though only the seen part.

      [9:21 AM, Mar 30, Saffron City]
      "Red, are you gonna take on the Saffron Gym?" asks Blue.

      "Not before some training. And you, Blue?" asks Red.

      "The same as you. I'll go for training now. Smell ya later, Red."

      "See ya, Blue!"

      The boys split apart at the entrance to Silph Co., devoting themselves to preparations for their respective 6th Gym challenge.
      --End of Epsiode 24--
      Save File:
      Player: Red
      Time: Day 33
      Pokédex: Seen 105, Owned 13
      Badges: 5

      You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
      Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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        Episode 25: The Base of Psychics (エスパーパワーで未来予知!)
        [9:29 AM, Apr 4, Saffron Gym]
        With a large assemblage of Pokémon in his party, Red carried out a half-week meticulous training plan at the outskirts of Saffron City. And now, it is time to challenge Saffron Gym!

        Though the most famous, Saffron Gym is not the first actual Gym in the golden City. Before the establishment of it, it is proceeded by a smaller, ancient dojo, officially named Fighting Dojo, lying just west to it. It is said that the replacement of the official Gym is due to the new Psychic-type Gym is super effective against the old Fighting-type dojo. Regardless of this, Fighting Dojo was not demolished. Instead, it transformed into a fighting academy where lovers of fighting such as karate, judo, aikido and kung fu develop into Black Belts or Battle Girls (or Crush Girls formerly).

        When entering the Gym, Red is at a small, rectangular room with violet-pinkish decoration, with nobody inside. He looks around and finds nothing but a square tile flashing in blue light. What's wrong with this Gym? Why is the Gym Leader absent while he/she keeps the door open?

        Wait a moment! Maybe it's just a puzzle! Red steps on the flashing tile out of curiosity.

        And the instant he put his foot on the tile, Red blacks out. Seconds later, he finds himself in another room. There does not seem to be doors or windows connecting the outside except the blue square tiles in each corner, apparently warping everyone between rooms.

        "Is this a type of hi-tech? Then the power of science is truly staggering!" thinks Red.

        Just then, a Psychic in purple clothes walks out of a wall as if it were magic, levitating two Poké Balls in midair without physically holding them.

        "Have you tasted our superb layout of our Gym?" says the Psychic, "And here comes us Psychics! Though our Leader is young, she's a highly skilled Trainer. We won't let you reach her easily!"

        Afterwards, the Psychic sends out a Slowpoke, prompting Red to send out Pikachu.

        "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

        Pikachu zaps the foe's Slowpoke with electricity.

        After taking damage, the foe's Slowpoke releases psychic waves from its body without its Trainer orally commanding it. It must be that Psychics even communicate with their Pokémon with psychic power.

        But however odd the way the opponents react, Pikachu skillfully dodges Slowpoke's Confusion, a weaker version of Psychic. He then launches a second Thunderbolt, defeating Slowpoke.

        The Psychic then releases his second Pokémon, a Slowbro. It is the evolution of Slowpoke, standing on its hind legs, with a strange-looking shell creature biting onto its tail. It is said that the creature is a transformation of Shellder, and both of them change forms when a Shellder bites onto a Slowpoke's tail. However, nobody has ever witnessed such a moment of dual evolution, and most Slowpoke under training simply evolve by leveling up, creating the shell creature out of nothing.

        Though Slowbro is a tougher foe compared to Slowpoke, it still fails to withstand a pair of Thunderbolts from Pikachu after an unsuccessful attempt to hit Pikachu with a Zen Headbutt.

        "You're not weak." says the Psychic, "But there're countless numbers of such rooms and us! Can you really reach our Leader without getting lost?" before he returns into the wall as if there were a door.

        The Psychic is right, as every room with warp tiles are identically constructed. There are not any visible signs leading to Leader's room, making all unfamiliar challengers lost in confusion. However, they do not have to worry about being trapped in the Gym, as they can press the "Emergency Exit" button on the wall, warping them instantly back to the entrance.

        However, Red manages to reach the innermost room where the Gym Leader should wait for him, by taking a note on his notebook, on how the warp tiles are connected. In spite of the identical construction, Red will land on a different number of warp tile (labeled in his note) if he enters a new room. However, he cannot view the whole map as he is playing a role playing game (and it is not provided in the Gym, either). Therefore, he nevertheless spends 20 minutes solving the warp puzzle and fighting the Psychics (sometimes Channelers). The Channelers use the evolution line of Gastly instead of Psychic-type Pokémon, although all their Gastly and Haunter know Psychic-type moves.

        "Excuse me! I'm Red the challenger? Is the Gym Leader in?" asks Red.

        With a flash of light on the stage in the opposite of the room, a young lady with long, bluish hair and red clothes appears in front of Red. Much like those Psychics, the lady levitates three Poké Balls above her hands with psychic power. The Gym Leader gives a glacial, unsmiling look in contrast to most other of her Leader workmates.

        "…Hello, challenger." says the Gym Leader, "The moment you entered my Gym, I had the vision that you would find me in no time…My name is Sabrina, and I am a Psychic myself. My psychic power was awakened since I was a child. It started when a spoon I carelessly tossed bent. Believe it or not, I am telling the truth…I dislike violence, but if you wish, I will not hold my strength."

        "Neither will I! Bring it on, Miss Sabrina!"

        "…You call me Miss Sabrina? How old are you?"

        "I'm 11."

        "…Then just call me Sabrina because I am 18."

        "OK. Bring it on, Sabrina!"

        "…Fine. Go, Mr. Mime."

        "Snorlax, I choose you!"

        Mr. Mime is a humanoid Pokémon resembling a clown. The name origin comes from its expertise in pantomime. Though only half of them are male, the name "Mr. Mime" is specified as their official species name. Some Trainers with female Mr. Mime would like to call them Ms. Mime or Miss Mime, albeit considered as nicknames.

        "Snorlax, use Headbutt!"


        When Snorlax is slamming his head into Mr. Mime, the Barrier Pokémon raises its hands and creates a light barrier in front of its body. When Snorlax hits the barrier, his momentum is sharply slowed down and the impact on Mr. Mime is drastically alleviated. It should be noted that though the basic physical Defense of Mr. Mime is not high enough, it increases by 2 stages every time the user uses Barrier (until it reaches stage +6). At the maximum stage, a Mr. Mime's Defense can even be comparable to that of an Onix in basic stage.

        "Snorlax, use Rollout!"

        Red changes his strategy into multi-turn, PP-free (except the first turn) moves. The power of such moves doubles in power in every turn without consuming extra PPs and energy.


        Seemingly not afraid of Snorlax's fierce movement, Mr. Mime continues strengthening the Barrier, despite taking continual damage from the Sleeping Pokémon.

        "…The barrier should be stable now. Psychic." commands Sabrina.

        Mr. Mime releases pinkish psychic wave from its hands at Snorlax. Unlike material attacks such as Air Slash, non-material moves cannot be deflected or bounced off by Snorlax's rolling body. After his brain cells are affected by Psychic, he nearly snaps into confusion and his Rollout is discontinued. He gets up to his feet and shakes off the dust on his skin.

        "No good. The power of Rollout is instantly reset upon its termination." thinks Red, "Mr. Mime is too tough in this stage for Snorlax. I think I have to switch Pokémon."

        The next opponent Mr. Mime faces is Charizard, Red's team leader.

        "Charizard, use Flamethrower!"

        Charizard creates a sphere of flames in his mouth and fires it as a stream at Mr. Mime. Being a special attack, Barrier has no weakening effect on it. The fire dragon penetrates the Barrier and directly hit Mr. Mime, damaging it a little.

        Why do I mean by "a little"? Because Mr. Mime's Special Defense is implausibly high compared to its physical counterpart, making up for its low HP stat. Now that Mr. Mime has also boosted its Defense via Barrier, it seems that there are not any ways to effectively damage it anymore.

        But Red ponders on himself for a while and comes up with an idea.

        "…Psychic." commands Sabrina.

        "Charizard. Dragon Rage!"

        After taking a hit of Psychic from Mr. Mime in the last turn, Charizard creates a blue-greenish fire ball in his mouth and spits it onto Mr. Mime. The fire ball explodes on Mr. Mime and deals large percentage of damage to it, despite its rather low basic power when the target is high in level.

        Why? Never forget that Dragon Rage is a fixed-damage move which ignores the target's defense! The rather low stat of HP of Mr. Mime makes it ridiculously weak to such a type of attacks, even including the Fighting-type Seismic Toss.


        "Charizard! Dragon Rage!" cries Red.

        After taking a second hit from Psychic, Charizard's second Dragon Rage bursts on Mr. Mime and knocks it out, albeit with his own HP dropping to a bit above zero.

        "…Not bad, challenger." says Sabrina, "But I have already sighted it. And moreover, there is no reason that you cannot even pass my first…Now it is getting hard."

        When Sabrina sends out her second--a Hypno, Red switches back to Snorlax.

        "Snorlax, use Rollout!"

        "…Future Sight."

        Before Snorlax runs Hypno over for the first time, the Hypnosis Pokémon release a red beam of light into the ceiling, not seemingly damaging Snorlax at all. What does Sabrina mean by executing such a useless move?

        "…And focus yourself on your opponent. Don't attack." commands Sabrina subsequently.

        Centralizing all its focus on Snorlax's movement, Hypno just hops about to try to dodge being rolled over, sometimes with the help of its psychic power. In fact, it could easily hypnotize Snorlax if Snorlax were looking at it instead of rolling with his eyes temporarily disabled.

        After turns, Hypno is a bit tired while Snorlax's velocity keeps shooting up. It seems absolutely that Hypno is getting steamrolled flat until the beam hidden in the ceiling suddenly strikes down onto Snorlax, not only injuring him badly but stopping his movement.


        Hypno waves its pendulum and a surge of psychic comes out of it, digging into Snorlax. The materialized surge cuts Snorlax's HP down to null, making him falling onto his back with swirly eyes.

        "Oh, Snorlax, you take a rest! Eevee, I choose you! Sand Attack!"

        Despite the clean floor, Eevee summons dust in the air around her hind legs and kicks it at Hypno's face, lowering its accuracy.

        "…Future Sight." Commands Sabrina.

        Hypno fires a beam of light into the ceiling before its face is covered in dust.

        "And Shadow Ball!" commands Red.

        Eevee creates a purple blob in front of her and hurls it at Hypno. Hypno hardly has the chance to dodge it since its vision is hindered by Eevee's Sand Attack.

        "…Calm Mind."

        After cleaning its eyes, Hypno sits down and begins to meditate, raising its Special Attack and Special Defense.

        "Eevee, it's chance! Give Hypno a Sand Attack shower!"

        Eevee assembles more dust from the air and kicks it onto Hypno's face. After Hypno finishes its meditation seconds later, its head is entirely masked in dust like a sand sculpture.

        "…Psyshock." commands Sabrina.

        Hypno briefly cleans its face before it releases materialized psychic waves from its pendulum, but Eevee dodges it using her agility and Hypno's lowered accuracy.

        "Shadow Ball!" commands Red.

        A second Shadow Ball lands on Hypno, and to Red's jubilation, it results in a critical hit! Hypno fall over in defeat, its head still veiled in dust.

        Nonetheless, Eevee is subsequently jumped by Hypno's second Future Sight, fainting her and rendering the second part of the match a draw.

        "Why. Never have I sighted such an unexpected battling style." says Sabrina with a surprised look, "I feel my brain is pumped with emotion. It's my last now. I want to taste more things out of my prediction! Alakazam!"

        A yellow Pokémon with long moustache lands in front of Red, holding a spoon in either of its hands. It is said that the IQ of an Alakazam is times as that of a human being. Possessing extraordinary memory capacity, it is said to never forget anything it once remembered. Notwithstanding this, never can an Alakazam learn every Pokémon move, nor has its species threatened the dominant position of human beings in the Pokémon world.

        "Alakazam has high Special Attack and Speed, but with rather low Defense." thinks Red, "Which one should I bring?…Yeah, this one might do!"

        Red throws out another Poké Ball, and it is Chansey, his new fellow from Safari Zone, much to Sabrina's amazement. It should be noted that Sabrina has seen through Red's on-hand party via her psychic ability, and she expected him to send out other Pokémon such as Lapras. What is more, in most people's impression, Chansey is merely a doctor who specializes in healing. How high the battle power on earth can a Chansey have?

        "Chansey, Minimize!" commands Red.

        Chansey growls as she starts to shrink her body.

        "Alakazam, Psycho Cut!" commands Sabrina.

        Alakazam spins its spoons and two blade-shaped waves comes out of them, boomeranging at Chansey. However, Chansey dodges them with her shrunken body with luck as her name indicates.

        "Another Minimize!" commands Red.

        After a second turn of Minimize, Chansey has raised her evasiveness to three times as in her basic stage. It is very unlikely now for Alakazam to land a single hit on her…

        "Alakazam, Telekinesis!" commands Sabrina after thinking for a while.

        Alakazam shoots psychic waves from its spoons and drifts Chansey slowly into midair, ignoring her evasion. As she stays afloat, Chansey feels that her body is gradually out of her control.

        "And Psycho Cut!" commands Sabrina.

        While under the effect of Telekinesis, all moves from a Pokémon's opponent are ensured to hit. The psychic boomerangs jabs Chansey's plump body relentlessly, making her growl in pain.

        "Chansey, use Soft-boiled!"

        Softboiled is a signature move of Chansey. Normally, the user produces eggs to heal its allies. But this move is also a variation of Recover when used on the user itself, where the user directly restores half of its maximum HP…if Chansey could successfully execute the move. The additional effect of Telekinesis completely disables Chansey's actions, making her vulnerable to any attacks from Alakazam however weak they are.

        "Alakazam, Psycho Cut!"

        Chansey's body is slashed hard by Alakazam's psychic blades, decreasing her HP down to the red line.

        "Alakazam, Psycho Cut!" commands Sabrina as she senses the coming of victory.

        However, the mischievous god teases them again. The timer of Telekinesis expires before Alakazam's Psycho Cut takes effect on Chansey. The Egg Pokémon is dropped back to the ground, restoring her evasiveness status. The missed Psycho Cut hits the wall behind Red and bursts into oblivion.

        "Time for revenge! Chansey, Soft-boiled!"

        Chansey's body glows white as she recovers from her injury.

        "We too. Alakazam, Recover!"

        Alakazam's body shines as it restores its energy as well. In fact, the move Telekinesis is energy-consuming like weight-lifting. After all, it is an indisputable science law that energy cannot be produced out of nowhere.

        After both Pokémon finish their respective moves, Sabrina orders immediately, "Telekinesis!"

        It would be an unfavorable situation for Red if the foe's Alakazam hangs on indefinitely with a combination of Telekinesis and Recover. Despite her tank-high Special Defense, Chansey cannot hold long with her fragile physical Defense before Alakazam's covering move Psycho Cut…

        …If our hero just stood there watching!

        "Chansey, Double Slap!"

        Before she can be lifted high, Chansey sticks out her arm and slaps hard in Alakazam's face. The sudden strike dumbs Alakazam like a deer caught in headlights. The process of Telekinesis is inevitably canceled and Chansey is dropped back to the ground.

        "Chance! Chansey, consecutive Double Slaps!" shouts Red.

        Chansey's arms strikes Alakazam like hail, forcing it to move backwards as Chansey steps forwards. To Red's satisfaction, Chansey cleverly neutralizes her low physical Attack by close combats against a low-Defensed opponent. Before Alakazam returns to normal, its HP has declined to the critical point.

        "Now for the final blow! Double-Edge!"

        Chansey tackles Alakazam with her whole body, bumping the foe into the wall behind Sabrina. Alakazam struggles off the wall before it gives out and breaks down, never to stand up again.

        "Ya-ho! We won!" Red jumps up high with his fist rising.

        "Ahhh, you fought hard, Alakazam. Come back." Sabrina recalls Alakazam with a disappointed look befor she walks up to Red, "What a stirring battle we've had! I've prepared well for all the countermeasures for your moves out of my psychic power, but your battling styles just beat my foresights! I haven't had such a battle since I possessed psychic abilities!"

        Wait! Does Sabrina usually talk in this way?

        Red looks up to Sabrina and sees a warm, smiling face, in sharp contrast to the one when they first met.

        "The loss really shocks me, but a loss is a loss. You earned the Marsh Badge, Red!" Sabrina hands over a yellow, round badge with concentric circles to the newly winning challenger.

        "Thanks. You changed quite a lot, Sabrina!" says Red.

        "And you may have this TM04. It's Calm Mind. It raises the user's Special stats in a short meditation."

        "Thank you."

        "Honestly, I didn't use to be myself as what I am." says Sabrina, "Until the day I bent the spoon. Since then, fewer and fewer people were willing to get close to me. They took me as a psychic freak and kept far away from me. After years, only those who have psychic power as me, as you've seen, agree to be my company. I hate being alone, but I'm afraid that you'll hold bias against me like those ordinary people. I'm sorry for turning a such a cold face to you, Red."

        "Not at all, Sabrina. I never thought you were a so-called 'psychic freak'." says Red, "In my opinion, you are just another boss of a level on my way to the Pokémon League."

        "Thank you for talking with me in a usual way." smiles Sabrina, "I've decided that I'll seal my psychic power when taking on future challengers. It's too boring to foresee everything before they can actually happen, after all. Life is colorful just because of its unpredictability, isn't it?"

        "Haha, I'm with you, Sabrina!" laughs Red.

        "And have you decided your next Gym? You only have 2 Badges left to gain, don't you?" asks Sabrina.

        "Um…Maybe it'll be the one on Cinnabar Island, I think."

        "Then prepare yourself. The Gym Leader there is a queer old guy who loves to confuse challengers with quizzes. The difficulty of his quizzes even surpasses my psychic power."

        "OK. I've decided to go there. By the way, Sabrina. Don't hide your good-looking smiles like a robot anymore!"

        The Psychics inside Saffron Gym begin to gabble after Red's departure.

        Psychic 1: "Listen, listen! Our Leader has totally changed since dat red-capped challenger!"

        Psychic 2: "She has! Never has she smiled to anyone until that chap named Red! Did he exert some unknown psychics on our Leader?"

        Psychic 1: "No way! I didn't sense any psychic power on him during my battle!"

        Psychic 3: "Perhaps…That little lad has that kind of interest in our Leader?"

        Psychic 1: "Whaddya think you're talking about?! Are you looking down upon Sabrina-sama?"

        Psychics: "*Tittle…tattle…*"

        Sabrina (in Gym Leader's room): "…I've heard all of you. You gossip gasbags…"
        --End of Epsiode 25--
        Save File:
        Player: Red
        Time: Day 38
        Pokédex: Seen 110, Owned 14
        Badges: 6

        You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
        Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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          Episode 26: Brain Teased! (カギは謎々?頭が壊れそう!)
          [2:06 PM, Apr 4, Pallet Town]
          With three quarters of his Badge case filled, Red is hit with a feeling of homesick. It was three weeks ago when Red last made contact with his mother. He does not want to make his mother worry about him while he is away for long. Thus, he flies home on Charizard and reunites with her.

          "Red! You're back!" The woman opens the door in happiness to see her son.

          "I'm home, mom!"

          "It's been a long time since your departure. How's everything going?" asks mom.

          "Everything's OK. I've already had 6 Badges with me. I only have two steps in front of myself to the Pokémon League!" says Red ambitiously.

          "It's a good thing to have a goal, but nothing's more important than health." says mom, "Since you're home, mind as well rest here for days before you go on. Your Pokémon must be tired, too."

          "Thanks, mom, but I have to be quick. Maybe one day is enough." says Red.

          At that moment, Red's doorbell rings again. He opens the door and it is Professor Oak.

          "Red! I saw you flying back, so I come to see you." says the old professor, "How much have you filled in your Pokédex? Can I see it?"

          "Sure." Red shows his Pokédex to Professor Oak.

          "Hmm…You've seen 110 kinds and owned 14 kinds. You're getting on the right track! Try to find and catch other species, Red!" The professor makes a brief evaluation on Red's quest.

          "Have you heard from Blue? How's he doing?" asks Red.

          "He phoned me hours ago that he has already obtained six Badges. How many Badges do you have, Red?"

          "Six, too. I might as well set off for my 7th Badge tomorrow. I can't let Blue monopolize the eligibility to fight the Elite Four!" says Red.

          "Oh, I know! Someone called Leaf went to me after you and Blue started. Have you met her?" asks the professor.

          "By the way, she visited ours, too! She ran away quickly in search of you after I told her that you had gone!" adds mom.

          "We made a quick meet in Celadon City. But I have no idea where she is now." answers Red.

          "Red. I have a feeling you should cherish her." says mom.

          "What are you talking about, mom? It sounds like…" Red blushes.

          "Because she seems to be deeply concerned about you. She looks resolved to see you."

          "Haha, I'm with your mother in this way. I can sense her feeling during her visit to my lab!" laughs Professor Oak.

          "Hehe, you mean it was all my fault to run away from her in Celadon City…" smiles Red bitterly.

          [12:20 PM, Apr 5, Route 21]
          The next day, Red sets off for Cinnabar Island on his Lapras via Route 21. When he walks to the beach south of the town, he notices that there is a large patch of tall grass in the east, fenced off by a line of wooden rail, with a sign reading "Danger: No entry". He remembers that the rail was set short after the incident 6 years ago.

          Before his arrival in Cinnabar Island, Red battles some Swimmers and Fishermen on the islands of Route 21, mainly gaining Exp. Points for his newer team members.

          [9:19 AM, Apr 8, Cinnabar Gym]
          Cinnabar Island is an island town located right south of Pallet Town. It was formed when a volcano erupted long, long ago, generating the land out of lava. The volcano is still active in the present day and erupts periodically. However, the town has established consummate measurements in case of eruptions, and the town survived all recent eruptions without any life and property losses. Cinnabar Island is currently a holiday resort, with hundreds of visitors spending their breaks and holidays on the beach surrounding the town.

          But our hero is here not for his holiday, but for his newest Gym challenge, after days of training preparations on Routes 21 and 20. Most of his opponents were Swimmers, but he also took on some Bird Keepers and Picnickers on the islets.

          Cinnabar Gym is the most well-known landmark of Cinnabar Island. It is built at the foot of the largest local volcano, called Cinnabar Volcano. It has experienced several times of eruption since its foundation, but it survived all of them as if a miracle.

          At the door to the Gym, Red finds that it is locked by an electric lock with a multi-touch LCD screen. There is a note sticking next to the lock, reading:
          Welcome to Cinnabar Gym, challengers! Your permission to Cinnabar Gym is your correct answer to the question on the entrance lock! Press 'Answer Question' button on the screen, enter the right answer, then press 'Enter', and the Gym is open to you!

          Red presses the 'Answer Question' on the screen as instructed, and his question is:
          What are the last 4 digits of your Trainer's ID?

          Red takes out his Trainer's Card from his pocket. The card displays that the last 4 digits are 4238. Red enters the digits and presses "Enter".

          "You are absolutely correct! Go on through!"

          With a fanfare, the lock snaps open and the door slowly moves sideways, revealing the inside of the Gym, before locking shut again after he is inside. Before his entry, Red notices that there is a tiny camera on the lock panel.

          Haha, it must be that the camera has taken a photo of Red and recognized his identity from the Pokémon League's database. The question on the entrance is only a test of a Trainer's honesty.

          The whole inside of Cinnabar is divided into a number of battle rooms, connected by electric doors to form a zigzag corridor. A Trainer is waiting in the center of each room, respectively. According to the instructions on the wall near the exit, the challengers can bypass a Trainer for free by correctly answering the quiz on a machine in a corner of each battle room. However, they have ONLY ONE chance to get the answer correct. As long as they give a wrong answer, the machine will require a password for unlocking the door which only the Trainer knows (and the password changes every time the door is unlocked by the Trainer to prevent cheating). Of course, the Trainer will not enter the password unless the challengers beat him.

          Red tries to answer the first question only to be left dumb-headed by the text on the screen:
          Quiz 1: Pokémon inhabiting Route 3 can belong to any of these types below EXCEPT:
          (A) Flying (B) Poison (C) Fighting (D) Ground

          Red found some wild Mankey and Pidgey on Route 3, and he also battled Trainers' Ekans and Spearow. But the problem is, one species belonging to a Trainer does not necessarily indicate its local inhabitance, nor does an unseen slot necessarily negates it. Therefore, it is only for sure that A and C are wrong answers. There is only a 50% chance that Red can conserve his energy with no cost. He makes a bet and selects D.

          "You are absolutely correct! Go on through!"

          The door to the next room opens with a fanfare chime from the quiz machine.

          The question in the second room is:
          Quiz 2: How many floors does Rock Tunnel have?
          (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5

          Red remembers that he entered 5 different chambers while he was in Rock tunnel, thus pressing D without doubt.

          "Sorry. Bad call! The correct answer is A. Please defeat the Trainer to unlock the door."

          Red is not convinced by the result. Yet there is nothing that he can do except fighting the Super Nerd in the room. The difficulty is not in defeating his opponents but the conservation of health.

          The question in the third room is:
          Quiz 3: Among all of the Pokémon below, which of them has the SMALLEST overall movepool (including TM moves and Move Tutor moves)?
          (A) Caterpie (B) Porygon (C) Metapod (D) Ditto

          "Caterpie can learn Tackle, String Shot and Bug Bite; Metapod inherits all of the moves from its pre-evolution plus Harden; Ditto can temporarily learn an opponent's moves via Transform. I don't know what Porygon is, but an unknown choice is most likely to be a wrong choice." thinks Red, who then presses A.

          "You are absolutely correct! Go on through!"

          The question in the fourth room is:
          Quiz 4: Among all the choices below, which of the two TMs are most similar to each other?
          (A) TM17 and TM39 (B) TM15 and TM68 (C) TM07 and TM80 (D) TM16 and TM54

          Red takes a brief view of all TMs he has obtained and fails to make out the correct answer. He makes a wild guess and presses C.

          "Sorry. Bad Call! The correct answer is B. Please defeat the Trainer to unlock the door."

          With a sigh, Red beats the Burglar inside the room and makes the man unlock the door for him.

          The question in the fifth room is:
          Quiz 5: The Pokémon Tower has a long history of approximately how many years?
          (A) 100 (B) 150 (C) 210 (D) 320

          This problem does not baffle our hero as he noticed the introduction of the Pokémon Tower on a stone tablet near the entrance. The tower was erected 153 years ago. Undoubtedly, the answer is B.

          "You are absolutely correct! Go on through!"

          In the last but one room, the screen displays an additional line of text.
          Welcome to the final quiz. If you can get a good call, you will reach the Gym Leader in no time!
          Quiz 6: How many books of diaries in total are there in the burnt Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island?
          (A) 3 (B) 10 (C) 4 (D) 5 (E) 13

          Red's brain cells are overloaded just reading the problem itself. Why does the Gym Leader have his challengers answer such a quiz when they might not have been to the so-called "Pokémon Mansion"? Do they have to search the mansion thoroughly before they can get the right answer? Red makes a rash decision by pressing C…

          "You are absolutely correct! Go on through!"

          The doors open to Red's amazement, revealing the innermost room where the Gym Leader awaits. The Gym Leader is a bald old man in white lab coat, with a pair of sunglasses.

          "Welcome to Cinnabar Gym!" greets the Gym Leader, "I'm Blaine, the red-hot Leader of Cinnabar Gym! Hah, what do you think of my quizzes for you? They're awfully fun, aren't they?"

          "Yes, they are! They are soooo fun that my brain has burnt down for countless times!"

          "Hah! I just want everything to burn up like fire, including the brains of challengers!" guffaws Blaine, "Not only are my quizzes burning, but also my wild and fervid Pokémon! With their company, I would incinerate everyone who dares challenge me to ashes! If you don't have Burn Heals, then just you wait to be heated into plasma!"

          "All right! I'm here just to burn myself up! Your Volcano Badge will definitely be mine, Mr. Blaine!"

          "Hah! Watch your hands before you can reach my Badge! Go, Rapidash! Burn 'em down for me!"

          "Lapras, I choose you! Hydro Pump!"

          A high-pressured stream of water bursts from Lapras' mouth, showering on Rapidash.

          "Hah! I'll boil your water into vapor! Rapidash, Flame Charge!"

          Rapidash rears up and neighs, before it charges at high speed at Lapras with its body covered in flames. Though Lapras is too slow on land to dodge Rapidash's attack, her high Defense and Special Defense makes her withstand Rapidash's Fire-type attack without too much hardship.

          "Lapras, Hydro Pump!" commands Red.

          However, Lapras is not that lucky this time as her Hydro Pump is dodged by a speed-boosted Rapidash. The flame on Rapidash's body blazes brighter as its speed is increased by its previous Flame Charge.

          "Hah! Let's see how you can extinguish the igneous fire my Rapidash has ignited!" says Blaine.

          "Lapras, Confuse Ray!" commands Red.

          Lapras opens her mouth and a bright yellow orb flies out of it, floating in the air towards Rapidash. Rapidash tries to avoid the orb, but the orb hits it anyway, before it bursts into oblivion. Confused by the light orb, Rapidash lets out a neigh and shakes its head irregularly, its hooves kicking about.

          "Hah! Let's see how you can dodge Lapras' attack under confusion!" Red mimics Blaine's tone before he orders a move, "Lapras, Hydro Pump!"

          The penetrating coolness of Hydro Pump instantaneously washes away all of Rapidash's HP. It slumps onto the battlefield, its eyes spinning in swirls.

          "Hah! It's just a minor setback! I've been a scientist for 40 years, and there's no reason for me to give up against difficuities!" says Blaine, "Go, Magmar! May the sparks of fire set the entire prairie ablaze!"

          "OK, Lapras, switch out! Charizard, I choose you!"

          The battle continues as Charizard's and Magmar's eyes meet. Who will be the last winner?
          --End of Epsiode 26--
          Save File:
          Player: Red
          Time: Day 42
          Pokédex: Seen 119, Owned 14
          Badges: 6

          You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
          Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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            Episode 27: The Fire Is Out (噴火のような激情)
            [11:22 AM, Apr 8, Cinnabar Gym]
            "Charizard, Air Slash!"

            Charizard flaps his wings quickly and releases multiple ratchet-shaped pieces of solidified air at Magmar. Magmar flinches as it protects its face and move backwards.

            "Charizard, Air Slash!" commands Red.

            Charizard's second Air Slash makes Magmar flinch again.

            "Charizard, Air Slash!"

            Unfortunately, Charizard's third Air Slash fails to unnerve Magmar. Instead, it runs up to Charizard, clenches its fist in sparks, and uppercuts Charizard with a Thunder Punch! Charizard is nearly going to scream in pain but he manages to hold his breath and return to normal, awaiting Red's next directions.

            "Charizard, Dragon Pulse!" commands Red.

            "Magmar, Thunder Punch!" commands Blaine.

            "Charizard, fly into the air to avoid the attack!" commands Red.

            Charizard flies up while generating the fire ball in his mouth. Magmar tries to punch him but is unable to reach Charizard's height. Charizard then launches the fire ball in the shape of a dragon at Magmar, defeating it.

            "Hah! This battle ain't gonna boring!" laughs Blaine, "I haven't been pushed into the corner like this way! Great, that's so great! Arcanine, it's your task now!"

            A large canine Pokémon enters the battleground. Though it is closely related to dogs, it has thick mane around its neck like a lion. It activates its Ability, Intimidate, upon meeting its first opponent. The name of the Ability originates from the metaphor that someone frightens his opponents with a ferocious look or overcome them with a majestic appearance, making them less likely to attack. However, the Ability always automatically activates when the user enters the battle, whether his opponent is scared or not. Moreover, it only affects physical Attack, and is notoriously ineffective against special attackers.

            "Charizard, use Air Slash!" commands Red.

            "Arcanine, Extreme Speed!" commands Blaine.

            While Charizard is flapping his wings, Arcanine rushes up to him and leaps into the air in incredible speed as if teleportation, stunning him in astonishment.

            "Hah! Arcanine, Thunder Fang!"

            Before landing, Arcanine bites down on Charizard with its teeth sparkling in electricity, pulling him to the ground. The Electric-type move adds to Magmar's previous Thunder Punch, cutting Charizard's HP down to near zero. To make matters worse, the move activates its additional effect, paralyzing the flying dragon, forcing Red to recall him. He then sends out Lapras.

            "Lapras, Confuse Ray!" commands Red.

            "Hah! Who'll trip over the same rock twice! Arcanine, Extreme Speed!" commands Blaine.

            Arcanine darts towards Lapras and gets close to her all of a sudden.

            "Thunder Fang!" commands Blaine subsequently.

            Arcanine bites down on Lapras' neck with its conducting teeth.

            "Lapras, Hydro Pump!" commands Red.

            Lapras tries to shower Arcanine with high-pressured water, yet Arcanine is too close for her Hydro Pump to hit.

            "Arcanine, Thunder Fang!"

            The second Thunder Fang hits Lapras' unprotected neck, knocking her out.

            "Fine. Lapras, take a rest! Pikachu, I choose you! Thunder!"

            Pikachu fires a beam of electricity into the sky…

            "Arcanine, Overheat!"

            Arcanine roars as it releases searing heat waves from its fur, covering the whole battleground, damaging Pikachu severely and makes Red and Blaine sweat heavily. However, Pikachu's Thunder then strikes Arcanine on its back, also damaging it.

            "Pikachu, Thunder!" commands Red.

            "Arcanine, Flare Blitz!" commands Blaine.

            Arcanine's body bursts into flames and it charges at Pikachu at breakneck speed.

            "Pikachu, dodge it with Quick Attack!"

            Upon firing the Thunder into the air, Pikachu runs sideways, leaving a trail of energy behind him. However, his movement is still too slow before Arcanine, who tackles him with all-out force, sending him bumping into the wall behind Red and knocking him out. The Thunder also misses as it bashes the ground instead of its intended target.

            "Argh! This is not my day!" says Red a little regretfully, "But I can still fight! Go, Snorlax!"

            When Snorlax is sent out, his weight makes the battlefield shake like an earthquake.

            "Snorlax, Rollout!" commands Red.

            "Arcanine, Flare Blitz!" commands Blaine.

            Snorlax rolls towards Arcanine while the canine Pokémon charges at him with its fur burning. The attacks clash and creates a miniature explosion, and both Pokémon receive damage. However, Snorlax continues accelerating while Arcanine has to stop for a while.

            "Arcanine, Overheat!" commands Blaine.

            Arcanine roars and it heats up the whole room, but the temperature's highest degree seems to significantly drop as Red and Blaine sweat much less than before.

            "Looks like our opponent is running outta fuel! Snorlax, finish Arcanine off!"

            Inflicted by recoil damage from Flare Blitz, Arcanine ends up run over inexorably by Snorlax's self-boosted Rollout. It collapses onto the ground with its limbs extending, lets out a deep growl, and faints.

            "Snorlax, we've won! Now halt it!" cries Red.

            Hearing the news of victory, Snorlax terminates his Rollout by actively bumping himself into a solid wall. He then stands up clapping his hands in joy, but is recalled shortly after.

            "Hah! How could my trump card lose? Ahhh, I've burned down to ashes before my opponent! Nope, not even ashes left! I have to say goodbye to you, my dear Volcano Badge!" chortles Blaine, before he calms down and rewards Red with a flame-shaped badge and a TM50, explaining, "This Technical Machine contains Overheat! The user attacks everything around it with red-hot blaze, turning all of its opponents into the plasma state! Isn't it a horrible move?"

            "Yes, it is. It makes my whole body dry like jerk!" says Red.

            "Hah! It's good in everything except that it has a slight drawback. The effect will worsen if it's been used for too many times. But it's powerful and well worth it!"

            "You're such an optimist, Mr. Blaine! Even in front of your loss!"

            "Hah! It's thanks to my 40-year experience as a scientist! You know, you could encounter various kinds of errors and mistakes you can't explain during a science research. Without optimism and perseverance, I might quit years ago! Why should I make a fuss of a single Badge! Happiness is the best cosmetic! Laugh once and you turn 10 years younger! Don't you think so?"

            "Oh, no, your laughter is … so contagious, ha, ha, Mr. Blaine. Ha, ha, haha…"

            "Hah! Laughter is the most precious treasure of humans! Those who laugh more live longer than those who pull a long face! I still have decades to go before I lie in my grave!"

            "Mr. Blaine, could you kindly hold your laugh? I can't endure it any longer! Ha, ha, hahaha…"

            As a result, the elder and the youngster burst into cachinnation for a total of 10 minutes, spreading the uproar across the whole Gym like thunder and lightning!
            --End of Epsiode 27--
            Save File:
            Player: Red
            Time: Day 42
            Pokédex: Seen 120, Owned 14
            Badges: 7

            You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
            Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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              Episode 28: Days on My Past (ポケモンセンターでの出会い!往事の思い出!)
              [12:44 PM, Apr 8, Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center]
              After defeating Blaine's Arcanine at the cost of three of his fellows, Red swiftly scurries to the Pokémon Center and heal them there. After having lunch, Red is now thinking about the last quiz in Cinnabar Gym. According to the answer, there are 4 books of diaries in the Pokémon Mansion on this island. Where is the location of this mansion, and why should Blaine leave the question to challengers?

              After reflecting for tens of minutes, Red decided to find it out by himself. He rises up and walks towards the exit…

              "Bang!" The door opens and Red bumps his head into someone entering the hall, sending him falling onto his back (or rather backpack). He rubs his aching bottom after letting out an "Ouch!"

              "I'm sorry! Are you all right? I'll help you up!" A pair of hands extends from in front.

              "Thank you." Red rises onto his feet holding on to the hands, before he suddenly notices the face of the owner of the hands.

              "Le…Leaf?" cries Red in surprise, "Why are you here?"

              "Oh, no, Re-chan❤. How could you turn such a cold face to your lifesaver?" Leaf displays a shy face with her hands holding on to her cheeks.

              "You…" Red is completely unable to burst his anger, "Enough of it. Would you mind telling me why you're here, please?"

              "This…" Leaf pauses for a while with her face blushing red-hot, "Honestly, I set off my journey all because of you, Re-chan…"

              "All because of me? I don't get you, Leaf. What have I done to attract you to me?"

              "You remember the day you saved me on Route 21, don't you? Do you know why I should be there?" asks Leaf.

              "Hmm…nope, not at all." Red shakes his head.

              "I hardly had any friends when I was young." says Leaf, "Before I met you, I spent all my playing time by myself. I always aspired to have an intimate friend to kill time with me, whether human or Pokémon."

              "It was impossible! Why should someone like you be void of friends?"

              "But it was just the truth." says Leaf, "Bored of playing near my house, I secretly slips away to Route 21 out of my parent's attention. I met so many kinds of wild Pokémon there, including Rattata, Pidgey and Tangela…They were friendly to me and never hurt me, even if I was a stranger. I soon made friends with them and resorted to their nest every week, until the day of accident."

              "So how could you fall into water? The ground there is not that slippery, is it?"

              "That day, I was sitting on a slope on the brink of the woods on Route 21, watching into the distance, not realizing it was getting late. When I saw the sun setting, I got up for home only to lose my balance and fell into the sea below. I couldn't swim so I had to call for help, despite nobody seemed to be around. The rest is already clear, you know."

              "Yes, that was so close." says Red, "How long did you spend to recover?"

              "Just for a few days." says Leaf, "And after I returned to normal, I knew your address from mama and went there for you. To tell the truth, I was indeed afraid of getting rejected by you when I suggested we be friends."

              "Haha, seems that my experience is similar to you, Leaf!" says Red, "I enjoy making friends, too, though I also spent most of my time solitarily before meeting you. Perhaps I'm highly adapted to being alone, as a single manga volume would prop my whole day!"

              "Oh, never thought we share a lot in common!" says Leaf, "And Re-chan. Do you remember the day when I broke my knee while we played together?"

              "Hmm…" A flashback glints across Red's mind.

              [3:23 PM, Jun 1, Pallet Town]
              One afternoon, Red was invited to play by Leaf in the yard.

              "Re-chan! Let's have a running race today, shall we?" suggested Leaf.

              "Yeah! I'm a fast runner!" said Red.

              "Then our finish line will be that tree!" Leaf pointed to a tall, single tree feet away in front, "Whoever reaches there first will be the winner!"

              "All right! I won't lose to a girl!"

              The kids walked to approximately 160 feet from the tree and prepared to dash.

              "On our marks…ready, GO!" The kids sprinted forwards upon Red's starting command.

              Possessing quick feet, Red was filled with confidence that he would get the gold medal. Seconds later and he was only less than 20 feet to the finishing line…

              "Ouch!" Red heard a cry behind.

              Red turned around, and found that Leaf had fallen over! He quickly ran up to her and asked her caringly, "Are you all right, Lea-chan? I'll get you up!"

              "Ah, tha-thank you. Ouch!" There sounds something wrong with Leaf's voice.

              Red took a glimpse down, and found that Leaf's knee was bleeding!

              "Why, Lea-chan. How did you abrade your knee?"

              "Seems I tripped over a stone…Ouch! It hurts!"

              "Hold on a minute." Red helped Leaf up with her holding on to his shoulder, "I help you to under that tree and you sit there. Mom told me that one should not be under the sun with skin abrasion. You'll be fine soon, I promise!"

              "Thank you, Re-chan. Ouch…"

              After resting his playmate under the tree, Red carefully examined her abrasion and found that it was superficial. He took out a wet towel from his pocket and wrapped it softly around her knee. During his first aid, some wild Pokémon got close and watched at them curiously, but Red asked them to keep off in order not to hurt Leaf accidentally.

              "And it's done! I'll call your parents here, Lea-chan!" said Red after he finished everything.

              "No, Re-chan. Don't go! Stay with me, will you?"

              "But your abrasion…"

              "I dunno why, but I feel it's not that hurt as long as you're with me."

              "All right. I won't go." Red sat down beside Leaf.

              After a while, Red felt it was getting boring to do nothing, so he suggested, "Hey, Lea-chan! How about we telling jokes? One won't feel hurt when he laughs!"

              "OK. What's your joke?"

              "Once upon a time, a Geodude met another Geodude. What did it say to the other?"

              "Um…" Leaf thought for a while before she gave up and shook her head.

              "It said, 'Let's rock'!"

              "Haha! That's funny!" said Leaf, "And here's mine! A conceited man liked to tell others he is a star. What did he finally turn into?"

              "'I'm a star'…I know! He turned into a Starmie!"

              "Haha, you're right! Now your second joke!"

              "A man fetched something far from his home. What was that thing?"

              "Something far-fetched…Aha, it must be a Farfetch'd!"

              "Bingo! You're smart!" Red raised his thumb up.


              Unknowingly, the sun was setting in the west, and burning clouds covered the sky, like a Flamethrower from a Charizard.

              "It's getting late. How's your knee, Lea-chan?" asked Red.

              "…It's fine now! Thank you, Re-chan!" Leaf stood up without much difficulty after trying to move her leg, "Let's go home now, or mama will blame us!"

              "Wait, Lea-chan. Hold on to my shoulder. Your wound hasn't fully recovered, and I can't let you fall over again!"

              Red sent Leaf home with her holding onto him, watches her reunite with her parents and close the door after waving goodbye, and jogged home.

              [1:49 PM, Apr 8, Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center]
              "And that must be it!" says Red after he completed his reflection.

              "Except for one more thing!" says Leaf, "You said to me on our way home, 'Even though you're a girl and you wounded your knee, you're strong and brave and didn't snivel. I like it!'"

              "Eh? Did I ever say such things? I…" Red blushes with his heart beating.

              "Maybe it was just your unintentional speech, but I keep it in my heart." says Leaf, "Our moving to Viridian City was too abrupt for me to ask you for your phone, and that's the reason we lost contact for years. On February 27th, I heard that two Trainers from Pallet Town were going on their trip, and one of them is Professor Oak's grandson. I guessed the other is you, and thus I decided to set off for my journey with my Pokémon as well."

              "Mom told me that you once visited my house that day, so you must be with a Pokémon then." says Red, "But why did you wait until February 27th?"

              "I only obtained my Trainer's Card on 26th, despite I met my first Pokémon early on 14th." says Leaf, "It was an Eevee my mama brought home from a friend. We both developed a liking to each other, and Eevee played with me in my bedroom every day. I begged mama to give Eevee to me the day I was qualified, and she agreed."

              "So you hurried to Pallet Town with Eevee the instant you heard of me, right? I heard from Professor Oak that you also visited him."

              "Of course! And he gave me a Pokédex, too! Look!" Leaf shows her blue Pokédex to Red.

              "You have a Pokédex! How many species have you seen?" asks Red.

              "The Pokédex says there're 104, but I believe there should be more." says Leaf, "And in order to find you, I kept asking local citizens whenever I reached a new city or town, whether they'd seen a boy in red cap and jacket, blue jeans and a yellow backpack. When I arrived in Cerulean City, someone told me you'd gone north for a PokéManiac named Bill…"

              "He is a PokéManiac! So crazy that he got combined with a Clefairy!" says Red, "And you have a VS. Seeker, too. Did you get it from Bill?"

              "Yes. I tried to follow you up north, but I was slowed down by the Trainers on Route 24." says Leaf, "The time I beat their leader, I spot a figure in red running towards Cerulean City, but I wasn't sure if it was you. I briefly visited Bill's cottage and he told me you should have returned to Cerulean. And he gave me the VS. Seeker as a meeting gift."

              "And finally you got me at Celadon City, didn't you?"

              "Mhm! I was so excited to catch you, and I had a lot of things I want to talk to you, but you were too fast…"

              "I'm sorry, Leaf. I must have been too nervous. You suddenly jumped me by covering my eyes, and you seemed to be trying to show me something on you when you bent down…"

              "Show you what on me?"

              "Don't make me say it out! It's too embarrassing!" cries Red waving his arms blushing.


              "Enough of your mischievous trick…" says Red with his eyes half-closed.

              "I'm sorry, Re-chan. I was too enthusiastic to think of you…" apologizes Leaf.

              "It's me who should say sorry. I shouldn't have left you behind chasing down those Team Rocket crooks! And by the way, do you collect Gym Badges, too?"

              "Yes. I've got 6 Badges except the Volcano Badge and the Earth Badge."

              "Amazing! I only have an extra Volcano Badge than you. I suggest most of the challengers just quit against those brain-overloading quizzes. What I care about is, the Gym Leader mentioned a burnt mansion, with some books of diaries in it. I dunno what he means."

              "Ah, it must be the abandoned mansion I saw when I just arrived in Cinnabar Island!" says Leaf, "I didn't take notice of it at first, but you intrigued me! How about we exploring there together, Re-chan?"

              "Sure. I have to find out the answer! Let's go!"

              "That's great, Re-chan!" Leaf spreads her arms out and gives Red a bearhug.

              "How soft…Wait! What am I thinking about!" cries Red in his mind as he perceives the strange looks from the crowds around the hall at him and Leaf.
              --End of Epsiode 28--
              Save File:
              Player: Red
              Time: Day 42
              Pokédex: Seen 120, Owned 14
              Badges: 7

              You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
              Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                Episode 29: Monster Birth Diary (廃棄された研究所 残された日記)
                [3:00 PM, Apr 8, Pokémon Mansion]
                Exiting the Pokémon Center, Red and Leaf arrive at an old mansion in the northwest of Cinnabar Island. This mansion is said to be abandoned since an unknown time. Chars on the wall, broken window glass, as well as dilapidated roof, are solid pieces of evidence that the mansion has undergone a fire. As time passes by, ivies have clung tight and high onto its wall, claiming their seizure of the mansion. There used to be a brand hung above the main door, but the words on it are unreadable due to decomposition.

                Red steps close to the door and pushes it lightly. The rusty door leaves open into inside with a high-pitched squeak. Some rust on the hinges flakes off the surface and falls to the ground.

                Inside the mansion is a wide and broad hall, with two lines of pillars towering along the sides of the main corridor. Shabby as the building is, the pillars keep standing firm like sentry soldiers. Glass fragments lie on the ground under the windows due to wind and rain, and some windows frames are shaking unsteadily, seemingly to crumble in any time. Water drops fall from the holes up from the ceiling with a "drip, drip, drip". Some of the passageways have been blocked by fallen cement blocks. The environment is especially creepy when wind blows from outside the window at night.

                "Errh!" Red gasps upon seeing a figure entering a room via a hallway in the northwestern corner.

                "What's the matter, Re-chan?"

                "I'm sure I saw someone there!" Red points to the position where the figure was, "I can hardly believe this mansion is haunted, too."

                "Hoho, you're afraid of ghosts even though you're a man?" mocks Leaf.

                "Tch! Everyone has his fears!"

                "Come on. Let's go and take a look. You'll protect me, won't you?" Leaf winks at red in an impish manner.

                "Huuuh…All right." Red sighs and steps quietly with Leaf at the room, sticking his body onto the wall to avoid unwanted alerts.

                "…Phew. It's only an ordinary adventurer." Red lets out a relief when he notices the true identity of that figure.

                "Just the same as us. Let's go now." says Leaf, before something falls onto her head and makes her cry out with an "Eek!"

                The Trainer inside the room is taken so aback by the sudden scream that he nearly bumps his head into a shelf. He burst into anger when he spots the duo outside the room.

                "Grrr…You scared me! Now, battle!" The Trainer takes out two Poké Balls simultaneously and tosses them out, releasing an Arbok and a Raticate.

                "Seems we have some work! Pikachu, I choose you!"

                "I'll help you, Re-chan! Queeny, let's go!"

                Leaf's nicknamed Pokémon turns out to be a Nidoqueen, kept in a Safari Ball.

                "Humph! Go on, Arbok, Sludge Bomb! Raticate, Crunch!"

                Arbok opens its mouth and fires explosive sludge at Pikachu, while Raticate reveals its large fang and attempts to bite on Queeny's arm.

                "Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" commands Red.

                "Queeny, we Thunderbolt, too!" commands Leaf.

                The double Thunderbolts converge into a blinding and mighty beam of lightning and strike down on both the opponents hard before their attacks land, defeating them in a single moment. Calling back his fainted Pokémon, the Trainer flees without leaving a word.

                After recalling their respective partner, Red asks Leaf, "You've been to Safari Zone, haven't you?"

                "Yes." answers Leaf, "Battles are not allowed inside, so I totally relied on bait to attract them. I had almost wasted all my 2 hours there if I hadn't caught Queeny."

                "Your situation was better than me." says Red, "I'd been chased down to death by Duduo and Tauros!"

                "Tee-hee! Actually, the most interesting thing wasn't hunting Pokémon but something other!"


                "While I was resting at a station in the park, an old man came up to me. He gesticulated to me and jabbered in a way I couldn't understand."

                "Was he insane?"

                "Nope. He is in fact the safari park warden!"

                "Hah? The owner of a park can screw up his own stuff?"

                "I took out a notebook and had him write down what he wanted to express, and not until that did I realize he left his Gold Teeth somewhere in the park! That was hilarious! Tee-hee!" says Leaf, "I couldn't stop laughing for minutes before I agreed to find the teeth for him. I found 'em in the innermost house of the park and returned it to him. After he popped 'em in, he said, 'Thank you, lassie! You're a real lifesaver! No one could understand a word that I said, not a one! I was too ashamed to show my face around the Office, even.'" She even mimics the warden's tone and facial expressions while repeating his speech, making Red chuckle.

                "Heheh. Never can I imagine such a goofy old guy could run a whole park!" says Red.

                "And when I asked him why he lost his Golden Teeth, he explained he forgot to reinstall 'em after brushing 'em after lunch!"

                "B……bwahahahaha!" laughs Red, "What a careless warden!"

                "Tee-hee! That was really amusing, wasn't it?" giggles Leaf.

                After minutes of laughter, Leaf takes out an HM04 from her bag, "And this is what I got in return for finding the warden's teeth. It contains Strength, and allows Pokémon to push away heavy objects that stand in their way. I've taught it to Queeny already. Would you like to teach it to your Pokémon, Re-chan?"

                "Hmm…Then Snorlax will do. He's a Normal-type and has high Attack, so he must be the most suitable one." answers Red.

                After teaching Strength to Snorlax, the kids go on their exploration in the room. They discover a weird-looking sculpture of a monster on a cuboid structure in the corner of the room, its artificial eyes glowing faint red. Since the sculpture is powered by electricity, it cannot be an ordinary sculpture. Instead, it must be a secret switch that connects to some hidden machines.

                "I remember there're some locked iron gates in the hall. There don't seem to be lock holes or knobs on them. Maybe this is the controller of those gates." says Red.

                "I think so." says Leaf, "Look! There's a strange circle behind the sculpture. It must be a button! But I'm afraid I don't want to trigger a snare by pressing the button."

                Suddenly, with a heavy sound, an iron gate behind them rises open slowly. Behind the gate is another sculpture with the same structure, with a Trainer standing behind it pressing something on its back. However, they also notice that another iron gate lowers shut, blocking the initially clear path.

                "I got it!" says Red, "We can press the button behind the sculptures to switch the opening and closing status of those iron gates. Also, I think we have to operate them in a specific order to prevent ourselves from getting trapped!"

                "Yeah, I think so." says Leaf, "As soon as we walks into a dead end, we must immediately retreat and undo the switches. That's the safest way to advance if we don't wanna be locked inside by those rash explorers."

                After trudging around 1F, the heroes find nothing valuable but some broken items. They ascend to 2F via a rotten stairway. The stairs creak as they step on them. They join their hands tightly so as not to trip over an obstacle or fall off.

                In a small room in the southwestern corner of 2F, Red and Leaf spot a corroded notebook lying on a wooden table. The word on the cover reads "Diary".

                Red opens the notebook carefully. The paper has turned brownish and wrinkled due to oxidation and soaking of rainwater. Most of the pages have become unreadable due to weathering and corrosion. He turns the pages until he reaches one with most words roughly distinct, before he calls Leaf to read the diary together:
                July 5, PG1XXX, Sunny
                ……I was exploring the jungle in GuyXXX, SXXXX AmeXXXX, with some of my assitants. It'd been days since we set up our camp on the edge of the jungle, but we were yet to make any discoveries……It's said that an unknown kind of living beings was spotted sometime ago. Is it a new Pokémon species? If so, then we couldn't just roaming aimlessly and have it secretly laughing at us in the shadows! At least we had to make it say cheese before the camera even if we couldn't capture it…

                ……Was it real? That little thing did really come forth in front of all of us! With a pinkish body, large, blue, shiny eyes, and a long and flexible tail! I dare say it's the most beautiful living being I've ever seen!……

                "Have you ever seen such a creature, Re-chan?" asks Leaf.

                "Nope. Professor Oak never mentioned it to me. Even the diary owner was not sure if it was categorized as a Pokémon! Let's go on reading." says Red.
                ……Ah, we were terribly fascinated by that little cutie! There's nothing in this world on the par with its beauty! We had to catch it and conduct a thorough experiment on it, just out of instinct from a scientist! ……We set up a snare with some food and a net, and waited for it to get hooked. However, it seemed to be very clever as it didn't take the bait for minutes around the snare……It'd been hours, and it still didn't seem to be off guard. It got a little tired and was about to leave. No way! We……

                ……We finally captured it! Phew, that was exhausting! I couldn't bear watching it struggling pitifully in our net, but I was a scientist, not an animal protectionist! A soft heart is the most serious taboo in a science research! ……It was a huge effort for us to transport it to our lab at XXXXXXX XXXXXX……

                After the lines above, nothing next in the diary is readable anymore.

                "Not sufficient information." says Red after he closes the notebook, "Blaine's quiz implies there're a total of 4 diaries in this mansion. Let's go and find the other ones!"

                The second diary is placed in the northwestern portion of 2F. Its cover is the same style as the first diary. Like its predecessor, most of this diary is not intelligible.
                July 10, PG1X7X, Cloudy
                …….We carried out a detailed research on that creature after we got and christened it. We discovered that part of its DNA sequences are highly similar to those of many common Pokémon. It's probable that little thing is a Pokémon itself……What a naughty little cutie! It kept transforming despite being captured, as if out of magic……Its cry sounded so nice! Mew, mew, mew, like a feline! So I suggested in jest to my workmates to name the little thing as "Mew"……Really? Mew became this little thing's official name? What a coincidence! ……

                "Hmm, so that's how a Pokémon is named. Sounds absurd a Pokémon's offical name is based on its cry!" says Red.

                After reading the second diary, Red and Leaf continue to search 2F to find nothing. They ascend to the third floor and find the third diary located in a wider room there.
                February 6, XXXXXX, XXX
                ……Today is a day we must celebrate! Our Mew gave birth to its child and became a mother! Congratulations to Mew!……We hadn't made out how Mew gave birth, but that was not important. We discussed about what name we should give to Mew's newborn child……Since it is closely related to Mew, we reached our final conclusion to name it "Mewtwo". As the second generation, it will surely surpass its parent in one day!

                ……We had successfully done altering a small part of Mewtwo's DNA, and it was time to test it out……

                "What on earth did they think they'd done to a poor Pokémon?" says Red angrily, "All forms of living beings depend on their genes. And even a subtle alternation of genes can lead to a considerable mutation, creating new species and regional forms. A species not compatible with the local environment can cause a huge catastrophe!"

                "Wow, you're knowledgeable in biology!" praises Leaf out of admiration.

                "Haha. I've read lots of biology books in Professor Oak's lab!" says Red, "And how merciless and cold-blooded those mad scientists were! If they enraged Mewtwo after long time of extreme torture, I can't imagine how the monster would take revenge on them!"

                Closing the notebook, the children resume their exploration. They almost turn the whole area upside down in search for the last diary, only to get their hands on some other broken items and empty Potion bottles. Did Blaine deceive Red? Or was the diary stolen by a greedy adventurer or Ruin Maniac?

                "Maybe we should return downstairs and restart." suggests Red.

                "Alright. Let's……Oooooouch!"

                When Leaf steps on a decayed wooden board, it suddenly cracks, revealing a large hole, with Leaf falling down through it! A low-pitched sound can be heard approximately 1 second later.

                "Hey! Are you OK, Leaf?" Red cries into the hole.

                "…I'm OK, thanks to the trash bags here!" replies Leaf from the bottom, "Except I seem to sprain my ankle. Ouch!"

                "Where are you now? I'll get you soon!"

                "Mmm……I must be in the basement." answers Leaf after looking around, "Never thought this mansion should have an underground storey."

                "All right! You sit there and don't move! I'll be there quick!"

                Less than a minute later and Red rushes to the basement, where he finds a hurt Leaf sitting on a pile of black rubbish bags.

                Red carefully examines Leaf's ankle and says, "It's not a serious sprain. I happen to bring a handkerchief with me, and it just comes in handy!"

                Red takes out a blue handkerchief from his backpack and wraps it around Leaf's ankle.

                "Thank you very much, Re-chan. I'm so sorry for constantly troubling you…" apologizes Leaf.

                "Not at all!" says Red, "It's all owing to you that I can remember my past with you, Leaf. It's all my fault to leave you alone back in Celadon City. And by the way, we shan't sit here with these smelly rubbish! I'll take you to somewhere clean, if you can stand up."

                "Thanks." Holding onto Red's shoulder, Leaf rises to her feet and follows him to another room with a table in the center. Since there are no chairs or sofas, Red has Leaf sit down against a relatively clean wall, before he notices a notebook on the table! It must be the 4th part of the diary!
                September 1, XG19XX, Light XXXX
                ……Oh, no! Mewtwo had gotten berserk! We were out of control of it! Why should it be so furious? Maybe it was because of our tough attitude towards it? Anyway, Mewtwo is also a living being and has its own feelings. Why shouldn't we realize this at the very beginning?……

                ……We tried to curb its vicious tendencies, but all our efforts failed. It broke free from the experiment machine and went on a rampage inside the lab……It escaped from a broken window after destroying everything. Where did it go? Would it hurt civilians on its way?……

                ……How foolish we humans are! We always try to gather milk that is spilled. I'd decided that I'd resign from my position as a scientist from now on. I must undertake all the responsibility for causing such a disaster!……


                XXXXXXXX 6, XG19XX, Sunny
                ……We returned to XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX, where we discovered Mew, and freed it there. Mew seemed to be happy about regaining liberty, as it shuttled among the trees before we completely lost sight of it. This place is very far from any human residence, so I believe nobody other than us can find here if we keep our mouths shut……I'm very sorry, Mew, we shouldn't have treated you like this……Farewell, Mew. May we never meet again……

                "Sigh……And the Pokémon eventually avenged on the cruel humans." says Red, "Have I pushed my Pokémon too far as well? I'd better listen to their truth of their hearts!"

                All of Red's on-hand Pokémon pop out of their Poké Balls after he pushes the buttons.

                Charizard expands his wings and growls into the sky with his arm muscles lumping up.

                Pikachu stands on his head before he spins for 3 circles, crying out "Pika, pika, pi-kachu!"

                Snorlax acts like a boxer and punches into the air with full passion.

                Lapras opens her mouth and sings a brief, non-hypnotic melody, before she nuzzles against Red's face.

                Chansey pats on her pouch in satisfaction with her arms with a "Chaaannn, seeey!"

                Scyther waves his scythes and makes a karate chop gesture as if saying he will chop any enemies into loaves of bread if they dare stand in Red's way.

                "Ah, thank you for understanding me. I feel relieved now." appreciates Red.

                At that moment, Chansey notices Leaf sitting on the ground with a sprained ankle, before she walks up to her and picks the egg in her pouch out and tries to feed it to her.

                "Thanks." Leaf accepts the egg and takes a bite out of it.

                "Wooooow! I feel sooo great!" exclaims Leaf with her face aglow while chewing, "I feel my ankle's not that hurt now!"

                After the whole egg is eaten, Leaf tries to stand up with no difficulty. She moves her foot and it is not hurt any longer. She unwraps the handkerchief and notices a sound and intact ankle.

                "How do you feel, Leaf?" asks Red.

                "Thank you and your Chansey. I'm fine now." says Leaf, before she takes another glance at the handkerchief and cries out, "Wait! This handkerchief…it looks somewhat similar! Could it be…could it be the very one I gave it to you?"

                "Ah, you're absolutely correct." says Red, "I almost forgot it totally before I met you. But I still keep it 'cause it reminds me it came from someone very important to me whenever I look at it. Therefore, I always keep it clean and tidy……Huh? Are you crying, Leaf?"

                "I'm not!" says Leaf with two currents of tears trickling down her face, "It must be dust in my eyes……Looks like it's been years since this mansion's last cleanup……"

                "All right." says Red, "Let's go out as soon as you're fully recovered."

                [6:01 PM, Apr 8, Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center]
                After having their Pokémon healed, Red and Leaf sit on a bench in the waiting area.

                "And how about your 7th Badge, Leaf? I can help you solve the quizzes in the Gym."

                "No, thanks. I wanna solve them by myself. I mustn't rely on others on everything, must I?"

                "And I'll go on training for my last Badge tomorrow. Will you be OK as a single girl?"

                "How could I find you here if I weren't OK?" says Leaf, "And by ~ the ~ way, when is your birthday, Re-chan?"

                "February 27th. My first day of journey is my 11th birthday."

                "Tee-hee! My birthday is January 29th, so I'm a month older than you! You should call me onee-chan (lit. big sis) on that!" laughs Leaf.

                "That's only a month's gap! We're legally the same age!" protests Red with his face turning Red.

                "You're really cute, Re-chan❤!" says Leaf, "Now that we almost get all 8 Badges, the final destination will be Indigo Plateau for us. It's quite an irony that my house is only two routes from it while I have to run across the entire Kanto to reach there."

                "And we'll meet there after we collect all Badges! You must be preparing for the League challenge, aren't you, Leaf?"

                "I wasn't, but the time with you has ignited my passion." says Leaf, "Yes, I'll be fully prepared to take on the Elite Four as you!"

                "Good! We shall have a battle to determine who has the right to challenge the E4 first! I won't be easy on you just because you're a girl!"

                "Tee-hee, neither will I just because you're younger than me❤!"

                After spending the night at the Pokémon Center, Red and Leaf split apart at the entrance, but not before they add each other to their friends' list, respectively.

                Before he leaves Cinnabar Island, Red visits a local Pokémon lab and revives his Dome Fossil there, adding yet another member, Kabuto, to his arsenal.
                --End of Epsiode 29--
                Save File:
                Player: Red
                Time: Day 43
                Pokédex: Seen 124, Owned 15
                Badges: 7

                You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                  Episode 30: The Downfall of Empire (ジムリーダーが帰った?最後のバッジを目指せ!)
                  [9:16 AM, Apr 12, Viridian City]
                  With the advancing process of Badge collecting, battling wild Pokémon and normal Trainers whose levels are about twenty below Red's team is becoming less and less efficient. To earn Exp. Points more quickly for his newer teammates, Red has his older partners train them to make them used to fighting tougher opponents.

                  Four days later, Red's team's levels grow comprehensively. He proceeds to Viridian City on Charizard, landing at a short distance to the local Gym.

                  The time he reaches the ground, Red overhears two Trainers in their conversation.

                  "Hey, Tim. Have you heard the Gym Leader of Viridian Gym has returned?" asks the Trainer in brown shirt.

                  "Yes, yes, Harris!" answers the Trainer with a teal cap, "I've been here for weeks and this Gym kept turning a closed door at me! I'd better prepare for the newly returned Gym Leader!"

                  So the Gym is finally open! My final Badge is right under my nose!

                  Before he enters the Gym, Red notices a familiar figure coming out, holding an Earth Badge in his hand.

                  "Blue!" cries Red, "So you've collected all eight Badges, haven't you?"

                  "Yeah. The last battle was truly a hard fight!" whispers Blue to Red, "Believe it or not, this mysterious Leader is somebody we've both met! I'm sure you're itching to beat 'im up like me! I've already taken revenge, and I hope you, too!"

                  "Really? Does he really look like needing a spanking?"

                  "You'll believe me the moment you see 'im, I promise!" says Blue, "And now that I've had 8 Badges, I'm goin' to the Pokémon League to boot out the Elite Four. Don't make me wait for you until my hips are rooted in the throne!"

                  "I won't, will I?" says Red, "Let our rivalry end there!"

                  "Then good luck to you. Smell ya, Red."

                  [9:19 AM, Apr 12, Viridian Gym]
                  Contrary to other 7 Gyms, the atmosphere inside Viridian Gym is oppressive and gruesome. The lights are dim as if they are wearing out, and there are no Trainers practicing in the hallways. Instead, the entrance and the door to the main battlefield is only divided by a giant arrow tile maze like the Rocket Hideout beneath the Game Corner. There are two sculptures near the entrance, carved with busts of the Gym Leader, but the faces are too worn to be identified.

                  Solving the tile maze puzzle in minutes, Red pushes the door open to the battlefield. Behind the door is a broad hall with a battleground made up of earth. There is a man standing on the opposite side in black uniform, his face shrouded by shadow.

                  "Ah, so you're here, kid." says the man emotionlessly as he walks out of the shadow, "It's been the third time we've ever met."

                  "Giovanni! Fancy meeting a criminal boss running a Gym!"

                  "Your statement is upside-down." says Giovanni, "I'm firstly a Gym Leader, and secondly the leader of a gang."

                  "That's all the same!" shouts Red, "I lost badly to you in Silph Co., but time has changed! I'll make you pay for all you've done!"

                  "……You're just as when I first met you." says Giovanni, "As impatient, as impudent, as impetuous. I'd like to teach you a lesson as an adult, but I have to do a Gym Leader's job. You must be here for the Earth Badge. Then let me test your worth, as a Gym Leader and boss of Team Rocket!"

                  "Stop talking nonsense and BRING IT ON!"

                  "Nidiqueen, you first." Giovanni tosses out a Poké Ball.

                  "Snorlax, I choose you!"

                  On standby on the battlefield, Snorlax is determined to retaliate his previous loss.

                  "Snorlax, use your newly learned Ice Punch! Beware of Counter!"

                  Snorlax's fist is covered in ice and he punches at Nidoqueen. To prevent the double damage returned by Counter, he protects his head with another arm like a boxer.

                  "Nidoqueen, Brick Break." commands Giovanni.

                  Nidoqueen chops Snorlax with her hand, but Snorlax's protective arm tranquilize the overall damage to him. The Ice Punch then scores a hit, dealing heavy damage to Nidoqueen.

                  "Another Ice Punch!"

                  "Iron Tail."

                  When Snorlax attempts his second punch, Nidoqueen suddenly turns her back at Snorlax and sweeps him with her tail. A charging Snorlax loses balance and trips over, but he swiftly gets up and goes on as if defying his sluggish Speed stat, slamming the icy fist into Nidoqueen's chest.

                  "And finish Nidoqueen off with Ice Punch!"

                  A close-ranged super-effective Ice Punch hits Nidoqueen hard and deprives her of the chance to counteract. Nidoqueen falls on to her stomach and is out of battle.

                  "You've improved. You must be working hard while I'm not around." comments Giovanni.

                  "Just for the day I can stomp you flat under my feet!" shouts Red.

                  "You have two levels to clear before that." says Giovanni, "And the second, Dugtrio."

                  After Nidoqueen is withdrawn, a mole Pokémon with three heads pops its heads out of the ground when sent out. It looks like a combination of three Diglett, but its combined body is never visible.

                  "Snorlax, come back! Lapras, I choose you! Confuse Ray!"

                  On the battlefield, Lapras produced an eerie light orb in her mouth and lets it float towards Dugtrio.

                  "Dugtrio, Dig."

                  Dugtrio dives into the ground before the light orb touches it. Losing the target, Lapras stretches her neck and looks around in hope to catch sight of it.

                  "Thud!" Dugtrio digs underground to beneath Lapras' stomach and pushes her up. Lapras is forced into the air before she lands again on the ground, damaged by the rough surface. Dugtrio then returns to its original position to its standby status.

                  "Lapras, Ice Shard!" commands Red.

                  "Dugtrio, Dig." commands Giovanni.

                  Lapras produces multiple shards of ice in her mouth and shoots them at Dugtrio. Dugtrio tries to dive into the earth but is hit on the heads by the darting ice shards. It shakes the ice chunks off before it dives underground, then emerges from beneath Lapras and damages her as previously it did.

                  "Lapras, use Hydro Pump!"

                  "Dugtrio, Stone Edge."

                  Lapras bursts a powerful stream of water from her mouth at Dugtrio, but Dugtrio dodges it by diving underground. It then summons multiple rock pillars around Lapras, digging into her body. Though her back is protected by the sturdy shell, her neck and her stomach are not. Therefore, the super-effective Stone Edge (plus the two Digs) renders her HP down to critical line, and it would be too risky for her to take another hit from the speedy Dugtrio.

                  "Lapras, switch out!" Red thinks for a while before he calls back Lapras, "Go, Charizard!"

                  As a Flying-type Pokémon, Charizard is immune to any Ground-type damaging moves. What can a mere Dugtrio do when Charizard can stay in the air while it is confined to the ground?

                  "Charizard, Flamethrower!"

                  "Dugtrio, Rock Slide."

                  When Charizard is breathing a fire dragon at Dugtrio, it summons rocks in the air and make them rain over Charizard. The range of the rocks are too wide for Charizard to dodge. Numbers of rocks hit Charizard, dealing quadruple damage to him as normal.

                  "Charizard!" cries Red.

                  But Charizard proves his toughness by keeping at his idle position steadily and makes a gesture to his Trainer. After being hit by Flamethrower, there is only one hit for Dugtrio to be out of battle.

                  "Charizard, Flamethrower! And protect yourself with Metal Claw!"

                  "Dugtrio, Rock Slide."

                  Charizard fires another Flamethrower at Dugtrio while extending his claws into pointed, metallic blades. When the rock rain falls above him, he slashes most of the rocks into pieces. The Flamethrower then engulfs Dugtrio, burning it up.

                  "The final castle! Go, go, Red!" Red jumps up and raises his fists to cheer himself up.

                  "Mmm? Even Dugtrio has fallen. So it's time for me to discard my trump card." Says Giovanni, "Now go, Rhydon."

                  "Go, Lapras. I know you're tired, but just do a little extra work. Hydro Pump!"

                  Lapras' high-pressured water stream deals significant damage on the Ground- and Rock- type Pokémon. However, it is impossible for a high-leveled Pokémon undergone assiduous trainings to fall that easily, even if against its 4× weaknesses, just like Charizard against Dugtrio's Rock Slide.

                  "Rhydon, Rock Tomb."

                  After shaking off the water drops on its skin, Rhydon summons a circle of rock pillars around Lapras, sealing her in, rendering her entirely immobilized except her neck and head.

                  "Lapras, Ice Shard!"

                  "Rhydon, Horn Drill."

                  Lapras fires sharp ice fragments at Rhydon, but Rhydon simply shakes them off. It then runs up to Lapras with its horn spinning like a drill and stabs her. The moment the horn tip touches Lapras, she lets out a deep cry and droops her head, fainting.

                  "How terrible one-hit knockout moves are!" thinks Red, "Though they have low accuracy, their users can ensure a hit by fixing their opponents in one position. I have to figure out a strategy to counter it."

                  "What's up, kid? Are you gonna give?" asks Giovanni.

                  "Not a chance! Scyther, I choose you!" shouts Red as he lobs a Poké Ball into the air.

                  "Hah. I heard from other Gym Leaders that this kid sometimes throw a card out of their logical thinking. Let me see if your cards are good or not." thinks Giovanni, before he orders a move, "Rhydon, Rock Tomb."

                  "Scyther, dodge the rocks in the air! And Swords Dance!"

                  Scythers flies high into the air while Rhydon summons rock pillars under it. Since Rock Tomb can only affect opponents on or only a little above the ground, it is ineffective against Scyther in its hovering state despite his 4× weakness to it. Scyther then performs a dance with a circle of visual swords rounding him, sharply raising his Attack.

                  "Rhydon, Smack Down." commands Giovanni.

                  Rhydon raises its head and fires multiple stones from its mouth at Scyther. This move is specifically used to deal with airborne foes as it cancels out the immunity of Flying-type and Levitating Pokémon to Ground-type moves, as well as smacking all airborne foes (including the ones charging during Fly) to the ground, disabling them from flying up.

                  But Red is evidently prepared for such an attack.

                  "Scyther, dodge the rocks with Aerial Ace! Keep your Swords Dance!"

                  Scyther holds on to his dance while bolting among the rocks with invisible speed. Seconds later, all the rocks fall to the ground without even delivering a single scrape on Scyther.

                  "Rhydon, expand the range, then Smack Down."

                  "Scyther, Baton Pass to Nidoking!"

                  When Rhydon is firing rocks at Scyther, he returns to his Poké Ball within the time of a flash. Afterwards, Nidoking's Pokémon Ball activates and the Drill Pokémon lands on the earthy ground. The Smack Down of Rhydon missed again and all the rocks fall onto empty space.

                  "Game over! Nidoking, Brick Break!" shouts Red.

                  Nidoking leaps at Rhydon and whacks it with his drastically boosted physical strength. Even the high Defense of Rhydon fail to protect it from the super-effective Fighting-type chop, as it blacks out instantly and collapses.

                  "Humph! It's we that won, Giovanni, isn't it?" Red sneers at Giovanni upon his victory, in contrast to his usual celebration against other Gym Leaders' losses.

                  "Yeah. It's you that won." says Giovanni, "That was a truly intense fight. As a proof of your win, you've earned the Earth Badge."

                  Giovanni walks up to Red and takes out a leaf-shaped green Badge out of his chest pocket and gives it to the red-capped victor.

                  "What a shocker I won a Badge from a criminal boss…" mumbles Red.

                  "You're wrong. I didn't give you a Badge as a boss, but as a Gym Leader. It's a God's truth for a Gym Leader to forfeit a Badge whenever he loses a match, no matter how strong he is." says Giovanni, "And you can have this TM, too. Consider it a gift as your Pokémon League challenge."

                  After rewarding Red with a TM26, Giovanni explains, "TM26 contains Earthquake. It is a powerful attack that causes a massive tremor. In fact, I took part in burning the move into this TM when I first ran Viridian Gym here, far too long ago..."

                  "Thanks…Wait! When has a criminal boss become so kind?" cries Red.

                  "Because Team Rocket is finished forever since today!" claims Giovanni, out of Red's expectation.

                  "Huh? But you just said Team Rocket would never fall at Silph!"

                  "The battle between us reminds me of my childhood." says Giovanni, "When I was the same age as you, I was also a passionate and ambitious Trainer, and was willing to take on any challenges. I also fought alongside my Pokémon, sharing all of our joys and sorrows. But it was too bad when my heart was darkened by lust for money and power, forming Team Rocket and starting my criminal career……"

                  "Sure it was! Even killing a poor Marowak!"

                  "It was out of my plan to have my people kill that Marowak." argues Giovanni, "I did treat Pokémon as tools for making money, but I never intended to take their lives. I did send some of my people to Lavender Town for Cubone skulls, but I never thought a Marowak dared protect her child at the cost of her life…I'm also a father, and the deed of the Marowak reminded me of my son, so I instantly canceled the plan and ordered them to retreat."

                  "But both theft and murder are crimes! They differ only in quantity rather than quality!"

                  "I know." sighs Giovanni, "I have no right to comment on my degree of crime as a former criminal boss myself. Betraying their trust, I can't face my followers in this fashion. I'll send messages to them to tell them to split and not try to find me. And all the illegally captured Pokémon by Team Rocket will regain their freedom…"

                  "And how about you, Giovanni?"

                  "I shall dedicate myself to training again. Perhaps I would retrieve my lost love for Pokémon…" says Giovanni before he begins to leave, "Farewell, kid. Maybe we would meet again someday."

                  "Wait! I still have something to say…"

                  But Giovanni waves at Red and leaves through the door. When Red runs out after him, he spots nobody in the main hallway! A human cannot evaporate like water, and it is possible that Giovanni escaped via a hidden underground path.

                  You Team Rocket coward! Even prepared your way to flee upon defeat! Oh, forget it. Maybe It's me that's still too young and too simple.
                  --End of Epsiode 30--
                  Save File:
                  Player: Red
                  Time: Day 46
                  Pokédex: Seen 129, Owned 16
                  Badges: 8

                  You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                  Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                    Episode 31: The Last Road (チャンピオンロード突破!セキエイ高原で集え!)
                    [12:10 PM, Apr 14, Route 23]
                    After inadvertently let Giovanni escape, Red had no choice but to let out a sigh and exit the Gym. Before he sets off for Indigo Plateau, he briefly rested at home for two days to conserve his energy. He also made an elaborate selection of six from his party of 12.

                    And now Red is at the Pokémon League front gate. A guard stands at the entrance to Route 23 as the first checkpoint of Badges.

                    "Halt! You can only pass here if you have the Boulder Badge! Do you have it?"

                    "Sure." Red flashes the Badges in their case.

                    "Oh! That's the Boulder Badge! OK, then, please go right ahead!"

                    Passing the guard and it is Route 23. The southern part of the route winds around through arches across grasses and a pond, connecting Victory Road and Route 22. There is a guard with a Growlithe each standing below each arch, who check their respective wanted Badges (from Cascade Badge to Earth Badge), and permit only the satisfying Trainers to pass. According to the Pokémon League, the guards have the right to dislodge a Trainer out of Route 23 if he refuses to cooperate with the checking, whether they own enough Badges or not.

                    After passing the last checkpoint, the Victory Road is only tens of feet away. It is a tunnel dug out manually inside a mountain, inhabited by diverse kinds of wild Pokémon. It is the last trial that sits between a Trainer and Indigo Plateau, the ultimate goal of all Kantonese Trainers.

                    [2:28 PM, Apr 14, Victory Road]
                    The Victory Road is equipped with lights to enhance brightness, decreasing the difficulty to traverse the tunnel, albeit that the lights are not too bright to negatively affect the propagation of dark-liking Pokémon such as Golbat. There are no visible signs inside the Victory Road unlike other dungeons, as it is part of the regulations of the Pokémon League that all Trainers must go through the tunnel BY THEMSELVES to gain the permission to challenge the Elite Four.

                    Even excluding the wild Pokémon here, it is not that easy to reach the other exit of Victory Road. Not long after Red entered the tunnel does he notice a rocky gate blocking his way. The gate is too tall for even a Pokémon to jump over. However, the gate is not planted to the ground but seems to be connected with something. It is very likely that the gate can be unlocked by triggering a secret switch somewhere.

                    Yes, they can. Just tens of meters away from the gate is a large, white button on the ground, with a diameter of approximately 160 centimeters. When Red steps on the button, he hears a clang and the rocky gate shrinks into the ground, revealing the path behind. Nevertheless, the moment he hops off, the gate immediately returns to its original status.

                    Hmm, maybe a heavy object on the button can keep the gate open.

                    Red thinks for a while before he notices a spherical boulder a short distance away from the button. The boulder does not look like being naturally formed but placed here on purpose. Evidently, the gate will be permanently unlocked if Red can push the boulder onto the button. But can a Trainer move such a cumbersome boulder with his physical power?

                    Thanks to Strength taught to him via Leaf's HM04, Red's Snorlax becomes useful at the point, as he moves the boulder without much trouble out of its original position. As soon as the boulder is stuck on the button, the rocky gate lowers itself into the ground, never to rise up again.

                    Solving the first rocky gate puzzle, Red continues to the second floor of Victory Road. Starting from this point, he is continually challenged by some Trainers practicing here. Some of the Trainers belong to the staff of Pokémon League, while others gain their permission here by collecting Gym Badges. In fact, Indigo Plateau may admit a Trainer with Badges from other regions if they submit a form of certificate issued by the alien Pokémon Leagues.

                    None of the rocky gate puzzles and Trainers are able to restrain the pace of our hero. 40 minutes later and the red-capped challenger is near the northern exit with his clothes wet. The sunlight and the fresh air flow from outside, captivating him like a case of gold and silver.

                    The moment Red's hind foot exits the tunnel, he hears clings and clangs behind. He returns to the tunnel and finds that all rocky gates are automatically reset.

                    Passing through a mini labyrinth of flower pots and ascending via tens of steps, and the main building of Pokémon League is right in front of Red's eyes. He rushes into the hall like an adventurer in the desert dying of thirst at the sight of an oasis. Sweating heavily and running out of energy, he sits down on a chair in the reception area and gulps down his bottles of Fresh Water with his throat gurgling.

                    Although it is steps away from Red to Elite Four's rooms, he is too exhausted today to start. Moreover, he made a promise with Leaf to battle her here before his entry. During his waiting period, he scheduled a more intense training plan for his Pokémon, as it is a rule that challengers must not exit in the middle during the serial battles with Elite Four unless he is defeated or throws the game (which is also viewed as a defeat), and a defeated challenger must restart from the very beginning. There is a large outdoor training field next to the main building, and the challengers are allowed to practice there if they are not confident enough to take on the challenge.

                    [10:21 AM, Apr 17, Indigo Plateau]
                    The morning three days later, Red is on his way to the training field with his selected partners. Just as he is about to exit the hall, he catches sight of a figure entering the building.

                    "Leaf! It's you! You keep our promise!" cries Red.

                    "Re-chan!" Leaf hears Red's voice and takes notice of him in delight, "I catch you again!"

                    "Oh, you're drenched in sweat, just like me days ago." says Red, "You must be tired now. We can have the battle after you recover. We can sit there."

                    "Thank you, Re-chan. You're so kind……Eh? Why are you blushing?" Leaf notices Red turning his head back at her.

                    "I……" Neither dares Red turn around or try to explain.

                    But Leaf instantly realizes the truth after she looks down for a second, and cackles mischievously. Red sits stiff with his face releasing boiling vapor.

                    Resting in the hall, Red asks Leaf, "Congratulations on your collecting all the Gym Badges. Only those who fully dedicate themselves into training can they win such an achievement. But I have some little doubt on your Earth Badge. How did you obtain it after the Leader of Viridian Gym had left? The Leader never mentioned to me that he had a third challenger."

                    "I'm sorry, Re-chan. I only got the 8th Badge by luck." says Leaf in a low voice with her face turning red, "When I returned to Viridian City, I heard from some local citizens the Gym Leader ran away after he was beaten by only two challengers. I could hardly believe it, so I hurried to the Gym, but the door was locked! I was thunderstruck by such bad news and slumped down. I could barely hold my tears if I hadn't been in a public place."

                    "Then what happened to you, you lucky girl?" asks Red.

                    "I roamed about around Viridian City aimlessly until this morning when I was walking on Route 22. I picked up something shining in the grass and it was the very Earth Badge I had failed to win. This really pumped me up, and I resumed my determination to catch you here."

                    "And you finally did! You're a great deal in spite of being a girl." praises Red.

                    "What do you mean by 'in spite of being a girl'? Don't you belittle our girl fellows!"

                    "Haha, forget it!" says Red, "We shall have a battle at 12 o'clock. Are you OK with it?"

                    "No problem." says Leaf, "But I'll quit the E4 challenge."


                    "Because I only have 7 Badges legally won. Strictly speaking, I'm not allowed to take 'em on according to the regulations. I'll go home after the battle with you no matter who wins. And I might as well legalize my Earth Badge when the next Viridian Gym Leader assumes office."

                    [12:00 PM, Apr 17, Indigo Plateau]
                    When the clock points both of its hands to 12, Red and Leaf go to the training field and stand on the opposite sides.

                    "Let's simplify the battle to 1v1, shall we?" asks Red.

                    "Of course!" agrees Leaf.

                    "All right! Pikachu, I choose you!"

                    "Wiggly, let's go!"

                    Even if her figure is not drawn like in a manga, the nickname itself implies clearly that Wiggly is a Wigglytuff. After exiting the Poké Ball, she inflates herself like a balloon before landing, using the buoyant force as a buffer.

                    "Lady first. It's your turn!" says Red.

                    "Tee-hee. Then we'll go on! Wiggly, Icy Wind!"

                    Wiggly blows freezing air from her mouth at Pikachu, creating ice flakes on Pikachu's fur.

                    "Good. You know how to gain the upper hand by cutting Pikachu's Speed." says Red, "But that's not enough! Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

                    Pikachu releases a blinding, sparkling beam of electricity onto Wiggly, zapping her from inside to outside. Wiggly struggles to standby while she shakes off the sparks on her skin.

                    "One good turn deserves another! Wiggly, Dazzling Gleam!"

                    Wiggly forms a light pinkish light orb in front of her and hurls it at Pikachu. Though Red has never heard of such a move, he orders Pikachu to dodge it. Pikachu rolls sideways before the orb misses him and strikes the open ground.

                    "Eek! I never thought a move can be avoided this way!" cries Leaf.

                    "And it's our turn now! Pikachu, Iron Tail!"

                    Pikachu leaps up high, performs a somersault, before he slams his metallic-hard tail into Wiggly's forehead. Wiggly falls onto her back and is knocked out.

                    "I totally lost to you. You're astoundingly strong, Re-chan!" says Leaf as she recalls her Wigglytuff.

                    "So are you and your Wiggly, Leaf." says Red, "Victories and defeats are common things for soldiers. They're nothing but a symbol. Whether we win or lose a battle, we improve ourselves in the process."

                    "Mhm! I'm with you, Re-chan."

                    After healing their Pokémon in the main hall, Red sees Leaf off at the entrance to Pokémon League before he advances towards the first room of the Elite Four, launching his ultimate challenge.
                    --End of Epsiode 31--
                    Save File:
                    Player: Red
                    Time: Day 51
                    Pokédex: Seen 133, Owned 16
                    Badges: 8

                    You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                    Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                      Episode 32: Icebound Battleground (寒さに震えよう!熱さで氷を溶けろ!)
                      [12:32 PM, Apr 17, Pokémon League]
                      As Red goes through the entrance to the Elite Fours' rooms, the door immediately closes behind him. He continues advancing through the hallway and enters the first room.

                      The first room is decorated to imitate the ice cave. There are three icicle-like pillars standing at either side if the room, with the battlefield placed in the center area. A lady growing red hair tied into a ponytail, wearing glasses, awaits him at the opposite end.

                      "Welcome to the Pokémon League! I'm Lorelei of the Elite Four. I specialize in Ice-type Pokémon." The lady introduces herself to Red.

                      "I'm Red, and I specialize in multiple types!"

                      "Being good at one is better than knowing ten, and mastering one is better than being good at ten." says Lorelei, "No one can best me when it comes to icy Pokémon. Freezing moves are powerful. Your Pokémon will be at my mercy when they're frozen solid! Hahaha! Are you ready, Red-kun?"

                      "Hah! Let's see if it's your ice that's more solid or it's my flames that're hotter!"

                      "You're talking big! We shall start now. My first is this, Cloyster!"

                      After throwing out the Pokémon Ball, Lorelei presses a button on the wall, opening a shallow pool on the battlefield between Red and her. It looks evident that Red's first Elite Four battle will also be an overwater one.

                      "Pikachu, I choose you! Thunderbolt!"

                      The moment Pikachu is sent out, he bent his body, cries out loud, and releases a thunderous beam of electricity onto Cloyster.

                      "Cloyster, Icicle Crash!"

                      Cloyster summons pointed icicles above the battlefield and make them rain over Pikachu.

                      "Pikachu! Smash 'em up with Thunderbolt! Including Cloyster!"

                      Pikachu fires another Thunderbolt across the entire battlefield. The Electric-type attack not only breaks the icicles into shards, but also electrocutes Cloyster, fainting it in no time.

                      "Oh? Two turns and Cloyster is down?" says an intrigued Lorelei, "And the second, Dewgong!"

                      "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" commands Red.

                      "Dewgong, Ice Beam!"

                      After being delivered a hit on, Dewgong produces an icy ball on its horn. A beam of freezing energy then shoots from the ball at Pikachu.

                      "Dodge it, then Iron Tail!"

                      Focused on the Ice Beam, Pikachu performs a proficient side roll to avoid it. He then leaps up and rams his tail into Dewgong's forehead.

                      "Normal attacks will be avoided by that Pikachu…" Lorelei thinks for seconds, before she commands, "Dewgong, Surf!"

                      A huge wave is formed in front of Dewgong. The seal Pokémon then rides on the wave and makes it crash down against Pikachu.

                      "Pikachu, aim at the wave! Thunderbolt!"

                      When electricity is released onto the wave, it is conducted through water and eventually into Dewgong's body. An off-guard Dewgong falls off the wave, unable to battle.

                      "Good job, Pikachu!" Red does a thumb up at Pikachu, "It's your first time to sweep two opponents!"

                      Pikachu turns around smiling, and poses a V gesture with his tiny hand.

                      "Huh? Even Dewgong fell to a single Pikachu?" says Lorelei in shock, "Seems like things are getting difficult for me. The third, Jynx!"

                      A humanoid Pokémon with blond hair and purple skin lands in the pool. It has no nose but thick lips. It grows five fingers on either hand like a human. It wears a red "dress". Its feet is hidden under the "dress" and is invisible in most of the time.

                      "I can't make Pikachu fight in succession without taking a break…" thinks Red, "And it's time make a transfer!" before he switches for Snorlax.

                      "Snorlax, use Headbutt!"

                      Snorlax lowers his head and charges at Jynx. Weeks of training has made Snorlax as nimble and deft as many of his teammates, though he still eats a lot like the other individuals of his species and hardly loses any weight.

                      "Jynx, take the attack!" orders Lorelei.

                      When Snrolax slams his head into Jynx, the Human Shape Pokémon holds onto it, before she is sent into a wall by Snorlax's inertia behind her owner.

                      "And Lovely Kiss!"

                      Jynx kisses Snorlax with her lips glowing pink, releasing several hearts from them. Seconds later, she lets go of Snorlax and the Sleeping Pokémon falls asleep on his back.

                      "How does it taste, Red-kun?" says Lorelei, "My icy Pokémon ain't incapable, are they?"

                      "Nor is my Snorlax!" says Red as he puts on his earmuffs, "And Ms. Lorelei, I don't think it's a wise decision of you to hypnotize Snorlax."

                      "Why? I don't get you."

                      "Just you listen." says Red with his arms crossing in front of his chest.

                      Seconds later, and the sleeping Snorlax begins to snore! The noise of the snore is so ear-splitting that Lorelei and Jynx are forced to cover their ears in pain. In Lorelei's initial plan, she intended to put Snorlax into sleep and then beat her foe up with any move she likes in seconds. However, her plan is reversely utilized by the red-capped challenger when Snorlax's snore continuously damages Jynx with her unable to execute even a single counter move.

                      "Jy…Jynx, wake Snorlax up with Wake-Up Slap!" commands Lorelei, her hands still holding on to her ears.

                      Jynx struggles to get close to Snorlax and extends one of her hands, striking Snorlax with great effort. In normal situations, her attack will deal double damage to sleeping opponents. However, since Jynx has to protect her ears from Snorlax's snore, the power of such a move is drastically weakened to the degree of just waking Snorlax up.

                      "Chance! Snorlax, Body Slam!"

                      The next instant since Snorlax's awakening, he stands up and drops his torso onto Jynx, who is still inches in front of him. With a quaking bang, Jynx is squashed flat with swirly eyes under him.

                      "You've pushed me too far, Red-kun!" Lorelei is a little out of patience, "But I have to do my job until the last! Go, Lapras!"

                      "Snorlax, switches out! Pikachu, I choose you!"

                      After Pikachu resumes his work, Red squats down and whispers to him for seconds, at which Pikachu nods in agreement with a "Pika".

                      "Huh? What are you blabbing about? Lapras, Blizzard!"

                      "Pikachu, jump into water and get close to Lapras!"

                      The foe's Lapras releases a chilling blizzard from its mouth across the whole room, dropping its air temperature by degrees, freezing all the water in the pool solid, including Pikachu's legs.

                      But to Lorelei's surprise, Red and Pikachu show not a little bit of panic against such a crisis, as if they had foreseen it using psychic power.

                      "Pikachu, smash the ice with Thunderbolt!"

                      Lights of electricity burst from under the ice, cracking it into several fragments, freeing Pikachu in the process.

                      "Now, smack Lapras with those ice chunks via Iron Tail!"

                      Pikachu jumps into the air before the ice chunks fall back onto the ground. With his tail glowing metallic silver, he flips his body in midair while firing the ice chunks at Lapras like a machine gun, forcing Lapras to close its eyes out of instinct.

                      "Lapras, Hydro Pump!" commands Lorelei.

                      "Pikachu, jump onto Lapras' head!"

                      Lapras endeavors to create a high-pressured water sphere in its mouth, but before it can spit the water at Pikachu, the electric rodent vaults onto its head via the ice chunks in midair and holds on to its horn.

                      "Now, bomb the last castle with a million-voltage Thunder!"

                      Pikachu lets out a cry and releases a bolt of lightning into the sky. Lapras tries to shake Pikachu off, but the lightning bolt then comes down and envelops Lapras. Even the high double Defense stats fail to protect the Transport Pokémon from the deadly electricity. Taking the full strike of the zinging zap, Lapras lets out a deep cry and gives the battle.

                      "You…Things shouldn't be goin' this way!" exclaims a stupefied Lorelei, "…Oh, fine, because it's my first time since I became an Elite Four to get wrecked so terribly. You're much better than I thought, Red-kun!"

                      "Haha, thanks, Ms. Lorelei."

                      "And as you won, you can go on ahead." Lorelei unlocks the door to the next room by pushing her fingerprint onto an electric lock on it, and says, "But I still have to warn you, that you only got a small taste of the Pokémon League's power. I wish you good luck on your rest three battles."

                      "Hah! Then I'm so thirsty for a bigger taste of you Elite Four that I can drink a whole lake!" replies Red humorously before he enters the hallway behind Lorelei.
                      --End of Epsiode 32--
                      Save File:
                      Player: Red
                      Time: Day 51
                      Pokédex: Seen 134, Owned 16
                      Badges: 8

                      You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                      Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                        Episode 33: He Who Does Not Fight Is Not a True Man (体術の試合!漢同士の勝負!)
                        [1:03 PM, Apr 17, Pokémon League]
                        The second room has the same length and width as the first one. The decoration of this room is quite plain except for the six stone statues and the red-brownish tiles, giving an atmosphere of a rocky, mountainous area.

                        The second Elite Four member is a tall, muscular and robust man. He is bare-chested and bare-footed in white pants, tying his dark bluish hair to his back head and a black belt around his waist. He also wears heavy metal bands around his wrists and ankles.

                        "Here you come, challenger." says the Elite Four, "I'm Bruno of the Elite Four. I'm a Fighting-type specialist just as my loving for physical exercises and fighting. Through rigorous training, people and Pokémon can become stronger without limit. Do you agree with me?"

                        "No doubts! I'm been training for 12 hours a day in order to make my way here!" answers Red.

                        "You're perseverating. That's good." approves Bruno, "And now it's test time of the willpower of men! I've lived and trained with my fighting Pokémon! And that will never change! We'll grind you down with our superior power! Hoo hah!"

                        With an intimidating roar, Bruno sends out an Onix as Red's first opponent.

                        "Lapras, I choose you! Hydro Pump!"

                        "Onix, Rock Slide!"

                        Protecting herself with the shell armor on her back, Lapras easily withstands the rock slide from Onix and fires a powerful stream of water at the rocky snake. A single Hydro Pump from Lapras is enough to crumble the Rock Snake Pokémon's body into dust, if it had not undergone years of training.

                        "Lapras, Ice Shard!"

                        With Onix's HP at critical point, Lapras seizes the chance to move first by executing an increased-priority move. The super-effective though weak move squeezes the last bit of health out of Onix, making it unable to fight.

                        "Wrrrooar! Time to all-out attacks! Hitmonchan, FIGHT!"

                        Bruno calls Onix and sends out a humanoid Pokémon resembling a boxer. He always wears a pair of boxing gloves on its hands and is never seen to take them off. Apart from battles, Hitmonchan are often seen in boxing tournaments, fighting against others of their species or even against human competitors. Of course, only physical movements are allowed and any Pokémon moves are prohibited.

                        "Come back, Lapras. Scyther, I choose you! Swords Dance!"

                        Entering the arena, Scyther raises his scythes and begins to dance.

                        "Hitmonchan, Thunder Punch!"

                        Hitmonchan's fist shines with electricity and he punches at Scyther.

                        "Scyther! Keep your postures of Swords Dance and dodge it!"

                        When Hitmonchan's fist is about to hit Scyther, Scyther flaps his wings and move sideways, evading the attack.

                        "Good, Scyther. Go on your Swords Dance!"

                        "Oh? Hitmonchan's punch missed? That's interesting." says Bruno, "But how about this? Bullet Punch!"

                        Both of Hitmonchan's fists punches at Scyther in high frequency.

                        "Scyther. Stop Swords Dance and Aerial Ace!"

                        Pausing his dance, Scyther then dashes at Hitmonchan at the speed of an arrow. After taking a hit from Bullet Punch, he slashes Hitmonchan with one of his scythes, halts inches behind Hitmonchan, makes a sudden switchback, and slashes Hitmonchan again, making his opponent breathe a little heavily with the boosted STAB super-effective move.

                        "Hitmonchan, Bullet Punch!"

                        "Scyther, Vacuum Wave!"

                        Hitmonchan tries to punch Scyther, but Scyther creates invisible circles of air waves in front of himself and shoots them at Hitmonchan, defeating the Punching Pokémon.

                        "Wrrroaaar! Even Hitmonchan was unable to crush you!" roars Bruno, "Looks that I have to be more serious! Hitmonlee, FIGHT!"

                        Hitmonlee's appearance is totally different from Hitmonchan in spite of their similar names. He looks like a headless man with his eyes growing directly on the chest, without ears, a nose and a mouth. All of his limbs can extend and contract like springs. He is said to be the kicking counterpart of Hitmonchan for his subtle kicking skills.

                        "Scyther, Swords Dance! Prepare to evade the attacks!"

                        "Hitmonlee, Blaze Kick!"

                        While Scyther is dancing, Hitmonlee ignites one of his foot in flames and he kicks at Scyther with his foot ablaze. Scyther tries to dodge it, but is still slightly burned by the edge of flames.

                        "It's not serious at all! Scyther, Swords Dance!"

                        "Hitmonlee, Blaze Kick!"

                        Hitmonlee accumulates more elastic potential energy on his blazing foot by contracting it. He then suddenly relaxes his foot and kicks Scyther. The speed of the "spring" exceeds Scyther's speed and he is hit hard, badly damaging him.

                        "OK, Scyther, Baton Pass to Nidoking!" commands Red.

                        Scyther stops dancing and returns to his Poké Ball all of a sudden. Nidoking's Poké Ball then activates and he lands on the battle arena, punching against the ground to announce his appearance.

                        "Nidoking, Earthquake!"

                        Learning Earthquake via the TM26 given from Giovanni, Nidoking stomps on the battlefield and the ground starts to shake violently like a real earthquake.

                        "Hitmonlee, Mega Kick!" commands Bruno.

                        Hitmonlee tries to kick Nidoking with his extended foot, but his barycentric point is too high for him to keep steady. The brutal force of the boosted Earthquake makes Hitmonlee fall onto the arena.

                        "Hitmonlee! Are you a man? Then STAND UP and let's CLOSE COMBAT!" roars Bruno.

                        "Nidoking! You're a man, too, aren't you? Then let's THRASH it!" roars Red.

                        Hitmonlee stands up after the termination of Earthquake, and the two Pokémon get close to each other. Afterwards, they starts to repeatedly punch, kick and ram their heads into their opponents.

                        However, Hitmonlee's Close Combat proves to be a suicidal move as it negatively affects its physical and special Defense states while facing a max-leveled Swords Dance-boosted Thrash. Not long after the melee starts does Hitmonlee give the fight with his zero HP.

                        "WRRROAAAAARRR! My masculine passion is bursting like tsunamis!" roars Bruno with veins standing out on his arms, "The final combat, Machamp, FIGHT!"

                        Machamp is a humanoid Pokémon with a muscular body and four arms. It appears to wear a yellow belt and black briefs. It is said to be able to launch a thousand of punches within one second. However, ironically, never has one of its species been recorded to have learned Comet Punch and Mach Punch.

                        "Nidoking, Earthquake!"

                        Nidoking stamps his foot, creating an earthquake.

                        "Machamp, Bulk Up!"

                        Holding on steadily, Machamp flexes its muscles with its body glowing crimson.

                        "Nidoking, Poison Jab!"

                        "Machamp, Dynamic Punch!"

                        With the Ability of No Guard, Machamp's Dynamic Punch hits Nidoking, at the cost of sacrificing its evasiveness from all of Nidoking's attacks. Both moves activate their additional effects upon hitting, confusing Nidoking and poisoning Machamp.

                        "Nidoking! Can you hear me? Shadow Claw!"

                        But a confused Nidoking simply stomps, howls into the sky, and scratches the air as if it were his true opponent.

                        "Machamp, Dual Chop!"

                        The lower hands of Machamp glow white and it karate chops Nidoking.

                        "Nidoking!" Red's voice rises, "Can you hear me? Are you a man?"

                        In fact, Nidoking can clearly hear his Trainer's words. It's just the confusion status that takes control of its body and temporarily disturbs his reflex arcs.

                        "Machamp, Dual Chop!" commands Bruno.

                        The second Dual Chop boosted by Bulk Up cuts Nidoking's HP down near the red line.

                        "NIDOKING!" roars Red at the most hoarse voice, "ARE YOU A TRUE MAN? SNAP OUT OF CONFUSION NOW and SHADOW CLAW!"

                        Fortunately, the timer of Nidoking's confusion expires and he returns to normal before Machamp can deliver a fatal blow on him. He then stabs Machamp with his claws emitting eerie shadowy auras.

                        "Machamp, Dynamic Punch!" orders Bruno.

                        Machamp punches at Nidoking and tries to confuse him for a second time. But Nidoking learns to be smart this time as he scratches his head while bracing himself, weakening the damage to prevent himself from fainting. The pain on Nidoking's head makes him snap out of his confusion in seconds, even without consuming a full turn.

                        "Good job, Nidoking. And finish Machamp off with a Shadow Claw!"

                        Pumping all his remaining energy to his claws, Nidoking stabs Machamp with full force. Having been hurt constantly by poison for turns, Machamp faints upon taking the last hit.

                        "Why? How…how could we lose?" says Bruno despondently with all of his Pokémon done like dinner, "Even our exercises for two decades turn to be nothing against a mere kid?"

                        "Nope. It's probably not because of your inadequate exercises but your underestimation of us youngsters." explains Red.

                        "Ah, fine. Since I lost, my job is done now. Go face your next challenge." Bruno unlocks the entrance to the next room by his fingerprint and allows Red to pass.
                        --End of Epsiode 33--
                        Save File:
                        Player: Red
                        Time: Day 51
                        Pokédex: Seen 136, Owned 16
                        Badges: 8

                        You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                        Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                          Episode 34: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Words (青は藍より出でて藍より青し!)
                          [1:51 PM, Apr 17, Pokémon League]
                          Entering the third room, the light suddenly turns dark, and the atmosphere turns unearthly. The tiles are now colored violet and crimson, with the six statues resembling gravestones to add to the feeling. The speaker in the room plays a high-pitched, uncanny melody, reminding Red of his creepy experience in Pokémon Tower.

                          The third Elite Four member is an old lady with gray-blonde hair in violet dress and a white apron, supporting herself with a walking stick. Though she is nearly 60, she looks hale and healthy like a middle-aged.

                          "Ho-ho, it's quite rare a challenger is able to beat two of us!" says the old lady, "I'm Agatha of the Elite Four. You must be Red. I heard you from that Oak geezer. He sounds very interested in you."

                          "Ah. Professor Oak hasn't told me he has such an acquaintance." says Red.

                          "That old duff was once tough and handsome. But that was decades ago. He's a shadow of his former self, sigh…" says Agatha, "And one day, he suddenly told me he wanted to quit being a Trainer. Since then, he started to fiddle with his Pokédex. What's wrong with him tinkering with a dull electric device doing nothing but assembling texts…"

                          "It's his own choice." says Red, "And I dare say the Pokédex is not at all a 'dull electric device'. It's a convenient way for us to get to know more and better get along with Pokémon."

                          "Hah. I just don't have the heart to split hairs like that Oak geezer." says Agatha, "Maybe it's too subjective to assert he's wrong, but to me, Pokémon are for battling! Red-kun! I'll show you how a real Trainer battles!" and she sends out a Haunter.

                          "Nidoking, I choose you! Shadow Claw!"

                          When Nidoking spots Haunter, he extends his shadowy claws to slash his opponent.

                          "Haunter, Confuse Ray!"

                          Haunter produces a ghostly light orb between its hands and let it float at Nidoking, but Nidoking scratches his head and prevents confusion with the pain.

                          "Ho, you're smart!" comments Agatha, "But take this! Curse!"

                          Haunter's eyes glow red while posing weird gestures at Nidoking, while cutting down half of its health. Nidoking initially finds it funny and cannot help laughing at it. However, seconds later, Nidoking's whole body begins to ache and itch like hell, making him hopping about in agony.

                          "Nidoking, come back! Go, Scyther!"

                          "Hmm…he sent out a Bug-type against my Ghost-type, which is not very effective." thinks Agatha, "But I shall watch his next action."

                          "Scyther, Swords Dance!" orders Red.

                          "Haunter, Shadow Punch!" orders Agatha.

                          One of Haunter's hands flies up to a dancing Scyther and punches it. But Scyther makes no attempt to dodge the move because he knows that Shadow Punch is not evadable like his Aerial Ace. He only backs off a little to lessen the damage caused by momentum.

                          "Continue Swords Dance!"

                          "Shadow Punch!"

                          After the second turn ends, Scyther has boosted his Attack to 3× after hanging on against Haunter's Shadow Punches.

                          "Now Aerial Ace!" commands Red.

                          Scyther darts at Haunter and slashes it twice with his scythes, defeating the Gas Pokémon.

                          "Ho, you didn't disappoint me!" says Agatha, "Now your foe will be this! Arbok!"

                          When the cobra Pokémon lands on the arena, it activates its Intimidate Ability with its scary pattern on the hood, lowering the boosted Attack of Scyther by one stage.

                          "Scyther, Baton Pass to Nidoking!"

                          After returning to his Poké Ball, Scyther passes his Attack stage to Nidoking. Thanks to Red calling back him early, Nidoking is only slightly hurt by Haunter's curse, which automatically wears off when its target exits the battlefield.

                          "Arbok. Glare!"

                          Arbok's pattern glows with a dim aura.

                          "Close your eyes, Nidoking! Or you'll get paralyzed!" cries Red.

                          Nidoking closes his eyes before Glare can take effect, nullifying the paralysis induction.

                          "Seems that you're prepared for status problems." says Agatha, "But take this! Ice Fang!"

                          Chilling air begin to flow out between Arbok's fangs and it bites down hard on Nidoking. Partly frozen solid, Nidoking finds himself more difficult to move.

                          "Nidoking, break the ice with Brick Break!"

                          Fortunately, Nidoking's right hand is free. He chops at the frozen part of his body, shattering the ice. Because he is Poison-type, His own body is barely hurt by his own Fighting-type move.

                          "Hoho, Ice Fang tastes good, doesn't it?" says Agatha, "But we have something more exciting! Arbok, Mud Bomb!"

                          Arbok opens its mouth and spits explosive mud chunks at Nidoking.

                          "Nidoking, Earthquake!"

                          Nidoking stomps on the arena, shaking it in a violent way. However, the Mud Bombs still hit him, exploding into dirty taints on his skin. Ferocious as he looks, Nidoking has a strong dislike for dirtiness. He stops the Earthquake and tries to rub away the mud taints on him.

                          "I understand you, Nidoking." says Red, "But just hang on one more minute. I'll clean you up after this battle ends. Now, Earthquake!"

                          Venting all of his anger of staining him at Arbok, Nidoking stomps aggressively on the ground, creating a higher magnitude of earthquake.

                          "Arbok, Mud Bomb!" commands Agatha.

                          But Nidoking's second Earthquake is too harsh for Arbok to even behold itself. Though it manages to create the Mud Bombs, all of them simply fall to the ground after exiting its mouth, some damaging itself (which is super effective) in the process. In the end, Arbok's head collapses onto the arena, losing its consciousness to battle.

                          "Heheheh, looks like the old biddy is facing a thorny little guy!" says Agatha, "But it's only half over! Your Earthquake is useless against an airborne foe! Golbat!"

                          "Yes, Earthquake is useless against Golbat." says Red, "But it's time for Nidoking to rest. Pikachu, I choose you! Thunderbolt!"

                          "Golbat, Poison Fang!"

                          After being zapped by a Thunderbolt, Golbat flies at Pikachu, revealing its sharp, venomous fangs.

                          "Huh? What do you mean by a melee attack?" asks Red suddenly.

                          "Don't I know your Pikachu has Static?" says Agatha, "I've battle many opposing Pokémon with Abilities that activate via contacts. I have a good command in trying to not trigger them."

                          "But look at your Golbat, hehehe!" smirks Red.

                          Agatha takes a glance at Golbat and notices in surprise that Pikachu has hold on to its back! It proved to be that Pikachu dodged the Poison Fang with a side roll and leapt onto Golbat when it was off guard. No matter how Golbat struggles, Pikachu will not let go of it.

                          "The game is over! Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

                          With a throat-dumbing "Pi-ka-chuuuuuu", Pikachu strains all his muscle power and converts it into a glaring bright beam of electricity, electrocuting Golbat like a fried fish. Golbat tucks its wings and falls onto the ground, fainted, its large, empty mouth open wide.

                          "Gahaha! This little guy is such a big deal!" says Agatha, "But never will I loosen my tense until the last second! I'm now relying on you, Gengar!"

                          Gengar is a purple Pokémon whose face is usually in a grin of sinister. It has spikes on its back, though they cannot poison any target that touches them despite it belonging to Poison-type. Gengar is widely believed to have Levitate as its pre-evolutions, but recently its true Ability is under dispute by many scientists.

                          "Pikachu, come back and take a break. Lapras, I choose you!"

                          "Ho, your team is not boring." says Agatha, "But how about this? Hypnosis!"

                          Gengar releases circles of hypnotic psychic waves at Lapras.

                          "Lapras, Safeguard!"

                          Lapras' body is covered in a white aura, and the waves of Hypnosis bounces off her when making contact, leaving Lapras intact.

                          "Gah, using status moves on you is such a bad idea!" says Agatha, "Looks I have to attack anyway. Gengar, Shadow Ball!"

                          Gengar forms a ball of dark power between its hands and fires it at Lapras.

                          "Lapras, Psychic!"

                          Lapras growls as her body is additionally covered in a pink aura. The aura then rushes towards Gengar and its Shadow Ball, lifting both of them into midair. The Shadow Ball then changes direction and hits Gengar instead.

                          "What the…I'm shooting an own goal…again?" exclaims Agatha.

                          "Haha! I used to disbelieve the idiom 'Psychic power is everything', but now it's the opposite!" laughs Red.

                          "Hoh! You know quite a lot. Gengar, we Psychic, too!"

                          Gengar braces itself and releases another pink aura surrounding its body. The Psychics from either side clashes in the middle of the battlefield at loggerheads. Both user tries to push the opposing attack back while pushing its own forward. They keep adding strength to their moves as if two persons pushing against each other physically.

                          One minute later, a younger and healthier Lapras takes the wind and hits Gengar with her second Psychic. But Gengar still hangs on with its defiant will.

                          "Lapras, Psychic!"

                          Exhausted by two Psychics and an own-goal Shadow Ball, Gangar is too tired to dodge Lapras' decisive Psychic. It blacks out, its grin disappearing, and falls on to the battle arena.

                          "Oh, my. You're truly something special, child!" comments Agatha, "I can indeed see what that old duff sees in you. Perhaps I have to swallow my arbitrary words before I fought you. I have nothing else to say. Run along now, Red-kun!"

                          Afterwards, the door to the final Elite Four room is unlocked by Agatha's fingerprint. But before Red passes Agatha, he takes out some handkerchiefs and wipes off the dirt on Nidoking's body, and dumps them in the trash can in Agatha's room.
                          --End of Epsiode 34--
                          Save File:
                          Player: Red
                          Time: Day 51
                          Pokédex: Seen 137, Owned 16
                          Badges: 8

                          You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                          Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                          My remixed music list: Here
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                            Episode 35: Drag O' Dragons (ドラ軍襲来!ポケモンマスターへの道!)
                            [2:47 PM, Apr 17, Pokémon League]
                            After restoring his Pokémon's health by Full Restores, Red goes on to face his final Elite Four challenge.

                            Going through an S-shaped pathway with Pokémon statues on both sides, Red is now at the battle arena surrounded by six dragon fang-shaped sculptures. A man with red spiky hair in a dark red cape stands in front of the exit, crossing his arms in front of his chest, waiting for challengers in a serious look.

                            "Ah, I've heard about you. Challenger Red!" says the man in cape, "My workmates told me you won against them without losing a single Pokémon. That's so uncommon."

                            "99% effort plus 1% luck. That's it." replies Red.

                            "And you can call me Lance the dragon Trainer." says Lance, "You know that dragons are mythical Pokémon. They're hard to catch and raise, but their powers are superior. They're virtually indestructible. There's no being clever with them. Well, are you ready to face me?"

                            "Of course! My Pokémon are eager to taste more about you Elite Four!"

                            "Then be prepared! It'll be a pity if your League challenge ends with me! Go, Gyarados!"

                            A blue, serpentine, aquatic Pokémon exits Lance's Poké Ball and floats in the air, giving a savage, vicious facial expression.

                            "Pikachu. I choose you!"

                            When Pikachu enters the battleground, he feels a cold, creepy aura that makes his hair stand. It is the activation of Gyarados' Intimidate.

                            "Pikachu. Quick Attack!" orders Red.

                            Pikachu runs towards Gyarados at lightning-fast speed.

                            "Gyarados, Stone Edge!" commands Lance.

                            Gyarados slams its tail into the ground and summons a line of rock pillars that rush towards the electric rodent.

                            "Pikachu. Jump onto Gyarados via those rocks!"

                            With a series of kangaroo jumps, Pikachu lands on the top of rock pillars and finally makes his way onto Gyarados' forehead.

                            "And Thunderbolt!"

                            Pikachu grabs Gyarados' crest and release electricity directly onto it. Unable to withstand its greatest weakness, Gyarados falls down, the Stone Edge vanishing from the arena.

                            Being the leader of Elite Four, Lance is able to keep calm at his initial loss. He withdraws the fainted Gyarados, and then sends out another serpentine dragon--Dragonair.

                            "Pikachu, you back! I choose you, Charizard!"

                            As the leader of Red's party, Charizard must be conserved to face the leader of opponents.

                            "Charizard, use Dragon Pulse!"

                            "Dragonair, Dragon Tail!"

                            While Charizard is charging power, Dragonair rushes to him and slams him with its tail glowing green. Charizard is then sent back into his Poké Ball and Snorlax is dragged out.

                            "Oh, no. He forces me to switch Pokémon to mess up my plan!" thinks Red, "And despite being a decreased-priority move, the speed of that Dragon Tail is too fast. I can't watch my Pokémon getting worn out in this way."

                            Thinking for a while, Red withdraws Snorlax, and sends out Lapras.

                            "Lapras, use Ice Shard!"

                            "Dragon Tail!"

                            Lapras produces sharp ice shards in her mouth and makes them fly at Dragonair. Dragonair attempts to slam Lapras, but the high-speed ice chunks rain on it first, causing it to shiver in coldness and temporarily pauses its movement.

                            "It's chance! Lapras, Confuse Ray!"

                            Before Dragonair returns to normal state, Lapras forms an eerily shining light orb and it floats at Dragonair. Getting hit, Dragonair is confused. It wriggles madly with its limbless body like a snake being grabbed at the critical point.

                            "Dragonair, Thunder!" orders Lance.

                            However, Dragonair is confused! And it hurts itself in its confusion!

                            "Sorry, Mr. Lance, but no mercy from us. Lapras, Ice Beam!"

                            Lapras produces an ice orb in her mouth. The ice orb turns into an ice dragon and it flies towards Dragonair, freezing it solid in a large bulk of ice.

                            "A quote from Ms. Lorelei. Your dragons will be at my mercy when they're frozen solid!" mocks Red.

                            "……" Lance is left speechless as the statement is absolutely flawless.

                            "Early to end, early to relief." says Red, "Lapras, Thunderbolt!"

                            Lapras smashes the ice with a lightning of electricity, freeing Dragonair and fainting it as well.

                            "Sigh…I came up with the Dragon Tail strategy only recently and it fails to work at the very first time." says Lance, "Fine. I shall go on. Aerodactyl!"

                            A pterodactyl Pokémon covered with rocky skin flies onto the battle arena. It has large, membranous wings with its claws extending from the middle bend of either wing. It grows a hump-like ridge on its back and an arrow-tipped long tail. Being revived from a kind of amber, it is said that this is only an incomplete resurrection of its original form. Many science and archeology researches have been conducted to restore its true form, but they are yet to succeed.

                            "Lapras, Ice Shard!" orders Red, at the thought that Aerodactyl is times faster than Lapras.

                            "Aerodactyl, Rock Slide!" orders Lance.

                            After taking a shower of Ice Shard, Aerodactyl summons rocks in midair and makes them rain over Lapras. But Lapras protects herself with her hard shell, alleviating the total damage.

                            "Lapras, another Ice Shard!"

                            "Rock Slide!"

                            When Aerodactyl's second Rock Slide rain down, Red notices that one of the pointed stones has left a deep scratch on Lapras' shell. A single scratch can grow into a large crack if hit multiple times, and may result in failure of the shell armor's protective function. At this thought, Red recalls Lapras and switches to Snorlax--even slower than his previous partner.

                            "Snorlax, use Yawn! Don't care about the opponent's attack!" says Red as he takes out his earmuffs.

                            "Aerodactyl, Rock Slide!"

                            Aerodactyl drops rocks from in the air at Snorlax, but Snorlax lets out a loud yawn at the pterodactyl and falls on his back, going to sleep. Being affected by Yawn, Aerodactyl also yawns deeply and its movement drastically slows down.

                            However, Snorlax will emit deafening snores at his sleeping time. Though only half effective in damage infliction against a Rock-type, it is enough to pierce Aerodactyl's ears like needles, nearly driving it crazy. The drowsiness prompts Aerodactyl to sleep, while the snores impede it, resulting in Aerodactyl being confused in the process.

                            "Calm down, Aerodactyl! Rock Slide!"

                            But Aerodactyl is too confused to obey Lance's command. It continuously flies into the walls and the ceiling like a psycho, with Lance watching at it in anxiety. While on the other side, Red is in high spirits to watch Snorlax tiring out the foe while recovering himself, his ears fully protected by the earmuffs from the Pewter policeman.

                            After it bumps its head into the wall for multiple times, Aerodactyl runs out all of its energy and collapse onto the arena, unconscious.

                            "What the…" grunts Lance in shock, "Was I tricked? How could Aerodactyl be beaten in this way?"

                            "Pokémon battles ain't just moves and turns, are they?" says Red.

                            "Well, you're truly out of my expectation." says Lance, "You have one opponent left now. Dragonite!"

                            And Lance's trump card finally comes. Both being a flying dragon, it highly resembles Charizard albeit that it has a taller and fatter body and smaller wings, and it grows antennae instead of horns on its head. It is said that a Dragonite can circle the globe in 16 hours at full capacity, but some researches argue that it is actually no faster than a Magikarp, the weakest Pokémon in record.

                            "Charizard, I choose you!"

                            At the match point, it is time to enjoy a death fight between two flying dragons.

                            "Charizard, Dragon Pulse!"

                            "Dragonite, Hurricane!"

                            Dragonite flaps its wings at a charging Charizard, creating a cyclone that rushes towards him. A newly charged Dragon Pulse is devoured by the Hurricane and is nullified, and Charizard has to back off for steps to avoid damage from the cyclone.

                            "Charizard, Air Slash!"

                            "Dragonite, Hurricane!"

                            Same as the last turn, Charizard's Air Slash is blocked by the Hurricane.

                            "That Dragonite can shield itself with Hurricane if I keep to long-range moves." thinks Red, "Maybe Lapras will be more efficient, but Charizard looks determined to beat his foe, so I'd better keep him. What should I do…Yeah!"

                            After a storm in his brain, Red orders Charizard to use Metal Claw.

                            "Dragonite, Hurricane!"

                            "Charizard, hold against the Hurricane! No retreats allowed!" orders Red like a general.

                            Charizard steps slowly but steadily towards Dragonite. Regardless of the cyclone roaring around him and trying to push him back, he keeps his pace forwards steadfast. To reduce the windward area, he tucks in his wings and puts his arms in front of him instead of extending them wide.

                            And in the end, Charizard's efforts pay off when the cyclone dies away and he is only steps away from Dragonite, much to Lance and Dragonite's amazement.

                            "Good job, Charizard! Metal Claw!"

                            "Dragonite, Dragon Rush!"

                            Charizard's claws glows metallic silver and he tries to slash Dragonite, but Dragonite suddenly accelerates and tackles Charizard with its body covered in a purple aura.

                            "Charizard, grab Draonite's tail!" cries Red.

                            Within an instant, Charizard turns around and holds onto Dragonite's tapering tail as if in a fighting race, despite himself also being dragged meters away due to Dragonite's inertia.

                            "Now Metal Claw!"

                            Before Dragonite can turn around, Charizard slashes Dragonite with his claws. Too bad for Dragonite, it is hit at the joints of its wings and its back! Many of Dragonite's moves, especially Hurricane, rely on its wings, and it has to endure times degree of pain if it attempts to execute them again.

                            "Dragonite, Dragon Rush!" commands Lance.

                            Dragonite turns at Charizard and tries to speed up, but the pain on its back badly impedes its acceleration. As a result, the actual damage turns out to be no larger than a normal Tackle.

                            "Hahaha! We're almost there! Charizard, Dragon Pulse!" commands Red in excitement.

                            Without the hampering of Hurricane, Charizard's Dragon Pulse hits Dragonite straight and hard. Dragonite staggers for seconds before it falls onto its stomach, stars circling around its head.

                            "What? How could my dragon army be in such a rout?" mutters Lance, "Even as the leader of the Elite Four, I couldn't even take down a single opponent……"

                            "Ahaha…" Sweeping the Elite Four, Red smiles embarrassedly scratching his back head, "Maybe the goddess of luck is playing a trick on us this time…"

                            "Honestly, I hate to admit my defeat, but you possess the qualities of a Pokémon Master." says Lance, "It's not easy for me to believe my dragons should have lost to you. But rules are rules. Red, you're now the Pokémon League Champion…"

                            "Wait a minute!" interrupts Red, "Should I face an extra opponent?"

                            "…Or rather, you would have been. Yes, you have one more challenge left." says Lance, "There's a challenger named Blue that came three days before you, and he also defeated us the Elite Four. But it's the first time for us to be beaten up so badly by you."

                            "So Blue is the real Pokémon League Champion, eh? That's not surprising to me." says Red.

                            "He would have been, if he had immediately accepted the title." says Lance, "He said, he refuses to become the Champion unless he wins the battle with you. He's now awaiting in the Champion hall behind me. You can pass now."

                            Unlocking the door to the Champion hall, Lance invites Red in a reverent manner.
                            --End of Epsiode 35--
                            Save File:
                            Player: Red
                            Time: Day 51
                            Pokédex: Seen 140, Owned 16
                            Badges: 8

                            You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                            Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                            My remixed music list: Here
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                              Episode 36: Battle at the Summit (頂点での戦い!サミットへ登れ!)
                              [3:52 PM, Apr 17, Pokémon League]
                              Not unexpectedly, Red learned from Lance that Blue defeated the Elite Four days ago, though he is a bit amazed that Blue has not been promoted to Champion. But at least, they should have a last battle in the Champion hall to determine the real owner of Pokémon League Championship.

                              Anticipating a long, tedious fight, Red asks for a brief rest at Lance's room before he advances, which Lance agreed to. During his break, Red almost uses up all the Potions in his bag.

                              And finally in the Champion hall, Blue is sitting on a chair cross-legged, propelling a Pokémon Ball into the air and then catches it, his left arm supporting his chin.

                              "Uuaaarrrrrrrrgh…" yawns Blue, "It's been three days. What take that red cap so long? I heard he was waiting for someone…"

                              Just then, the entrance to the hall slowly opens. From the shadows, a familiar figure to Blue walks in, gripping a Poké Ball in his hand.

                              Getting off the chair, Blue says, "Hey, Red! I was looking forward to seeing you! Hahah, that's so great! How was your battles with those Elite Four guys?"

                              "They cost me nothing but some Potions and hours of time." answers Red indirectly, "And how about you? Did you feel sleepy waiting for me here?"

                              "Not only a little bit!" says Blue, "Just when I booted out Lorelei, I heard a challenger was right behind me. It must be you, Red! Knowing your presence, I made a push and swept all of the Elite Four and reached here. I expected you to come here minutes later, but I was wrong. I thought you might have fled with your tail between your legs!"

                              "I would have come, if I hadn't have to wait for someone…" Red tries to explain.

                              "Wait for whom? An attractive bebe or who?" mocks Blue.

                              Red suddenly blushes, unable to say a word.

                              "Hahaha! Then I must be correct! Even a battle maniac like you should have normal lust in girls as a straight man!" laughs Blue, stressing the words "normal" and "straight".

                              "Tch. Let's stop wasting time and battle, shall we? I'm no longer the rookie boy on Route 22 anymore!"

                              "Yeah. My rival should be strong to keep me sharp. While working on my Pokédex, I looked all over for Pokémon. Not only that, I assembled teams that would beat any Pokémon type. I'm sure you're just the same, too. And now…We're both one step to the Pokémon League Champion! Red! Do you know what that means?"

                              "Sure! There's nothing but a fight here can prove who'll be the most powerful Trainer…in the world!" answers Red firmly.

                              "All right! We send out our first at the same time, shall me?" asks Blue, at which Red nods.


                              The boys cry out and throw out their Poké Balls simultaneously. The first turn of battle is proved to be between Snorlax and Pidgeot.

                              "Though I'm not the Champion, but I'm half of a defender. Your turn, Red." says Blue.

                              "Thanks, Blue. Snorlax, use Rollout!"

                              Snorlax curls into a sphere and rolls at Pidgeot at quaking speed.

                              "A long shot in the beginning, eh?" says Blue, "Pidgeot, Feather Dance!"

                              Pidgeot releases white feathers from his wings onto Snorlax, but most of them are deflected by Snorlax's speed and movement, rendering in his Attack being cut by only a little, and is barely effective when Snorlax keeps accelerating without having to exhaust his PP.

                              "Pidgeot, Air Slash!"

                              Pidgeot releases gear-shaped solidified air at Snorlax, but most of them are simply deflected by Snorlax just as Feather Dance.

                              "Pidgeot, fly high and use Roost!" Blue thinks for seconds before he orders the next move.

                              Pidgeot flies close to the ceiling and his body is covered in a white aura. Since his height is out of Snorlax's attack range, Snorlax can do nothing but rolling about waiting for Pidgeot to descend. Seconds later, Pidgeot is fully recovered. However, the turn timer of Rollout also expires and Snorlax's movement terminates, its power reset.

                              "Snorlax, come back! Pikachu, I choose you! Thunderbolt!"

                              Pikachu bends while in midair and fires a sparkling beam of electricity at Pidgeot at light speed, heavily damaging him.

                              "Pidgeot, Roost!" commands Blue.

                              "I'll not let you recover again!" shouts Red, "Pikachu, jump onto Pidgeot!"

                              While Pidgeot is recovering, Pikahcu bounces up using the elasticity of his tail and lands on Pidgeot's back. Pidgeot is unable to avoid Pikachu's jump as he is in the middle of a move.

                              "And Thunderbolt!" cries Red.

                              Before the timer of Roost reaches zero, Pikachu zaps Pidgeot from skin to bone, fainting him.

                              "Haha, you're strong as I expected!" says Blue, "Pidgeot, your job is done! Go, Alakazam!"

                              "Pikachu, use Quick Attack!" commands Red.

                              "Alakazam, Reflect!" commands Blue.

                              Pikachu runs at Alakazam and tackles him, but Alakazam backs off and bends a little to lessen the damage. He then creates a greenish light screen in front of himself.

                              "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

                              "Alakazam, Light Screen!"

                              Pikachu shoots electricity at Alakazam, but Alakazam creates another pinkish light screen in front of himself, doubling his team's Special Defense. As a result, Pikachu's Thunderbolt becomes not every effective against him.

                              "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

                              "Alakazam, Psychic!"

                              Armored with double protective light screens, Alakazam easily withstands Pikachu's second Thunderbolt. He then releases psychic wave from his spoon at Pikachu, lifting the electric rodent into the air. Though Pikachu is proficient in evading material attacks, he cannot avoid Psychic as it is pure energetic. Alakazam then smashes Pikachu into the ground, beating him.

                              "Strong, that Alakazam…" says Red to himself, "I have to find a way to counter its high Special Attack. Nidoking has Brick Break to break through its defense, but he's weak against Psychic…"

                              "What's up, Red? What's your next?" asks Blue.

                              "My next is this! Scyther, I choose you! Swords Dance!"

                              Scyther flies into the air and performs a mystical dance, sharply raising his Attack.

                              "Alakazam, Psychic!"

                              Alakazam envelops Scyther with his psychic waves. He then smashes Scyther into the floor. But Scyther flaps his wings, creating some elevating force to reduce the total impact.

                              "Continue Swords Dance!"

                              "Alakazam, Psychic!"

                              Alakazam attempts to smash Scyther again, but Scyther still holds on using his advantage of being able to fly. As the turn ends, Scyther's Attack is now three times as in his basic state. Meanwhile, Alakazam's Reflect is out of turns and it begins to wear off.

                              "Time's up! Scyther, Night Slash!"

                              Scyther darts at Alakazam in an invisible degree of velocity and slashes his opponent with both of his scythes before Blue can order a counter move. The boosted super-effective move instantly wipes out all of Alakazam's HP and the Psi Pokémon falls onto his back, still holding his spoons, his Light Screen also fading out.

                              "Yoh! Seems sweeping you with Alakazam is not a bit possible!" says Blue, "Interesting! Now for the third! Go, Rhydon!"

                              "Scyther, Vacuum Wave!"

                              Scyther creates invisible waves in front of himself and shoots them at Rhydon. Though Scyther is not very good at Special Attacks, Rhydon's Special Defense is also very low compared to his physical counterpart, a characteristic shared among many Rock-type Pokémon. A Golem may hold on to a high-power Close Combat, but tends to fall in one turn when hit by a low-power Water Gun.

                              "Rhydon, Scary Face!"

                              Taking the hit from Scyther, Rhydon displays a scary face at Scyther. Chilled by Rhydon's fierce facial expression, Scyther's agility severely falls.

                              "Scyther, Vacuum Wave!"

                              "Rhydon, Stone Edge!"

                              Though Scyther's Speed is cut, Vacuum Wave hits Rhydon first as it is an increased priority move. But Scyther then meets his doom when he is unable to dodge the rock pillars shooting up below him and hitting his chest, delivering 4× normal damage to him.

                              "Darn! I should have used Baton Pass instead!" says Red with a facepalm, before he quickly changes his mind, "Or not, or Scyther's Speed loss will also be passed. Fine, Scyther, come back!"

                              Red withdraws Scyther, and sends out Nidoking.

                              "Nidoking, use Earthquake!"

                              Nidoking stomps on the arena. The ground underneath him begins to shake and the vibration rushes towards the foe's Rhydon.

                              "Rhydon, Scary Face!"

                              Rhydon makes a scary face at Nidoking, but Nidoking covers his eyes to prevent being scared into speed loss, while he continues his Earthquake. It should be noted that a short-timed vision loss does not affect the accuracy of Earthquake since it targets all the Pokémon other than the user on the battlefield wherever they are (except in midair, of course).

                              "Your Nidoking is smarter than I thought!" says Blue, "Rhydon, we Earthquake too!"

                              Rhydon also stamps his foot and summons a seismic vibration that rushes from his position to where Nidoking stands. The two vibration waves meet at the middle of the battlefield, but they do not conflict like many other moves. If one studies physics, he should know that vibration waves simply pass through each other when they meet without being strengthened, weakened (except in the interference area), or redirected a little bit. Therefore, both weak-to-Ground-type Pokémon are damaged badly by their foes' Earthquakes.

                              "Nidoking, Earthquake!"

                              "Rhydon, Earthquake!"

                              While both Pokémon are shaking the battle arena violently, all of the Elite Four members can clearly feel the vibration of the whole building. Lorelei even suspects that a real earthquake has happened until she gets to know that it is merely a turn of Pokémon move.

                              And when the second Earthquake dies down, both Pokémon falls onto their stomach, unable to battle.

                              "Haha! The first half is a draw!" says Blue, "Shall we take a 2-minute break before we resume?"

                              "Sounds good." answers Red, "I'm also a bit tired."

                              Two minutes later, the rivals return to their rest of Championship battle.

                              "Let's again send out our fourth at the same time, shall we?" asks Red.

                              "It's my line! Don't imitate me!"

                              "Then three…two…one…GO!"

                              Red's fourth partner turns out to be Lapras while Blue's is Exeggutor, a coconut tree-like Pokémon with three coconut-like heads and two thick legs.

                              "I moved first in the first half, so you'll move first this time!" says Red.

                              "Sounds like your fashion!" says Blue, "But expect no mercy! Exeggutor, Sunny Day!"

                              Exeggutor yells into the sky with his three mouths, summoning an artificial sun hovering above the battle arena. The entire room instantly turns bright like being outdoors as if the ceiling did not exist.

                              "Lapras, Confuse Ray!"

                              Lapras creates a light orb in her mouth and lets it fly at Exeggutor.

                              "Exeggutor, Solar Beam!"

                              Exeggutor absorbs sunlight and produces a light orb in front of his heads. He then fires the light orb in the form of a light beam at the speed of a meteor at Lapras, damaging her badly.

                              "Haha, how's my Chlorophyll-Sunny Day-Solar Beam combo?" mocks Blue.

                              "It's so devastating that I can't help shuddering in utmost fear!" jeers Red, "But look at your Exeggutor!"

                              "What? No!" Blue notices in horror that his Exeggutor is confused. It proved to be that Exeggutor was so agitated to land his Solar Beam in one turn on Lapras that he was caught off guard when Confuse Ray burst on his skin, unbeknownst to him. A confused Exeggutor loses his target and shakes his heads and leaves irregularly like a loony.

                              "I can help soothe you down!" says Red in a sadistic tone, "Lapras, Ice Beam!"

                              "Exeggutor, Solar Beam!" commands Blue.

                              But Exeggutor fails to obey Blue in his confusion, and is hit directly by Ice Beam, frozen solid.

                              "Sigh…Exeggutor is totally unable to move in the ice." moans Blue.

                              "Sorry, Blue, but I can't wait until the ice melts." Says Red, "Lapras, Thunderbolt!"

                              Lapras cracks the ice with electricity, freeing a newly pacified Exeggutor while further damaging him.

                              "What the…what do you think are you doing, Red?" says a perplexed Blue, "Exeggutor, Solar Beam!"

                              "Lapras, Ice Shard!"

                              In spite of Exeggutor's Speed boost in sunlight, Lapras' Ice Shard beats her foe's Solar Beam using its increased priority. The ice chunks dig into Exeggutor, knocking him out before he can launch the light beam.

                              "Heh! Shocking as it is, that's just why you deserve to be my rival!" says Blue as he recalls Exeggutor, "But I'll definitely take you down! Go, Arcanine!"

                              Upon his entry, Arcanine cuts Lapras' physical Attack with Intimidate, but Lapras gives a normal look as none of her attacks are affected except Ice Shard.

                              "Lapras, Hydro Pump!"

                              "Arcanine, Extreme Speed!"

                              Before Lapras can soak Arcanine with high-pressure water, Arcanine runs up to her in an extreme speed, and bites down her neck with his fangs.

                              "Arcanine, Thunder Fang!" commands Blue before Red can make an order.

                              Sparks of electricity comes out of Arcanine's fangs and is conducted into Lapras. Being previously hit by a Solar Beam, Lapras' head dangles down and she is no longer able to fight.

                              "Lapras, you're fighting hard! Come back, and go, Snorlax!"

                              Since Intimidate can work only once within the user's presence, Snorlax is completely unaffected by Arcanine's Ability despite the canine Pokémon's subduing look.

                              "Snorlax, Rollout!"

                              "Arcanine, Fire Blast!"

                              Arcanine creates a blazing orb, and shoots it at a rolling Snorlax. When the orb hits the target, it bursts into the shape of a pentagram and engulfs him. However, Snorlax's high Special Defense plus his thick fat greatly blunts the attack from Arcanine and he keeps rolling at the fire canine at the speed of a giant boulder coming off a steep slope.

                              "Arcanine, use Extreme Speed to avoid it!"

                              Arcanine begins to run swiftly around the arena, trying to evade being run over by Snorlax. However, the moment Arcanine changes direction, Snorlax immediately changes direction as well, keeping his aim at his opponent. Eventually, Arcanine is ineluctably hit by the rolling attack, albeit terminating the opposing move at the same time.

                              "Snorlax, Body Slam!"

                              "Arcanine, Crunch!"

                              Though too weary to avoid his demise, Arcanine manages to land a bite on Snorlax's head when the Sleeping Pokémon falls towards him, reducing Snorlax's physical Defense by one stage, before he is flattened under Snorlax's bulky torso.

                              "Heh, being pushed like this, I can hardly deny my astonishment." says Blue, "Time to discard the trump card! Go, Blastoise!"

                              Blue sends out the final form of his starter Pokémon, Squirtle, who has developed into an aquatic tortoise armored with two water cannons. Before he evolved, he used to spit water from his mouth, but now he can make use of his cannons to spout water with even higher amount and pressure.

                              "Snorlax, Rollout!"

                              "Blastoise, Hydro Pump!"

                              Two powerful streams of water blast from Blastoise's cannons and hit the rolling Snorlax. The pressure of the water is high enough to force Snorlax to a complete stop, much to Red's shock.

                              "Snorlax, Yawn!" commands Red, at the thought of torturing Blastoise using Snorlax's snores while he is asleep.

                              "Blastoise, Withdraw!"

                              Blastoise withdraws his head into his shell, preventing him from hearing the yawn. After Snorlax yawns, he falls into sleep, but Blastoise remains sober.

                              "Hydro Pump!"

                              Blastoise fires two streams of water at Snorlax while keeping his head hidden. The water is so cold that Snorlax is woken up with a start, ending his snores.

                              "What a wise counterattack, Blue!" says Red, "But Snorlax, Headbutt!"

                              "Blastoise, Withdraw!"

                              Snorlax charges at Blastoise head first, but Blastoise hides his head, limbs and cannons in his sturdy, solid shell, neutralizing the damage to his body, while hurting Snorlax's head with recoil.

                              "Bite!" orders Blue.

                              Blastoise quickly pokes his head and limbs out and bites down on Snorlax's head. Being impeded by Defense reduction from Arcanine's Crunch, Snorlax faints from Blastoise's Bite.

                              "You're always the toughest foe I've ever met, Blue." says Red, "Even days and weeks of training of me can't make a clean sweep against your team."

                              "Heh, don't you think you're the only one to have stood the gaff for two months!" says Blue, "If you want your Charizard's revenge, then bring it on!"

                              "I'm just waiting for this moment!" cries Red, "Charizard, I choose you!"

                              Catching sight of Blastoise reminds Charizard of his defeat on Route 22 when he was still a Charmander. His eyes is ablaze in rage, and his breathes weak fire from his mouth.

                              "Charizard, Dragon Pulse!"

                              "Blastoise, Hydro Pump!"

                              Charizard produces a dragon-shaped beam of energy and makes it rush towards Blastoise, but Blastoise then fires water streams from his cannons and drenches Chairzard from head to feet, and nearly extinguishes his tail flame. Nonetheless, Charizard proves his toughness as Red's team leader by shaking the water drops off and reignites the flame on his tail tip.

                              "Heheh? Even a Hydro Pump failed to wreck you?" says Blue, "But if one Hydro Pump isn't enough, then just add another! Blastoise, Hydro Pump!"

                              "Charizard, Flamethrower! Aim at the cannons!"

                              Charizard adjusts his aim and shoots a flame dragon at Blastoise, but a single Flamethrower cannot balance between two water cannons, causing him to be inevitably hit by the second Hydro Pump from Blastoise's left cannon, cutting his HP down to red line. However, the other half of Hydro Pump from Blastoise's right is successfully blocked by Flamethrower, resulting in the water vaporizing and floating between the Pokémon like a smokescreen.

                              "Charizard, get close to Blastoise!"

                              Blastoise tries to clear his vision when he hears footsteps in front of him. The time he restores his sight, Charizard is right in front of him. Since Blastoise cannot spit water from his mouth and Charizard is now in the dead angle of his cannons, Hydro Pump no longer works on the fire dragon.

                              "It's chance! Grab Blastoise's hands! Not the shell!" shouts Red.

                              Charizard extends his hands and holds on to Blastoise's hands tight. Blastoise tries to withdraw his hands, but Charizard will not let go of him.

                              "Blastoise, Bite!" commands Blue.

                              Blastoise extends his head and bites down on Charizard's neck, expecting the opponent to release his hands out of pain.

                              "Charizard, hold on to Blastoise and Metal Claw!"

                              Withstanding the pain, Charizard forces energy of metal into his right hand. He then suddenly releases his right hand and slashes Blastoise in the throat, causing Blastoise to let go of his neck. After the move, he grabs the free hand of Blastoise again.

                              "Ouch!" screams Blue as if it is he that is hurt rather than Blastoise.

                              "Dragon Pulse!" orders Red.

                              Temporarily immobilized by the throat pain, Blastoise fails to protect himself and is hit straight by a close-ranged Dragon Pulse, though the move also costs most of Charizard's remaining energy. At this critical moment, both Pokémon have their health below the alert line, and any extra hit from their opponents will cause them to lose the game.

                              "Blastoise, Bite!"

                              Blastoise moves his mouth close to Charizard's neck, but the pain in the throat and the tiredness keeps him from landing a bite, although Charizard is as well too tired to deal the final blow.

                              "Charizard, show you backbone! Perseverance means victory, you must know!" cries Red.

                              "The same to you, Blastoise!" cries Blue.

                              The two starter Pokémon stare at each other with a firm and confident look while holding on to their opponents. Though bathing in sweat and their bodies are growing heavier and heavier, neither of them will easily admit defeat under the mental support from their respective Trainers. Such a scene reminds Red of the Gym rematch of Pikachu against Lt. Surge's Raichu.

                              "Charizard, we've only one step there! I won't forgive you for wasting all our efforts!" shouts Red with his fist clenched, muscles standing out on his arm.

                              "That's exactly what I mean to you, Blastoise!" shouts Blue at a throat-tearing voice.

                              On the brink of collapsing, both Pokémon are suddenly pumped and they remain standing. As time passes, their eye expressions gradually change, as if developing acknowledgement to each other's power. They hope to end their rivalry as soon as they can, but they cannot.


                              Tick, tock, tick, tock! The time ticks to 5 minutes and 27 seconds!

                              At the very moment, Blastoise gives a regretful look as if saying, "Sorry, Charizard bro. I'm afraid I have to quit. Let's battle again next time!" And he lets go of Charizard, falls on to the battlefield, and faints. After forcing a bitter, pitiful grin towards Blastoise's fall, Charizard also faints.

                              "Phew…It's finally over." Red slumps onto the ground as if his body is hollowed up, before he finds himself totally soaked in sweat, "And it's a draw again…"

                              "Nope, you won, Red." Blue also flumps with his body all wet, "Your Charizard fell seconds later before my Blastoise, so it's you who won according to the rules…"

                              At this moment, the entrance to the Champion hall opens, and comes in Professor Oak.

                              "Why, why, I came here when I heard you two had put on a fight, but it seems it's already over!" says Professor Oak in amazement, "And who won?"

                              "Red. He won…" Blue raises his hand and points at Red weakly.

                              "Oh? You were doing good, Red!"

                              "No, Professor Oak, we ended in a draw…" moans Red in fatigue, "Except that Charizard held on for two more seconds…"

                              "No, it was not a draw but your victory." says Professor Oak, "Sincerely congratulations! Now, you two come with me to the Hall of Fame!"

                              Professor Oak helps the boys to get up and leads them to an inner room by unlocking the door with his fingerprint. The room has a large machine in the center, containing six slots for Poké Balls. On the walls, there are photographs of previous Indigo League Champions with their teams, with a total of 13. Blue notices that one of the ex-Champions somewhat resembles a younger version of his grandfather, though Professor Oak has never mentioned such an achievement to him.

                              "Er-hem! Congratulations, Blue and Red! This floor is the Pokémon Hall of Fame. Pokémon League Champions are honored for their exploits here. Their Pokémon are also recorded in the Hall of Fame." says Professor Oak, "You two have grown up so much since you first left with Charmander and Squirtle to work on the Pokédex. If you didn't treat your Pokémon with love and trust, you'd never become a Champ. Blue and Red, you must understand your victories were not just your own doings. The bonds you share with your Pokémon teams are marvelous. Now, you can record yourselves and your Pokémon in the Hall of Fame!"

                              "Wait, Gramps!" cries Blue in disbelief, "Could I really record my team here, too?"

                              "Yes, by all means." smiles Professor Oak, "You've beaten the Elite Four before Red, and according to the regulations, you've already been a Champion. Losing to Red never affects that fact of you once being a Champion. I'm very proud of having such an outstanding grandson!"

                              Professor Oak has both boys scan their Trainer's Card above the scanner of the machine, and put their six Poké Balls in the slots, inputting their personal and party information into the system, respectively. Seconds later, photographs of Red's and Blue's team are auto-generated on the screen of the machine.

                              "Again, Congratulations, boys! You and your Pokémon are Hall of Famers!" says Professor Oak, "It's such an unprecedented feat that two Champions are born at the same time! What a miracle it is!"

                              "Oh, stop teasing me as an ex-Champion, Gramps…" grunts Blue.

                              "Heh. I'll also become an ex-Champion one day like you, Blue." says Red.

                              After receiving their Certificates of Indigo League Championship printed by the machine, Red and Blue are taken back to Pallet Town by Professor Oak. After taking a shower, they fall fast asleep on their beds, extremely dog-tired, and do not wake up until the next morning.
                              --End of Epsiode 36--
                              Save File:
                              Player: Red
                              Time: Day 51
                              Pokédex: Seen 142, Owned 16
                              Badges: 8

                              --End of Season 1--

                              You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                              Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                              My remixed music list: Here
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                                Season 2: FRLG: Adventures in Kanto and Beyond
                                Episode 37: Secret Mission: Power Plant (ロケット団の悪あがき?無人発電所の陰謀!)
                                [9:35 AM, Apr 18, Pallet Town]
                                The following day, Red wakes up when he gives a yawn and stretch. The exhaustion from the League battle made him sleep as fast as a log, and even the alarm clock failed to pull him to reality. He sits up and finds that the alarm clock points to 9:35.

                                "Urrrrraaaaagghh…" yawns Red, "How long have I slept? Mm? I've got some messages…"

                                Red picks his smartphone and notices in surprise that most of the messages are from Leaf:
                                (19:22:12) Red-chan, congratulations on becoming a championヽ(*´∀`)ノオメデト─ッ♪! I'm so happy (*≧∀≦*)!

                                (19:40:20) Shall we have a facetime? Tell me sth about your fantastic fights with the E4:pink_boogie:!

                                (19:52:58) Huh? Why didn't you respond:frown:? Did you see my messages?

                                (20:21:03) ・゚・(つД`)・゚・ ウェ―ン You don't want to see me? :pouting: Humph, I don't care anymore!

                                (20:58:11) I'm sorry! I'm terribly sorry!:cry: Prof. Oak told me you were tired out when you went home. I'm truly sorry for disturbing you in your rest! Please forgive me for my selfishness OTZ!

                                "Sigh…That's what Leaf is." Red sends a message to Leaf.

                                (9:36:22) I should say sorry. I shouldn't have slept that long to ignore your messages. Let's make up with each other, shall we?

                                Half a minute later, and Red receives a reply from Leaf.
                                (9:36:51) Really? Then let's be friends again! :love::pink_blush:

                                Reading the reply, red grins and puts away his phone.

                                When Red has just finished his breakfast, he hears the doorbell ringing. He opens the door and it is Leaf! The lass is standing in front of him blushing, as if still feeling sorry for inadvertently bothering Red last evening.

                                "Em, Red-chan. I'm sorry for disturbing you yesterday."

                                "Never mind, Leaf." says Red, "I should appreciate for your taking care of me instead. I never thought a League challenge will be such energy-consuming. I was dragged home by Professor Oak like a sandbag, and I felt I could sleep forever like a Snorlax…"

                                "Poooof! Tee-hee! You're so amusing, Re-chan❤!" Leaf bursts into laughter, "You must need some more time to rest, and I won't trouble you these days. I'll go now."

                                "Thanks for your consideration. I won't see you off then. See ya, Leaf!"

                                "See ya, Re-chan!"

                                [8:27 AM, Apr 21, Pallet Town]
                                Three days later and Red is fully recharged. He decides to take a jog around his quiet hometown to resume his daily exercises. However, his thought is interrupted when he notices Blue flying northeastwards on his Pidgeot, looking grave.

                                To find out the truth, Red visits Blue's house and meets his elder sister, Daisy Oak.

                                "Excuse me, Daisy sis. Do you know where Blue is going?"

                                "He only told me he was heading for Route 10, but he refused to tell me any more details…"

                                "Thanks, Daisy sis. I'll catch him soon."

                                Leaving Blue's house, Red sends out Charizard and rides on him, following Blue's direction.

                                [8:52 AM, Apr 21, Route 10]
                                Later, Red is in midair above the northern entrance to Rock Tunnel. From his bird's eye view, he can see the river extending to the south, crossing through a narrow valley, and ends at a strip of land separated from the rest of Route 10. Hidden behind the hills, there is a large, abandoned building equipped with four tall chimneys. It used to be the main steam power plant of Kanto, supplying electricity for most of the cities and towns. However, it was closed down years ago since clean energy sources were applied, such as wind farms (the largest wind farm is on Route 14) and hydropower stations, due to its serious air pollution and excessive consuming of coal.

                                When Red is viewing the scenery below, he spots some suspicious figures wandering near the entrance to the Power Plant. As he slightly lowers his altitude, the figures become clear, turning out to be some men in black, with a large, red letter R painted on their uniforms!

                                Those Team Rocket crooks! Haven't you received the information from Giovanni that you were disbanded? What do you want by breaking your words?

                                "Charizard, go down to 'em! Then Flamethrower!" shouts Red.

                                Landing on the ground, Red and Charizard take the Team Rocket Grunts by surprise. Hurry-scurry, the villains grab Pokémon Balls from their belts and defend themselves, only to be sprayed down by a single Flamethrower from Charizard.

                                [8:54 AM, Apr 21, Power Plant]
                                Finishing off the guarding villains, Red sneaks into the Power Plant. Being an abandoned building, rusty boilers, instrument panels and generators scatter everywhere. Paints have come off the walls and the ceiling, revealing the cement and bricks behind. Glass shards fallen from the broken windows and screws and nails detached from the machines are always ready to stab hard the feet of an imprudent trespasser. Weathered morals and signs are roughly visible on the walls, expressing a sense of age.

                                As Red moves on cautiously, he hears faint sound coming from head. When he follows the direction of the sound, he also notices some footprints on the floor. The dirt and soil forming the footprints prove themselves to be newly generated. Thinking about the Team Rocket Grunts at the entrance, Red is sure that someone else must be deeper inside!

                                Moving away a deformed iron door, Red's eyes expand wide in astonishment that there is a large flock of Team Rocket members inside the inner room! Some of them are attacking Blue ruthlessly with their Golbat, Koffing and Raticate, who is guarding his side with his Blastoise and Alakazam.

                                "Blue! I'll help you!" Red runs up to his ex-rival and throws out some Poké Balls, "Pikachu, Thunderbolt! Charizard, Dragon Pulse!"

                                "Thanks, my best bud!" says Blue, "Blastoise, Hydro Pump! Alakazam, Psychic!"

                                With the timely presence of Red, the boys quickly turn their disadvantage and defeat the pawn troop.

                                "Blue, why are you here?" asks Red.

                                "You'll soon get to know!" says Blue, "These Team Rocket thugs are also only guarding. They seem to be looking for some legendary Pokémon!"

                                When the boys enter the deepest room, they notice a larger horde of Team Rocket Grunts standing behind an Admin with green hair, watching at a yellow bird Pokémon in front. The spiky plumage of the large bird greatly resembles thunder and lightning, giving a clear impression that it belongs to Electric-type.

                                "Ah. And we finally find you, Zapdos!" says the green-haired Admin, "One of the three legendary birds in Kanto, why are you content with settling yourself in such a cramped and tattered abandoned plant? It was so painstaking for me, Proton, to manage to take a first look of your handsome face."

                                Zapdos stares at Proton and his underlings in a skeptical look.

                                "But you don't have to live here like a tramp now, Zapdos!" says Proton, "Because we, Team Rocket, will offer you a warmer and sweeter home! Not only will you eat and sleep better, but you can also bring into full play your actual and potential strength!"

                                Zapdos looks a bit confused. What do these humans mean by a "warmer and sweeter home"?

                                "Don't be modest, Zapdos! If you agree, then come into this ball!" says Proton as he shows an Ultra Ball to the electric avian, "Our contract is done the time you reside in it. We sincerely promise that we'll keep our words!"

                                Zapdos makes a deep growl, still not fully trusting the humans in black uniforms.

                                "Shame on you Team Rocket crooks for bragging such shameless nonsense at a legendary Pokémon!" A shout comes from behind suddenly, startling Proton and his subordinates. The villains turn around and it is Red and Blue, holding a Poké Ball in their hands, respectively.

                                "Don't believe in those rogues, Zapdos!" calls Red, "They're good at doing nothing but poaching and selling Pokémon for illegal profits! What you'll get are only cold eyes and inhuman maltreats if you fall to them!"

                                "And they even stashed me in such a cold, pitch-black basement!" adds Blue.

                                Zapdos looks at the boys and the men bewildered. Which side should it trust?

                                "Hey, you little rascals! Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to Team Rocket Admin Proton in such a way?" says Proton in a barbarous way, "Looks like I have to give you a little punishment to tame you, you scamps."

                                Proton sends out a Golbat and a Weezing. He then orders Golbat to use Air Cutter and Weezing to use Dark Pulse.

                                "Pikachu, I choose you! Thunderbolt!"

                                "Go, Alakazam, Psychic!"

                                Pikachu leaps into the air and electrocutes Golbat with a dazzling beam of electricity, while Alakazam lifts Weezing into the air with his psychic surges and smashes it into a wall. Both of the enemy Pokémon are knocked out in one turn, despite their owner at a rather high rank in the criminal group. All at the scene, including Zapdos, are shocked at the skillful battling techniques of the boys.

                                "Grrrr…Screw it! We retreat for now, Grunts!" grumbles Proton, who rudely pushes Red and Blue aside with his subordinates, and the villains flee from the Power Plant, leaving a dumbfounded Red, Blue and Zapdos behind.

                                After regaining his consciousness, Red talks to Zapdos, "You witnessed it, didn't you, Zapdos? Even towards human children should those Team Rocket crooks be so cruel, so why should a Pokémon expect any kindness from them?"

                                Zapdos nods in enlightenment.

                                "But I don't get it why Zapdos should make its nest here in an abandoned plant…" says Blue.

                                Zapdos flaps its wings and points at a lightning symbol on the wall, as if saying it was attracted here by the abundant electricity despite the abandonment of such a building.

                                "Oh, I forgot it!" says Red, "This Power Plant must be home to some wild Electric-type Pokémon. I caught sight of a Magnemite when I was tromping here, but it quickly hid itself."

                                "So did I!" says Blue, "I got the news from somewhere that those Team Rocket thugs would be doing something here, so I beat them here, seeing many Pokémon like Voltorb and Electrode. But before I could find a place to ambush them, they barged in and spotted me, and I had to confront them head-on."

                                "So it must be those wild Pokémon that feed Zapdos with electricity." says Red, "But why do they keep hiding? The bad guys should have been gone."

                                At this moment, some Electric-type Pokémon stick their heads out on hearing the news. Looking around and finding nobody dangerous, they reveal themselves in relief.

                                "Haha, there're so many of you here!" laughs Red, "You must have been more scared than hurt when those Team Rocket crooks invaded your home, weren't you?"

                                Nod all the Electric-type Pokémon in agreement.

                                "I understand you may have some fear against humans. But that's not the reason to shrink into the corner when your home is in danger, is it?" asks Red.

                                The wild Pokémon look speechless at each other, none of them liking being called a coward.

                                "As untrained Pokémon, you might not be sure if you can beat those invaders' power your own, but you're large in number! A united group is far stronger than dispersed individuals! A single chopstick is easy to snap while a bunch of them is hard!" says Red.

                                Listening to Red's speech, the Pokémon, including Zapdos, remain silent in deep thought.

                                "In short, union is strength!" says Red, "There's no reason to watch helplessly when those Team Rocket crooks are trying to take over your dear home! It's your Pokémon right to live and propagate here, and why should you all resign yourselves to foreign invasion? No matter who your enemies are, humans or Pokémon, you must have the guts to drive 'em out should they dare make their first step into your front door!"

                                Encouraged by Red's passionate talk, a Magneton stands out and gives out a firm, self-assured facial expression while buzzing at its fellows, as if saying, "That human child's absolutely correct! This home is for ours, not those human wretches in black! Why should we hide ourselves spinelessly while the invaders are trampling on our home as they wish?"

                                "It's just your rebellious will that counts!" says Red, "But never to be brave than wise. You can gain yourselves advantage if you are familiar with a foe's moves. If you don't mind, would you like to receive some training from us? I don't mean capturing you, just as a practice opponent."

                                Magneton buzzes as if asking, "You mean we battle you?"

                                "Sure." says Red, "It's too small here inside. We can have a practice battle outside the Power Plant. Who will be the first volunteer?"

                                Magneton buzzes and stands out as if recommending itself.

                                "All right. Let's go out. Zapdos and all of you watch on the side."

                                [9:31 AM, Apr 21, Route 10]
                                At the entrance to the Power Plant, Red and Magneton stand on the opposite ends while Blue, Zapdos and other local Pokémon dwellers watch their battle on either sides of the virtual arena.

                                "Brace yourself, Magneton. My Pokémon will not be as weak as those Team Rocket crooks!"

                                Magneton buzzes as if saying "I'm ready! Bring it on!"

                                "Pikachu, I choose you! Iron Tail!"

                                Pikachu jumps into the air and tries to slam his metallic tail into Magneton, while Magneton forms a steel bomb in front of itself and lobs it at Pikachu. It is a Steel-type move called Magnet Bomb, and it is also a non-avoidable move. Both of the Pokémon take some not-very-effective damage after being hit.

                                "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

                                Usually, Electric-type Pokémon can absorb weak electricity and convert it to their own power, but a huge power degree of electricity will cause them to overload, damaging them instead of feeding them. But the brave Magneton hangs on and shakes off the sparks on its surface. It then produces a triangle with its angles colored in blue, yellow and red in front of itself, and fires the spinning triangle at Pikachu.

                                "Dodge the Tri Attack, Pikachu!" orders Red.

                                Pikachu leaps sideways to make the triangle miss, which then hits the ground behind him and causes a mini explosion.

                                "Pikachu, Quick Attack!"

                                Pikachu runs at Magneton, but he does not headbutt the Magnet Pokémon since it simply hurts his head with recoil. Instead, he leaps onto Magneton and pushes it, causing it to back off.

                                Afterwards, Magneton releases weak electricity onto Pikachu, but Pikachu absorbs the electricity without any side effects, making Magneton puzzled.

                                "Haha, Thunder Wave can't paralyze Electric-type Pokémon, Magneton!" laughs Red.

                                Magneton expands its eyes and gives an expression as if acknowledging its lack of trivial knowledge.

                                "OK, you can stop now!" Blue calls off the battle, "You both have tasted each other's power, and that's enough!"

                                Leaving the battle arena, Red takes out a bottle of Hyper Potion and sprays it on Mangeton, healing its damage.

                                And after witnessing the practice battle, the Electric-type Pokémon decide to found a "Power Plant Defense Team" (named by Red), and Magneton is elected the team leader, which it bashfully accepts.

                                "Now that you've firmed your resolution, it's time for us to say goodbye." says Red, "Last but not least, can you distinguish normal visitors and malicious invaders?"

                                All the Electric-type Pokémon cry and smile in confidence.

                                "Haha. That's fine! See ya!" smiles Red.

                                Riding on their flying Pokémon, Red and Blue wave goodbye to the Pokémon inhabitants before they disappear into the distance. The Pokémon then return to their home, determined to protect it from any aggressors.
                                --End of Epsiode 37--
                                Save File:
                                Player: Red
                                Time: Day 55
                                Pokédex: Seen 144, Owned 16
                                Badges: 8

                                You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                My remixed music list: Here
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                                  Episode 38: Secret Mission: Seafoam Islands (ふたご島探検!イーブイの新しい進化型!)
                                  [9:59 AM, Apr 21, Pallet Town]
                                  After Red and Blue lands in Pallet Town, they happen to meet Professor Oak carrying some files and documents from home to his lab.

                                  "I'll help you, Professor Oak!" says Red.

                                  "Me too, Gramps!" says Blue.

                                  "Ah, thank you, boys." says Professor Oak, "By the way, where did you go this morning?"

                                  "We've been to the Power Plant." answers Blue, on their way to the lab, "We bumped into some Team Rocket thugs and saved a Zapdos and some Electric-type Pokémon from 'em."

                                  "Zapdos?" exclaims Professor Oak, who opens the door to the lab, "It's one of the three legendary birds of Kanto! You saw it?"

                                  "I heard a Team Rocket Admin named Proton also mentioned the legendary birds. What are they?" asks Red.

                                  "Excluding Zapdos, the other two birds are respectively named Articuno, the ice bird, and Moltres, the fire bird. Articuno usually inhabits cold places while Moltres loves hot ones." explains the professor, putting away the documents and the files with the boys.

                                  "So those Team Rocket crooks must be targeting all the legendary birds. We must stop 'em. But how can we find the other birds?" says Red.

                                  "The hottest place in Kanto is Cinnabar Island, but no local citizens ever mentioned they have seen Moltres." says Blue, "But there's a place which is quite cold in contrast to Kanto's averagely mild temperature. It's the Seafoam Islands."

                                  "Seafoam Islands?" asks Red.

                                  "Yeah. When I was surfing on Route 20, I could feel a cold breeze coming from inside the caves on the twin islands. I wanted to take a visit there but the cold soon drove me away."

                                  "That's it!" Red raises his voice, "Seafoam Islands is a suitable habitat for Articuno! And those Team Rocket crooks must be there, too! Blue, let's go there at once!"

                                  "Wait, Red! Don't you consider changing to some winter clothes?"

                                  "We can't afford to waste any time! Come on, Blue, let's go!"

                                  The boys rush out of the lab, ride on their flying Pokémon, and hurry to Route 20.

                                  [10:12 AM, Apr 21, Seafoam Islands]
                                  The Seafoam Islands is a pair of islands located on Route 20, between Cinnabar Island and Fuchsia City. In ancient times, they were two isolated islands. But centuries ago, the fall of sea level revealed some land on the islands' base, thus connecting the two islands into a pair of twins.

                                  "Brrr….It's so cold!" trembles Red with a shivering tone, standing at the entrance to the cave.

                                  "Didn't I suggest adding some clothes?" says Blue, "But since we're already here, let's go in."

                                  Inside the Seafoam Islands is a typical ice cave. The air temperature is usually below zero, causing almost all the water to freeze into ice, forming many icicles hanging from the ceiling like sharp knives. Part of the ground is covered in ice and is very slippery, and stepping on the ice will cause one to move forward uncontrollably in constant speed until he hits an obstacle or moves out of the ice area. There are also some cracks and holes on the ground, warning adventurers to watch their step so as not to fall down to the next level and break their legs.

                                  Before the boys sense the presence of anyone else, they are greeted by some local Pokémon, including Seel, Zubat, Golduck and Slowpoke. Red feels it hard to understand why Zubat, a weak-to-Ice-type Pokémon, should adapt to such an unfriendly environment here.

                                  Descending to B2F, the boys discover some suspicious phenomenon. There used to be some boulders blocking a pathway in front, but one of them was pushed away, leaving a trail from its original position, revealing stairs to the next basement floor. On both sides of the trail, there are some footprints that look like being left for not very long. Both the boys are sure that there must be someone other than themselves who made their way deeper down through this shortcut.

                                  At the stairs, the boys gradually hear some noise coming from in front. The noise is mixed up with Trainers' commands and the execution of Pokémon moves.

                                  "Golbat, Leech Life!" commands a thin male voice.

                                  "Drowzee, Psybeam!" commands another male voice which seemingly belongs to a chubby guy.

                                  "Machoke, Fire Punch!" commands a strong male voice.

                                  "Seems a Pokémon battle is on the way…" says Red to himself.

                                  "Lily, Hidden Power! Sylvy, Moonblast! Wiggly, Dazzling Gleam!" commands a female voice.

                                  "What's up, Red?" asks Blue when he notices Red's facial expression becomes serious.

                                  "Shhh! Come with me, Blue!" says Red in a low voice, sticking his back to the wall and quietly steps to the end of the stairs.

                                  "Gah! Those Team Rocket thugs again! Red was right!" cries Blue in his mind when he protrudes his head to observe, "They seem to be besieging somebody. We must rescue him or her…"

                                  But before Blue can make any action, Red throws out a Poké Ball and orders, "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

                                  Pikachu launches an assault at the Team Rocket Grunts by releasing electricity from himself which engulfs the enemies and zaps them into unconsciousness. Some luckily unscathed Grunts then withdraw their Pokémon and scram in fear. Red then recalls Pikachu.

                                  When the villains scatter, it is revealed that the besieged victim is one of Red's acquaintances--Leaf, who has just recalled her Pokémon.

                                  "Re-chan! Why are you here? And who's that with you?" exclaims Leaf in surprise.

                                  "Wait, Leaf. Behind you…" Red spots something horrible before he can answer.


                                  Before Leaf can react, a tall and burly Grunt rises from the ground and seizes the poor girl by the neck. He then takes out a shotgun from his pocket, puts it close to Leaf's neck, and threatens the boys remorselessly, "Stay where you are, if you want this girl's life!"

                                  The boys want to save Leaf with their Pokémon, but they are unable to make a single move.

                                  "Freeze there, or I'll kill her!" menaces the Grunt, who moves back little by little towards another cave, his right arm holding tight onto Leaf's neck to prevent her from crying out.

                                  "Darn! If he flees from that cave, Leaf will be in danger!" thinks Red anxiously in sweat, "But he has a shotgun! I can't assume my Pokémon's agility can exceed his shooting speed. Oh, shoot…Wait! Maybe this will work!"

                                  Coming up with an idea on his feet, Red hints Leaf with an inconspicuous eye look. Leaf is a bit dazed when she notices Red, but then she gets him and replies with an unobtrusive smile.

                                  To lessen the potential of getting hurt, Leaf stops resisting and fakes her cooperation with the Grunt by synchronizing with his footstep and gives him a delicate look. Soon later, the two ends up in the cave out of Red and Blue's sight.

                                  "Hey, Red. Aren't you gonna save that girl?" scolds Blue in a skeptical and confused look.

                                  "All she can rely on is herself." says Red, "She has understood my meaning. I'm sure she'll make off soon."

                                  And when the Grunt is assured that Red and Blue has lost sight of them, he grins cunningly and puts away his shot gun.

                                  "Haha, such two little suckers! Watching helplessly while I take away their friend!" thinks the Grunt as he looks at a fine-figured Leaf with his face turning red in a lustful way, "Hehehe! How lucky I am to get myself such a hot little chick! I've gotten rid of those two obstacles, and this little peach looks so lovely! I'll be wasting my life as a man if I don't leave a paw on her!"

                                  After this, the Grunt cackles lasciviously with his saliva drooping, and outstretches his free hand at the white-hatted girl…

                                  But before he can have his way, Leaf stomps hard on the thug's foot, and strikes him on the stomach with her elbow, causing him to let go of her in pain with an "OWW". She then takes to her heels and runs away as fast as she can, eventually reuniting with the boys waiting for her at the stairs.

                                  "Are you OK, Leaf? Didn't that scoundrel do anything to you?" asks Red worriedly.

                                  "I'm fine. I just ran away from him in time. That was so close!" answers Leaf.

                                  "Phew…Seems everything is going on well. When did you come here?" asks Red.

                                  "I heard Team Rocket is planning on something here, so I followed them, but I was jumped." says Leaf, "And thank you for your eye expression, or I couldn't imagine what that pervert would do to me…"

                                  "No bad news is good news." says Red, "Since you're a girl, you must grasp some knowledge and skills for self-protection, in case you meet those satyrs again."

                                  "I'm sorry, Re-chan. I'm always the one being protected and encouraged…"

                                  "Not at all. If there's a Like button, I'll click on it 100 times at your brave act against that wolf." says Red, "And you seem to bring two new species of Pokémon with you. May I take a look?"

                                  "Sure, but after we settle everything." says Leaf, "I heard Team Rocket is looking for a legendary Pokémon called Articuno. Is that the reason they are here?"

                                  "Aha! That's just why we came here!" says Red delighted, "We shall be quicker than those Team Rocket crooks! Articuno will be at risk if it falls to their sweet words!"

                                  "Could I really come with you?" asks Leaf.

                                  "Of course! The more, the stronger! Also, we can keep you safe from them!"

                                  "Thank you, Re-chan!" Leaf enters the boys' team, "Let's go!"

                                  "Just wait a moment. I bet that satyr will be back when he loses you!" sneers Red, taking out another Poké Ball, "You two, too! Let's make an ambush!"

                                  As expected, the Team Rocket Grunt runs after Leaf exasperatedly when he sees his "hot little chick" escaping. But the time he returns to the chamber on B3F, the kids and their Pokémon are just awaiting, charging their moves. In panic, the Grunt attempts to flee, but loses balance when he steps on ice and trips over.

                                  It is not over yet. Red's Eevee runs up to the miscreant and kicks at his crouch with all-out force! With the screech of "Aaarrrrrrrrgh" from the Grunt, both Red and Blue can feel the ball-breaking pain that is male-exclusive.

                                  "Bah! Serves you right to lose your future offspring!" mocks Blue, sticking his tongue out.

                                  Leaving the Grunt behind, the kids go down the stairs to B4F. The land on this floor is divided into several pieces by fast, chilling currents. The temperature of the currents is too low for normal Surfing Pokémon if they are not part Ice-type. Moreover, the speed of the currents is too high for Surfing Pokémon to keep steady. Therefore, the only way to cross the currents is to build a bridge above them. Fortunately, there are some large boulders lying on the land they are standing on, and they are heavy enough to keep themselves from being washed away by the flows. The heroes have their Pokémon use Strength to push those boulders onto the currents, forming a rock bridge, allowing them to pass.

                                  And finally on B5F, the lowest floor of Seafoam Islands cave, the kids overhear something in the corridor to the deepest chamber. Thinking about the presence of Team Rocket, Red and his friends hide themselves behind a large rock at the entrance, while he observes carefully into the chamber with one of his eyes.

                                  In the chamber, there is a group of Team Rocket Grunts, standing behind a female Admin with white uniform and red hair, facing a blue avian on a stage in front. At this moment, the Rockets are fully concentrated on the bird so that they do not notice the intruders on their back.

                                  "……So glad to meet you, Articuno!" says the Admin, "One of the legendary birds of Kanto, Articuno the ice bird! We Team Rocket is in need of your power! Would you like to join us?"

                                  Articuno looks a little hesitated.

                                  "We aren't pushing you, Articuno!" says the Admin, "But are you satisfied living in the depths of an ice cave with no sunlight and fresh air? If you join Team Rocket, we can provide you with a more comfortable and high-quality residence, as well as countless deal of delicious food! You'll never have to worry about your future living any longer!"

                                  Articuno looks at the woman with its eyes expanded, as if it is a little interested.

                                  "If you made your decision, then in this ball!" The Admin flashes an Ultra Ball in her hand, "This ball is a form of hi-tech transportation. We can carry you out and release you outside. If you feel tired, you can return to it at any time. You won't feel too cold or too hot or too hungry or too thirsty!"

                                  "Tch. How hypocritical they are…" mumbles Blue, unintentionally letting his voice out.

                                  Oh, heck! Blue's voice is caught by one of the Grunts, who informs the Admin at once. All the Team Rocket members turn around and spot the kids, who can no longer conceal their existences.

                                  "Eh? Even three little mice have smelt our plan!" smirks the Admin, "I'm Ariana, one of the Team Rocket Admins. Proton told me his Zapdos plan was also foiled by some brats like you. You're much bolder than I thought!"

                                  "……" The kids stay silent, with their eyes half open.

                                  "If you dare offend us Team Rocket, then I dare dig your tombs here!" says Ariana hostilely before she commands, "You all, get rid of those rotten brats!"

                                  Receiving the order, the Team Rocket subordinates takes out Poké Balls and call out their Pokémon slaves to attack the kids.

                                  "Eevee, I choose you! Shadow Ball!"

                                  "Go, Arcanine! Fire Blast!"

                                  "Sylvy, let's go! Moonblast!"

                                  The triple attacks from the Pokémon at the heroes' side converge into a single beam of lightning that strikes down on all of the opposing foes, defeating them in one turn.

                                  "Huh? When have the little mice grown so cheeky?" says Ariana crossly as she tosses out her own Poké Balls, "Arbok, Gunk Shot! Vileplume, Venoshock!"

                                  "Eevee, Shadow Ball!"

                                  "Arcanine, Fire Blast!"

                                  "Sylvy, Moonblast!"

                                  Regardless of the rank of the enemy, the result remains just the same considering the absolute difference in levels and power between the heroes' and the antagonists' parties. Ariana's Arbok and Vileplume faint instantly when the three-in-one attack spanks them on their heads like a metal bar.

                                  "……" Ariana watches in despair at her defeated Pokémon. She turns at Articuno and appeals to it with a quivering voice, "Ar…Articuno…Please…lend me a hand…"

                                  But Articuno is not so foolish to be duped by such evident feigning words. Realizing the sides of good and evil, it takes a deep breath, and releases a frosty wind from its mouth at the Team Rocket herd, freezing their feet in the ice.

                                  "What a relief that Articuno is not tricked!" says Red.

                                  "And how does it feel to be landed on a critical hit, you red-hair carline?" Blue insults Ariana at her clumsy appearance.

                                  "Why do you mean by a critical hit?" asks Red.

                                  "What Articuno just used is Frost Breath. It's a move that ensures a 100% critical hit unlike others. I learned it from Gramps." explains Blue, "Can you feel how painful it is when you're critically hit after spending efforts to lower your foe's Attack?"

                                  "Your Gramps?" cries Leaf, "You must be Professor Oak's grandson then!"

                                  "Ehehe! You get it right, beauty!" says Blue scratching his back head bashfully, "The name's Blue.
                                  Nice to meet you!"

                                  "Tee-hee. You look too frivolous to make any resemblance to your grandfather." smiles Leaf, "I'm Leaf. Nice to meet you, too!"

                                  "Are you from Pallet Town, too? You speak in our local accent." asks Blue.

                                  "Yes. I was born there, but I currently live in Viridian City."

                                  "Got it. But don't you call me 'Professor Oak's grandson'. I dislike others relating me to Gramps!"

                                  "OK, OK. And since you're Re-chan's friend, I'll call you Blue-kyun (derived from -kun, used as a nickname suffix for boys) then!"

                                  "B…Blue…kyun?" says Blue with his face turning red, "This nickname is so…"

                                  "Don't mind it too much, Blue!" says Red, "The Articuno case is over now, and we shall retreat. It's so cold here, and we're in our spring clothes!"

                                  But before the kids leave, Red's Eevee is attracted by and runs up to a colossal rock enveloped in ice in the corner near Articuno's stage. After she touches the rock, her body begins to glow white, triggering the process of evolution. After the process ends, Eevee's body is covered in light blue quilled fur instead of fluffy brown hair. She grows two dangles at both sides of her head, resembling a trapper's hat together with the dark blue patterns on her forehead.

                                  "Wow, a new Pokémon!" cries Red in excitement, who grasps the Pokédex from his backpack swiftly and slides on the screen. But however he searches, he cannot find any seen or owned information for his newly evolved Eevee. He has recorded the seen information for Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon, all being Eeveelutions. Since this new Pokémon is also an Eeveelution, it must be placed at the slot not far from Flareon (numbered 136), but the highest slot number ends in 149 (which is for Dragonite), and none of the slots between 137 and 149 is labeled with this blue Pokémon's name and shape.

                                  "Is the Pokédex glitched?" thinks Red, who reboots the Pokédex and searches the list again, only to get the very same result.

                                  "It must be a Pokémon undiscovered in Kanto before!" says Blue, "All Eeveelutions have their names based on their types, and your new evolved Eevee must be Ice-type. Maybe we can temporarily call it 'Iceon' or 'Freezeon' or something?"

                                  "Be serious, Blue!" says Red, "Pokémon may feel insulted when called by improper names! I shall keep calling her Eevee before I know her official species name."

                                  "Ha-choo!" sneezes Leaf.

                                  "Oops! We can't stay any longer." exclaims Red, "Come back, Eevee! We're home!"

                                  The kids hurry out of the icy cave, leaving Articuno on the stage, who takes pleasure in breathing Frost Breath at the tranquilized Team Rocket group and watching at their dread looks. On their way home, Leaf gives Blue her phone number out of his request, and Blue gets to know that Leaf was the very person Red was waiting for before his League challenge.
                                  --End of Epsiode 38--
                                  Save File:
                                  Player: Red
                                  Time: Day 55
                                  Pokédex: Seen 145, Owned 16
                                  Badges: 8

                                  You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                  Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                                    Episode 39: Secret Mission: Victory Road (火の鳥に手を出すな!悪役をぶっ潰す!)
                                    [3:00 PM, Apr 21, Pallet Town]
                                    The wintry weather inside Seafoam Island had nearly made the kids catch a cold, if they had not exited early enough. Despite this, the time they returned home, they wrap their quilts around themselves tightly for a whole noon while sneezing and coughing, while being blamed by their parents and relatives for staying at such a cold place in such thin clothes.

                                    After Red is all right, he thinks, "Blue told me the hottest place in Kanto is Cinnabar Island, but Moltres doesn't seem to be seen there. The fire bird is unlikely to dwell in northern places because they are not hot enough for its adaptation…Darn! Perhaps those Team Rocket crooks are already on the way!"

                                    "Ding!" Red's phone receives a message. It is from his neighbor, Blue.
                                    Red! Come to Indigo Plateau square, ASAP!

                                    Did Blue find something? An intrigued Red immediately rushes out and flies to Indigo Plateau on Charizard. It is not illegal to bypass Badge checkpoints in this way if a challenger has already reached the Pokémon League and registered himself there.

                                    Landing on the square before the League main building, Red finds Blue, Leaf, as well as all the Elite Four members assembled there.

                                    "Blue! What on earth happened here?" asks Red.

                                    "It's because Elite Four Agatha discovered some unknown figures slipping into Victory Road, so she intended to tell all of the relevant persons about it." says Blue, "But she has only Gramps' phone number, so she phoned him, and Gramps told me, and I texted you and Leaf."

                                    "Those 'unknown figures' must be no one other than those Team Rocket crooks!" says Red, "But are they in search for Moltres? When I was slogging in the cave, I didn't feel even anything hot! Did you, Leaf?"

                                    "Nope. Excluding common Pokémon like Golbat, Graveler and Onix, what I found were only Venomoth, Machoke and Marowak." answers Leaf shaking her head.

                                    "Anyway, what nerve those men have to creep onto us Indigo League!" says Lorelei.

                                    "If I can't let them taste my iron fists, then I'm not called Bruno." says Bruno.

                                    "Older ginger tastes spicier. Just you remember, you punks!" says Agatha.

                                    "My dragon army needs a practice target!" says Lance.

                                    [3:13 PM, Apr 21, Victory Road]
                                    Entering the Victory Road from the north, the group lightened their steps to avoid alerting the enemies. To make a better spy on the villains, Red has his Pikachu sleuth odors while Agatha has her Golbat capturing sounds.

                                    Minutes later, Golbat seems to hear something, as it flaps it wings and signals the group to follow it. It leads the group to the entrance of a cave, but it then hides itself behind a rock at the entrance instead of entering it. Understanding the bat's body language, they conceal themselves immediately as well.

                                    "Hmm? Look at the entrance, you all!" says Leaf quietly, pointing to a trail on the ground, "This rock looks like having been moved! Maybe this chamber was initially blocked by the rock so that we didn't notice it!"

                                    "Just like when we were at Seafoam Islands." says Red, "Let me take a glimpse inside…Woah!"

                                    As expected, a third troop of Team Rocket is inside the chamber, facing a large avian with flames burning on top its head and its wings. The flames are bright enough to illuminate all the darkness inside the chamber. However, the rock before being moved totally masked the flames so that neither Red, Blue, Leaf, nor the Elite Four caught sight of it.

                                    And at this time, the Team Rocket is leaded by a male Admin with pink-purple hair and a beard. He extends his arms while he tries to negotiate with the Pokémon, "Moltres, we've heard of your name long, long ago! As loyal fans of yours, we kept following your footsteps and finally find you here! If you don't mind, would you like to learn a little about us Team Rocket?"

                                    Moltres pauses for a while before it nods, as if thinking that just listening to something does not have any serious effects.

                                    "Team Rocket is a group dedicated to make Pokémon stronger. We devote all ourselves to inspiring the full potential in a Pokémon so that they can grow much, much, much more powerful than naturally. Everyone peruses power, and if you consider joining us Team Rocket, we'll make your dream come true in no time!"

                                    Moltres looks a little allured to the Admin's instigation.

                                    "Have you made up your mind?" says the Admin with an Ultra Ball in his hand, "If so, then let this ball be a bond between you and Team Rocket. Just enter it and everything is done. It's not a bit painful, we guarantee!"

                                    "Grrr…How unblushingly boastful these rogues are!" thinks Red.

                                    "Moltres, we're not compelling you. We just want you to make a wise decision." coerces the Admin, "We acknowledge your personal power, and never forbid you from saying no, but you must know there're so many of us. We have the full heart to persuade you into coming to our side…by any kind of means."

                                    In fact, Moltres is not willing to join these men in black at the risk of losing its freedom. But it is not sure whether it can get away in case all these people attack it simultaneously. It breathes out a flame as if sighing in dilemma.

                                    "Get your filthy hands off Moltres, you Team Rocket crooks!"

                                    Team Rocket is jolted by a loud shout from behind. They turn around and sees the three heroes, as well as the Elite Four, glaring at them with raging facial expressions.

                                    "Well, well! Even the Elite Four are alerted!" says the Admin in a sardonic tone, "I can't believe Proton and Ariana could be thwarted by three mere twerps! And they even called for help this time!"

                                    "What should we do then, captain Petrel?" asks a Grunt.

                                    "What should we do? Of course…ATTACK!"

                                    "Wrrrraaaaaagggh!" The subordinates pounces on with their Pokémon.

                                    "The enemies have greatly increased this time. So we go up together, shall we?" asks Red to his companions.

                                    "Yes, sir!" salutes Blue as if receiving an order, "Go, Alakazam, Psychic!"

                                    "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" orders Red.

                                    "Let's go, Sylvy! Moonblast!" orders Leaf.

                                    "Jynx, Heart Stamp!" orders Lorelei.

                                    "Machamp, Stone Edge!" orders Bruno.

                                    "Golbat, Air Cutter!" orders Agatha.

                                    "Dragonite, Hurricane!" orders Lance.

                                    Quantities can hardly make up for qualities. After seconds' chaos, all of the antagonizing Pokémon (including some of their owners) are lying on the ground, unconscious or stunned.

                                    "Crap! Looks that I have to give up, too! Weezing, Smokescreen!" shouts Petrel, who uses his Weezing as a smoke bomb to veil himself, making the group of seven cough badly. Contrary to his accomplices Ariana and Proton, Petrel did not make any dying kicks.

                                    After the smoke thins out, the group finds that all the Team Rocket members are at where they were except Petrel. He must have been escaped under the cloak of Smokescreen. But fortunately, Moltres is unhurt.

                                    "What a pity the chief got away again…" moans Red.

                                    "But not any of his underlings!" says Bruno who takes out some ropes and tapes prepared in advance, "At least they can be important clues for tracking down their leaders!"

                                    After the group tie all the Grunts to prevent them from fleeing, Lorelei calls the police on her phone. Sometime later, and a group of policemen arrive at the scene on their helicopters, arresting the men in black.

                                    "Oh, I nearly forgot the ones at Seafoam Islands!" cries Red, "We should capture them before they break free from Articuno!"

                                    "Thank you very much for your reminder!" says the leader of the policemen, "And leave the rest to us the police!"

                                    "Excuse me, but could you keep our names a secret to the media?" asks Leaf.

                                    "You mean you and these two young men? Sure." agrees the policeman.

                                    [7:21 PM, Apr 21, Pallet Town]
                                    Tired from a whole day's trek, Red spends most of his evening surfing on the Internet. When he clicks on the "News" option of the search engine, the top line is:
                                    After the disbandment of the largest criminal gang of Kanto, Team Rocket, leaded by Giovanni, some remaining forces formed in groups, and take their aims at the legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Fortunately, all of their dirty plans were frustrated by three young anonymous Trainers, together with the current Elite Four…However, despite most of the members have been brought into justice, some important culprits, including an unknown number of Admins, plus the boss Giovanni, are still on the run…The Kanto police are making their best efforts to seize them.

                                    "Goodness, I made a mistake!" cries Red in regret, "I shouldn't have left Ariana behind at Seafoam Islands! She must have been rescued by her crime partners Proton and Petrel! If I just could foresee this…"

                                    [8:42 AM, Apr 24, Pallet Town]
                                    It is a bright, sunny day three days later after the legendary bird events. After Red has his breakfast, he takes a walk outside his house, greedily absorbing the fresh air and enjoying the warm sunlight. Just then, he receives a message from Leaf.
                                    (8:42:08) Leaf Fairy: It's such great weather today, isn't it?

                                    And he sends a reply:
                                    (8:42:29) Flare Blitz: Yep. I can't afford to let a single molecule of oxygen escape from my nose!
                                    (8:42:57) Leaf Fairy: Then would U like to hang out with me somewhere? I've come up with somewhere good!

                                    Hang out with a girl somewhere? It's a date, isn't it? I'm invited by a girl to my first date?
                                    (8:43:27) Flare Blitz: Great! Where would we go?
                                    (8:43:48) Leaf Fairy: ❤❤❤v(=^0^=)v❤❤❤
                                    (8:43:58) Leaf Fairy: (Map position of a cafeteria named "Rainbow Café")
                                    (8:44:21) Leaf Fairy: I'm free for the whole afternoon. Will 1 o'clock do?
                                    (8:44:47) Flare Blitz: OK.
                                    (8:44:55) Leaf Fairy: It's a deal!:pink_nod:

                                    Red smiles before he puts away his phone into his pocket.
                                    --End of Epsiode 39--
                                    Save File:
                                    Player: Red
                                    Time: Day 58
                                    Pokédex: Seen 146, Owned 16
                                    Badges: 8

                                    You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                    Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                                      Episode 40: A Colorful Hangout (レッドとリーフの初デート?)
                                      [12:52 PM, Apr 24, Celadon City]
                                      Celadon City, the city of rainbow dreams.

                                      When Red arrives at the destination, Rainbow Café, on his Charizard, there is still minutes before their appointed time. To avoid being late, he set off from home right after having a light lunch.

                                      Three minutes later, Leaf fades in from the crowds in the east, looking around in search of Red.

                                      "Hi, Leaf! I'm here!" Red waves at and calls Leaf.

                                      "Re-chan!" Leaf hurries to him after noticing his gesture, "Have you waited for long?"

                                      "No. I've just got here. Let's go in." says Red, who picks up Leaf's hand, making her blush.

                                      Settling at Table 17, they put their bags beside them. Red orders a cup of watermelon juice, while Leaf orders a cup of strawberry milk tea. Although they have already experienced a world of two in the Pokémon Mansion, they are too nervous to launch a topic on their first official date.

                                      After a short embarrassing period for two minutes, Red tries to break the silence, faltering, "How, how about we talk about something about our Pokémon? We, we can, em, discuss something on how we encountered and cultivated them, shall, shall we?"

                                      "That's... that sounds a good idea..." says Leaf, rubbing her hands on her skirt.

                                      "Then I, I choose you, Pikachu and Eevee." says Red, who releases his Pikachu and newly evolved Eevee, considering their rather small volumes and weights.

                                      "All right. Come out, Sylvy, Lily!"

                                      Leaf activates two of her Poké Balls, revealing the two Pokémon she fought with against Team Rocket at Seafoam Islands. One of them, nicknamed Sylvy, is a cream-pinkish quadruple Pokémon with one bow on its left ear and one on its neck, either adorned with a feeler. The other, nicknamed Lily, is a humanoid greenish Pokémon donning a large red flower on its head. Some light green leaves on its head resemble long hair, while its torso is a collection of tulip leaves resembling a dress. Its two arms are two linear leaves with no hands. Its golden eyes resemble seeds, and it appears to have no visible nose or mouth on its face.

                                      Habitually, Red takes out his Pokédex and tries to find the seen information of Leaf's two Pokémon, but he fails as he did at his evolved Eevee.

                                      "Stop wasting your efforts, Re-chan. It's no use." says Leaf.

                                      "So these Pokémon must also be ones undiscovered in Kanto?" asks Red.

                                      "Yes." says Leaf, "They're both from Unova, a region very far away from Kanto."

                                      "Unova? I never thought you should have been abroad!" says Red in astonishment.

                                      "Tee-hee! I haven't. They were both given to me from someone else." explains Leaf, "Sylvy was brought to my mama as an Eevee from a friend working at Castelia City in Unova. We both developed a liking towards each other at the first sight, so mama gave her to me as a pet. We played with each other in my room and outside, and she slept with me every night near my bed. And when I set off for my journey, I brought Eevee as my first Pokémon."

                                      "You're used to nicknaming your Pokémon, so Sylvy must also be a nickname, isn't it?"

                                      "Yes. This Pokémon's official name is Sylveon, another kind of Eeveelution."

                                      "But where do you know its species name?"

                                      "It's a long story." Leaf begins to recollect her memories, "Before I got to know the extra Eeveelutions other than Water, Electric and Fire, I didn't nickname Eevee because I couldn't decide which form I should evolve her into. What's more, Eevee didn't look like being interested in any of them, so I didn't hurry for the evolution stones."

                                      "Then how did your Eevee evolve? At a particular place like mine?"

                                      "Before I explain, Re-chan, how many Pokémon types do you think there exist?"

                                      "17, of course. Normal, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Dragon, Dark, in which Steel and Dark were discovered about 17 years ago." Red recites the type table fluently.

                                      "Tee-hee, you missed one, Re-chan. There're at least 18!" smiles Leaf.

                                      "18? What's the additional type?"

                                      "This type is named Fairy-type. It's also a recently discovered type, by some scientists from the Kalos region. I learned it when I was reading in Saffron Library." says Leaf, "You know, the little fairies who can fly and do magic in fairytales."

                                      "So your Sylvy belongs to the new Fairy-type. Is it the only known Fairy-type Pokémon?"

                                      "Nope, of course. My Wiggly is part Fairy-type, too, though she is also Normal-type." says Leaf, "When I was reading the magazines, the authors of some dissertations mentioned Clefairy and Jigglypuff, who were widely believed to be pure Normal-type. However, recently, some scientists argued after careful observations and experiments that, they do not receive super effective damages after being hit by Fighting-type moves. Further researches prove that, they actually receive super effective damage when targeted by a Poison- or Steel-type move. Since none of the known 17 types can match such an effectiveness rule, the scientists finally announced that they discovered a new type, and named it Fairy-type. Some newly found Fairy-type moves were also listed, such as Moonblast and Dazzling Gleam."

                                      "And how did you know about the method to evolve your Eevee? Might it be the first Fairy-type Eeveelution ever seen?"

                                      "Tee-hee, of course not! I also learned how to evolve Eevee from those science magazines." smiles Leaf, "Months ago, it was reported in Kalos that a Trainer's Eevee evolved into an undiscovered form, just as Sylvy. After some investigations and science researches, the scientists claimed that they discovered a new Eeveelution, officially named Sylveon, and way to evolve Eevee into it: Earning enough affection from Eevee while it knows a Fairy-type move."

                                      "So when did your Eevee learn a Fairy-type move? Your Pokédex can't display Fairy-type moves, can it?"

                                      "No, it can't, but it's just a categorization error." says Leaf, "My Eevee had learned Charm when I obtained the Pokédex. Though it's classified as a Normal-type move, it actually belongs to the Fairy-type, which was also listed in the books I read."

                                      "Ah, I got it. Moves like Karate Chop, Bite and Sand Attack were also thought to be Normal-type until 17 years ago, when their types were corrected along with the discovery of Steel and Dark." says an enlightened Red.

                                      "Yes, that's right." says Leaf, "And leveling up the affection of Eevee is not difficult if the Trainer is deeply in care of it. I groomed Eevee's fur every day and kept her clean, and played with her to make her happy, and the affection came up day by day. Eevee finally evolved after beating Blaine, after which I let her look into the mirror. When she saw her pretty face, she was so happy that she hopped around and released Swift stars into the sky!"

                                      "Haha. I'd like to give late congratulations to you and your Sylvy, Leaf!" laughs Red, "I can feel that you're also a dedicated and responsible Trainer, able to collect all Gym Badges and reach Indigo Plateau like Blue and me."

                                      "Tee-hee! Thank you, Re-chan. And you share with me your experience, too!"

                                      "OK. I'll talk about Pikachu first." Flashbacks begin to flow across Red's brain, "I met him when I was about to exit Viridian Forest. I initially wanted to catch him not because he is strong, but that he is rare. But my Charmander was no match for him, paralyzed by his Static. After it, he even zapped an unarmed me into charcoal, and made faces at us before he got away! "

                                      "Poof!" Leaf almost spews the tea in her mouth, "You can withstand a Pokémon's attack yourself? I'm so impressed by you!"

                                      "And when I got to Pewter City, I learned about a serial food theft there. I set up a snare with some stolen food and captured the thief, which was the very Pikachu I met in the forest. But even after capture, he refused to obey me, and even threatened to zap me if I insisted."

                                      "It must have been a tough time." says a frowning Leaf, "You're so persevering to keep him until now. Didn't you ever consider giving him to someone else?"

                                      "Never!" answers Red with firm finality, "It's MY responsibility to raise my Pokémon, not the others! I'll be relaxed if I give away Pikachu, but what about his new owner? If you're too afraid of trouble as a real Trainer, then just play Pokémon games on your game console because captured Pokémon won't disobey you and don't need food to survive!"

                                      "ééSounds so reasonable that I'm left tongue-tied!" exclaims Leaf in her mind.

                                      "Before challenging Lt. Surge, Pikachu was too proud to battle. He only agreed to fight after being provoked by Lt. Surge's Raichu. Of course, he lost, which was a disgraceful shock to him. But I encouraged him to utilize his advantage in agility to dodge opposing attacks and to hit the foes by surprise. He finally accepted my advice and started obeying me, and we made a splendid revenge on our rematch. From then on, he changed quite a lot, and offered to accept harder trainings than his partners. He's now no weaker than most of the evolved Pokémon!"

                                      "Yeah. I could feel his strength in the match against Wiggly." says Leaf, "He didn't seem to lose much Speed against Icy Wind, and a single Thunderbolt was able to damage Wiggly hard."

                                      "And what about your Lily? How did you get it from Unova?" asks Red.

                                      "Lily was given to me from an Ace Trainer at the Pokémon Fan Club in Vermilion City." says Leaf, "She was originally also a disobedient Pokémon under that Trainer's ownership, since he captured her in Pinwheel Forest. Before me, he tried to give her to many others, but none of them was willing to accept her upon knowing her disobedience. With no choice, he totally put that thing aside until we met at the fan club. He gave Lily to me after noticing she was quite fond of me."

                                      "Lily is a Grass-type Pokémon, isn't she? She looks like being a evolved Pokémon, too."

                                      "Yes. Her species name is Petilil before evolving, and now she is called Lilligant. That's why I nicknamed her Lily. She was evolved via a Sun Stone, an evolutionary stone rarely found in Kanto."

                                      "Your Lily is quite a skilled dancer." smiles Red as he watches Lily spinning around joyfully on her tulip "dress".

                                      "Tee-hee! She loves singing, too, even though she can't pronounce human words!"

                                      "Other than the anagrams of 'Lilligant', haha!"

                                      "Now your turn again, Re-chan! Tell me something about your Eevee!"

                                      "OK." Red told Leaf how he found Eevee in Team Rocket's hideout, how he trained her, and how she evolved.

                                      "By the way, Leaf, we both have Pokémon outside of the Kanto Pokédex. I think we must report it to Professor Oak as soon as possible." says Red.

                                      "Don't hurry, Re-chan! Let's show 'em in front of his eyes and give 'im a big surprise!"

                                      "Sounds good. I agree with you with both my hands up, hehe!"

                                      [1:50 PM, Apr 24, Celadon City]
                                      In the afternoon, Leaf brings Red to the department store for shopping. Though Red has already heard that females are born shopping maniacs from his mother, it is his first time to experience in the flesh. To tell the truth, they are actually enjoying the process rather than the result of shopping. Currently, they are at the women's dress area on 2F.

                                      "What do you think of this one, Re-chan?" asks Leaf holding a sky blue dress.

                                      "Hmmélooks nice. You may have a try." nods Red, watching Leaf entering the fitting room. As a male, he finds it hard to understand why females love to try on every garment they are interested in. From his point of view, a piece of comfortable clothing is enough.

                                      A minute later, the door to the fitting room opens, with Leaf exiting with the dress on.

                                      "How do I look, Re-chan?" asks Leaf, extending her arms and spins for 360 degree.

                                      But Red does not answer directly. Instead, he stares at Leaf with his cheeks reddening, not knowing that his nostril is bleeding slightly.

                                      "What's wrong, Re-chan? Do you have a nosebleed?" asks Leaf who pretends to be astounded.

                                      "Eh? My nose? Wah!" Red hastily grabs a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes off the blood.

                                      But while Red is busy cleaning his nose, Leaf takes another garment and returns to the fitting room, with a crafty grin. When Red has finished, Leaf has already shown herself with the second garment--a baby blue off shoulder T-shirt.

                                      "Pooooof!" a burning up Red swiftly hides his nose with both of his hands, but two streams of nosebleed burst from between his finger gaps like a fountain.

                                      Holding her laughter with huge effort, Leaf grabs a third piece of clothing and enters the fitting room. And this time, she changes to a white low-cut vest and a pair of blue hot pants.

                                      "Hi, Re-chanéEh?" Leaf tries to ask for Red's comments, but gets no response this time.

                                      What is wrong with Red? Well, he is still where he is, but he was so shocked at Leaf's third outfit that he was petrified on the spot he noticed her, a dumbfounded expression freezing on his face. Leaf finds it too amusing to refrain herself, and she guffaws crazily with her fists hitting the wall at a high frequency. She eventually switches back into her original outfit before Red recovers from petrification.

                                      Finishing shopping, the duo visits the largest local karaoke box, Iridescent KTV. They sing songs while dancing to the melodies with their Pokémon. Hours later, they go on cycling on their foldable bicycles on the seaside Cycling Road. Feeling the breeze while humming the rhymes, they have a rather great time.

                                      Not until late at 8PM do Red and Leaf end their colorful day and return home. Since Leaf does not have any flying Pokémon, Red flies her home on Charizard. He returns to Pallet Town after waving goodbye to her and closes the front door.
                                      --End of Epsiode 40--
                                      Save File:
                                      Player: Red
                                      Time: Day 61
                                      Pokédex: Seen 146, Owned 16
                                      Badges: 8

                                      You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                      Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                      My remixed music list: Here
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                                        Episode 41: The Mewtated Berserk Beast (名無しの洞窟で最強のポケモンと腕比べ!)
                                        [9:27 AM, Apr 25, Pallet Town]
                                        The following morning, Red decides to report his unknown Eeveelution to Professor Oak, but he is called by the old researcher first.

                                        "Red! I have a request for you and Blue! Please come to my lab!"

                                        "Yes, Professor Oak!" answers Red, who immediately hurries to the laboratory, and finds that Blue is also waiting inside.

                                        "So what's your request, Gramps?" asks Blue.

                                        "Blue, Red! I'll assign you two a secret mission. It's a mission that only Indigo League Champions have the ability to complete!"

                                        "Why only us Champions? Is it very dangerous?" asks Red.

                                        "Have you heard of the 'Unknown Dungeon'?" asks Professor Oak.

                                        "Unknown Dungeon?" says the boys.

                                        "It's a dungeon that was discovered weeks ago. It's located on the northwest of Cerulean City, approximately at the intersection of Route 4 and Route 24." explains Professor Oak, "The dungeon hasn't received an official name because it was lately discovered. It's said that the wild Pokémon inside the cavern are very high in level. Since its discovery, there have been reported tens of injures of explorers. However, none of them remember what happened to them except that they were attacked by an extremely strong Pokémon. The local government is trying out to block out the messages to prevent panics and chaos."

                                        "Then how did you learn the incidents, Gramps?" asks Blue.

                                        "The Pokémon League entrusted me to request capable Trainers to solve the mystery. Since you both are strong enough to beat the Elite Four in a row, I believe in your abilities to find out the hidden truth!"

                                        "So that's what it is." says Red, rubbing his palms in eagerness, "I can't wait to have a battle with it!"

                                        "Don't be silly, Red!" roasts Blue, "Your butt will be kicked if you underestimate it!"

                                        "Tch... By the way, I think we have to bring someone else." says Red.

                                        "Who? Oh, you mean that blue-vested belle?" mocks Blue.

                                        "Don't look at me like this! You'll get yourself one someday, too!" says an angered Red, who temporarily leaves the lab on Charizard.

                                        Minutes later, Red returns to Pallet Town with the "someone else" he wants to bring--Leaf. He then calls Blue to set off, with Blue on his Pidgeot.

                                        [9:58 AM, Apr 25, Route 4]
                                        Landing in Cerulean City, Red, Blue and Leaf walks towards the northwestern outskirt. Following the map provided by Peofessor Oak, they crosses a river on their surfing Pokémon, and discovers the entrance to a cavern at the foot of a tall mountain. There is an Ace Trainer guarding the entrance, and he has just rejected another Hiker's entry.

                                        "Stop, y'all!" The Ace Trainer poses a stop gesture at the heroes when he sees them approaching, "This cave is full of strong wild Pokémon, and is very dangerous! I'm sorry but you're not allowed to enter."

                                        "We're sent here by Professor Oak. He asked us to investigate on it." explains Red.

                                        "Fine. If you've gained Professor Oak's permission, then you can pass." The Ace Trainer steps aside and allows the kids to enter.

                                        [10:02 AM, Apr 25, Unknown Dungeon]
                                        The newly discovered Unknown Dungeon has the physiognomy of a karst cave. Stalactites and stalagmites dangle from the ceiling, giving the appearance of swords and knives. The air is quite damp and cold inside the cave, with continually ominous air flows blowing from the depths. The noise of water dripping from the cracks of the rocks sounds rather creepy in such an environment. The land inside the cavern is also separated into islands by underground lakes and rivers. Walking on a narrow bridge, it is too difficult to keep your shoes dry and warm.

                                        Descending from the topmost basement floor, there is a naturally formed stone maze. The stone walls are too high for an 11-year-old kid to climb over, forcing them to find the way inside the complicated labyrinth. Though all of them has brought Escape Ropes in case of emergency, they obviously hate it when they get trapped and has to start from all over.

                                        "Hey, look at what I found!" says Blue holding a white stone, "We can carve marks on the walls using this thing! It's made of talc, and we may mark a different symbol or number on each intersection so that we can undo our moves whenever we bump into a dead end!"

                                        "Clever of you, Blue!" says Red.

                                        "Heh! I've read up a bunch of geography books from sis while you were engrossed in your Pokémon manga! I don't like the gray labs, but I love the green earth!" says Blue proudly.

                                        "What a coincidence we're all bookworms! Reading just gives our lives more lives." says Leaf, before she feels something touching her head and lets out an "Eeeek!"

                                        "It's just a Golbat. Nothing serious, Leaf." says Red when he notices the true identity of that shadow.

                                        However, the shriek of Leaf disturbs the sleep of a flock of Golbat. They open their eyes and stare at the kids menacingly. Soon after, they fly out of their nests and throw themselves at the poor human children, while revealing their empty mouths and pointed fangs.

                                        "Run!" That is what initially in Red's thought.

                                        But before he can cry out, he realizes that they are in the center of a maze. The maze is not wide enough to allow them to run in a row, but they would go stray if they merely run. What is more, they even do not know if there are any traps inside the maze awaiting them to fall into. Battling the Pokémon is even a worse choice since the flock of Golbat is too large while the room is too small. It seems that they can do nothing but escape with the ropesé

                                        "Lily, use Aromatherapy!" orders Leaf throwing out a Poké Ball.

                                        Landing in front of the Golbat, Lily releases a sweet scent from the flower on her head. Fierce as the bats are, they stop attacking at once when they smell the aroma and begin to enjoy it greedily. Moments later, they return to their nests and resume their rest.

                                        "So closeé" The kids let out a sigh of relief.

                                        With the danger signal over, the heroes successfully solve the maze puzzle and make their way to the deepest level of the dungeon.

                                        Walk up and down some stages, surf across a small lake, and the heroes get to the innermost chamber. Inside the chamber, light suddenly becomes a bit brighter. Opposite to the entrance, there is a bipedal Pokémon with pale skin and a thick, long purple tail. Its skull and torso is connected by an additional tube apart from the spine, and it has a defined chest like a bodybuilder.

                                        "So this is the so-called 'extremely strong Pokémon' of this Unknown Dungeon." thinks Red, who takes out his Pokédex out of habit, and then finds in surprise that the Pokémon is named Mewtwo, placed at the 150th slot.

                                        "Mewtwo! Could it be the one who escaped from the lab on Cinnbar Island?" thinks Red.

                                        Just then, Mewtwo turns around and catches sight of the human children. Watching them approaching, it displays a murderous look on its face, as if warning them to keep clear and scram, or drink a forfeit if they refuse the toast.

                                        "Hold on a minute, Mewtwo! We're not here to harm you!" Red tries to negotiate with Mewtwo.

                                        "Red, are you crazy?" whispers Blue worriedly, "You're not facing a human, but a berserk Pokémon!"

                                        Apparently, Mewtwo does not believe in Red at all. It gradually forms a Shadow Ball in its hand, and is ready to toss it at the red-capped fellow if he dares make another step.

                                        "Calm down, Mewtwo! We could have done it already if we intended to hurt you! We're not the ones who treated you as research materials!" says Red regardless of his danger.

                                        Mewtwo is a little amazed, as it was indeed used as part of a science research. But how did this insignificant human child learn about it? Is he simply attempting to lower its guard?

                                        "Mewtwo, I know your birth was man-made. Those mad scientists captured your parent, Mew, in order to create a powerful Pokémon in their dreams, and conducted countless cruel experiments on Mew and you. You must have led a life worse than death, didn't you?"

                                        Mew stays silent as if in acquiescence, and cancels the Shadow Ball.

                                        "And you had endured everything until you found the chance to escape. You finally made your home here after finding nowhere else to settle down. Am I right?"

                                        Mewtwo nods while expressing a little astonishment on its face.

                                        "Almost all of the people who have heard of you say you're a brutal and vicious Pokémon, but I think they're talking nonsense!" says Red loudly, "Never will an innocent Pokémon be pushed as this far without us egocentric humans. The escape of you is only what we reaped that we sowed. Do you agree with me, Mewtwo?"

                                        Mewtwo would burst its fury by "Yes, it's all your human beings' fault! What have I done to you to deserve being treated like a chunk of flesh and bones? Those scientists were cared about nothing but my physical power. Had they listened to what I tried to express to them? No! My suffering had nothing to do with them. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I broke from the lab and ran! I never intended to kill or hurt anyone. I only wanted to survive!", if it could talk.

                                        "I can feel what you feel, Mewtwo. But I also want to tell you that bad people are only a small portion of the entire human species." says Red, "Unfortunately for you, all people you'd met since your birth were cold-blooded and selfish, who never took care of your heart! But don't treat us teenagers the same as those mad scientists. We can give you the warmth and enthusiasm that those mad scientists can't!"

                                        Red's sincere speech seems to touch Mewtwo, as it displays an unnoticeable smile on its face, and nods as if in acknowledgement.

                                        "I promise I was telling the truth, or I'll accept being Thunderbolt into charcoal!" says Red, patting on his chest, "As a Pokémon Trainer, I'd like to have a shallow taste of your strength. Is it acceptable, Mewtwo?"

                                        "Is your brain short-circuited, Red?" says Blue, "How dare you challenge Mewtwo?"

                                        "No worries. You won't be too hard on us, will you, Mewtwo?"

                                        Mewtwo shakes its head, and makes a posture to signal Red to bring it on.

                                        "Alright. Pikachu, I choose you! Quick Attack!"

                                        Despite his rather tiny volume, Pikachu dashes at Mewtwo at full speed upon receiving the order. As a counter, Mewtwo produces a bluish sphere on its left hand and tosses it at Pikachu.

                                        "Pikachu, dodge it!"

                                        When Pikachu is about to be hit, he suddenly changes direction to evade it, then resumes his charging. However, the sphere then changes direction as well, and follows Pikachu, eventually bursting on Pikachu's back after Pikachu slams himself into Mewtwo's stomach.

                                        "It's Aura Sphere!" cries Leaf, "Be careful, Re-chan. It's a non-evadable move, and it's more fatal than Aerial Ace and Swift!"

                                        "Hah, you know Aura Sphere, Mewtwo?" says Red, "Then we have to be more serious. Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

                                        When the second turn starts, Mewtwo uses Shadow Ball as a counterattack to Thunderbolt. Nonetheless, Shadow Ball does not ignore evasiveness and is dodged by Pikachu this time, before its user is bathed in buzzing electricity from the electric rodent.

                                        "And Iron Tail!"

                                        Thinking for a while, Mewtwo uses again Aura Sphere to guarantee a hit on the high-evasiveness Pikachu. Both attacks scores a hit.

                                        "I have to crack Mewtwo's Aura Sphere or Pikachu will soon be outéYeah!" thinks Red for a moment, before he orders Pikachu to use Quick Attack, which Mewtwo counters with Aura Sphere. Pikachu avoids the head-on attack, but it starts to follow him as the first turn.

                                        "Keep going until my next order!" commands Red, out of Blue, Leaf and Mewtwo's expectation.

                                        As Pikachu is running fast towards Mewtwo, the Aura Sphere is getting close and close to him from behindé

                                        "3é2é1éDODGE!" shouts Red.

                                        When Pikachu is about to headbutt Mewtwo, he suddenly turns sideways and scrapes against Mewtwo's body instead. Due to inertia, the heeling Aura Sphere keeps going on for a very short time, but before it can re-target the turning Pikachu, it touches Mewtwo's chest and bursts there instead, damaging Mewtwo as an own goal.

                                        "Good job, Pikachu! Thunderbolt!"

                                        Pikachu shocks Mewtwo with electric power, but Mewtwo does not use Aura Sphere. Instead, its body is covered in yellow light as it recovers its health.

                                        "HeheheéSorry, Mewtwo, but you're not the only guy to know status moves." smirks Red sadistically, "Pikachu, Thunder Wave!"

                                        Pikachu adjusts his voltage, sacrificing the damage for status infliction. Mewtwo is paralyzed, and it may be unable to move.

                                        "Pikachu, Quick Attack!"

                                        Seeing a darting Pikachu, Mewtwo attempts to fight back with Aura Sphere. But it is paralyzed and cannot move!

                                        The wind has changed. If Red wishes, he can simply cut down Mewtwo's HP down to null by battering it repeatedly with Pikachu's consecutive Quick Attacks.

                                        "All right. Pikachu, come back!" Red recalls Pikachu, shocking all others like a Thunderbolt.

                                        "What do you think you're doing, Red?" asks Blue anxiously.

                                        "We've both learned the strength from each other, haven't we?" smiles Red as he turns his head at his friends, "We're here to convince Mewtwo, not to beat it, after all."

                                        Red takes out a bottle of Full Restore on Mewtwo, curing it of its paralysis and injuries. After recovering, Mewtwo looks at the red-capped hero in gratitude and admiration, as if wishing it could say thank you to him.

                                        "I've told you, Mewtwo, haven't I?" says Red, "We could have harmed you if we'd like!"

                                        Mewtwo smiles in trust.

                                        "Let's be friends, shall we?" Red reaches out his right hand to Mewtwo.

                                        Mewtwo nods, and reaches its right hand at Red, shaking hands with the Trainer.

                                        "We're sorry to disturb you, Mewtwo, but we're just trying to find out the truth." says Red, "We know you hate being bothered by human explorers, and that's the reason you beat them up and expelled them from the cave. Did I get it correct?"

                                        Mewtwo nods.

                                        "Then we promise we'll keep your existence as a secret. Nobody other than us will know that you should be here. It's both beneficial to you and us humans. Deal?"

                                        Mewtwo nods as if saying "Deal!"

                                        "And it's time for us to say farewell. It's a pleasant experience to have a practice match with you." says Red as he returns to his friends and is about to use his Escape Rope.

                                        But Mewtwo extends its arm and makes a stop gesture as if saying "Wait a minute!"

                                        "What's up, Mewtwo?"

                                        Mewtwo lowers its head, releasing a psychic aura from its body, levitating the heroes into midair.

                                        "Haha, so you used Psychic to eject those rash explorers?" laughs Red.

                                        Mewtwo nods again.

                                        "Thank you for saving our time to exit. Farewell, Mewtwo!" says Leaf.

                                        "May you live in peace forever from humans!" says Blue.

                                        "I hope we'll never meet again!" says Red.

                                        Mewtwo waves goodbye to the kids as its psychic surge is teleporting them away.

                                        [12:08 PM, Apr 25, Professor Oak's Laboratory]
                                        When Professor Oak is engaged in his researches with his aides, the lab door opens, coming in our teenage heroes. Professor Oak is surprised to find them twinkling with happiness, with their clothes not even getting tainted a little bit.

                                        "What's the result of your mission? Have you encountered that powerful Pokémon?" asks the professor.

                                        "No. We just found a friend led astray and we saved him, hehe!" answers Red.

                                        "Yeah. And Red nearly got into a violent fight with that chap when persuading him!" answers Blue.

                                        "Tee-hee! What a thrilling and enjoyable trip!" answers Leaf.

                                        "Really? Was the message wrong?" Professor Oak cannot understand what the cheekily grinning kids mean.
                                        --End of Epsiode 41--
                                        Save File:
                                        Player: Red
                                        Time: Day 62
                                        Pokédex: Seen 147, Owned 16
                                        Badges: 8

                                        You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                        Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                                          Episode 42: Old Ending, New Start (図鑑アップグレード!新たな冒険の始まり!)
                                          [12:10 PM, Apr 25, Professor Oak's Laboratory]
                                          After making friends of Mewtwo, our heroes made a promise with it to keep its existence confidential. Finding their smiles a little strange, Professor Oak tried to ask them more about their mission, only to be put off at every attempt.

                                          "Let's leave that aside, Professor Oak. I discovered a Pokémon that is not in the Pokédex!" Red sends out his evolved Eevee.

                                          "Me, too! I have two!" Leaf sends out Sylvy and Lily.

                                          "Well, well, well. What three new faces!" exclaims Professor Oak watching at the unfamiliar Pokémon, "The world of Pokémon is so fascinating. There're too many things to explore other than the 150 Pokémon species of Kanto! Perhaps my range of research is too narrowé"

                                          "Heh! I can hardly imagine Gramps being a well-known professor by studying only the 150 Pokémon in Kantoé" roasts Blue in his mind.

                                          "And since the current Pokédexes can't record your new Pokémon, they need an upgrade." says Professor Oak, "It may take days or weeks upgrading the database volume and filling in the Pokémon information. During this period you may move around the cities and towns for relaxation. I'll return the dexes to you the time I finish the upgrade, and please report to me any other Pokémon undiscovered before."

                                          After Professor Oak collects their Pokédexes, Blue asks Red, "Red, how many kinds of Pokémon do you think there exist in this world?"

                                          "I believe there're at least 300, or maybe 400." says Red.

                                          "Maybe over 600?" says Leaf.

                                          "And 700, or 800, haha! Let our imagination fly!" laughs Blue.

                                          [10:13 AM, May 25, Professor Oak's Laboratory]
                                          One month later, Professor Oak calls the heroes to his lab, and returns the upgraded Pokédexes to them.

                                          "So where's my evolved Eevee this time..." Red navigates the Pokémon list until he reaches a large number--471. Registered in this slot, his Eeveelution's name turns out to be Glaceon. He then searches for Lilligant and Sylveon's entries, which are numbered 549 and 700, respectively.

                                          And while he is navigating, Red finds that there are tons of empty slots after the number 150, except the three slots above, indicating most albeit not all of the seen Pokémon are from Kanto. In the statistics column, the screen displays:
                                          Seen: 147 (Kanto), 150 (Total)
                                          Owned: 16 (Kanto), 17 (Total)

                                          "And you? How many Pokémon have you two seen or caught?" asks Red.

                                          "Seen 144 plus 3, owned 15." answers Blue.

                                          "I've seen 139 in Kanto and 4 outside, and I caught 11 kinds plus 3." answers Leaf.

                                          "And I have seen all Pokémon in Kanto except numbers 137 to 139. Have you ever seen them?" asks Red.

                                          "Numbers 138 and 139 are Omanyte and Omastar." says Blue, "But never have I seen the 137."

                                          "Neither have I." says Leaf.

                                          "Could it be Mew?" suggests an inspired Red, "We three have searched the entire Kanto to find almost all the Pokémon here except Mew. According to the diaries in the abandoned mansion, Mewtwo is a descendant of Mew. If Mewtwo is native to Kanto, so should be Mew!"

                                          "I think so, but don't you think 137 is a bit far from 150?" refutes Blue, "If Mew is related to Mewtwo, then it should be placed next to Mewtwo, but the 149th slot is already occupied by Dragonite."

                                          "Might it be the 151st Pokémon?" suggests Leaf, "The diaries read that Mew was found in a jungle of an unknown region. It was secretly brought to Kanto for the experiment of Mewtwo and then freed at its hometown, unbeknownst to us normal citizens. Nobody has ever seen Mew other than Mewtwo, thus believing the number of native Kanto Pokémon to be 150."

                                          "Yep. But where can we find Mew?" says Red, "The diaries are too badly corroded. We can't make out the precise location of Mew's home. We even don't know how far this place is from Kanto!"

                                          "Hehe, maybe the best way is to pray for Mew to appear in front of us itself one day!" laughs Blue.

                                          "Hey, kids. Come here!" calls Professor Oak.

                                          "Yes, Professor Oak (Red & Leaf) / Gramps (Blue) ?"

                                          Professor Oak takes out three identical devices from a drawer and gives the heroes one each. The device is dark red with a small screen on the left, and three white buttons on the right side in the shape of a Poké Ball.

                                          "This device is called Fame Checker." explains Professor Oak, "It records miscellaneous information about famous people, including Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. It quotes those famous people's speeches while it also gathers evaluation to the famous people from other ones. You can also use it as a voice recorder and convey your own messages between each other as a secret intercom."

                                          "Thanks, Professor Oak (Red & Leaf) / Gramps (Blue) !"

                                          "Red, since we're the Champions, will our quotes also be recorded in this thing?" asks Blue in a humorous way.

                                          "It doesn't matter. Even so, only the three of us can hear the voices."

                                          "Oops!" A ticket falls out of Leaf's bag and she bends down to picks it up.

                                          "Hey, is it... a ship pass?" asks Red when he notices the ticket.

                                          "Ah, this?" Leaf flashes the pass in her hand, "Ta-da! This is not a disposable ticket. It's called Rainbow Pass! A Rainbow Pass owner can travel between Kanto and Sevii Islands for infinite times with no extra fares. Feel jealous 'bout it?"

                                          "You're so lucky. Where did you get it?" asks an envious Red.

                                          "I accidentally met Bill yesterday and he gave me the pass. It's an upgraded version of another pass called Tri-Pass. A Tri-Pass owner can travel between One to Three Islands for free, but not the other four islands."

                                          After making the boys staring at the pass green-eyed, Leaf shakes her hand and the single pass "splits" into three, stunning the boys with their eyes and mouth wide open.

                                          "Tee-hee! Did you think I'm gonna have the pass myself?" giggles Leaf, "Not at all! We each have one! Here you are, Re-chan, Blue-kyun!"

                                          "Thank you, Leaf!" says Red, "But when should we start?"

                                          "There's a timetable on the back of the Rainbow Pass." says Leaf, "I'm free tomorrow. If so are you, how about we take the ten past ten?"

                                          "I have no problem. And you, Blue?"

                                          "Your idea is my idea, my best bud!" Blue pokes Red with his elbow.

                                          "All right. 10:10, May 26, Dock 3B, Vermilion Port! Don't be late, boys!" winks Leaf.

                                          [9:58 AM, May 26, Vermilion City]
                                          12 minutes before the next departure, Red, Blue and Leaf have already assembled at their designated dock at Vermilion Port. The boat that will ferry them to Sevii Islands, an archipelago sub-region south of Kanto, is a high-speed boat named Seagallop. It is much smaller than a grand luxury ship like S. S. Anne, but it has a rather high navigational speed.

                                          At the scheduled departure time, the ferry leaves Vermilion City with a honk, with our three heroes standing on the side deck, looking into the distance, filled with expectation and excitement. As the ferry advances, the buildings of Vermilion City gradually shrink into dots and eventually out of their sights. Leaf's hat is nearly blown away by the sea breeze, but she grabs it in time, to Red's and Blue's amusement.

                                          As the Seagallop sails into the horizon, the heroes are imagining the stirring, breath-taking future adventures on the archipelago, not realizing an even larger crisis is lurking in the shadow...
                                          --End of Epsiode 42--
                                          Save File:
                                          Player: Red
                                          Time: Day 90
                                          Pokédex: Seen 150, Owned 17
                                          Badges: 8

                                          You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                          Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                          My remixed music list: Here
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                                            Episode 43: Little Troublemaker Busters (行方不明の小娘とタウンの暴走族)
                                            [11:35 AM, May 26, One Island]
                                            The Seagallop sails for one and a half hour on the blue sea, before it docks at the port of the first numbered island at the Sevii Islands sub-region, Knot Island.

                                            "I wonder how living on an island is different from living in an inland or seaside town..." thinks Red, looking around curiously with his two friends.

                                            "Well, if it isn't Red bud and his friends!" the heroes are called by a familiar voice.

                                            "Bill pal! Fancy meeting you here!" greets Red, "Are you here for something?"

                                            "I was invited here by a friend of mine. His name's Celio, the manager of the Pokémon Network Center, or PNC, on this Once Island. You've arrived just in time, and I'd ask you for a favor."

                                            "No problem. We're always there for anybody in need." agrees Red.

                                            [11:36 AM, May 26, Pokémon Network Center]
                                            The PNC is a larger-scale Pokémon Center located on the island town. Apart from the normal functions of an ordinary Pokémon Center, it is also home to a large network communication machine, which is built and run by Celio. When Bill brings the heroes in, Celio is still working on his gadgets.

                                            "Hi, Celio bud! Guess who I brought here!" greets Bill.

                                            "Oh, it's you, Bill-kun! I can't believe you came out here. So these are your new friends?"

                                            "Yeah. I got to know them when I was in Kanto. This man in red cap is Red. This spiky-haired man is Blue. And this pretty lady is Leaf. Both Red and Blue have earned the Indigo League Championship." Bill introduces the heroes to Celio.

                                            "(All) How do you do!"

                                            "Oh, don't be so reserved, y'all!" says Bill, "And let me introduce Celio to you. He's one of my best friends, and he's one dedicated PC maniac. He's in charge of this island's PC network by his lonesome."

                                            After his introduction, Bill asks Celio, "So how's your machine running? Have you made any progress?"

                                            "Umm... It's running fine to some extent, but we're too remote out here. The PCs on this island just can't link with your PC, Bill-kun." answers Celio.

                                            "Oh, yeah? Okay, let me take a look-see...Hand on here...I think we can make it work. Let me help you, okay?" Bill examines the machine carefully with Celio.

                                            "What does this machine do?" asks Red.

                                            "It's the pivot of network connection between Sevii Islands and the Kanto mainland and other regions. We've encountered some problems on this machine, and the network communication is temporarily cut off. Before we repair it, I'm afraid you can't use the PCs on Sevii Islands." answers Bill.

                                            "How long is it estimated to get repaired? And what should we do before you finish?" asks Blue.

                                            "Debugging might cost us some time, so you... Oh, I got it! I'd like y'all to do me a favor. The island next to this one's called Two Island. There's a guy there that runs a Game Corner named Ryoma. He has this thing for rare rocks and gems. We keep in touch, being fellow maniacs. So, can I get y'all to deliver this Meteorite to him?" Bill shows the heroes an oddly-shaped meteorite.

                                            "All right. We'll deliver the Meteorite as soon as possible." The heroes accept the request and the meteorite is put in Red's backpack.

                                            Leaving the PNC, our heroes return to the port, and boards Seagallop to Two Island.

                                            [11:52 AM, May 26, Two Island]
                                            The Two Island town is a lively town at the foot of a hill. Its scale is quite small even when compared to Pallet Town, the smallest town in Kanto. It is most known for its Market Stall, where many items and food can be bought which are not sold anywhere in Kanto. There are also some merchants from other regions selling their local specialties. For example, there are Lava Cookies from Hoenn, Old Gateaus from Sinnoh, and Big Malasadas from Alola.

                                            "What a pity they don't sell Casteliacone..." sighs Leaf after the heroes pass through the stall.

                                            "What's Casteliacone?" asks Red.

                                            "It's a type of ice cream, the local specialty of Castelia City." says Leaf, "I had a cone from my mama's friend returning from Unova, and it just tastes soooo sweet and lovely!*Sigh*, maybe I must go to Unova in person to get my second cone..."

                                            Approximately one mile from the other entrance to the Market Stall, there is a game corner, whose main building is in front of a large playground. The official name of it is Joyful Game Corner, and it is run by Ryoma, a friend of Bill.

                                            Our heroes enter the main hall, and is welcomed by a partly bald man.

                                            "Hello. Are you Mr. Ryoma?" asks Leaf.

                                            "Yes, I am." says Ryoma with a worried expression, "Have you seen my daughter Lostelle around? I dunno where she's gotten to now."

                                            "What's Lostelle like?" asks Blue.

                                            "She's 8 year old this year. She has pink hair with two pigtails, and she's in white shirt and blue pants. She always bring us berries for lunch every day right about now, but I haven't seen her since she went out this morning. What if someone... if something happens to her?"

                                            "She's 8? How can an 8-year go and pick berries on her own?" says a puzzled Red.

                                            "Our Machop would serve as her bodyguard." says Ryoma, "But even Machop fails to return today. What if they..."

                                            "Where does she pick berries?" asks Leaf.

                                            "At Berry Forest on Three Island. Lostelle and Machop usually spend less than an hour outside home, so I think it's not far from here. Darn, if I had more Pokémon on hand, I'd look for my cutie at once!" says Ryoma, scratching his hair anxiously.

                                            "We're Trainers, so we can help you find her, Mr. Ryoma." says Red, "But before that, this meteorite is for you. It's from Bill on One Island."

                                            "You know Bill? No wonder you know I love rare rocks and gems! You sure know how to make a guy happy!" says Ryoma as he accepts the meteorite, "But even a thousand meteorites aren't more worthy than my cutie Lostelle! Please, I rely on you for her!"

                                            "Mission accepted. Next stage, Three Island." salutes Blue like a pilot, amusing Red and Leaf.

                                            [12:48 PM, May 26, Three Island]
                                            While our heroes are on Seagallop, Leaf's stomach grumbles with a "Grrrrrr", making her grin embarrassedly. Seconds later, both Red's and Blue's stomachs follows hers.

                                            "Time for lunch!" The heroes takes out the dim sums from their bags and begin to chew on them gluttonously. They eat so fast that they are not aware that their faces are stained with food until they finish, and they all laugh at the others' funny looks when they raise their heads.

                                            Shortly after they had their lunch, the ferry docks at the port on Three Island.

                                            Although the town on Three Island is more populated compared to the first two islands, this town is usually not as busy as its counterparts in the days, as there are hardly any entertainment facilities in the town for an outing, and no resident ever owns automatic vehicles. However, the atmosphere today is a little unusual.

                                            Just as our heroes get off the ferry, they hear the roaring noise of motorbike engines from the direction to the town. Is the town holding a motorbike race? It can't be!

                                            Nope, of course not. Actually, the main and the only street of the town is invaded by a gang of Bikers, probably a group of bosozoku. Obviously, these outsiders are not welcome here, as many residents glare at them angrily from their windows. However, the Bikers are not concerned about it at all. All the Bikers are sturdily built, painted with tattoos on their arms legs or torsos, giving an intimidating look as punks.

                                            Unable to put up with the noise makers any longer, a young man shouts at them, "I've had enough of you raising havoc on your bikes, ruffians! If you like biking, then go back to your Kanto!"

                                            "Hah? What's that hostile attitude towards us who just got here? It's mighty cold of you!" says a thin Biker with pompadour hairstyle, "Look at your place. What do you do for entertainment? You ought to be thanking us for livening up this sleepy village. Why should we just comply with you and leave here? But, if you have guts, you can try making us leave, hehe!"

                                            "Grrr, you son of a..." grumbles the young man.

                                            "Hey, all of you the Bikers! Do you have any idea how much trouble you've caused the residents on this island?"

                                            A justifiable shout comes from the direction to Three Isle Port. The Bikers and the residents notices the source of the voice, and it is Red, approaching the Bikers with his friends, Blue and Leaf.

                                            "Who are you, twerps? What are you staring at?" asks another Biker rudely.

                                            "If we're asked 'Who are you, twerps? What are you staring at?'..."

                                            "Then prepare for trouble..."

                                            "...And make it triple!"

                                            "To protect the regions from devastation!"

                                            "To assist all peoples within our nation!"

                                            "To defend the justice of truth and love!"

                                            "To spread our loveliness to the skies above!"



                                            "And Leaf!"

                                            "Pallet Trainers comes up at the speed of light!"

                                            "Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

                                            "Tee-hee! That's right!"

                                            "What's that childish play? You wanna make it something of it or what?" The Biker loses his temper, "We're Kanto Bikers. We're the Kanto Bikers admired, envied and feared by everyone! But if you insist on standing on these hayseeds' side..."

                                            "You mean, you promise to leave this island if you lose a battle?" asks Leaf in a stern tone.

                                            "Y-e-a-h. If you just have the guts!" says the Biker scornfully, as he sends out a Koffing.

                                            "Excuse me, sir. But who do you think you've pissed off?" says Red as a dark, horrifying aura bursts on his back, "Pikachu, Thunderbolt."

                                            Exiting the Poké Ball, Pikachu shocks the enemy like toasting bread. Even the Biker himself and his bike fail to escape the attack, making him fall on to the ground with his bike pressed on his back, hurting him badly.

                                            "What? You brats dare provoke our fellows?" Another chubby Biker comes up, "I tell you, you're getting on our nerves! I'll make you pay for what you've done to us!"

                                            And this time, the opponent is a Grimer, who is commanded to use Sludge.

                                            "Leave this thug to me, Red. It's not fair to let you take all the credits." Blue pushes Red aside and calls out a Pokémon, "Go, Arcanine, Extreme Speed!"

                                            After dodging the Sludge, Arcanine slams himself into Grimer with incredible force, bumping the Sludge Pokémon and its owner, plus the bike, into a tree behind, making their heads swollen.

                                            "Tut-tut-tut. Haven't you kids learned to treat adults politely? Totally uncool, man!" says a relatively thin Biker, and he sends out two Pokémon at the same time, one Koffing and one Grimer.

                                            "Let me take care of him!" says Leaf, "Let's go! Sylvy, Moonblast! Queeny, Earth Power!"

                                            As a counter to Koffing's Smog and Grimer's Mud-Slap, Sylvy creates a sphere of moonlight in front of her feeler and hurls it at the opposing team, while Queeny makes the ground below the opposing team shake violently. Moonblast takes out Koffing, while Earth Power defeats Grimer.

                                            "Grrr... How tough these brats are..." Witnessing their three defeats, the rest of the Bikers are struck dumb, while the local residents watches at the heroes with admiration.

                                            Just then, a tall cue-balled Biker rides here on a higher-quality bike. He is shocked and irate when he notices his men beaten by three mere kids, "Who? Who did this to my bros?"

                                            "You must be their boss, aren't you?" says Red in a deep voice, "Kicking all the butts of the lackeys and the final boss is out. It can't be more typical than a role-playing game."

                                            "Heheh, it's my very first time to be called like this in my life." says the boss Biker, "Now that my bros are in trouble, I shall at least give them a hand as their boss. You're talking bigger than you can do if you don't battle me on their side."

                                            The boss battle is a triple battle, with the opponents as Muk, Weezing and Electrode.

                                            "He commands three, so we each command one, shall we!" suggests Blue, which is accepted by Red and Leaf, and the Pokémon on our side are Pikachu, Arcanine and Sylvy.

                                            "You're ready. Here I go!" says the boss Biker, "Muk, Sludge Wave! Electrode, Discharge! Weezing, Flamethrower!"

                                            "Pikachu, Thunderbolt."

                                            "Arcanine, Fire Blast!"

                                            "Sylvy, Moonblast!"

                                            The moves from six Pokémon crossfire on the battlefield, triggering a large explosion. When the smoke fades, all of the boss Biker's Pokémon lie on the ground defeated, but leaving the other three intact and healthy, without even moving their feet.

                                            "Haha! There's a saying among us Trainers, that strategy is nonsense against absolute level differences?" taunts Blue.

                                            "Humph! Even the boss is as fragile as his underlings." says Red in a sarcastic tone as the dark aura dies down, "Don't you go back on your words, you scums. You've promised you scram from this island if you lose to us."

                                            "...All right, enough. As you won, we'll leave like you wanted. We'll be happy to see the last of this boring island. And I'll be responsible for the injuries and bike damages... May be I overestimated myself." The boss Biker sighs in surrender.

                                            "Boss!" The other Bikers hope that their boss can be tough.

                                            But the boss Biker shakes his head and says, "A man who breaks his words has no face to be the boss of a gang! It's frustrating to lose to three twerps, but I've nothing to complain about."

                                            "Boss..." The Bikers are moves at their boss' ability to eat humble pies.

                                            "Fine. Before you leave, we'll give you a present as an apology for hurting your bros." says Leaf.

                                            "What present?" asks the boss Biker.

                                            "Lily, Aromatherapy!" orders Leaf as she switches Sylvy for Lily.

                                            Lily spreads a fragrant scent from her flower across the whole town, making all the people relaxed, and the first two beaten Bikers are gradually recovering from their injuries when smelling the fragrance.

                                            "Tch, no choice. Chansey, I choose you! Softboiled!" commands Red.

                                            Chansey bears two eggs in her pouch and make them fly into the mouths of the injured Bikers. After consuming the eggs, the Bikers' wounds are instantly healed and they can move as normal. But instead of taking care of themselves first, they run up and ask about their boss' condition.

                                            "I'm fine." says the boss Biker, "Thanks to that twerpette in blue and that twerp in red."

                                            "Maybe I mustn't stand watching." says Blue, "Alakazam, Psychic!"

                                            Switched from Arcanine, Alakazam releases psychic waves at the damaged bikes, making the deformed parts assemble together to form two unbroken bikes as if they were newly bought.

                                            "What? This can't be true!" The owners of the bikes have a try on their repaired bikes to test their faultlessness. And they cheer in exhilaration after their bikes prove to be fully functional.

                                            Filled with esteem, the whole Biker gang kneel down and pose a dogeza to the heroes. They then head to the Three Isle Port, walking with instead of riding on their bikes, watched by the heroes and the residents.
                                            --End of Epsiode 43--
                                            Save File:
                                            Player: Red
                                            Time: Day 90
                                            Pokédex: Seen 150, Owned 17
                                            Badges: 8

                                            You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                            Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                                              Episode 44: Hypno's Lullaby (スリーパーのララバイ)
                                              [1:13 PM, May 26, Three Island]
                                              After driving the Kanto Biker gang out of the quiet town, our heroes are surrounded by a group of local residents in appreciation, expressing wholehearted gratitude to them.

                                              "Excuse me. Have you ever seen a little girl called Lostelle?" asks Red.

                                              "Lostelle from Two Island? I saw her this morning." answers a young lady, "I opened the window this morning to let in fresh air and saw her with her father's Machop walking towards Berry Forest with an empty basket. She comes to our island every day to pick berries. So what happened to her?"

                                              "Her dad told us she hadn't returned since she went out this morning." says Blue.

                                              "That's odd. There's only one way from here to the Berry Forest, and it's not the first time for Lostelle to be there. It's inconceivable that Lostelle should get lost." says the young lady.

                                              "I shall ask the sailors at the port!" says Leaf, who runs to Three Port Isle. Later, she returns with a disappointed face, "Nope, they say Lostelle hasn't boarded the returning ferry. So it's highly possible she's still on Three Island."

                                              "From the information we've got, it's not likely but not impossible that Lostelle was trapped in Berry Forest." says Red, "We should search there for her. Excuse me, but could you make a way for us three?"

                                              "Shall we help you in search for Lostelle?" asks the lady.

                                              "No, thanks. We're Trainers, and we can take care of ourselves." Leaf declines the offer tactfully.

                                              [2:06 PM, May 26, Berry Forest]
                                              Leaving the town from the north, crossing a short green path and a wooden bridge named Bond Bridge, and the entrance to Berry Forest is drawing near.

                                              Compared to the Kanto mainland, the climate in Sevii Islands is warm and humid all year round. The soil in Berry Forest is soft and rich, making a perfect environment for growing berries. Whichever season it is, ripe berries fall from the branches. A fallen berry may be buried into the soil by its weight, and berry pickers usually has to bring themselves a shovel or spade to dig them out.

                                              "Ouch!" When passing under a tree, Blue's head is hit by something.

                                              "Wow, it's a Sitrus Berry! What luck, Blue-kyun!" Leaf picks up the object that hit Blue.

                                              "Thank you for your Chansey, Red!" Blue mocks Red as he puts away the Sitrus Berry into his fanny pack from Leaf.

                                              "Why didn't that berry fall onto my head? Maybe I can establish the law of gravity by it!" says Red in a self-mockery manner.

                                              Jumping off some ledges, walking by some small ponds watched by some Poliwag and Psyduck, and traversing a long, narrow corridor, there is a wide square. There does not seem to be another way out, making the square a dead end. In the center of the square, there is a pile of berries.

                                              "That's funny. We haven't seen even a shadow of Lostelle..." says Red.

                                              "Was she stuck on a tree or something?" suspects Blue.

                                              "Not likely. It's too dangerous for a little girl to climb on to a tree to pick berries." says Leaf, "And there're also wild Pokémon living in the trees. Machop would not be able to protect her in time if she got attacked."

                                              "Hmm...It sounds implausible, but might she have fallen into a pond?" says Red.

                                              "If so, then at least her basket should be left on the bank or floating on water." Blue contradicts Red's reasoning.

                                              "Or...To the worst degree...she was...kidnapped by a Pokémon..." Leaf makes a scary face in her creepy voice, making Red's and Blue's hair stand up.

                                              "Tee-hee! Look at how you're frightened!" Leaf cannot hold her amusement.

                                              "No...Maybe you were not kidding..." Red suddenly shudders, pointing into the front.

                                              "What?*Gasp*!" Blue's and Leaf's eyes follow Red's direction, before they both let out a gasp in fear.

                                              Behind the pile of berries, a Hypno slowly walks out. It looks at the heroes with an annoyed and threatening look while its eyes glow blue eerily, while waving its pendulum at them.

                                              "'s using Hypnosis on us...Darn, I can't move!" moans Red.

                                              "Why? Why can't I stop staring at its eyes...Ack, I feel I'm under a spell!" moans Blue.

                                              "No, I'm feeling dizzy...I can't fall asleep now..." moans Leaf.

                                              Seconds later, the trio lose their consciousness and fall down asleep before Hypno...

                                              [??:??, ??? ??, ???]
                                              "............Hmm?" After some unknown time, Red gradually returns to sober, and opens his eyes, recovering his vision.

                                              "Yawn...where am I?" Red stretches his arms and sits up, and finds that he was lying on a rough, rocky ground, and he is alone inside a chamber of a cave. He looks around and finds that his backpack is near him, albeit not on his back. He checks the belongings in the bag to find nothing lost.

                                              "How long have I slept here?" Red checks his smartphone, which displays 17:58, May 26.

                                              "So I slept for hours before I was hypnotized by that Hypno...And where is Blue and Leaf? They must also be somewhere in this cave." thinks Red, who puts on his backpack and briefly cleans his jacket and jeans.

                                              "I have to defeat that Hypno or it won't let us out...Pikachu, I choose you!" Red takes out a Poké Ball and calls out Pikachu, but Pikachu is fast asleep when he exits the ball.

                                              "What the..." Red checks his Pokédex, which displays on the screen that all Pokémon in Red's party are sleeping.

                                              Since Red does not have any sleep-curing items, even a single encounter with the Hypno may lead to a game over. He puts away his Poké Balls and curses the Hypno in his mind.

                                              "Tap...tap...tap..." Footsteps can be faintly heard outside Red's chamber. Is it the Hypno?

                                              I can't let it find me awake, or I'll be in danger! Red instantly takes off his backpack, throws it aside, and falls on to his back pretending to be asleep.

                                              Moments later, the Hypno walks past Red's chamber to find a "sleeping" Red. Soon after, it goes away without any suspicions.

                                              "That was close...Now I'll find my friends!" Re-putting on his backpack, Red quietly slides to the entrance of his chamber. He sticks his head out into the corridor and finds that Hypno has left.

                                              Walking in the corridor, Red feels as if he were in a stone prison. There are chambers on either side of the corridor, giving the impression of cells without iron gates. Red's "cell" is located at the very end of the corridor, opposite to nothing but a rocky wall.

                                              Avoiding the Hypno's sight, Red secretly searches through the chambers, only to get more dirt and dust on his clothes. There are no living beings inside these chambers at all, not even a human or Pokémon hair.

                                              Luckily, before Red can develop grudge against Hypno for hiding his friends by magic, he spots Leaf lying in one of the chambers, obviously asleep, with her feet at him, her hat inches beside her.

                                              "It's an Eevee...Beh! What am I looking at!" Red slaps himself in the face before he approaches her.

                                              "Tap...tap...tap..." The Hypno's footstep is coming near again!

                                              Heck! If Hypno finds me inside another chamber, it'll surely assume I want to escape and might do anything it wishes to me! And I don't have time to retreat to the starting point...

                                              When the Hypno walks past Leaf's chamber, it stops as if sensing someone else other than the lass inside. It sticks his head in and looks around...While Red is concealing himself somewhere, holding his breath, cold sweat dripping from his head, his heart beating like a thrashing Ponyta.

                                              Three minutes later, when the Hypno notices nothing but the dull rock walls and ceiling, it looks displeased and leaves.

                                              "How smart I hide in this corner." Red sighs with relief while looking at where he hid himself. It is a corner with an acute angle, behind a long, thick wall between the corridor and the chamber. While Red was there, he was just within the Hypno's dead angle, thus evading being spotted by the Hypnosis Pokémon.

                                              And after the Hypno's footstep fades into oblivion, Red returns to Leaf and tries to wake her up. But he stumbles over a small stone and his body begins to fall over onto Leaf. Red closes his eyes out of instinct, while reaching his arms out for support...

                                              "Ouch...Hmm? What did I touch?" Contrary to his belief, Red feels that his hands are on a surface that is not rough and hard, but kind of round, soft and spongy. In fact, he does not feel any abrasion to his palms. How strange it is!

                                              "Mmm...mmm..." Red hears Leaf's voice. She's waking up! Yay!

                                              Red opens his eyes in excitement, but before he can greet Leaf, his face suddenly turns red like an erupting volcano, and he shrinks his arms at once, hiding them behind his back, and steps backwards.

                                              "Mmm...mmm...Re-chan?" Leaf restores her consciousness and sits up, and notices Red standing steps away in front of her, his face red-hot.

                                              "What's wrong, Re-chan? Where are we?"

                                              "Shhh! We...we're inside a cave of a Hypno!" Red shakes his head to snap out of embarrassment and asks Leaf to be quiet.

                                              "(Quietly) So that Hypno took us here, and you woke me up? Thanks, Re-chan! But why was your face so hot?"

                                              "(Quietly) D...Don't care about those trivial matters!" Red turns his head, not daring looking straight at Leaf's face.

                                              But a skeptical Leaf looks at Red for a while before she notices the folds on her clothes. She then grins mischievously, letting out a sneer.

                                              "Ho-ho, Re-chan! Never thought you're so bold to some extent?!"

                                              "That...that was an accident!" trembles Red with a fearful expression.

                                              "I'd asked you in Celadon City about your opinion about my figure. I thought you refused to answer when you ran away. But your hands are more honest than your mouth, you p-e-r-v-e-r-t?!"

                                              "I...I'm terribly sorry, Leaf! I...I was...I was just trying wake you up! I wasn't intended to offend you! Please...for...forgive me for my fault!"

                                              "Tee-hee! I trust you, Re-chan. Let's put it aside and look for Blue-kyun and Lostelle-chan!" Leaf puts on her hat and satchel.

                                              "Many, many thanks, Leaf!" Red slaps himself in the face again before bowing to her, much to Leaf's hilarity.

                                              After a thorough search, Red and Leaf find Blue in another chamber. Red shakes him on the shoulders to wake Blue up. They further discover Lostelle and Machop in the fourth chamber, with an empty basket near the little girl.

                                              After the trio make eye contacts, Red turns his backpack onto his front and he carries Lostelle on his back, with Blue carrying Machop and Leaf carrying the basket. After some walk, they arrive at the exit, a hidden door on the ceiling, at the other end of the corridor, above some stairs.

                                              Leaf puts down the basket and tries to push the door open, but to no avail.

                                              "Yeeee...Nope, the door seems to be pressed by something heavy."

                                              "Maybe the heavy object, nope, the objects are those pile of berries!" thinks Red, "We'll be free as long as we escape from this door, so we have to open it by any kind of means!"

                                              But before they can find a way to unlock the door, they hear clearing noise from above, and the door opens, walking in the Hypno. Both sides are surprised to meet the other at this point.

                                              After realizing his "preys" are trying to run away, the Hypno's eyes glow blue and waves its pendulum in order to put the trio into sleep.

                                              "Wait a moment, Hypno!" cries Red, "Could you first tell us the reason you captured us here?"

                                              The Hypno thinks for a while, before it agrees and projects its speech into the trio's brains with its telepathy.

                                              "Do you humans know how long I have lived in this peaceful forest?"

                                              "It must be long." says Red, "You mean, you've lived here smoothly until something broke the peace?"

                                              "Ah, that's it." says the Hypno, "One morning, I was picking some berries. Suddenly, I heard some annoying noise coming from somewhere. I thought it might be a naughty human kid or Pokémon playing and would end soon, so I didn't care. But that noise had come up for days without any sign to cease, and I couldn't even take an easy nap in my cave! Out or anger, I made a snare using berries to lure the noise maker here and inquest him."

                                              "So that's how Lostelle came here." says Red.

                                              "Yes. This little girl was the first one to fall into my trap, but she never admitted she made that noise. I thought she might have some accomplices, so I set up the trap again, and caught all of you. I must say I'm impressed on your finding the exit yourself. Say, are you the noise makers?"

                                              "Hypno doesn't look like a bad guy. It simply hates noise." thinks Leaf, before she tries to explain, "Hypno, I'm afraid you made a mistake. The noise makers aren't us, but a gang of Bikers on Three Island. We've driven them away, and you won't hear any noise more."

                                              "Should I believe in you? I'm not sure you're not of the same batch with those Bikers. What if they leave today and returns to make noise tomorrow?"

                                              "We only told the truth. If you don't trust us, then we can stay in your cave for another day. If there's no noise tomorrow, you let us go." suggests Leaf.

                                              "You have nerve. But you must be responsible for what you said! Now return to the cave!"

                                              "Wait! Before we return, could you wake Lostelle and Machop up for us?" asks Red.

                                              "Sorry, I'm a Hypnosis Pokémon, not an Awakening Pokémon. As long as someone is hypnotized by me, they won't wake up until hours later naturally. I estimate they'll wake up near the sunset. OK, now stop talking nonsense and return to the cave!"

                                              "The last thing. Could you let us five stay together? We'll be lonely if we're apart!" begs Leaf.

                                              "Sure, if you don't be too clever with things you shouldn't."

                                              "Thank you, Hypno." says Leaf.

                                              The Hypno is shocked to hear gratitude from a human, as the human being is the species it dislike most. But it still opens the door and forces the victims in, and closes it from behind.
                                              --End of Epsiode 44--
                                              Save File:
                                              Player: Red
                                              Time: Day 90
                                              Pokédex: Seen 150, Owned 17
                                              Badges: 8

                                              You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                              Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                              My remixed music list: Here
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                                                Episode 45: Secret Mission: Mt. Ember (ともしび温泉と山腹の秘密通路)
                                                [8:23 PM, May 26, Three Island]
                                                As it is getting dark this evening, the Three Island residents start to get worried about the safety of the missing hero trio and Lostelle.

                                                "Have you seen those kids from Kanto? They haven't returned from Berry Forest!"

                                                "No, I haven't. I was outside the whole afternoon and I didn't seen anyone like them, let alone Lostelle."

                                                "Maybe we should send somebody to look for them!"

                                                "Forget it! It's night now, and we'll get lost, too! At least tomorrow morning!"

                                                And not only the residents, but also Lostelle's father, Ryoma, is in desperate anxiety of them. He is somehow regretted to entrust the Kanto kids to find his daughter, only to have them losing trace as well.

                                                [8:23 PM, May 26, Berry Forest]
                                                Meanwhile, in Hypno's cave, Red, Blue and Leaf keep Lostelle and Machop company after gaining Hypno's permission. After the darkness devours the sky, Lostelle and Machop slowly open their eyes.

                                                "Waaaaa! Daddy! I want Daddy!" Lostelle cries out at the thought of Hypno's coming, only to see three unfamiliar faces and her daddy's Machop.

                                                "Who...who are you, bros and sis?" asks Lostelle timidly.

                                                "Hello. You must be Lostelle. We're all captured here by Hypno as you. My name's Red."

                                                "And the name's Blue!" Blue briefly arranges his hair to look cool.

                                                "I'm Leaf! Don't be scared, Lostelle-chan, because you're with us!"

                                                "Mm! Lostelle's grown up! Lostelle's not scared!" says Lostelle, "But why did Hypno hold us?"

                                                "Because it mistook us for the noise makers." explains Red, "We've explained to it, and it agrees to let us go if we can stay here for a night. If you're not naughty, we'll be free tomorrow."

                                                "No, Lostelle won't be naughty! Lostelle wants to see daddy!"

                                                "Grrrrrrr......" Lostelle's stomach begins to grumble, and so does Machop's.

                                                "Lostelle's hungry...Do bros and sis have any food?" asks Lostelle bashfully.

                                                "We've got much extra dim sums, plus some berries freshly picked!" says Blue as he opens his fanny pack, "And you can have much as you like, Lostelle and Machop!"

                                                Soon later, Blue's "lucky" Sitrus Berry is demolished by the empty-stomached little girl and the Superpower Pokémon, plus some other snacks from his friends.

                                                "Looking at others eating makes us hungry, too!" says Blue, "Now let's eat!"

                                                "Let's eat!" say Red and Leaf, before the trio also begin to chew on their food.

                                                Sometime later, all the hostages' bellies are full of stuff.

                                                "Buuurrrpp..." Blue belches as he stretches his limbs, "After a meal, it's time for a sleep, yaaaawwwnnn..." and he lies down on his side, closing his eyes.

                                                "Yaawwnnn...I feel sleepy as well. Good night..." Red lets out a yawn and falls on to his back, flying into his dreams like a Snorlax.

                                                "Sigh...Boys will be boys." says Leaf, "Lostelle-chan, Machop, stay close to us bros and sis! If you want to sleep, then let's hold hands!"

                                                "Yes, Leaf sis! Yaawwnnn...Lostelle wants to sleep..."

                                                "Ehehehe..." Leaf smiles embarrassedly, "Maybe I should take a rest, too! I'd better not use up my phone's battery on the e-tabloids..."

                                                And when Hypno checks the chamber its "preys" are in, it finds the group of five sleeping peacefully, with Lostelle holding onto Leaf's hand. It then leaves without saying anything.

                                                [11:17 AM, May 27, Berry Forest]
                                                The next morning, Hypno exits its cave and starts to capture the noise at the estimated time. But during the whole morning, no noise can be heard in the forest except the tweets of Pidgey and buzzes of Beedrill and Venomoth, and occasionally the dropping sound of a ripe berry.

                                                "So those humans indeed told me the truth." thinks Hypno as it nods in satisfaction.

                                                And inside the chamber, Lostelle looks quite uneasy.

                                                "Hey, hey, Leaf sis! Why don't Hypno let us out?"

                                                "Be calm, Lostelle-chan! I'm sure Hypno will appear soon!"

                                                At that moment, Hypno enters the cave and talks to the heroes with telepathy.

                                                "The noise is gone today as you said. As promised, you can go now."

                                                "Really? Can Lostelle really go home to see my daddy?" asks Lostelle excitedly.

                                                "I always mean what I say. Come, you all, follow me." says Hypno as it leads the group to the exit and let them out. Before the group leave, Hypno hands over some berries to them.

                                                "These berries are for you, as an apology for mistakenly keeping you here." says Hypno, "I only want one thing in return. Don't tell any others I live here. I hate being bothered, especially by humans!"

                                                "No, Lostelle won't leak the secret! Because Lostelle knows Hypno is not a bad Pokémon!" says Lostelle, "But Lostelle wonders if Lostelle can still pick berries here?"

                                                "You're not a bad kid, either!" says Hypno, "And my answer is, you're always welcome!"

                                                "Thank you, Hypno! Can Lostelle make friends with you?"

                                                "Friends? You're the first human friend I've ever made with in my life, hehe..."

                                                [11:27 AM, May 27, Two Island]
                                                Leaving Hypno's cave, the group return to the Joyful Game Corner thanks to Blue's Alakazam's Teleport.

                                                "Daddy!" Lostelle plunges into her father out of joy.

                                                "Darling, forgive me! Thank goodness you returned safe! Daddy didn't know you were in trouble!" Ryoma hugs his dear daughter affectionately.

                                                "It's okay, Daddy! Lostelle got to be friends with Leaf sis, Red bro and Blue bro!" says Lostelle, "They accompanied me for the time Lostelle was in the forest, so Lostelle was not afraid!"

                                                "I'm obliged to you! How can I thank you for rescuing Lostelle?" asks Ryoma gratefully to the heroes.

                                                "You can thank us by keeping your daughter safe at any time!" says Blue.

                                                "Yes, yes. I mustn't have left her alone in the forest, or I'm neglecting my duty as a father!"

                                                "No, daddy. Lostelle is sure Loselle will be always safe there!"

                                                "Why, darling?"

                                                "Because Lostelle made friends with someone there! It won't hurt Lostelle! It'll be kind to Lostelle!"

                                                "Who is it?" Ryoma is a bit confused.

                                                "It's a secret!" says Lostelle playfully, adding to her daddy's bewilderment.

                                                And after leaving Lostelle's home, Leaf says, "Look at our clothes! They're so dirty because of the night we spent in Hypno's cave! There's a spa on One Island called Ember Spa. How about we take a hot spring and relax ourselves there?"

                                                "Agreed!" Both boys raise their right hands high.

                                                And when the residents of Three Island learn that all the hostages returned safe, they are filled with reassurance.

                                                [1:09 PM, May 27, Ember Spa]
                                                North of the town on One Island lies an extinct volcano, named Mt. Ember. It used to erupt periodically until its extinction three centuries ago. However, there have been numbers of witnesses that embers are visible during some nights atop of the volcano, hence giving it the name.

                                                Between the town on One Island and Mt. Ember, there is a long route called Kindle Road. Essentially, Kindle Road is also a small island, separated from both One Island town and Mt. Ember by a respective body of water. The manually dug out Ember Spa is located inside a cave on the land portion. The rocks inside the spa is dyed mahogany by the abundance of iron. It is said that the water of the spa can keep one's skin smooth regardless of his or her age, thus attracting many female and elder tourists.

                                                After they enter the cave, the heroes take off their clothes and switch into bath towels in the changing rooms, and wash their outfits at the washhouse. They take a shower to wash off the dirt and dust on their bodies, before they immerse themselves in the hot spring. The spring is a mixed bathing area, and both men and women are allowed to bathe together.

                                                "Haaahhh...I'm relaxed...It feels that great..." Blue lies against the edge, closes his eyes in the vapor and begins to enjoy the temperature of the spring.

                                                "Maybe I should let my Pokémon take the spa, too. But we deposited them at the counter since Pokémon are not allowed here..." thinks Red.

                                                "Hi, Re-chan! Do you want to take a look?" Getting near him quietly, Leaf suddenly whispers to Red.

                                                "Take a look of what? The mist or something?"

                                                "Of course, the beautiful girl! You're a straight guy, aren't you?"

                                                "Yeah, I'm straight! But it's impolite to stare at girls!"

                                                "Silly, Re-chan! Did you forget someone beside you?" Leaf winks impishly.

                                                "You? Yeah, I agree you're a true beauty. But I can see you every day, so what on earth do you mean?" says a frowning Red.

                                                "I mean, do you want to take a look at it?" Leaf grabs Red's hand and pull it towards herself.

                                                "What are you doing, Leaf? I can't do that!" exclaims Red in a low voice as he moves back his hand when he feels something.

                                                "What's that look, Re-chan? You dare not look at what you've pawed?"

                                                "It's not the point! Have you seen there're so many people with us?"

                                                "Oh? You mean you'd like if there're only the two of us?"

                                                "I never mean that! Enough of it, Leaf! Or I'll get angry with you!"

                                                "Tee-hee! I was just fooling you, and you took it seriously?" titters Leaf.

                                                "......" Red is left speechless.

                                                [2:18 PM, May 27, Mt. Ember]
                                                After an hour's spring bath, our heroes are fully recharged with their clean clothes. But they display entirely different facial expressions when they come out of the spa: Blue looks relaxed and satisfied; Red looks in a huff with his face burning; And Leaf keeps snickering at Red while covering her mouth with her hand.

                                                "Hey, Red! What's that bitter look? Are you burned by the hot water or something?" mocks Blue.

                                                "I beg you two to just leave me alone, please!" Red answers grumpily.

                                                As the trio are on their way back to Pokémon Network Center to report their delivery of the meteorite, Red casually turns his head back at the extinct volcano for a glance. Suddenly, he spots two suspicious figures on the hillside.

                                                Red takes out his binoculars to observe them. He finds that the two men on the mountain are in black uniforms. As he adjusts the focus, he notices the red-painted R on their uniforms!

                                                Those Team Rocket crooks! Those money-coveting Team Rocket crooks! Those crapping devils of Team Rocket crooks! Even such a peaceable place doesn't survive their invasion! Thinking about all Team Rocket's malign deeds, Red's wrath bursts from his back into a dark aura.

                                                "Eek! What's wrong, Re-chan? Did I do too much to you?" asks a frightened Leaf.

                                                "Enemies detected. Come with me." says Red in an emotionless tone.

                                                The friends follows Red along the route to Mt. Ember. They climb up the hill to get close to where the Team Rocket Grunt are. After they can clearly hear their conversation, they hide behind a large boulder.

                                                Meters in front, the two Team Rocket Grunts are standing in front of a cave they have just dug out, wiping their sweat while holding digging tools.

                                                "Whew, punched through at last." says Grunt 1, "Let's go treasure hunting!"

                                                "But what treasures are inside? What if it's empty?" says Grunt 2, "And how should we deal of them if we get them?"

                                                "You're always worrying about something unnecessary!" scolds Grunt 1, "You just remember, any treasure we find, we haul back to the warehouse! Understand?"


                                                "But what?"

                                                "But what's the password? At our warehouse, I mean..."

                                                "What? You forgot the password? You need more minerals, dude!" says Grunt 1, "Tch, fine, One more time. There're two passwords to our warehouse. The first one is 'Goldeen need log', and the second one is..."

                                                Suddenly, Grunt 1 senses the dark aura behind the rock, "I'm afraid we'd wait for a minute, dude! We've been listened in on by some snoops!"

                                                "Yes, you have." Red exposes himself from the boulder, "You Team Rocket crooks. Why should your rotten souls keep polluting this beautiful earth? How do you want to be destroyed? Red? Green? Blue? Or yellow?"

                                                "Red? Green? Blue? Yellow?" Blue and Leaf are perplexed.

                                                "You say you'll destroy us? Bleh, a mere kid dares miff us Team Rocket. I'm laughing my head off!" The first Grunt sends out a Marowak as his weapon. The second one then follows his accomplice by sending out a Raticate.

                                                "Charizard, I choose you. Flamethrower." orders Red unemotionally.

                                                "Boom!" Charizard's Flamethrower takes out both opponents in a lightning-flash moment, burning all the enemy Pokémon and Trainers inky black. All but Grunt 1 fall down onto the ground and lose their consciousness.

                                                "What's the second password, you rogues?" Red grabs Grunt 1 by the collar and questions him roughly.

                                                "Delay no more! What can you do if I keep my mouth shut, you unruly brat?" Grunt 1 also falls into coma before he casts out some abuse.

                                                "......" Red lets go of Grunt 1 and looks back at his friends. Though sunny and outgoing in his usual times, Red now looks like a serial killer with his eyes glowing red and the dark aura blazing behind him, plus the badly defeated Team Rocket Grunts, making Blue and Leaf shiver in unease.

                                                "Ex...excuse me, Re-chan. Could you...could you put out that dark aura? It's scary..." says Leaf apprehensively.

                                                "Yeah. We can find the passwords ourselves if they refuse to tell us." says Blue.

                                                Nonetheless, the aura on Red remains as he punches into the rock beside him, with freaky words coming out from his mouth, "You goddarn Team Rocket crooks! I'll do whatever I can to send you all down to the bottom of the heck! I'll find all of you and crumple you into powder, as a sacrifice for the Marowak! Just you wait!"

                                                "What's wrong of Re-chan? He doesn't look good." Leaf is very upset.

                                                "Maybe we shouldn't keep too close. I'm afraid he'd hit us in that gloomy mood." sighs Blue.

                                                After the hostile remark, Red enters the newly dug out tunnel without informing his friends, with Blue and Leaf following him while keeping steps away.

                                                The tunnel is quite narrow compared to other caves like Rock Tunnel and Victory Road, but it never forks and leads directly into a chamber hundreds of feet inside. At the center point of the chamber, there is a gem flashing red. Red picks it up and finds that it is a ruby.

                                                "So those Team Rocket crooks dug so hard only for this ruby? Tsk, how miserable they were!"

                                                "But we're so lucky to get a precious stone without much effort, thanks to your Chan..." says Blue.

                                                Red turns around and looks at Blue with his freakish red eyes, making Blue cover his mouth in fear of saying something wrong.

                                                "Hey, boys! There're some scripts here! They look like braille!" Leaf points to a stela on the wall.

                                                "How did braille appear here? Had some ancient people been to this cave?" says Blue.

                                                "I dunno." says Leaf, "Anyway, I'll take some pictures for future investigation!"

                                                After Leaf takes some photographs of the braille, the trio exit the tunnel with the ruby, and return to One Island using Blue's Alakazam's Teleport.
                                                --End of Epsiode 45--
                                                Save File:
                                                Player: Red
                                                Time: Day 91
                                                Pokédex: Seen 150, Owned 17
                                                Badges: 8

                                                You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                                Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                                My remixed music list: Here
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                                                  Episode 46: Secret Mission: Icefall Cave (四天王のお家攻防戦)
                                                  [2:30 PM, May 27, Pokémon Network Center]
                                                  After obtaining the ruby and taking a photograph of the braille, our heroes are now at the Pokémon Network Center on One Island.

                                                  "Oh, hey, buds! Guess what? We've got the PC working! Now you can make full use of the PSS via that PC terminal at any time." says Bill, "And how's the Meteorite?"

                                                  "We've delivered it to Mr. Ryoma. Though many things happened afterwards..." says Blue.

                                                  "Anyway, thank you for your job." says Bill, "But what's wrong with Red bud?"

                                                  "It's hard to say..." says Leaf, as she has Red takes out the ruby, "By the way, we found this ruby in Mt. Ember."

                                                  "What? A ruby? In Mt. Ember?" Celio's curiosity is raised.

                                                  "Yes." Leaf shows the photograph of the braille to Celio, "And there're some strange braille in the chamber we found that gem."

                                                  "It's good I've learnt something about braille." says Celio, "The braille is a combination of roman letters. It means 'Everything has meaning. Existence has meaning. Being alive has meaning. Have dreams. Use power.'"

                                                  "It's rather baffling." says Blue, "Why were those sentences carved in that chamber?"

                                                  "Hmm...It's not easy to figure out." says Celio, "But my years of study on gemstones and my intuition tell me there's another gem that forms a pair with this ruby. That other gemstone is supposed to be in the Sevii Islands. When it comes to ruby, the best match is sapphire!"

                                                  "But where should we look for the sapphire?" asks Leaf.

                                                  "I suppose it's most likely to appear in another chamber with braille." says Celio, "But I don't know where the other chamber lies. After all, I'm a science otaku, not an archeologist..."

                                                  "But it's for sure the sapphire is in some ruins!" says Leaf, "The aren't any ruins on Two and Three Islands. So let's search from Four Island, shall we?"

                                                  "Agreed." says Blue.

                                                  [3:08 PM, May 27, Four Island]
                                                  Four Island is a rather rural island in the Sevii Islands archipelago. There is a small village on the island, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea on the west side. The current surrounding this island is rather fast compared to the first three islands, rendering it unsafe to surf on the sea, making the Seagallop the only connection between it and the outside world.

                                                  Although the village is not very big, there is a farm located at the foot of the mountain in the northern area. It is the Day Care of Sevii Islands. Same as the Day Care on Route 5, any Trainers can deposit one or two Pokémon here for quick cultivation as a paid service. However, since the Day Care here has a large outdoor area, Pokémon tend to grow stronger and healthier due to their outside activities.

                                                  While the trio are walking on the main road of the village, Leaf points to the mailbox outside of a house and cries delightedly, "Look, boys! Isn't it Ms. Lorelei's house?"

                                                  "Sure it is!" says Blue, "So one of the Elite Four should live in such a remote Xanadu. Let's pay a short visit to her."

                                                  "......" Red does not say anything, nor does he make any gestures.

                                                  "Red! Are you gonna scare them by your your look?" scolds Blue.

                                                  "......" Red stares at Blue, prompting him to shut up.

                                                  "It's not Re-chan's fault. It's the fault of Team Rocket on Sevii Islands!" says Leaf, "I believe he'll return to normal after we beat Team Rocket, Blue-kyun."

                                                  "Fine then." Blue shrugs his shoulders.

                                                  The trio arrives at Lorelei's door, with Leaf knocking on, "Excuse me! Is Ms. Lorelei in?"

                                                  The door opens, but it's a couple rather than Lorelei who come out. They are Lorelei's parents.

                                                  "Hello there. You're looking for Lorelei? She was here minutes ago, but she suddenly hurried to Icefall Cave."

                                                  "Sorry for disturbing you. We'll be there then!" Leaf bows to the old couple.

                                                  After the couple close the door, Blue says to Leaf, "I bet for 5 Poké Dollars something just happened in Icefall Cave! Maybe it's a chance to calm Red down!"

                                                  "I think so. Let's go." says Leaf.

                                                  [3:25 PM, May 27, Icefall Cave]
                                                  Surfing across a small pond east to Lorelei's house, and there is an entrance to the Icefall Cave. Contrary to the tropical climate on the island, it is frigid inside like Seaform Islands. At the entrance room, there is a large waterfall crashing down from tens of meters high.

                                                  "There're no stairs to climb up, and surfing Pokémon won't do, either. What should we do?" says a disappointed Blue.

                                                  "Tee-hee! It's my turn now! Dewy, let's go!" Leaf throws out a Dive Ball, releasing a Dewgong.

                                                  "Dewy, take me up the waterfall!"

                                                  Dewy lets Leaf ride on her back, and carries her up the waterfall using the move she learned via HM07, Waterfall.

                                                  "Now bring Re-chan and Blue-kyun to me!"

                                                  Dewy descends along the waterfall, and carries the boys up one at a time.

                                                  "Where did you get that hidden move, Leaf?" asks Blue.

                                                  "It was the time I first met Dewy." says Leaf, "I was at a loss how to cross the sea on Route 19 because I didn't have any Water-type Pokémon nor any fishing rods. At that time, Dewy appeared and offered me a ride to Cinnabar Island. She was still a Seel then. And when I thanked her for her kindness and was about to leave, she bellowed to me, wanting to be with me, so I captured her happily. Later, she dived into the bottom of the sea and found an HM07, so I taught her this move."

                                                  "You're even luckier than a Chansey, haha!" laughs Blue.

                                                  Apart from the waterfall, the cave is also consisted of some other natural puzzles, including ice tiles and ice pitfalls. The ice pitfalls are initially some tiles of thin ice. When stepped on for the first time, they crack. When a cracked tile is stepped on again, it breaks and makes the victim fall into a deep hole.

                                                  Solving all the puzzles, the trio arrive at the deepest chamber. At the entrance, they see Lorelei confronting three Team Rocket Grunts. Red's dark aura starts to burn crazily.

                                                  "How many times have I warned you, you men in black! I say, keep your disgusting hands off the Pokémon in the cave! Do as I say, or you'll have me to answer to!" says Lorelei righteously.

                                                  "Hey, hey, lady. What's wrong with you?" says a Grunt in a sarcastic voice, "Don't let your glasses get all steamed up in this cold place! Just leave us be and stop meddling in!"

                                                  "Grrr..." Lorelei is cross at the flagrant behavior of the criminals, before she notices the heroes at her back, "Seems I'm not alone! I need your help!"

                                                  "Haha! Of course!" laughs Blue, "Red was badmouthed by some Team Rocket thugs on Mt. Silver, and he's just found three punching bags!"

                                                  "Wrrrr..." Red's voice sounds like a growl of a starving lion.

                                                  "Then you go, Red! You must be crazy for kicking those Team Rocket thugs' butts!" says Blue.

                                                  "Team up with me, Red-kun! Help me kick these poachers out before they do anything else." says Lorelei, which Red accepts by stepping up alongside her.

                                                  "Are you ready, Red-kun? All right, go, Lapras!"

                                                  "Gwoooo!" Red roars as he tosses the Poké Ball of Charizard.

                                                  "Wha...what? Who says we can't do what we want with the Pokémon we caught?" The Grunts show a ferocious look and send out their Pokémon. But when their Pokémon are out, Blue and Leaf cannot hold chuckling, as all the opposing Pokémon are nothing other than Zubat and Golbat.

                                                  "Lapras, Ice Beam!" commands Lorelei.

                                                  "Wrrooo, wrrrrooooaar!" commands Red in an animal roaring voice, shocking everyone, including Charizard. He then uses Flamethrower at his enemies.

                                                  Within seconds' time, the combination of fire and ice takes out all the enemy Pokémon with ease.

                                                  "Humph. So despicably weak. You! Tell me! Where have you taken the captured Pokémon? I'm smashing your ring once and for all!" questions Lorelei.

                                                  "Why should we tell you the truth!" say the stubborn Grunts.

                                                  "Oh? If you won't confess, we'll deep-freeze you. My Lapras is furious for what you've done to its friends. Go, Lapras! Ice Beam..." says Lorelei.

                                                  But before Lapras can execute the move, Red howls in a booming voice and runs up, battering the Team Rocket Grunts like using the move Thrash, leaving their faces black and blue.

                                                  "What...what horrible power a mad Red has..." Blue and Leaf expand their eyes in stupefied.

                                                  After beating the Grunts up, Red grabs one of them by the collar and questions him in some random words, "Gwww....wrooooooar? Gwaaaahh!"

                                                  "What bullcrap are you saying? I can't understand!" The Grunt gives Red white eyes.

                                                  "He's asking you where you'll cart those poached Pokémon!" explains Lorelei crossly.

                                                  "&%^@#!" swears the Grunt in coarse words before he falls into unconsciousness.

                                                  A mad Red attempts to hit the Grunt with his fist, but is held up by Lorelei, Blue and Leaf.

                                                  After Red is tranquilized, Leaf notices a cellphone falling out of a Team Rocket Grunt's pocket. Its screen is displaying some text messages. Both of the messages are from someone called Archer:
                                                  14:35 (Read) Hunt for rare Pokémon at Icefall Cave, and carry them to the warehouse on Five Island.
                                                  15:12 (Unread) Go for the Dotted Hole at the Ruin Valley on Six Island.

                                                  "So these thieves are also sent here from the warehouse." says Leaf, "And they haven't read the message ordering them to Dotted Hole! Maybe the sapphire is there, too!"

                                                  "Then we should beat them to the sapphire!" cries Blue.

                                                  "Aww, thank you. You must have had a hard time tracing down Team Rocket." says Lorelei, "I was born and raised here on these islands, and I also met Lapras in Icefall Cave. I'd like to assist you, but I have to guard my hometown in case Team Rocket turn back..."

                                                  "Don't worry about it, Ms. Lorelei! We can settle everything!" says Blue confidently.

                                                  "Yeah. But before we leave, we've some extra work." says Leaf, who deletes all the messages in the inbox of the cellphone after she takes a photograph of it.
                                                  --End of Epsiode 46--
                                                  Save File:
                                                  Player: Red
                                                  Time: Day 91
                                                  Pokédex: Seen 150, Owned 17
                                                  Badges: 8

                                                  You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                                  Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                                  My remixed music list: Here
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                                                    Episode 47: Secret Mission: Rocket Warehouse (2つ目の宝石とロケット団倉庫)
                                                    [4:11 PM, May 27, Ruin Valley]
                                                    After subduing the Team Rocket poachers inside Icefall Cave, the trio boards the Seagallop to Six island. Soon later, they are at a valley south of the village area. This valley is named Ruin Valley, because it is said that this valley belonged to an ancient civilization long, long ago. It is a well-known attraction for Hikers and Ruin Maniacs.

                                                    The Dotted Hole is a cave located in the center hill of Ruin Valley, at a peninsula extending into a small lake at the top the hill. There are two marble pillars standing on both sides of Dotted Hole. Evidently, the Dotted Hole is not a naturally formed cave, as it is locked by two metal doors. On either leaf of the door, there are bumps or rather, "dots", forming a rectangle.

                                                    In front of the doors, the trio examine it carefully, but they found no key holes or other kind of equipment that functions as a lock. Blue tries pushing the door, which are solidly stuck.

                                                    "The doors are locked. How are we supposed to get in?" says a muddled Blue.

                                                    "Look, boys!" says Leaf, "Have you noticed the asymmetrical arrangement of the dots? Maybe they are another kind of braille!"

                                                    "Yeah. Perhaps it's the guide on how we can go in." says Blue.

                                                    "Let me look up them on the Internet..." Leaf searches the Internet on her phone, "...C...U...T...Cut!"

                                                    "Cut? HM01 Cut? Can such heavy and stiff doors be cut open?" Blue does not believe it.

                                                    "At least we must try it." says Leaf, "Have any of your Pokémon learned Cut?"

                                                    "Don't ask me." Blue shakes his head.

                                                    "......" Red remains motionless for a while, before he sends out Charizard, who waves his sharp claws in front of the doors. The doors then open with a heavy noise!

                                                    "Woah...Impossible!" Blue and Leaf are astounded.

                                                    As they enter the cave, they do not sense that someone is following them behind.

                                                    [4:45 PM, May 27, Dotted Hole]
                                                    Passing through the entrance room, the heroes enter a square chamber. There is a stone tablet fixed at the center of the chamber, carved with some braille, and there is a round hole at the middle of every edge.

                                                    "...Great. The signal is not too weak!" says Leaf, who looks up the braille on her phone, "...N...O...R...T...H...North! We have been facing north since we entered this cave. Does that mean we have to jump off the hole in front of us?"

                                                    "There doesn't seem to be another way..." says Blue, "But I'm afraid of getting hurt, anyway. I know! I'll tie the Escape Rope on myself and you hold the other side! If I'm in danger, I'll pull the rope and you pull me up!"

                                                    "That's a good idea." Leaf and Red help tie the rope around Blue's waist. After his friends hold tight onto the rope, Blue jumps off the hole as the braille directs. Leaf and Red then hear the sound Blue landing on the ground.

                                                    "Blue-kyun? Are you OK?" asks Leaf.

                                                    "Yeah. I'm in another chamber now. The holes seem to be warps. You can jump off safely!"

                                                    "Great!" Leaf and Red hold on to each other and they both jump off the hole.

                                                    "Woah! This room looks identical to the previous one!" exclaims Blue.

                                                    "But the braille is a bit different...It reads, W-E-S-T, west! We should turn left if we face the braille!" says Leaf.

                                                    Assured of their safety, the heroes jump off the left hole without the protection of Escape Rope, and they land unhurt on the third braille chamber.

                                                    The braille in the third chamber reads "E-A-S-T", guiding them to jump off on the right.

                                                    The braille in the fourth chamber reads "S-O-U-T-H". The heroes turn 180 degrees and jump off the hole.

                                                    As the heroes land for the last time, they find themselves at a small chamber, with lines of braille carved into one of its four walls. At the center of the chamber, there is a gemstone shining dim blue. It must be the sapphire!

                                                    "Good. Luckily it hasn't been stolen by Team Rocket." says Leaf, who picks up the gem.

                                                    But before the girl can put away the gem, a large hand extends from somewhere and snatches the gem from hers! It turns out to be the figure, or a Scientist, who kept following them down the cave.

                                                    "Bwahahaha! I'm waiting for so long outside the cave, and thank you all for guiding me to the sapphire!" The Scientist cackles with pleasure, "What will I earn by selling this gem to Team Rocket? 5 million, 10 million, nah, maybe 50 million! Ya-ho! I'll be rich! I'll be rich!"

                                                    Upon hearing "Team Rocket", the dark aura on Red spurts wildly.

                                                    "Give back the sapphire or else!" Leaf shouts at the Scientist.

                                                    "Don't glare at me like that, you kiddies! Just try to catch me!" The Scientist tosses out an Escape Rope and flees instantly.

                                                    "Wrrraaaaaaaaagggggh!" With the thief getting away, Red roars with his face fulminating with rage, and he starts to thrash about.

                                                    "Go, Escape Rope!" Blue grabs Leaf while she is trying to stop Red and throws out an Escape Rope, warping themselves out of the cave. Outside the Dotted Hole, Blue and Leaf spend huge efforts to mollify Red.

                                                    "Phew...We narrowly escaped the cave being destroyed by Red!" says Blue, "And we didn't have time to take photos of that braille!"

                                                    "That Scientist said he'd sell the sapphire to Team Rocket, and we've learned there's a warehouse lying on Five Island. I suppose that guy's heading for the warehouse." says Leaf.

                                                    "But there're two passwords, and we've known only one of them!" says Blue.

                                                    "Yeah, that's a bummer." says Leaf, before she notices a creased note on the ground. She picks it up and unfolds it. The note reads:
                                                    Yes, nah, Chansey

                                                    "It's a palindrome like the first password 'Goldeen need log'!" cries Leaf, "I'm sure this phrase is the second password! And his note was accidentally dropped by that Scientist!"

                                                    "Awesome!" says Blue, "We should be quick to Five Island!"

                                                    [5:14 PM, May 27, Five Isle Meadow]
                                                    After crossing a tiny village next to the port, there are some woods covering most of the land on Five Island. As our heroes are walking towards the woods, Leaf spots a Team Rocket Grunt sliding into the trees stealthily.

                                                    "Shhh. Be quiet! And avoid the tall grass!" Leaf signals her friends to lighten their pace.

                                                    After quietly passing through the woods, there is an open area. At the end of the area, there is a building with an orange roof and brown walls. The building is locked by two metal doors, painted with a large, red letter R. Out of question, this is the warehouse of Team Rocket.

                                                    Noticing the target, Red tries to run up impatiently, but is stopped by his friends. There prove to be two Team Rocket Grunts guarding the door, and incautious actions may alert them and even the lurking enemies inside the warehouse.

                                                    "(Quietly) Let's go, Lily! Sleep Powder!"

                                                    Leaf activates a Pokémon Ball in her satchel, sending out her Lilligant, who shoots a cloud of hypnotic powders from her flower at the guards. Inhaling the Sleep Powder, they grow sleepy and fall asleep afterwards.

                                                    Sneaking up to the door with his friends, Blue enters the two passwords in order, unlocking the door.

                                                    [5:31 PM, May 27, Rocket Warehouse]
                                                    Entering the warehouse, the atmosphere turns repressive and sinister. To deal with intruders, there is an arrow tile maze separating the main room and the entrance. However, such a maze cannot daunt our experienced heroes at all. Two minutes later, and our heroes are at the door to the main room, without even a bump on their heads.

                                                    After opening the door, the heroes are shocked to see that there are many cages scattered inside a broad hall, holding various species of Pokémon captive.

                                                    "Wrrrrrr......" Red attempts to unlock the cages, but is stopped by Blue and Leaf again.

                                                    "We can do it later, Red!" says Blue, "The most important thing is to find the sapphire!"

                                                    Traversing the hall of poached Pokémon, there is a small office. Inside the office are nothing but a chair with an office desk, supporting a desktop computer. Possibly because of carelessness, the computer is not locked down.

                                                    "......" Leaf looks around to find nobody following or watching at them. She then opens a folder named "Project LR". There is a single document placed in the folder, looking like a thesis, with the title of:
                                                    A Study of Electromagnetic Waves in Pokémon Evolution

                                                    "Fufufu...How clever you brats are to trespass into our warehouse with a high security level!"

                                                    Before Leaf can read the main body of the document, an Admin with white uniform and teal hair appears in front of the heroes, looking at our heroes with cold eyes.

                                                    "Tch. We're too impetuous..." mutters Blue.

                                                    As the eyes of the Admin and the heroes meet, it appears that a hard fight is inevitable between red and black.
                                                    --End of Epsiode 47--
                                                    Save File:
                                                    Player: Red
                                                    Time: Day 91
                                                    Pokédex: Seen 150, Owned 17
                                                    Badges: 8

                                                    You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                                    Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                                    My remixed music list: Here

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