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Justice: The Battle for Monticelia

Monticelia is a bustling trade city deep in the mainland of Italy. Monticelia made a name for itself by selling weapons and armor to neighboring cities as well as selling elite mercenaries to help train soldiers of those with the money to spare. It had been ruled by the just and kind Marchetti family for as long as it has been in existence, but some of its citizens have always desired more power.

Recently, the marchese (ruler) of Monticelia, Quintiliano Marchetti, was butchered on his way to mass by members of the D'Agata family, and his only heir, Leonardo Marchetti, is in hiding until the D'Agata threat is dealt with. The D'Agata family has taken over rule of Monticelia with brute force, and they are harsh. They tax the citizens heavily and maintain rule by using the mercenaries as a police force.

However, the tighter the leash, the stronger the desire to break free, and Monticelia's citizens are doing just that. A group has formed in secret, with a goal to continue hiding Leonardo and return the Marchetti rule to Monticelia. They call themselves "La Libero", and they will die for their cause.

About the Game

For those of you with previous experience with mafia games, welcome back! This'll be a standard game with the usual collection of roles following Epicmafia standards. Not anything too insane, like an immortal riddle master, but I still intend on giving this game a fun and refreshing atmosphere.

For those of you that are new to the game, great to have you here! This game isn't tailored specifically to teach you the mechanics of the game but it'll be treated as a good place to start. I'll be more than happy to explain the mechanics of the game to anyone that's confused, and other experienced mafia members will likely help you out. I also highly recommend clicking on this link: for a useful breakdown of the rules and a list of definitions, and also this link:, which has a great explanation of how mafia games work. While it isn't necessary to read all this to start playing a game, Gunner put a lot of work into it, and it's a fun read.

To summarize all that info, the game is split into two factions. The Innocents (D'Agata) win by eliminating all of the Mafia (La Libero) that are in their midst, while the Mafia wins by outnumbering the remaining players. The Innocents are the uninformed majority, who have no idea who's who, while the Mafia have their own private chat and work together to bamboozle the town. Be careful, this game is a little different, the "good guys" are generally the majority but in this game they are the mafia in order to better tell the story.

The game is split into Day and Night Phases. During the Day Phases, people post in the thread about their analysis of the game and vote on a person to lynch. During Night Phases, Innocents and Mafia get to use what are known as Night Actions, or abilities that give them vital information, interfere with other Night Actions, give out useful items, or potentially eliminate another player. During the Night, no one can post in the thread, and people send their Night Actions to the GM: Bidoof FTW via Pokecommunity or via Discord.

That should cover the basics. More role information is given below. And just remember, the important thing is to have fun!


The D'Agata Forces
The D'Agata family and their legion of mercenaries, the new rulers of Monticelia are looking to squash rebellion before it can have any impact.

Giovanni D'Agata - Cop
The mastermind behind the murder of Quintiliano and the head of the D'Agata family, Giovanni can use his mercenaries to raid the home of another player each night, discovering their alignment.

Captain Pagano - Gunsmith
A higher ranking mercenary and the head of the arsenal, each night he can distribute a sword to another player. This sword may be used during the day to kill one other player.

Lieutenant Toto - Blacksmith
The right hand man of Captain Pagano and his assistant in taking care of the arsenal, each night he can give a chainmail vest to a player, protecting them from death.

Il Dottore - Doctor
A very well educated doctor and a supporter of the D’Agata, each night, he may visit a player and tend to any of their wounds, protecting them from death that night.

Mercenaries - Vanilla Town
Regular footsoldiers for the D’Agata, they have no special powers or abilities. The amount of mercenaries in the game will be corresponding to the amount of players that sign up. The final count will be added to the OP after the game has begun.

La Libero
Monticelia’s freedom fighters and the protectors of Leonardo Marchetti, they work in secret to sabotage and eliminate the D’Agata.

Il Serpente - Hooker
The leader of La Libero is a retired mercenary who used to work undercover intelligence operations. He knows how to remain unseen and nullify his enemies. Each night, he can choose a player and block them from using their action.

Il Martello - Fabricator
Called Il Martello (the hammer) for his mastery of smithing, The Hammer uses his reputation to sabotage the D’Agata. Each night, he may choose to give out a weak item, this item looks every bit like a regular one, but will backfire on the user when used.

Captain Savaria - Godfather
A high ranking mercenary by day, and a member of La Libero by night, Captain Savaria will show up as a member of the D’Agata if investigated.

The Rules

All Pokecommunity rules apply.
Votes must be formatted as [Lynch] Player. Failure to do so may result in your vote not being counted.
Missing two votes in a row will result in your removal from the game and your replacement.
Do not share your PMs! Furthermore, all game related conversation should be kept to this thread or to specified Discord chats.
If you are killed, you are effectively dead. You get one death post that may not contain any in-game information. After that you’re barred from haunting the thread.
Do not post in the thread during the night phase.
You cannot abstain. You are however free to change your votes.
In the event of a tie for lynch votes, a coin toss will determine who gets lynched.

The Players

Bidoof FTW as the Games Master
Kevin Durant as ???
Nakuzami as ???
Pecilia as ???
Gimmepie as ???
Trev as ???
jdthebud as ???
Desox as ???

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