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Old May 25th, 2018 (12:40 AM).
Hikamaru Hikamaru is offline
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Figured my 50,000th post should be dedicated to a new hatred I have towards a certain Pokemon, and that is Trumbeak.

I was training some Pokemon in the Poni Plains, and when I was training my Tangrowth, he got massacred by two Trumbeak in an SOS battle. One of them landed a crit with Drill Peck, and then decided to poke at my Tangrowth's very low Sp. Def, killing him in an easy one-two punch.

It also didn't help that training my Hippowdon and Wailord against them sucked as well, since they had Bullet Seed and always seemed to hit 5 times, even when they didn't have Skill Link.

Seriously, screw Trumbeak. Nothing but the most savage birds ever.
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Old June 4th, 2018 (8:26 PM).
Torchic2023 Torchic2023 is offline
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    Caught a Shiney Sentret in Crystal recently. Then did a false move and accidentally closed Retroarch instead of saving. My first experiences with an emulator... Oh boy. '-_-.

    At least I recently caught a Shiny Wingull and a Shiney Fearow. Only saw one shiny in 20 years of playing before last month (excluding the red Gyarados in GSC) , then found 3 in the same week 0_o
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    Old June 6th, 2018 (5:36 AM).
    dman2756 dman2756 is offline
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      I fainted a Shiny Diagla because I forgot its typing. It then took my 3000 more resets to get it. This was also a time when I did not have the shiny charm.
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      Old June 12th, 2018 (8:34 PM).
      NocturnalNinetales's Avatar
      NocturnalNinetales NocturnalNinetales is offline
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        This just happened and I am still shaken up about it. I ran into a shiny Spearow on my Pokemon Leaf Green and Nina, my Nindoran F, was out. A Double Kick surely wouldn't kill it, would it? WRONG. I got a critical hit and I just sat there in my bed, turned off the game briefly, and cried after uploading my failure to my social media. Currently, I am attempting to quickly reclaim it but I do not have any hope right now. :(

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        Old June 13th, 2018 (3:05 AM).
        Topaz Light's Avatar
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          Oh gosh This one's more painful in retrospect, but I distinctly remember that, as a child, I thought the odds of getting a shiny in GSC were, like, 1/512 or something instead of 1/8,192, so I ran from a shiny Nidoran?, thinking "I should probably catch a bug for the bug-catching contest; I can just find another later!"

          I wasn't even in the bug-catching contest.
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          Old July 11th, 2018 (9:34 PM).
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          One time, I found a Shiny Nidorina in Kanto's safari zone. I tried catching her, but she fled after one Pokeball toss...

          & In Pokemon Diamond, when I was in Wayward Cave with Mira, I encountered a Shiny Zubat. Mira had her Kadabra use Psychic on it and it fainted. :'D

          Another time, I ran into a Shiny Noctowl in Kanto, but it refused to stay in any of my Pokeballs. I got mad and turned off the game.... but I got a Shiny Drowzee that day so that shiny fail wasn't too painful.

          Also I saw a freaking Shiny Barboach IN THE BATTLE PALACE OWNED BY ANOTHER TRAINER. I was so upset about it, I soft reset the game. Why is that fair? I always forget trainers can have shinies in the Battle Frontier.
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