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    Platinum Single Mono-Poison Run Update #7


    - Got to Canalave City
    - Went to Iron Island and teamed up with Riley
    - Used Riley's magical healing powers to train for the Gym.
    - DIdn't get a Riolu egg from him because I didn't have space in my team. Not that I would use it.
    - Went back to Canalave and defeated my Rival.
    - Defeated Byron easily with Japan the Tentacruel, Pepe the Toxicroak and Dalila the Drapion (she has Earthquake).
    - Went to the library with my Rival, Dawn and Prof. Rowan and something exploded. It's Lake Valor and, of course, I have to go see what happened.
    - Took care of Saturn at the Lake, but I was too late, since he already took Azelf to Team Galactic's HQ! Apparently, Mars is taking care of Mesprit in Lake Verity, right next door to home!
    - Stopped to gamble a bit and earn the rest of the coins I needed to buy TM 29 Psychic (jk, I just bought them). Taught it to Lammermoor the Gengar.
    - Went to Lake Verity ans took care of Team Galactic and Mars, but again, I was too late, since Mesprit was already taken to the Galactic HQ.
    - There's only Lake Acuity left, but I'll need to get through Mt. Coronet first to stop Jupiter from taking Uxie!


    3DS FC: 0533-5538-0146
    Pokémon Sun Team: Rowlet, Lycanroc (Sun), Salandit, Wishiwashi, <<Kommo-o, Vikavolt.
    Champion of the Single Grass Monotype Challenge on Pokémon Sapphire.
    Champion of the Nuzlocke Challenge on Pokémon Platinum.
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