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Old October 18th, 2018 (6:59 AM).
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    Recently I was listening to the pokemon themes for each pokemon movie. For the most part, each movie as a specific lyrical song that is used, I noticed something that I hadn't notice before. This only is for the English versions of the movies. I don't know if it is the same for other languages.

    Now before we get into this, this is not in no means supposed to be a shipping thread. So please don't make it into one. If you wish to speak about that, please go to the correct place. If this should go in the shipping area, then forgive me, but I didn't think it belong there.

    Anyway let's get started.

    With First and Second Generations, Heroes was the final movie in the original series. The main lyrical song is "One World" which is a perfect soundtrack to explain Ash, Misty and even Brock's friendship. Their friendship is extremely powerful, which basically is what the song says.

    With Third, Temple of the Sea was the final movie. The main lyrical song is "Together We'll Make a Promise" Again, this perfectly matches Ash and May's friendship. May and Ash supported each other with everything, and at the end, they made a promise not to forget one another when they split the ribbon.

    With Fourth, Master of Illusion was the final movies. The Main lyrical song is "I Believe In You" Once more, it matches Ash and Dawn's friendship perfectly. Dawn and Ash were close and Ash was always believed in Dawn and supported her when she cried.

    With Fifth, Legend Awakened was the final. This time it doesn't really work well. However, it does match them all going to Kanto them splitting up. This is the only generation it doesn't work with very well. As least not to the extent of others. The main lyrical son was "We're Coming Home"

    And finally with Sixth, Mechanical was the final. The main lyrical was "Soul - Heart". This song matches perfectly with Ash and Serena's friendship. It also mentions returning after so many years. This goes well with Ash returning to Serena after they met at a camp when they were younger. And Ash was very literally Serena's guiding light because her character was driven by him returning.

    Do yall believe this was intentional? I know there is no way to prove it and it really depends on how the person listening deciphers the lyrics. I just thought it was interesting how all the lyrical songs in the final movie of each series seemingly described the relationship between Ash and the female of the time.
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    Old October 18th, 2018 (10:57 AM). Edited October 18th, 2018 by CodeHelmet.
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      Before this devolves into a shipping slugfest(despite all attempts to prevent it), you do have a point that the songs do match each generation and their respective cast. While Generation V indeed doesn't match that well, they at least have movies to call their own. With Generation VII yet to get a movie dedicated to them, it's hard to argue that Unova is the Black Sheep(and why I will forever label Sun&Moon as the worst series).

      As for whether it was intentional... probably lol. At best it was coincidental but its hard not to see it as intentional.
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      Old October 18th, 2018 (1:08 PM).
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        I think you've answered your own question: it pretty much depends on how the person listening deciphers the lyrics.
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