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Old March 7th, 2011 (10:12 AM).
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    Got the game yesterday. I beat Burgh last night and I'm backtracking some so I can catch some pokemon I missed. Castelia City was very impressive.

    Current Team
    Dewott - lvl 21
    Pansear - lvl 22
    Blitzle - lvl 19
    Timburr - lvl 20
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    After school I have more of an urge to play Pokemon Black. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, it seems. XD

    Anyway, I've evolved all of my Pokemon in my team. Now I just have to get Jellicient (I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy) and Hydreigon. I beat the fifth Gym Leader after healing my Pignite (now Emboar.) I'm currently at Route 5, after trading a Minccino for a Basuclin. I also caught an Emolga in a shaking patch. :> Oh, and I found a Cinccino in a shaking patch outside the Cold Storage, as well as a Stoutland. o_o

    Current Team
    Emboar (Bacon)- Lv 36 (Male)
    • Heat Crash
    • Work Up
    • Arm Thrust
    • Take Down

    Zebstrika (Stripes)- Lv 35 (Male)
    • Stomp
    • Thunder Wave
    • Flame Charge
    • Spark

    Excadrill (Molly)- Lv 36 (Female)
    • Rock Slide
    • Metal Claw
    • Hone Claws
    • Earthquake

    Whimsicott (Fearne)- Lv 36 (Female)
    • PoisonPowder
    • Leech Seed
    • Giga Drain
    • Energy Ball
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      I've been playing for about nine hours, trying to evenly level my team. My starter was Oshawott and now I have a Dewott.

      My Team
      Dewott - Level 22
      Munna - Level 21
      Timburr - Level 19
      Sawk - Level 18
      Blitzle - Level 15
      Pansear - Level 14

      I'm loving this game so far

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      - Got White in the mail an hour ago.
      - Picked Oshawott. Adamant, which is the nature I wanted (Samurott has better Attacks than Special Attacks)
      - My ID is 02792 which is decent. I like nice IDs for no reason.
      - Caught a Patrat for the Union Room.
      - Discovered that you can't go into the Union Room until (most likely) after the first badge. Mean.
      - Trained Oshawott a bit.
      - Got Pansear

      Currently in the first gym. About to battle the gym leader. Once I beat him and go through the Plasma event, I will trade over a Shiny Snivy for my team. Yay Shiny Snivy.
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        So I'm in Celestial Tower heading down to face Skyla. My team right now:

        Dewott lv 34
        Gurdurr lv 34
        Cohagrigus lv 34
        Duosion lv 34
        Darmanitan lv 35
        Scolipede lv 34

        So happy with my Cohagrigus, favourite pokemon of the 5th gen!
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          Dear Diary

          Autumn has struck. Unova is abound with pleasant flame colored leaves, and the crisp cool air fills the air. Today, I finally started my journey to become a Pokemon trainer! I was pretty nervous to venture forth into the big world, but so excited I could barely sit still! Thank goodness I have my friends Cheren and Bianca by my side! We're all starting our adventures today. We'll never be alone and it'll be more fun this way! ^__^

          I awoke to a pretty little box sitting upon my desk this morning. Cheren was quick to arrive when I told him about the letter from Professor Juniper attached to the box, but as usual, Bianca was running behind. She finally arrived after a few moments and together, we opened the box! To our joy and cheer were three Pokeballs sitting perfectly upright. They insisted I pick the first Pokemon since the box was placed in my room. Very quickly, I got a really good feeling from the ball on the left, the very first one. I picked it up, and pressed the button in the middle. I'd always seen Pokemon trainers on TV opening their Pokeballs this way, and I thought it might be a little reckless to throw it in my room like they do in battles. Out from the bright white light appeared a little green snake with a yellow collar! With a yawn and a stretch, it gazed up at me. It was so.. mystical and surreal.. meeting my partner for the first time and gazing into it's eyes.

          Immediately, I felt a bond grow between us. Like we were meant to meet each other. It must have been, because I quickly figured out that my partner was a female! According to the trainer guide that I read religiously, the Pokemon is called a Snivy. Snivy! My new partner! My excitement rose even further! Cheren and Bianca followed quickly, picking up the remaining two balls.

          Bianca was quick to challenge me to a battle, and a battle we did! I won against her Oshawott, and I felt so fired up and excited! Cheren battled me soon after with his Tepig, and me and my new partner pulled out on the top! I've never felt so alive! This must be what being a trainer feels like! Quickly, we hustled onward to the Professor's lab to thank her and to get the rest of the information we'll need for our journey!

          We received a Pokedex, and a few gifts from my mom and off we were! I'm sure you know the rest from here! We got a demonstration on catching Pokemon from the Professor and received our first five Pokeballs. <3 As Bianca and Cheren trailed off to put their new knowledge to the test, I immediately ran around to try out my capture skills and initiated a battle with a small puppy-like Pokemon, known as Lillipup. I tried to weaken it with my Snivy just as the professor said to do, but she ended up hitting it too hard and fainting it beyond capture-chance. Disappointed, but without loss of spirit, we searched onward! I ran into several other Lillipup after but to no avail for capture. My new partner sure is a tough cookie! She tends to hit a little harder than I would like.

          Soon after having a small talk with her to hopefully have her calm down and not hit with so much strength when I want to capture something, we ran into an oddly colored Lillipup. It was a pretty blonde color instead of brown, with a strange greenish patch on it's back, unlike the dark brown that's usually there. A special Pokemon already?! I couldn't believe my eyes!! I had to catch this one no matter the cost! After a very gentle tackle from my Snivy, I threw a Pokeball with all my faith and all my might! Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle... click! I CAUGHT IT! Oh my goodness! I caught a special colored Pokemon!

          I can't wait to show Cheren and Bianca what I got! But for now, I'm gonna run back home and get my Pokemon some well-needed rest!

          My journey starts now! I cannot wait to see what all will happen!! <3

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            I have just reached Castelia City! I have switched my team around a bit; I dumped Maisy the Tepig for an Audino whom I nicknamed Bobby. I couldn't stand only using one Pokemon, so I ended up catching a Cottonee (dubbed Vera), too.

            Current team:

            Vera (Female Cottonee, Bold nature, Level 18)
            Bobby (Male Audino, Sassy nature, Level 22)
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            - Went through first gym. Beat it with relative ease.
            - Beat Team Plasma in the Dreamyard. They are so contradictory. "We must liberate Pokemon from trainers. Oh, time for a battle! GO PURRLOIN!"
            - Got the C-Gear
            - Traded over Shiny Snivy with Eviolite. What a weird item name.

            I am currenting training on Route 1. Snivy is at Level 5 right now.
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              Just defeated Skyla, not too hard although her Unfezant and Swanna gave a few annoyances. Dewott and Duosion helped a lot in this battle. My Dewott finally evolved into Samurott after the battle too.

              Samurott lv 36
              Gurdurr lv 35
              Cohagrigus lv 34
              Duosion lv 35
              Darmanitan lv 35
              Scolipede lv 35
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                After a while, I decided to get my act together and just challenge Clay already. I headed over to the gym and who should be there but Cheren had gotten there already. Based on past events, I was half-expecting him to challenge me to a battle but no; there was simply a hold-up. Team Plasma, along with a man named Ghetsis - who reminded me of someone... - were demanding Clay hand over the members he had arrested. Ghetsis said something about only taking Pokémon away from wicked people - but unless that ten-year-old I spoke to earlier was some kind of murderer, I don't think it holds any truth. I was excited for some kind of fight to happen but no, the lazy bum simply handed them back! Before Cheren and I could argue anything, Team Plasma took off and Clay just hand-waved them away. Stupid lazy bum. I was going to teach him a lesson... or something. Meh.

                Cheren decided he wanted to train a little more before the battle but I had trained previously, so I headed straight in was greeted to some kind of elevator contraption. It had open sides and everything. If I fell over the edge, I'd just keep on falling down to the center of the earth, or nearabouts. This thing was a death trap, but people were insisting on battling on it! Some trainers were even balanced on these steel girders - a single step forwards or backwards and that was it! Why do people feel the need to battle in such strange and eccentric places...? It didn't help that everytime Marik, my Liepard, used Assist, he grabbed Recover - even on the very first turn, when it was pretty useless.

                The elevators were confusing. I kept getting lost and heading to the same level twice to the point that the trainers were giving me directions. I made it down the the bottom and finally got to face the magnificent Lazy Bum Clay! His Excadrill was a nightmare, but Pendant and Tempo, being water and grass type respectively, were certainly effective, and my squishy Tardy got the advantage over a Krokorok with his Psyshock. In the end, we were all worn out but we managed to win the Quake Badge!

                It wasn't that dark yet outside and I'd already seen everything Driftveil had to offer so I decided to move on. I barely got a step onto route six when Bianca showed up and said something about be being extra strong so she wanted to battle. I'm stronger than her... so she wants to battle. What the Mew, Bianca?! Comet, my beautiful Zebstrika, easily took care of her and she handed me a reward: HM Fly! I taught it to Fawke straight away.

                A quick battle through route 6 and I was at the entrance to a cave. It was covered with some sticky web that my much-ignored PokéDex told me came from a Galvantula. I didn't even want to know what one of those was; it shoots web and it's name end in -antual, thus I am staying the heck away from it. o__o
                I didn't know what to do and was ready to turn back for the night when Lazy Bum showed up and cleared it away for me. Guess he's not so lazy after all. I went into the cave and... waitwhat. I got ambushed by ninjas?! I thought that only happened in stories?!?!?

                And then there was N.

                Oh dear lord he's pretty.

                N said he's been waiting for me (omfg♥) and that he'd asked the Shadow Triad to bring me to him (omfg♥). He said I've been chosen. (omfg♥ and this is getting old fast). He told me he'd surmised that Cheren was striving for strength and that Bianca was sad about her lack thereof, but I... I was neutral, and for some reason that was good. I wasn't listening closely because he was complimenting me and being pretty which overhauled my systems. Then he said Team Plasma was waiting down below for me to battle, because he wanted to see me in action. Well, I'm not one to disappoint a bishie! Let's go!

                And just in time to break me out of my happy mood was the one and only mood-killer Bianca. And this time, she'd brought Professor Juniper with her. What the Mew, Bianca?! (this is getting old fast, too) Prof. Juniper gave me a Lucky Egg which I was sure I might never use, and then pointed out some floating rocks. Yeah. Floating rocks. Turns out the electrical charges in this cave are strong enough to do freaky stuff like that. o__o

                There were a few trainers to battle but none of them looked remotely goon-like so I was a little confused. It didn't help that Prof. Juniper kept showing up to rave about Klink or something, and Bianca saying she's a bodyguard or something. Stop distracting me, guys, I wanna get to N! ♥ So I ran away from them and came to a bridge and SUDDENLY, NINJAS! They felt the need to shimmy me across a bridge I was perfectly capable of walking over and informed me that the goons were downstairs. Thanks guys. Coulda told me earlier.

                So I went downstairs and beat up as many goons as I could. These guys were standing between me and N. I would have hurt them more if they hadn't been saying stuff like "N is worried about you!" which made my knees melt and my heart shake or something to that manner. Also, these two random dudes gave me some things called Nuggets which, despite my hunger and initial impression, were actually chunks of pure gold. I've said it before, I'll say it again. People around here are generous o__o

                N was waiting for me at the end. I refrained from doing a slow-motion Shojo run towards him. He told me that the world is grey, and he must separate the black of humans from the white of Pokémon. Then we battled. He lost, but told me it was because he was worried about his friends getting hurt, and I realised he saw his team the same way I did - not tools for battle, but as friends to grow strong beside. He wants to battle but he's so concerned for their health, he daren't. It made my heart ache for him.

                Of course, Miss Mood-Killer, Bianca, showed up with Professor Responsible Adult in tow.
                What that MEW, Bianca?!

                N got angry fast. He wasn't happy with Prof. Juniper's motives, that didn't care about the hearts of the Pokémon, and said that the idea of a PokéDex simply revolted him. I agreed, and was about to tell him about the fact that the only Pokémon I 'owned' were the six I had befriended for my team, and I would never dream of letting Pokémon sit in stasis in a computer, completely isolated from others and from the world.

                Of course, before I could say all that, Juniper said people's motives were different and what she was doing could be seen as a good thing. What. That's... that's just... gragh! How can you say something like that?! N's reaction was just the same and he kicked off, yelling at her about letting Pokémon suffer. It was all I could do not to chime in, simply because I could see the outrage on Juniper and Bianca's faces, and I didn't want them to be that angry at me, too. N stormed out, and Bianca wouldn't let me go after him to calm him down. What. The. Mew. Bianca?! Can't you see what's going on here?! I was so angry, I felt like crying, and before the stupid woman Juniper or idiot Bianca could say anything more, I stormed out too.

                I ran as fast as I could, but it was too late, N was gone. He'd left not a trace of him ever being there.

                I checked into the Mistralton Pokémon Center and cried myself to sleep.

                Okay, now this is just becoming fanfic territory. But it's what I'm thinking while my player character goes through the interactions, so it's still a journal. I'm just taking liberties with the actions of the silent protagonist.

                Key moments:
                Beating Clay
                Beating Bianca
                Hating Bianca
                Beating Team Plasma
                Meeting N
                Beating N
                Reaching Mistralton
                Crying myself to sleep.

                Before you ask, yeah, those are my views on Pokémon, and part of the reason I love N so much. I know they're just pixels on a screen, but imagine if they were real, live animals with their own minds and feelings. How would you feel about stuffing them in tiny balls? If you think of the Poké Balls in the style of Pokémon Adventures, it feels a little better, so I do. But putting them in the PC? The anime avoided this with lab ranches and the likes, but imagine how it feels to be a Pokémon - living your life as normal, until a strange person sets their trained fighting pet on you, beats you to within an inch of your life and throws a strange capsule at you. From then on, you never see the light of day again. You never feel the wind in your fur, you never taste your favourite food, you never quench your eternal thirst. Why? Because you're stuck in suspended animation, converted to programming and sat in a virtual folder as part of someone's 'collection'.

                I'm aware that this is pretty deep and straying away from the Journal topic, but this is why I acted the way I did in my journal, and the reason I will never catch more than six Pokémon unless it's really important for me to do so, such as with legendaries.

                I love N so much because I recognise what he is fighting for. My player character is against him but I, myself, am not.

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                  Haven't updated for a day or so.

                  Have completed all eight badges, currently grinding to get my team to a high level before I take on the elite 4.

                  My team:

                  Titan the Emboar - Level 51 ♂

                  Horus the Sigilyph - Level 48 ♂

                  Gorgon the Carracosta - Level 49 ♂

                  Cobalion - Level 48 ♂

                  Bugsy the Leavanny - Level 48 ♂

                  Nox the Zweilous - Level 51 ♂ (Trying to level up to 64 to get it to evolve into Hydreigon, I don't know if I can last that long though, grinding is boring)
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                  Time to document my adventure in pokemon White Version (Black will be coming later), and i'll do it in journal form!

                  Name: Kris (Kollyns)
                  Gender: Male


                  Dear Journal,

                  Yesterday I began my pokemon journey. As I had first choice in my starter pokemon, I chose the grass type Snivy. He proved to be very good when I defeated both Bianca and Cheren, at the cost of my room being completely destroyed. No worries, mom promised that she would clean it up, while giving me the Xtranceiver. I also received a Pokedex and five pokeballs from Professor Juniper and a Town Map from my mom.

                  On Route 1, I caught a Patrat, whom I named Watchman, and a Lillipup that I named Yorkie. I quickly moved on to Accumula Town, where Professor Juniper gave me a tour of the Pokemon Center. After that, I listened to some whackjob named Ghetsis give a speech about liberating pokemon. The sad thing is, some people actually seemed to consider his ideas.

                  Right after the crowd dispersed, another weirdo named N challenged me to a battle, and I defeated him easily. He said something about talking to pokemon...well, lucky him. You'd figure if he could talk to pokemon, he wouldn't have the same insane ideas as that Ghetsis figure.

                  I left Accumula Town and entered Route 2, where my mom called me on the Xtranceiver, before appearing behind me and giving me some running shoes she found while cleaning. I continued through Route 2, battling and defeating Bianca right before I reached Striaton City.

                  Before challenging the Striaton gym, I checked out the Trainer School. Inside, I defeated Cheren pretty easily, and he gave me some Oran Berries. Then I checked out the Dreamyard. There, some girl just gave me a Panpour, just gave me it! Well, I nicknamed it Monagua and headed to the Striaton Gym. I faced Chili, the fire type user of the three brothers, Cress, Cilan and Chili. It was rather easy to defeat him, as Monagua had an advantage against his Pansear.

                  After I left the gym, Professor Juniper's friend, Fennel, gave me TM01, Cut, so that I could explore the Dreamyard. I did so, only to meet up with Bianca. She too was after a Munna, and as soon as we entered the Dreamyard we saw one. When it saw us, it began to retreat, until some jerks from Team Plasma came up and began to kick her. That's some way to liberate the pokemon!

                  So of course I intervened and dominated those jerks. Musharna showed up and generated images of Ghetsis, causing the Plasma grunts to flee in terror. Fennel then showed up and collected the Dream Mist.

                  After everyone was gone, I scoured the Dreamyard until I found another Munna, which I caught and nicknamed Dream. I returned to Fennel's house and she explained what she was going to do with the Dream Mist.

                  I went to Route 3, and let's just say a lot of stuff happened. To sum it all up, I defeated Cheren in a battle and Team Plasma stole some little girl's pokemon, so me and Cheren got it back. I also caught many pokemon, a Woobat, Roggenrola (Roggy), Pidove (Valiant), and a Blitzle. After everything, I headed to Nacrene City. It wasn't the most attractive place, as it was really only warehouses and a museum.

                  I went to the museum, which was also the gym, and encountered the nutcase, N. I decimated his team and he walked off, muttering something about Reshiram. I proceeded into the gym and claimed the Basic Badge, but not without Lenora putting up a challenging fight. I lost the first time, so I trained by Pinwheel Forest, where I caught a few pokemon like Throh and Tympole.

                  When I did defeat Lenora, Team Plasma showed up, yet again, and stole the skull of the skeleton in the museum. So Lenora, Burgh and I went on a chase through Pinwheel Forest while Cheren and Bianca guarded the museum. Eventually we caught up with the grunt that had the skull, and another guy named Gorm (Jebus, what were these peoples parents thinking?!) made him give it back.

                  After I finished my sweep of Pinwheel Forest, I headed to Sky Arrow Bridge. Man, that was a pretty cool bridge! I then entered Castelia City, where even more things happened.

                  Basically, I explored every nook and cranny of the city, rescued Bianca's Munna from Team Plasma, recruited Dancers for some sort of dance team, became a...uh...person who gives surveys to people, and defeated Burgh in his gym. That's just the bare skeleton of what happened, but I don't feel like going into too much detail, plus I can't remember it all.

                  I headed to Route 4, defeated Bianca and Cheren (Jebus, can I get a break please?) and did a little exploring. I caught a Darumaka (Daruma), Sandile (Corenid), and Scraggy (Hood).

                  I did a little exploring of Nimbasa City next. I tried out the musicals, which were waaay too girly for me, I took a quick look of Gear Station, the Battle Institute, and both stadiums. I also came out of the musical place to see Bianca's freakin' dad yelling at her. God, he could be a little annoying and embarassing. I'm so glad i'm not Bianca. Though, Elesa eventually intervened and convinced Bianca's dad to let her continue her journey. Side Note: Elesa is HOT!

                  I decided to head back to Desert Resort where I caught a Yamask (Tut). Then, I decided to take a quick visit back to Castelia City. In the pokemon center, I received a Liberty Pass. I then boarded a boat to go to Liberty Garden where, of course, Team Plasma was wreaking havoc. I crushed them all and headed to the basement of the lighthouse, where I crushed the final Plasma grunt. And guess what, I am currently staring the mythical pokemon Victini in the eyes. Let's see how this works out...


                  My current team:

                  Panpour "Monagua"

                  Lax nature
                  Met on 3/6/2011 at the Dreamyard, at Lv10.
                  Somewhat Vain.
                  Held Item: Eviolite
                  Ability: Gluttony
                  Moves: Fury Swipes, Bite, Lick, Water Gun


                  Modest nature
                  Met on 3/6/2011 on Route 3, at Lv10.
                  Strong Willed.
                  Held Item: King's Rock
                  Ability: Lightning Rod
                  Moves: Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Flame Charge, Shock Wave

                  Lillipup "Yorkie"

                  Careful nature
                  Met on 3/6/2011 on Route 1, at Lv2.
                  Quick tempered.
                  Held Item: None
                  Ability: Pick Up
                  Moves: Retaliate, Take Down, Odor Slueth, Crunch

                  Munna "Dream"

                  Quirky nature
                  Met on 3/6/2011 at the Dreamyard, at Lv10.
                  Quick tempered.
                  Held Item: Quick Claw
                  Ability: Synchronize
                  Moves: Psybeam, Moonlight, Lucky Chant, Yawn

                  Pidove "Valiant"

                  Calm nature
                  Met on 3/6/2011 on Route 3, at Lv8.
                  Strongly defiant.
                  Held Item: Amulet Coin
                  Ability: Super Luck
                  Moves: Detect, Air Cutter, Roost, Quick Attack


                  Naughty nature
                  Met on 3/6/2011 at Nuvema Town, at Lv5.
                  Very finicky.
                  Held Item: Miracle Seed
                  Ability: Overgrow
                  Moves: Tackle, Growth, Mega Drain, Leaf Tornado
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                    Clay was extremely easy, in fact, I only had trouble with his Excadrill 'cos it was part steel.
                    I decided to replace Panpour with Tirtouga and then taught it dig.
                    Got through Chargestone twice. ('Cos it's so awesome.)
                    Phantom (Zorua) and Centigiga (Whirlipede) both evolved in the cave.
                    Arrived in Mistralton city, I'll go to Celestial Tower tomorrow.

                    Current team
                    Servine lv. 33
                    Tranquill lv.30
                    Tirtouga lv.30
                    Scolipede lv.30
                    Zoroark lv.30
                    Scraggy lv.30
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                      -Since my last update, I've beaten Cilan
                      -Beat Lenora
                      -Beat Burgh (I love Castelia City :D)
                      -Just caught a Sigilyph


                      Dewott Lv. 24
                      -Tail Whip
                      -Water Gun
                      -Razor Shell

                      Boldore Lv. 25
                      -Rock Blast
                      -Power Gem
                      -Smack Down

                      Gurdurr Lv. 25
                      -Chip Away
                      -Rock Throw
                      -Wake-Up Slap
                      -Low Kick

                      Herdier Lv. 24
                      -Work Up
                      -Take Down

                      Sigilyph Lv. 20
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                        Destroyed the Icirrus Gym with my Darmanitan. I found the battle against Skyla tougher than Brycen.

                        Gurdurr lv 36
                        Scolipede lv 37
                        Cohagrigus lv 37
                        Samurott lv 37
                        Darmanitan lv 40
                        Duosion lv 37

                        Currently searching for a Stunfisk.
                        Looking for X & Y friends, friend code is: 2964-8571-0102
                        Send me a pm if you add me.
                        Old March 7th, 2011 (3:46 PM).
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                          Join Date: Nov 2010
                          Gender: Male
                          Nature: Timid
                          Posts: 252
                          Been playing since yesterday.

                          Realizing, far too late, that not getting a single Ground Pokemon will get one utterly molested by Elesa.

                          Wishing a horrible death upon her.

                          CURRENT TEAM:

                          Samurott: LV 37
                          Dwebble. LV 29
                          Gurdurr. LV 27
                          Tanquill. LV 27
                          Simisear. LV 26.
                          Blitzle. LV 24.
                          Old March 7th, 2011 (4:12 PM). Edited March 7th, 2011 by juxta.
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                          juxta juxta is offline
                          3181 0814 1066
                            Join Date: Jul 2010
                            Location: Australia
                            Age: 79
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Bold
                            Posts: 62
                            -Beaten the eighth gym leader
                            -Completed the Ancient ruins sequence
                            -Met Tornadus before heading into route 10
                            -Completed route 10, obtained TM05 roar
                            -Advanced through the badge checking gates
                            -Fought the first 2 trainers on victory road
                            -My team thus far

                            Zebstrika Level 47 @ lucky egg
                            Wild charge
                            flame charge

                            Krookodile Level 48 @ Dragon tooth? (Or claw can't remember)
                            Dragon tail
                            level ground

                            Samurott Level 45 @ N/A
                            aqua jet
                            shell blade

                            Sigilpyh level 46 @ N/A
                            Shadow ball
                            Sludge bomb (Planning on thunder-wave when I find the darn thing)

                            Scrafty Level 47 @ N/A
                            Hi-jump kick
                            Brick break
                            (Can't remember his fourth move ha!)

                            Darmanitan Level 45 @ N/A
                            Flare blitz
                            Hammer arm
                            Fire punch
                            Belly drum

                            Fin < ha :)

                            Be who you are.
                            Not who your told to be.

                            Black FC: 0475 6853 2663
                            Old March 7th, 2011 (5:02 PM).
                            D0N3GAN D0N3GAN is offline
                            Working on Pokemon White...
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                              Nature: Brave
                              Posts: 43
                              A few hours ago i found myself bored so i switched on my DS to finally take on N & Ghetsis with my Samurott, Leavanny, Darmanitan, Scrafty, Archeops and Eelektross.
                              Then i watched the credits roll and just got the Super Rod from Looker, and the National Pokedex from "the other Professor Juniper."

                              ... Now I'm going through Unova all over again from Route 1. to catch all the other Pokemon i didn't :D
                              Old March 7th, 2011 (6:10 PM).
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                              ⍃⍍⍄ ⍃⍍⍄
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                              Age: 3
                              Gender: Female
                              Nature: Adamant
                              Posts: 4,841
                              I was planning to post here yesterday but never got around to it! :<

                              So I've started my journey off with my partner Oshawott. I was in shock to find out it was a female as it is pretty rare to start off with a female starter, and especially since this was my first play through in the game, I was surprised. I decided not to nickname it, and so I went on ahead to battle my rivals.
                              What a complete mess! Phew, that was a close match. Oshawott vs. Tepig; Shinell vs. Bianca and the winner was yours truly. ;) The room had just resembled a pig's pen, only slightly neater. That is until the battle between myself and Cheren started where his defeat had probably shifted things around even more.

                              After playing around with the Pokémon given from Professor Juniper, it was there all three of us were headed towards.

                              There we went along to Striaton City, taking our first step into the beginning of our journey.


                              After reaching Professor Juniper and letting her explain to us the things we needed to do as we set off on our adventure, we split and began it all.

                              Oshawott happened to be my only Pokémon at the time. I decided I needed another Pokémon on my team if I wanted to have a slight advantage towards the first gym I planned to defeat. My first catch was a wild Purrloin, which hadn't lasted long at all with me. It continued to level up slowly, and mentioning the amount of times I had to heal it, not only did I waste some of my potions, but my time to head to the next city. So I went on towards Striation City. That is where I obtained the Fire Monkey out of the trio, Pansear. It was only going to be of use for the first gym, and it did nothing but good against Cilan as hoped.

                              After taking my joy time doing the following, I decided it was time to take things more seriously throughout the game. Now I have a partially developed team of 4 and in the midst of training to obtain my next gym badge from Lenora in Nacrene City.

                              xoxo; Kaori out!

                              wisdom cries. paired to Cay & Exile & Sombra
                              Old March 7th, 2011 (6:14 PM).
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                                Nature: Timid
                                Posts: 252
                                Much Grinding later on my part, I've finally made my Dwebble the main contender against Elesa, and needless to say, Smack Down, combined with thick headed tenacity, I manage to beat her down, all of my guys contributing some point to another. Beating her and lowering the bridge, meeting the Cowboy-ist cowboy I've ever seen, Clay.

                                Gee, I wonder what his Pokemon type is. */sarcasm*
                                Old March 7th, 2011 (7:27 PM). Edited March 7th, 2011 by Barn.
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                                  Gender: Female
                                  Posts: 162
                                  Dear Journal,

                                  Elesa and Clay weren't as hard as I thought they'd be! And now, for the first time in my journey, I'm not under leveled. I am NOT under leveled! And Queen, my now evolved Liepard, has a higher level than most of my team! She can finally pull her own weight and others', sometimes. I knew it was a good idea to keep her around.

                                  While in the Relic Castle I captured a Sandile that quickly found his place in my team, and he's quite the powerhouse (unlike Queen as a Purrloin...) and he's one level away from evolving into a Krokorok. I bet he'll evolve in Chargestone Cave, oh I just met N... *sigh*

                                  Over and out, for now. ♥
                                  Old March 7th, 2011 (9:01 PM).
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                                  Nature: Lonely
                                  Posts: 5,817
                                  Soooo.... let's see. I managed to get myself an Archen and go up from there. I decided to use Sandile because I love that thing so much! And also the fourth gym is electric type, so it was easier. I have obtained another three badges. I'm currently on route 8 training to get the Icirrus City gym badge.

                                  My team so far:

                                  Krokorok (♀) - Lv. 37
                                  Moves: Rock Tomb, Embargo, Bulldoze, Crunch

                                  Victini - Lv. 37
                                  Moves: Confusion, Flame Charge, Headbutt, Charge Beam

                                  Simipour (♂) - Lv. 35
                                  Moves: Acrobatics, Work Up, Surf, Scald

                                  Archeops (♂) - Lv. 38
                                  Moves: Fly, Ancient Power, Dragon Breath, Crunch

                                  Serperior (♂) - Lv. 36
                                  Moves: Slam, Coil, Leaf Blade, Leaf Tornado

                                  Scrafty (♂) - Lv. 39
                                  Moves: Chip Away, Faint Attack, Crunch, Brick Break

                                  (x) Tumblr
                                  (y) Twitter
                                  Previously Eeveon
                                  Old March 7th, 2011 (10:51 PM).
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                                  Seeker of FRIEND CODES
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                                    Posts: 1,285
                                    Firet evolution Venipede to Whirllipede. WOW!! I haven't been that excited by evolution in so long! Third gym eat your heart out!
                                    Old March 8th, 2011 (3:35 AM).
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                                    Mauling with Ursaring
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                                      Nature: Relaxed
                                      Posts: 250
                                      Two days down and I finally beat the 5th gym. On my first try no less, with only two of my Pokemon seeing action. The battle went a little something like:

                                      -My Dewott vs his Krokorok
                                      -Krokorok used Swagger
                                      -Dewott uses Water Pulse
                                      -Clay uses Hyper Potion
                                      -Dewott OHKOs with Water Pulse
                                      -Clay sends out Excadrill
                                      -Excadrill uses Hone Claw
                                      -Dewott uses Water Pulse
                                      -Excadrill uses Slash
                                      -Dewott KOs with Water Pulse
                                      -Clay sends out Palpitoad
                                      -Palpitoad KOs with Bulldoze
                                      -I send out Sawk
                                      -Sawk uses Double Kick
                                      -Palpitoad uses Bulldoze
                                      -Sawk KOs with Double Kick

                                      I sat there in shock because I didn't expect it to be that easy. But! I'm not complaining.

                                      Anywho, I just traversed Chargestone Cave, mutilated N's team. I will update my team later today, but right now I have to go to class.

                                      Friend Safari and DW Pokemon - A Gen VI Trade Thread

                                      3DS Friend Code:
                                      3754 7177 6489
                                      Old March 8th, 2011 (3:56 AM).
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                                      Currently Hacking BW
                                        Join Date: Jun 2010
                                        Location: North Carolina
                                        Gender: Male
                                        Nature: Lax
                                        Posts: 1,431
                                        Played a little more
                                        -Got Pansear (might have said this in my last one)
                                        -Challenged the Gym leader Cilan
                                        -Did the dream smoke sidequest-type-thing
                                        -Caught Munna
                                        -Did some grinding

                                        Small updates, I know. That should get better.
                                        In progress

                                        Hoenn, 1 Badge
                                        My Youtube Channel: Check out my Pokemon Red Walkthrough
                                        Pokemon White FC: 2322 5491 2643
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