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Lucky Egg

Started by Sheep August 21st, 2019 2:29 AM
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The Lucky Egg is a held item which boosts experience earned. Do you guys go out of your way to get and use this item? Have you ever spent hours and hours catching or using Thief on wild Chansey in older games like GSC in hopes of them holding one like I did?


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It was always a nice and useful item to have if you were trying to power level for dex completion or something, but with the inclusion of perma-EXPshare it almost seems a little over kill imo! Still, I'll probably go out of my way to get it even if I don't make as much use of it.


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it's a lifesaver for me in USUM right now! i get like 10K experience with it + KOing Chansey which is enough for me to get to the low 80s, at the very least. =P


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The Lucky Egg isn't really as useful, in my opinion, before Generation V, but when I was trying to complete my Pokedex in HeartGold, I actively tried to look for one to help me evolve a Pokemon I needed a Pokedex entry for. After Generation V, though, yup, very useful item, especially since it's just given to you by the professor. It's amazing how rare the item was back then, and now it's literally just given to like candy in newer gens.
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