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--june 8, 20XX

My path to the Pokemon League was blocked by a waterfall, and of course not one of the Pokemon I already have can learn the Waterfall HM. I talked to Professor Birch and learned that the cave north of Mossdeep housed Spheal who could learn the needed HM. It took me a while. They are very fast rollers. But I finally managed to corner one in a room full of ice. I knew those ice skating lessons would pay off some day. Take that dad.

--june 8, 20XX

I can not believe who I just ran into. Wally started his gym challenge so much later than me. Yet here he is, caught up with me on Victory road. He challenged me to a battle. He's gotten so much stronger since the last time we battled. I managed to take down a few of his Pokemon but that Gardevoir of his had a powerful Psychic. Nurse Joy is taking care of my Pokemon now. I wonder how Wally is doing against the Elite Four.

--june 8, 20XX

I met up with Wally again at the end of Victory road. He had lost against Sydney and was doing some extra training in the cavern. I challenged him to a rematch and won this time. Now it's my turn to have a go at the Elite Four. I'll send Spheal over to the professor. She'd get crushed if I had to send her out in battle.

--june 8, 20XX

Just won my battle against Sydney. His Mighteyena took down my Torkoal but Flygon was able to take the opposing Pokemon down. Mareep took care of his Sharpedo, and Flygon won against every other Pokemon he sent out.

I couldn't beat Phoebe. I was able to take out her first three Pokemon. But she had already driven me down to my last one. I didn't stand a chance.

--june 9, 20XX

We were able to get past Phoebe’s team with the help of Flygon and Torkoal. But encountered another obstacle with Glacia. Glalie went down to Torkoal’s Flamethrower no problem. But her Sealeo’s were tough, even with Mareep’s Electric attacks. Then her Walrien came out. I couldn’t even land a hit on it. It took down all of my Pokemon. We’ll definitely need more training.

--june 11, 20XX

I decided to fight fire with fire. Well ice with ice actually. I got Spheal back from professor Birch and began training her alongside the rest of my team. We spent a few days building up her strength, and the strength of my other Pokemon. Finally we were ready to battle the Elite Four again.

When we got to Glacia Torkoal took out her Glalie yet again. Then she sent out her Sealeo. I sent Spheal out against it. Spheal might not have had the power of her Sealeo but that’s not what I needed. What I needed was for Spheal to tank it’s attacks and paralyze it with Body Slam. Which she pulled off beautifully. Allowing Mareep to take down the opponent easily. We did the same with the next Sealeo. Except Mareep was taken out while his opponent was still hanging on. But Flygon made quick work of things with Dragon Breath. Instead of Walrein she next sent out another Glalie which I battled with Torkoal. When she sent her Walrein out I sent out Spheal. It didn’t seem like Spheal would be able to do much, but she managed to hold on long enough to paralyze the Walrein. I sent everything I had out against this thing but in the end it was Zigzagoon who landed the finishing blow with Headbutt. It was such a close match. We were both down to our last Pokemon, and while I love Zigzagoon, he’s not exactly the sturdiest member on my team.

Next was Drake. Spheal was able to take down both of his Flygon’s all on her own with Ice Beam. Flygon took care of the rest with his newly learned Dragon Claw. All that’s left now is the Champion.

--june 12, 20XX

We did it! We really did it! We beat the champion! I still can't believe Steven was the champion. But we won! It came down to his Armaldo and my Flygon. Flygon really pulled through for us. I'm so proud of him. I'm so proud of all my team. They gave it there all and it paid off. Brendan rushed in after the battle to give me some tips. Ha. The look on his face when he realized i'd already beaten the champion.

It's been a long, crazy journey. Me and my team have been through a lot. But it was all worth it. I can't wait to get home and tell mom and dad all about my league challenge.

Final Team:
Torkoal, level 53
Flygon, level 55
Zigzagoon, level 51
Gloom, level 50
Spheal, level 47
Mareep, level 51

Finally. Steven was definitely frustrating. Dude used 3 Full Restores just on his Claydol. 3 Full Restores in one battle on one Pokemon. He only used 1 Full Restore to save his Aggron so I guess we know who he loves more. Only beat his Armaldo because I finally got lucky with a critical hit.

This was a fun challenge though! Even if the Elite Four and Champion nearly made me rip my hair out.
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