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How do you write your poetry?

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Old November 24th, 2011 (7:06 PM).
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    I figured I should start -- I want to know how your creative process works, do you follow structure heavily, do you write from the heart? where are you when you write? etc. etc.

    All of my poetry that I have written presently has occurred mostly from just me pouring my emotions onto the page, literally, if you look at my poem "How?" It is so disorganized and clunky, but it is truly how I felt at the time. I usually write in school, which is where I am when I get hit with my moods so hard, in the presence of my girlfriend. This process changed for me when I wrote "The Last Chance" where I tried to come to a conclusion about what to do about my girlfriend and I's situation, by writing a conversation between me and some other person, creatively and insanely. I came to a conclusion and put it on the page as a freeform poem.

    So, how do you get creative?

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    Old November 24th, 2011 (7:50 PM).
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    Normally I have a few lines that come into my head, maybe one, but never too many, and then I write a poem around that. Because so many of mine are slam poems, I use a rhyming website and a near-rhyming website and that gives me more ideas than you would think, just looking at all the words and thinking how they would fit into the poem. I usually write at least one full draft in one sitting and then maybe edit it later.

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    I usually start by visualizing images inside my head. Once I've got everything thought up, the words just come out of the pen. xD
    Old February 9th, 2012 (11:44 PM).
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      I just think of a word, then another, then another, then it comes out of the keyboard
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      I'll leave this open and see if it gets any new discussion, but please don't bump threads over a month old since the last post. Not to mention most of that post seems rather off-topic/spammy as well...
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        Step one is to fantasize, followed by creating rough notes, then the business end to really pen down real deal.
        Old May 6th, 2012 (4:39 PM).
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          Please don't post in threads that are over a month old. Check the dates of the last post before submitting your own.

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