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Started by professor plum April 1st, 2020 1:45 PM
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Reading old posts of users is quite usefull

Somewhere in U.K
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Old username: olivia926
New username: Olivia
I know I just joined but I hate numbers!
I like skitty isn't she's is cute?


. . .

he, they
Lavender Town
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Old username: Circus
New username: Radio

About time for a change


Who remembered this avatar?

Blastose's den
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Oldusername:Darth Allen
New username:Allen303
(Yes my first user name!)
never mess with a blastoise!

Dave "Ghost" Hawk

The God of Hell and The God of Death

Hell's Ultimate Fortress
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Old: The Killer Red Skull

New: Dave "Ghost" Hawk
I am The Hero Hunter

professor plum

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Administrator Post
Old Username: sunspirit
New Username: wishmaker
Hi there! Unfortunately that username is already taken. Since it's inactive though, you can take it once you hit 50 posts. Feel free to post here again once you do so~