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Hii! I've been a huge Poke fan since I was a kid. Used to own every main series game at one point but now I'm rebuilding what I once lost, including the cards. Tryna create a massive Raichu collection since he's my favorite. I love forums and image boards rather than regular social media sites. Nice to meet youse ^w^


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Hey, welcome to The Pokécommunity, we're happy to have you!
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Hello and welcome =)


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Welcome to the community! I've also been playing Pokemon since I was a kid, those were some really good times, especially since quite a few people were playing the games in my neighborhood. I played with the cards for a very short time until I replaced it with Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm sure my Pokemon cards got lost during my constant moving around, same can be said for my collection of games. I'd love to rebuild my game collection at some point. Enjoy the community, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


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Yay! Aromatisse!! Hope you love Fairy types as much as I do. :)

Welcome to the forum, Meowmix!

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