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So I just played the new version, which was done really quickly btw, and learned my Chromian Electivire a bunch of nice TMs, but then I found out, that Belossom still isn't able to learn Hyper Voice per TM. As it is able to learn it per level-up, I think, this is a bug. ;)
Oddish-C line hasn't been sorted yet, will get it done as soon as i've got more free time

don`t know why the construction team only blocks one side of the powerplant and why even after I cleared the league they are still there. The guide in one of the ski resort`s houses hinted there are still strong trainers out there even after you beat the league meaning master trainer/battle tower for postgame?
question: Is it possible to access an unknown island by any means
Haha! I didn't even think about that! It's because I used the same switch for the Pokemon League which doesn't reset. I will look at getting that sorted. My bad.
I left in a few things which I could use for post game. Once I've got time again I will look at getting things implemented.
Do you mean the Unknown Area? It's currently only for one of the endings but if I get post game fully sorted with what i've got planned you'll be able to go there whichever route you pick.
Sorry for being vague, I don't want to spoil anything.
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