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FireRed Pokémon Normal (Build 3.0 RC 2.73 Live Update) Page 85

Started by FrozenInfernoZX August 1st, 2012 6:38 PM
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Is this game dead? It recently piqued my interest again and I wanna play the full game.
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Wow sorry I wrote this thinking the replies were from august THIS YEAR. I was reading through them and realized it's august 2012. My bad, didn't mean to dig up an old thread.

Pokemon Normal is a beautiful game, it's tough, it's engaging, and it has interesting features, but unfortunately the current build has some major issues. There's plenty of imaginative ideas, fresh movesets, and fun minigames.

* Route 50 is extremely buggy, gamebreaking bugs make it so you're unable to pass sometimes. It's pot luck. I tried 4 emulators (the best) and started fresh playthroughs, but every time the game reset when walking through this route. I don't know if this is the cause, but it appears to reset more when it's raining. I mean, you walk into the route, take a few steps, and the whole game resets.

* Some people cause the game to freeze or reset when you speak to them (rare, mainly just one house near the start of the game).

* Every character in this game calls you "buddy" and it's driving me nuts. I read the word buddy like a million times. It's unnecessary and ugly.

* The game is mostly unfinished, despite the post claiming otherwise.

* Moves have been renamed despite some of them being unchanged. Again, unnecessary, makes it harder to find information about moves. Why.

* Couldn't get in the desert. The game thought I didn't have 3 badges. I had 4.

* Z-Shedinja is uncatchable. At least make it so it says "this pokemon can't be caught" and make the pokeball deflect. It's possible to do this better. I tried about 300 times to catch it, the ball never wobbled.

* The "Navigator" is not helpful. The game hasn't got any directons, and moving through it doesn't feel linear. It feels as though you spend most of your time just guessing stuff. To progress past 4 badges you need to find 4 "shards" and place them in a temple. These shards are all around, not in a single area, but the whole map (so far). There are no hints and finding them is tedious.

This game would be impossible to get through without savestates and walkthroughs. You need to be aware of the bugs, item locations, and exactly what you need to do at each stage of the game.

It's a shame, because I would love to talk about all the good features. There's many, I believe this is the rom hack that's closest to a real Pokémon game. It's extremely immersive and fun. But it needs guidance, bug fixes, text alterations and a revised endgame e.g. battle frontier with strong enemies, or something similar. This would add playability endgame.
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