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FireRed Pokémon Gaia Version Page 121

Started by Spherical Ice May 11th, 2014 4:40 AM
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Seen September 15th, 2019
Posted September 13th, 2019
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92 Days
Hello i recently downloaded the newest version of gaia and for whatever reason whenever i try to open the pokedex it crashes? and it isnt just a simple crash it fully resets the file so i could be 4 badges in the game just recently saved and if i accidentally open the pokedex im back to the beginning of the game no save file


Seen October 19th, 2019
Posted September 14th, 2019
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173 Days
Best hack I've played this year, honestly. I can't wait for v4!
Here's my Hall of Fame team, by the way:

Lucky, the Clefable (Lv55)
Starless, the Infernape (Lv59)
Pepper, the Ampharos (Lv51)
Kazoo, the Politoed (Lv50)
Tusk, the Braviary (Lv50)
Aagi, the Marowak (Lv51)

(Kinda new at PokéCommunity, so I couldn't upload a screenshot instead.)
Seen September 19th, 2019
Posted September 19th, 2019
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86 Days
Just finished this game. Here is my team:
1. Gardevoir
2. Torterra
3. Gigalith
4. Crustle
5. Talonflame
6. Blastoise(Mega)(also HM slave!!)

This is a fantastic hack on the original Firered and really upped the challenge tenfold. The storyline was pretty neat as Pokemon games go. The villains were at least compelling if not complex, the rival was a great addition, and can't wait to do monotype runs.
My only gripe is that two cities on the map went by unused. Hope that v4 expands the post-game into these two places.



Seen October 9th, 2019
Posted October 9th, 2019
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1 Years
I posted my team, following the link on the post-credits. The Unown is Diggersby, and the Porygon is Galvantula. It was a bit easy, but i had a fun time. Would love to play this game again and again, since my team is mons that can be founded early game. Also, Sticky Webs hits flying types and Levitators, so.. i'm guessing it will be fixed on v4? Anyways, Fantastic Rom Hack.
Seen 4 Weeks Ago
Posted November 3rd, 2019
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42 Days
Really fun hack, my friends and me did a randomized blind race of it. But although we banned the Lucky Egg, my friend found one as the randomized PC Potion (we randomized each ROM separately for even more chaos). The logs are also showing that Lucky Eggs appear as randomized held items of wild Pokémon. With dabomstew's current version of the UPR the banning of Lucky Eggs works for the base Fire Red ROM, so the issue seems to be with your fork. Maybe the memory address for the Lucky Egg changed in your hack and now Burn Heal gets banned instead. But I don't have enough rom hacking knowledge to figure that out. I'd appreciate if you could look into it, because Lucky Eggs are rather broken in races, so banning them is desirable.
Seen 2 Days Ago
Posted 3 Days Ago
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119 Days
This romhack was extremely enjoyable, and I even played through it again, and I had a blast. I recommend it 👍
Seen 4 Weeks Ago
Posted 4 Weeks Ago
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36 Days
I have tried to find gengarite so I can mega evolve my gengar for the elite four but I can't find it anywhere. I assumed it must be in the game considering you can battle other trainers who mega evolve their gengar (the precimos gym leader for example) but I never received it in game and I couldn't even find it on the official item list for the game. Does it not exist or is it just not listed on the item list.
Seen 4 Weeks Ago
Posted 4 Weeks Ago
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36 Days
Hey so I got past the elite four and was just messing around with a bunch of the legendary pokemon. While I was training up a origin form Giratina I noticed that it couldn't learn Draco Meteor even though it should be able to in its gen 6 learnset which is what the ingame learnsets are bases on (or at least thats what the wikis said). Just to test it out i tried to see if altered form Giratina could learn Draco Meteor and he can which confused me. Is this intentional or is it just a bug because I would love to be able to teach it to my origin form Giratina to finish out my team.


Wooloo Shepherd

Age 20
Seen 4 Weeks Ago
Posted 4 Weeks Ago
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3.8 Years
I just entered the Hall of Fame. I'm not sure why half my team shows as different mons entirely, but I love this hack anyway. Here's my team:
Imogi (Empoleon: Lv. 57)
Boris (Glaceon: Lv. 57)
Spear (Braviary: Lv. 57)
Hope (Venomoth: Lv. 59 - MVP Sweeper)
Helios (Solrock: Lv. 57)
Harlequin (Gourgeist: Lv. 58)
Update: Unlocked the Aerous City secret room and rekt the Memelord.
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