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Started by adchv09 June 19th, 2012 11:05 AM
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I've not played that many yet but my favorite is Pokemon Glazed. I like it because it has a good storyline and the graphics are really great. You also have 5 starter options and can catch Pokemon from Gen I, II, III, IV and V. It's an amazing game overall and i'm sure everyone would enjoy it. Pokemon Lightning Yellow and Liquid Crystal are also some of the best ones I've played so far.


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Flora Sky, mainly because I can have a Sawsbuck in Emerald but it's also a pretty cool hack
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My favorite roms are as follows:

*Ruby Destiny: Life Of Guardians
*Pokemon Blaze black
*Pokemon Cloud White 1-3
*Pokemon Light Platinum
*Pokemon Dark-Rising Series
*Pokemon Storm Silver
*Pokemon Sacred Gold
*Pokemon Prism
*Pokemon Emerald Moon
*Pokemon Ultra Violet
*Pokemon Victory Fire
*Pokemon Glazed

(AND more, I just forgot... Lol)


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I'm not that really picky decision on what rom i'm gonna play so here my list:

Gaia.....(Even i didn't finished it still stuck at the pokemon league i think it's great.....)

Light Platinum (Spend 2 months just to battle red at the end...... it was worth it)

Glazed....(My first rom hack that i enjoyed and it was good no doubt)

Nameless....(love the mechanics of no hm's)

Orange Island's..(ahh... classic. my favorite rom hack)


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Pokemon Red adventures chapter is still the best. <3

I am still awaiting for Pokemon Life and Pokemon Darkfire to be released any time soon.
they gonna be my top 2 and top 3.
still all the hack games are really awesome as well. ^_^

what really challenge and terrifies me is Pokemon Dark Rising 2. hehe , No Pokeballs and Poke Center.
Thank God for the Cheats. :)


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Hello people! what ROM should I play in 2020? I have downloaded Gaia, Mega Power and Light Platinum.
Which ROM should I add to my list should play?
Pokémon Chroma.
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Pomemon Gaia, Emerald Kaizo, Fire Red Omega, Light Platinum, Theta Emerald EX, FR:Rocket Edition, Snakewood, Radical Red, DarkRising 1,DarkRising2,DarkRisingOrderDestroyed,DarkRisingWorldCollide, Smashmons:SpiritRed, PsychicAdventures,GirlsHunter1, GirlsHunter2, Clover,AdventureRedChapter,VictoryFire,Resolute, MegaPower, Glazed, DarkCry:TheLegendOfGiratina

These are the incredible GBA rom hacks that i play

My favorite:Pokemon Gaiav3.2
These rom hacks i like because incredible mapping/area, some of them having massive difficulty(radical red, dark rising, emerald kaizo, fire red omega, clover, smashmons spirit red, theta emerald ex)
Some of them only based on the storyline (gaia, snakewood, light platinum,Victoryfire,Resolute, mega power, AdventureRedChapter,darkCry legend of giratina,glazed )
Some of them only for having fun(psychic adventures, girlshunter1 and 2, fr rocket edition)
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For these questions, I would like to clarify a distinction I make. There are two main types of ROM hacks imo. These are difficulty/QoL hacks a la Drayano hacks and OC hacks, which usually are comprised of brand new regions, stories, characters, and even Pokemon.

For difficulty and QoL hacks, so far it's Radical Red. It's pretty much like Fire Red, with some added trainer battles and a level cap, but I absolutely adore how much emphasis is placed upon fielding a competitively viable team. Even better is that you don't have to use, like, Smogon OU Pokemon to beat it. I'm playing a randomized save file right now and my freaking Regice is my MVP over my Garchomp and Starmie.

As for original content, I pretty much measure all such hacks alongside Pokemon Gaia. It's fairly difficult but never overwhelming, the Pokemon selection is balanced, the way the map comes together and the locations of a lot of items encourages exploration and backtracking, and, much to my enjoyment, the evil team of Gaia has probably the most unique motif I've ever seen utilized for Pokemon villains across any games I've played.

A special shoutout goes to Pokemon Glazed, which was the first ROM hack I ever played. It's no longer my favorite hack but it's such a rewarding journey, start to finish, that you can't help but feel like you've conquered the world upon finishing. Three regions is a bit much to some, and I understand that wholeheartedly, but by Arceus the amount of content in Glazed is unrivalled.


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To be perfectly honest, I dont play as many Pokemon ROM hacks anymore.

The reason why is because one hack in particular broke me- Pokemon Radical Red (FireRed base).

That hack is by far the most difficult ROM hack I have ever played. At no point after getting to Celadon City did I feel like I had any kind of chance of survival against the Gym Leader/Rocket boss fights. No amount of strategy or tactics or training ever granted me a sliver of a chance of winning. I had to use Gameshark Codes just to even make it to the end of the game, and there was really no payoff. It felt like the hack creator told me to fight a Sherman Tank with a balled up piece of tissue paper.

Sorry if this became a rant, but despite the difficulty, the hack has alot of amazing features that I did enjoy.