Important PokéCommunity's 18th Birthday Extravaganza!

Started by professor plum October 15th, 2020 4:47 PM
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It's our EIGHTEENTH birthday!
PokéCommunity was founded by Master Kwesi Nkromah back on October 16, 2002, as a hub for various fansites. At one point we were affiliated with Pokémon Palace Network, Alakazam's Pokémon Cheats and Codes, Pokémon Safari, #free_pokemon, Victory Road, Seafoam Islands, The Unknown Dungeon, Zapchu Evolution, and Total Pokémon. We've been going strong as a solo community, though, since November 2008!

To celebrate, we'll be hosting a few events on the forums and our Discord server. Check out the below sections for a schedule of events. We hope you'll join in on the fun!

Thank you for being a part of PC history - we wouldn't still be here if not for you!
Forum-based Events
These events are happening all weekend or all month!

wax nostalgic in a good ol' fashioned DCC! - No birthday on PC would be complete without a DCC! Stop by here just for some idle chit chat!

The Count to Infinity v11 - The 11th iteration of our classic counting forum game, more commonly known as TCTI. Help us achieve the highest number possible!

Burning Souls - Halloween Event 2020 - our spooky Halloween-themed Pokémon challenge.

VPP's Halloween Event - For the entire month of October, you can raise Ghost / Dark Pokémon for a smaller post count!

Sweet Time in PokéLand ~ The Trivia Frontier! ☆ - Love to goof around with friends? Then come and join Pokémon Trivia's event: The Trivia Frontier for a chance to win unique badges and Virtual Pokémon Pet prizes!

The Sticker/Stamp League - Collect various stickers and stamps ranging from Pokémon, to your favourite Pokémon trainers and other characters, from past generations of Pokémon games.

E&M's Ooky Spooky Playlist - Help us construct the ultimate ooky spooky Halloween playlist!
Discord-based events
Join us on our Discord server by clicking here!

Friday, October 16th - Jackbox hosted by Fafrir, starting around 4:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM GMT in #voicechat-chat. Be sure to add the "Jackbox" role on Discord to be reminded! To do this, visit #random, and type "!addrole Jackbox".
Saturday, October 17th - Movies hosted by Janp & Tsutarja in #voicechat-chat. Be sure to add the "Movie Fan" role on Discord to be reminded! To do this, visit #random, and type "!addrole Movie Fan".

Howl's Moving Castle at 5:00 AM EST / 9:00 AM GMT
Spirited Away at 10:00 AM EST / 2:00 PM GMT
Howl's Moving Castle at 3:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM GMT
Spirited Away at 8:00 PM EST / 12:00 AM GMT

Sunday, October 18th - Among Us hosted by erik destler, around 3:00 PM EST in #among-us. Be sure to add the "Impostor" role on Discord to be reminded! To do this, visit #random, and type "!addrole Impostor".


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Happy bday and thank you for everything you've given me, PC <3 here's to many more!
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Happy Bday PC! Here's to 18 more and even many more years of prosperity. :D

Just out of curiosity, how do I join the movie stream Saturday night? Can someone PM me or contact me on discord? Many thanks.
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Happy birthday to this cool website!

you gotta admit, zero_one is a pretty good album

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Happy birthday to the website. Now she is 18 years, qualified for a driving license. Also next year her teenage years would end. May this website live for a 1,000,000,000+ years!!

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BTW I am the owner of DT studios (A Fan Game Developing Co.) run by me and I have just started it yes so I am the only member, so plz join it today! My first game which I would be working on is Pokemon Paranormal.

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wow 18 years
Welcome to adulthood, Pokecommunity.
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Happy Birthday PC!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY you amazing forum!! Here's to many more years!~

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Happy birthday pikka pika happy birthday pika pikaaa happy birthday pokecommunity happy birthday to yoooouuu pikachu 😆


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18 years on, and we still don't have a better slogan.

Happy birthday PC.
Thanks for the last 12 years of entertainment for me.

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