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    With 18 Types it is not easy to balance all Weakness Resistance and Immunities each Type has to another.
    So it's obvious that there are flaws in it and is in some rare cases unbalanced (Good Job Gamefreak!) and in a few cases just senseless.
    What I want to discuss though is not the senseless cases but to improve the chart for the Competitive Scene.
    Let's break down all Types.

    Yeah I know Normal has many strong moves but am I the only one who thinks it is unfair that Normal moves hit no other Type for SE but is resisted by two and has no effect on one?
    That is why I suggest two remove the resistances Steel and Rock has against Normal.

    Add a Water and Flying Type resistance to it and defensive Ice Types can finally become relevant.

    Resisted by so many and weak to so many. It has such a wide variety of options with the high number of Pokemon available but it's just a bad type in the meta right now. I suggest adding a Rock Type resistance to it and make it super effective on Electric Types.

    Keep it as it is.

    Only SE on itself and resisted by Steel. Giving Fairies the immunity to it was the right move for a balancing (even though it makes no sense ) Keep it as it is.

    Not very effective on Ice Types is the nerf it needs. And defensively make it weak to Poison to give Poison a bit more relevance.

    Add a weakness to Grass.

    The Bug Type is such a cool typing but so weak on the Type chart it makes me sad. I'd suggest making it's attacks SE on Fairies. This could be a very needed buff to Bug and make them more viable.

    Add a Ghost immunity.

    Amazing Type which should be nerfed. Only resisted by Dark, super effective on Psychic and itself and resitances to Bug and Poison while being immune to Normal and Fighting with only two weaknesses.
    It makes sense that Ghosts and Normals can't touch each other but the Fighting Type is a Normal Pokemon who is a Fighter that's why it can't touch Ghosts too but why can Ghosts touch it? So add a Fighting immunity to Ghost and everyone will be satisfied.

    Great offensive typing which got the nerf it needed in Gen 2. Defensively it has two resistances and three weaknesses. Psychic is super effective on Poison (which doesn't necessarily makes sense though ) and I gave Poison a buff against Water so Psychic should resist Poison to balance it out.

    Introducing the Fairy typing in Gen 6 gave Poison a bit more relevance but I still think it should be buffed by making it super effective against Water. While this buff is amazing for the Poison Type it still would run when facing a Psychic Type so making Psychic resist Posion Type moves wouldn't nerf Posion too much.

    Keep it as it is.

    Add a weakness to Bug instead of a resistance to nerf it while buffing the Bug Type.

    Keep it as it is.

    Great offensive Typing while being a bad defensive typing. I just noticed that by taking it's resistance to Normal I hurt Rock even more but right now I can't think of a buff for it's defenses. I hope you guys can help me out here. :D

    Take away its resistance to Normal.

    Great offensively and defensively (only exception Stealth Rock). So adding a Flying resistance to Ice Types which make Birds fly away anyway won't nerf it too much.

    So that's my take on the Type Chart. Except for the Rock Type I guess I was able to balance things out a bit.
    Would really love to hear your opinions guys.
    Happy Discussion!!
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      It's hard thinking of a balance for the rock type, because most are both Rock/Ground.
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        So I have a few ideas to improve rock on the type chart but I am not sure cause there could be types which would get too nerfed by this

        I took away Rock's resistance to Normal Type moves. Now it has 3 Resistances and 5 Weaknesses. So adding a significant Resistance to it would make sense.
        I improved Ice Type defensively but it is still a great offensive typing. It may be resisted by 4 other Types but it is effective against Ground, Dragon, Grass and Flying.
        What I would do here is either add Rock a resistance to Ice Attacks and remove the resistance Water has against Ice Moves or only add the Ice resistance to Rock. (Would it make sense that Rocks resist Ice? Truth is I don't even know, I am only about the competitive part. At least it is not as senseless as Fairies being immune to Dragons.)
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          Originally Posted by ZeoStar
          It's hard thinking of a balance for the rock type, because most are both Rock/Ground.
          I would have to disagree here though. You might be right that it is hard to balance the rock type but I don't think the combination with the ground type (which is a defensive mess of a type combo) is the reason for it.
          And Rock/Ground is the only the third most used Rock Type.

          Only Rock Type: 11 Pokemon (Counting Lycanroc and it's forms as 1 Pokemon)
          Rock/Water: 10 Pokemon
          Rock/Ground: 9 Pokemon
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