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View Poll Results: Which Is The Best Expanded Deck I've Created?
Gardevoir GX Deck 1 2 100.00%
Golisopod GX Deck 2 0 0%
Poison Deck 3 0 0%
Garchomp And Lucario Deck 4 0 0%
Swampert And Ninetails GX Deck 5 0 0%
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Old September 12th, 2018 (7:31 PM).
Jonathan1990 Jonathan1990 is offline
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    So far I've created 5 decks for expanded play with the cards I own which I'm doing a poll for and putting down if the forum allows that much text. You can also tell me which one needs the most improvements doing. Just to let a certain member know I now have 4 rare candies.

    Deck 1 - Gardevoir GX (Fairy)
    Kangaskhan 99/149
    X3 Eevee 101/149
    Sylveon GX
    X4 Ralts
    X2 Kirlia
    X4 Gardevior GX
    X2 Oranguru
    Tapu Lele

    VS Seeker
    Enhanced Hammer
    X4 Ultra Ball
    X4 Rare Candy
    Fairy Drop
    X3 Professor's Letter
    X2 Field Blower
    Parallel City
    X2 Guzma
    X2 Pokemon Center Lady
    X3 N
    X2 Choice Band
    X4 Double Colorless Energy
    X12 Fairy Energy

    Deck 2 - Golisopod GX (Grass)
    Kangaskhan 99/149
    Heracross 11/147
    Miltank 78/111
    Venusaur EX
    X2 Stufful
    X2 Bewear
    X2 Oranguru
    X2 Wimpod
    X2 Golisopod GX
    Alolan Vulpix 21/145
    Type: Null

    X2 Heavy Ball
    X2 Ultra Ball
    Pal Pad
    X2 Professor's Letter
    Town Map
    X2 Switch
    X3 N
    X3 Professor Kukui
    X2 Cynthia
    X2 Professor Sycamore
    X2 Pokemon Fan Club
    Choice Band
    Bodybuilding Dumbbells
    X4 Double Colorless Energy
    Herbal Energy
    X12 Grass Energy

    Deck 3 - Poison (Psychic)
    X2 Trubbish
    X2 Plasma Garbodor
    Mew EX RC24
    X2 Mareanie
    X2 Toxapex GX
    X4 Salandit
    X3 Salazzle
    Tapu Lele

    X2 Ultra Ball
    X3 Hypnotoxic Laser
    X2 Professor's Letter
    X2 Virbank City Gym
    X2 Lillie
    Professor Kukui
    X3 N
    X2 Guzma
    X2 Pokemon Center Lady
    X3 Poison Barb
    Bodybuilding Dumbbells
    X2 Exp. Share
    X2 Choice Band
    X15 Psychic Energy

    Deck 4 - Garchomp And Lucario (Fighting/Dragon) [Extended Version Of Match Strike]
    X4 Gible
    X4 Gibite
    X3 Garchomp
    X4 Riolu
    X2 Lucario 67/156
    X2 Lucario 71/147
    X2 Lucario EX
    Latios Prism Star

    X2 Ultra Ball
    X2 Field Blower
    X2 Nest Ball
    Fighting Stadium
    Devoured Field
    X2 Professor Kukui
    X2 N
    X4 Cynthia
    X2 Pokemon Center Lady
    X2 Muscle Band
    X2 Strong Energy
    X14 Fighting Energy

    Deck 5 - Swampert And Alolan Ninetails GX (Water)
    X3 Squirtle 24/135
    X2 Wartortle 15/101
    Blastoise 16/101
    X4 Mudkip
    X2 Marshtomp
    X3 Swampert
    X4 Alolan Vulpix 21/145
    X2 Alolan Ninetails 28/147
    X2 Alolan Ninetails GX

    Field Blower
    X3 Aqua Patch
    X2 Professor's Letter
    X4 Rare Candy
    X4 Ultra Ball
    X2 Brooklet Hill
    X2 N
    X2 Choice Band
    X2 Double Colorless Energy
    X14 Water Energy

    So there you have it 5 expanded decks I've created for you to vote what you think is the best.
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    Old September 12th, 2018 (7:55 PM).
    donavannj's Avatar
    donavannj donavannj is offline
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    I have to give my nod to the Gardy GX list just skimming them, personally.
    on vacation in LA and Chicago
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    Old September 13th, 2018 (12:44 AM). Edited September 13th, 2018 by Hands.
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    Hands Hands is offline
    I was saying Boo-urns
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    Id play Swampert but not in expanded. Swampcargo is a genuinely playable deck.

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