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    Some time after the creation of the Digital World, three virtuous Digimon were selected as overseers of the Digital World. For many digital years, the reign of these celestial Digimon was peaceful and the Digital World prospered into a lush land that one could only hope to imagine. But with any reign, comes rebellion. Lucemon, an angelic Digimon who had done many things to help the Digital World, wanted a position with the Celestial Digimon, feeling that he would be fit among them. However, his membership was denied due to his recorded aggressive ways of carrying out tasks.

    Angered and upset by his destroyed pride, Lucemon, who had prepared for this moment either way, banded together an army of powerful, corrupt Digimon that followed him. Seeking a world too rule over, one of Lucemon's minions somehow created a temporary portal to the human world, seeping through a few of his minions to wreak havoc in this completely unfamiliar world.

    After being alerted of this situation, the Celestial Digimon had no choice but to react with great caution. They were afraid of what could possibly happen to the human world and the Digital World if a major portal was opened, but they could not allow Lucemon's forces to enter the human world without some sort of protection for the humans. Seraphimon, the enforcer of the laws of the Digital World, ruled that representatives on the behalf of the good of the Digital World should be sent through the gateway to protect the Digital World from any threat until they could figure out a plan to stop Lucemon's forces.

    D-Touch - The D-Touch is Digivice wielded by each of the Digidestined. In addition to being the digital offspring of Apples iPhone, the D-Touch is capable of downloading several applications that will prove useful to the Digidestined. Applications can be made at any time but it takes strenuous work.

    More to come...

    Alexander Peakes - A twenty year old junior at New York University, Alexander is a bit shy when it comes to meeting new people. He is a bit homesick seeing as how his parents and family live in the south. He is partnered with Veemon.

    Thomas Blake - A twenty-two year old police academy student, Thomas is a British-born young man who has a great sense of right from wrong. Along with his sense of justice, he's a bit of comedian who is capable of making almost anyone laugh. He is partnered wit Hawkmon.

    Benjamin Jackson - A twenty-one year old who has recently graduate culinary arts school, Benjamin is a smooth talking young man who dreams of owning a poetry cafe. With both of his parents dead, he takes care of his little brother on his own. He is partnered with Leormon.

    Patricia Nguyen - A twenty year old who is the daughter of a very wealthy mother and father, Patricia is the stereotypical spoiled brat. She's always looking to have a good time and doesn't like being bored. She is partnered with Lunamon.

    Lillian Davis - A twenty-one year old tree-hugger, Lillian not only has a green thumb, she has two of them. She's been in tune with her natural side for quite some time, but doesn't let that stop her from communicating with other people. She is partnered with Wormmon.

    Nina Malik - A nineteen year old senior (that's right, senior) at New York University, Nina is a former child prodigy and current genius. Her intellect expands beyond someone her normal age, but she needs enlightenment on street wisdom. She is partnered with Kudamon.

    Note: I am aware that Digimon is an anime. I just used real people so that my readers could get an understanding of how the characters look! So just imagine these guys in anime form. (;

    Veemon - A Dragon Digimon partnered with Alexander. Veemon has a bit of an anger issue, but overall he's a loyal Digimon.

    Hawkmon - A Bird Digimon partnered with Thomas. Hawkmon has an obsession with human food and is not afraid to take food from others.

    Leormon - A Holy Beast Digimon partnered with Benjamin. Leormon spends most of the time in the Jackson household sleeping the day away if nothing is going on.

    Lunamon - A Mammal Digimon partnered with Patricia. Lunamon is a spunky Digimon who really admires Patricia and loves living a lavish lifestyle with her.

    Wormmon - A Larva Digimon partnered with Lillian. Wormmon is a relatively timid Digimon that admires the strength of the other members of the Digimon team.

    Kudamon - A Holy Beast Digimon partnered with Nina. Kudamon is a very independent Digimon who's just as intelligent as her partner. She has a major crush on Leormon.


    Seven Great Demon Lords - A group of Demon Lord Digimon organized and orchestrated by its leader, Lucemon. The goal of the Seven Great Demon Lords is clear: to rule over the human world and enslave or destroy anyone in their path.

    More to come...

    William Blake - Thomas's Father.

    Wally Jackson - Benjamin's Little Brother.

    Dustin & Cassandra Nguyen - Patricia's Parents

    Erica Davis - Lilian's Grandmother

    Charlie Malik - Nina's Sister

    More to come...

    1. Genesis



    Simply put… something weird was going on, except things were not out of the ordinary. Or were they? These were the feelings and questions that ran through the mind of young Alexander Peakes, a student at New York University. The college life was slowly becoming a routine for him as he entered his junior year at university: he would wake up, walk to class, halfway pay attention, go the library, study, sleep, wake up , come home, eat, and then sleep. He was not a very sociable person to say the least, but maybe that was because he was away from family. He left for the ‘Big Apple’ almost three years ago upon graduating from high school. He thought he wanted to get away from his family, but now he was having his doubts. He could not fit in with the fast pace lifestyle of New York City, nor could he find a true group of friends that would stay by his side. And let us not get started on his luck with the ladies.

    So here he was, walking to his off campus apartment from the library. He had just spent about an hour studying and another hour with his head pressed face-first in between two pages of his Chemistry III book. Why did chemistry have to be so… chemical? A sigh escaped his lips as Xander shifted the large backpack on his back and made his way down the busy street. It was five o’clock, meaning it was prime time for crowdedness on the streets what with everyone making their way home from their nine to five. It was times like these where Xander felt sort of a connection with other people, sharing the same sense of urgency to get the heck home. With a clearing of the throat, Xander shifted his heavy backpack yet again, avoiding eye contact with people, on a mission to get to his apartment.

    Finally reaching his apartment, he opened the door and placed his backpack down on the couch before making his way to his bedroom. Xander’s apartment was not the best of the best, but it was comfortable enough for him to live in. It had a small living room that was connected with the kitchen, a small bedroom and bathroom, and even a small room that could double as a guest room (even though Xander rarely had any guests).

    As Xander got into his room, it was then he could have sworn he heard a noise coming from the living room. Alerted immediately, he peeked out the bedroom doorway and looked into the living room. With the raise of a brow, he noticed his backpack had fallen off the couch. “Hmm… That’s strange,” Xander simply said as he took off his shirt and tossed it to his dirty clothes hamper. He changed into some pajama pants and threw on a plain white t-shirt before turning off the lights in his room. This, oddly enough, was part of Xander’s routine as well: he would come home from taking a one hour nap in the library to take another nap, and then he would wake up a few hours later to start back on his homework.

    As Xander got under the covers, he found himself staring at the ceiling before drifting off into slumber, something that he had no trouble with at all. The stress and strife of college, working, and paying rent was more than enough to make a young person easily shut down. Xander was no different.

    A few good hours into his sleep, Xander was gently awakened by the sound of a large thud and… demonic laughter? Xander opened one eye, all but sure that he was dreaming about the combination of the sound and voice. He sat up in his bed, refraining from the stereotypical greeting of a weird noise by saying ‘hello’. Xander always hated when people did that in scary movies. He shifted to the side of the bed and slid into his slippers as he ventured into the living room, turning on the lights. His backpack was in the same spot where it fell so there was nothing weird about that. Nothing was changed about the kitchen: all the chairs were pushed under, the table was still stable, and the centerpiece was still centered. So where did that noise come from?

    “What the heck?” Xander muttered to himself as he peaked out the window. Nothing was going on however. Sure there were a bunch of random guys outside in the distance grouped together, but they were always there. Unless…

    “Hey, um, did you guys hear any loud noises just now? Oh… an-and random laughing? Or is it just me?” Xander chuckled nervously as he opened the door, halfway embarrassed by asking a question that sounded so absurd.

    One of the young men looked to his comrades, before looking at Xander and flipping him the middle finger without any vocal response.

    Xander chuckled uneasily and gave the group of guys a salute, “Cheh… Thanks guys! Just checking!” He closed the door behind him and locked it, looking to the floor to see that… his backpack was gone. “What the heck!? Okay something is in this house…” He made his way into his room quickly and closed the door behind him, locking it. “Maybe… Maybe I should have said hello?” Xander got under the covers of his bed and closed his eyes tightly, assuming that this was all a dream.

    The demonic laughter returned yet again but this time, Xander was sure that he heard it. Loud and clear. Opening his eyes when he heard another thud and a muffled voice, Xander stared face to face with a set of piercing yellow orbs. Jumping up with his back to the headboard of the bed, Xander refrained from screaming until he wailed at the sound of a blasting alarm clock.

    Xander jumped up from his bed as he stared at his electric alarm clock that had red, glowing digital numbers. It was 9:11 PM which meant that his alarm had been going off for about eleven minutes since Xander had set his alarm for nine o’clock. Normally these four hours naps sufficed for him, but today, Xander’s body felt sluggish and weak compared to the norm. Looking down at the side of his bed as he slipped into his slippers, he rubbed his head and exhaled from his nose. He reached down and grabbed his backpack to… Wait… his backpack?

    “Oh crap, DemiVeemon!” Xander exclaimed as he quickly unzipped the major portion of his backpack to let out a blue and white baby dragon looking creature. The little guy was fuming with sweat and gasped for air as Xander scratched his head, chuckling slightly, “I’m sorry DemiVeemon. I… I forgot you were in there!”

    DemiVeemon shook his head as he gave Xander a menacing glare as if to say ‘I’m going to kill you’. But DemiVeemon could not lay a finger on his partner, solely because they were similar in that they did not have friends. In a way, Xander and DemiVeemon were best friends. “Aw, don’t worry about X,” DemiVeemon said as he waved off the situation. “Besides, it was entertaining enough to hear you scream from the confinements of your backpack. You know, you’re a heavy sleeper, dude. All that screaming. You’re like a girl.”

    Xander glared at DemiVeemon and pointed at him, “Hey, take that back man. You know I haven’t been able to comfortably sleep often since we’ve been here in New York. Don’t try to act all brand new with me.” He stood up and went over to the closet and grabbed a hoodie and sweatpants to change into. “Besides, if you’re going to say that, I’ll just leave you to suffocate in my backpack again.”

    “You wouldn’t…” DemiVeemon said threateningly and worriedly.

    Xander folded his arms at him. “I would.”

    There was brief silent stare off.

    “Okay, I wouldn’t, geez…” Xander chuckled and changed clothes. “But seriously, get back in the backpack. I’ve gotta meet with Nina at the diner for some tutoring.”

    DemiVeemon wiggled back into the backpack as he said, “Okay. But make sure you leave it open and let some air in! Please? Thank you.”

    This was how it was since the day Xander stumbled upon DemiVeemon… well, back then he was a mere egg disguised as an application on his cellphone, but nonetheless, Xander felt a major connection with the little guy as he hatched from the egg and became Chibomon and, eventually, DemiVeemon. Xander really did not know how to explain the actions of that time, but he was just thankful for DemiVeemon being by his side throughout the tough phases of life. He surely needed the support.

    Xander was dressed and equipped with his backpack and studying materials. He headed out the door in pursuit of the diner on the other side of town. As he walked out his complex, Xander gave a nod to the group of guys that normally stood outside of the complex. They did not react to his silent greeting so Xander put his head down and kept walking. What he did not notice were a familiar set of golden eyes from his dreams peering at him from the roof of the complex.


    Nine o’clock New York City was way different from five o’clock New York City. Earlier on in the day, the streets were flooded with men and women dressed in business attire but now, there were random people dressed in nightlife socialite clothing. You had your men dressed in comfortable attire and women dressed in the most revealing of clothing. Xander would be lying to himself if he did not look, but he was not interested in a sleazy woman at all.

    DemiVeemon, curious as to what all the hassle was now that the backpack was partially opened, looked around cautiously from the inside of his partner’s backpack and said, “Aw man! Where are all their clothes?” He said this in relation to the women Xander was scoping at.

    Xander chuckled as he turned his head sideways, trying to carry his voice to his backpack, “That’s a good question. You see, we humans tend to attract the opposite gender by showing more of our skin. Well, at least women anyway.”

    “Oh, I get it! When female humans want to attract male humans, they take off all their clothes!” DemiVeemon stated as if he completely understood.

    Xander groaned with a smug expression on his face as they approached a rectangular building with the word ‘Diner’ on it. “Not exactly DemiVeemon.” He reached around and closed the backpack a bit more saying, “Alright, now you’re going to have to be quiet. I don’t want anyone to know about you being here with me.” He made his way inside and looked around the small diner. Apparently, Nina was not here yet. The bushy brown haired boy found a seat near the back of the diner and looked around for his usual waiter at this time, Benjamin.

    Right on cue, the tall sandy-skinned young man approached the table with a pad and pen. A grin emerged on his face as he said, “Yo, yo, yo. What’s up boy! How’s it going?” Benjamin extended his hand to give Xander the traditional ‘bro handshake’ that all men did upon meeting with each other again. If Xander could consider anyone a good friend, it was Benji (as he was affectionately called), but the two only spoke in a situation like this: employee and customer. However, Benji was a very genuine and sincere guy, so he truly thought that Xander was cool all around. “I’m assuming you want the usual right?”

    “Hey Benji,” Xander nodded, a small smile emerging on his face. “Uh, yeah the usual with a lemonade. I’ve got a friend who’s coming as well, by the way.”

    Benji nodded at him as he scribbled down ‘the usual’ on his notepad and said, “A’ight, gotcha down for the usual… and…”

    “Up! Here she is now. Nina over here!” Xander waved his hands as a young woman walked into the diner. She was quite beautiful and appeared to be of Latin American descent, dressed in a simple burgundy thermal sweater, skull cap, black jeans, and black heels. She carried a big purse with her as if her life was inside of it.

    Benji quirked a brow of interest as Nina walked over to the booth and took a seat. “Erm… What would you like to order, ma’am?”

    Nina placed her purse on the other side of the booth and halfway zipped it open casually before taking a quick glance at the menu that lay on her side of the table. “Mmm…” she pondered for a moment before looking up at Benji, “I’ll just have whatever Xander’s having. I’m in a really picky mood right now so I’ll just go with whatever…”

    Benji nodded in approval saying, “A'ight, I got two usuals and two lemonades. I’ll get this order back in the kitchen and be right out with you guys’ drinks, a’ight?” He slipped his pad into his apron pocket before heading to the kitchen.

    Both Xander and Nina watched Benji leave before they met eyes. “So how’s it going?” Xander asked.

    “It’s going alright I suppose,” Nina looked to her purse as she pulled out some hand sanitizer and rubbed it on her hands. “Of course la familia is still as crazy as ever.” Nina was from a pretty big family of multiple siblings. She was the middle child of seven kids, but she felt like the most special in the sense of her natural intelligence. Nina was nineteen years old, but she was already declared as a senior at New York University. The possibilities for her were limitless. She had met Xander through a tutoring program on campus. The two were partnered up about two months ago and she had been tutoring him ever since. It was weird seeing as how Xander was older than her, yet she was tutoring him. Xander, however, did not mind because Nina was a nice girl. To him anyway. Maybe it was because she was getting paid. Xander was not sure.

    “Well, at least you’re capable of seeing your family as much as possible,” Xander sighed as Benji brought out their lemonades. The two young men exchanged looks as Benji nodded his head in the other direction, signifying they ‘had to talk’. Xander, with a confused expression on his face, nodded subtly before focusing his attention on Nina.

    “I can only take so much of the Malik household,” Nina said, sipping her lemonade smoothly. “But you’re right. I am thankful for easy access to my parents’ moolah.” She rubbed her thumb around her other fingers, displaying the universal hand symbol of ‘money.

    Laughing, Xander said, “Let’s get started shall we?”


    The clicks of high-heeled shoes echoed off the asphalt of the shopping mall parking lot as a young woman carrying several bags made her way to her vehicle. Following behind her was a rather athletic looking man carrying even more shopping bags than she did. He appeared to be capable of carrying the bags further, but he was relieved when the sound of car alarmed beeped into his ear.

    Reaching for the driver’s side backseat door, the man made an attempt to open it, but the young woman swatted the man’s hand away. “Uh! Put all of the bags in the trunk please.” She realized how mean she was to swat his hand away, so she immediately gave him a puppy dog smile. “Please?”

    Melted by her attractive appearance, the young man nodded as he went to the trunk when she opened it, placing the bags inside of it. He then grabbed the other bags from the young lady’s possession and placed them in the trunk as well. “Alright, looks like you’re all set, hot stuff.”

    She raised a brow at him, saying, “Who reserved you the right to call me hot stuff?”

    “Uh…” he paused for a moment. “I thought…”

    “Honey, you thought wrong. My name is Patricia Nguyen. Puh-trish-uh. I hate pet names,” she flipped her hair at him. “That’s it, we’re done.” She got in the car, closed the door, and drove off.

    The man was left standing there, dazed and confused. “Wait, how am I supposed to get home?”

    By now, Patricia was off on the road, heading back to her apartment. She glanced in the rear-view mirror as a lavender tear-shaped creature hopped up and down in the backseat with a smile on her face. “That was a close one Patricia! He almost saw me!”

    “I know right?” Patricia flashed her pearly whites before saying, “Now can you stop jumping up and down, Moonmon? I kinda have to see what’s going on behind me to drive.”

    Moonmon slumped into the backseat and said, “Oh, right! Sorry!”

    “It’s okay, girl! I bought a bunch of new clothes, accessories, make-up, the works! You’re gonna help me pick out some outfits for tonight, right?”

    “Of cooooourse!” Moonmon said with glee.

    Patricia and Moonmon squealed in unison as the young woman continued to drive down the road. Once she reached the parking lot of her apartment complex, she parked her car and opened the door so that Moonmon could get out. She made her way around to the trunk and it popped it open, placing her hands on her hips at this point. Moonmon bounced to the outside and noticed a look of deep thought on her partner’s face.

    “What’s the matter, Pat?”

    Patricia looked down at Moonmon and had a slight look of regret on her face before chuckling. “I, uh, should have waited till I got home to ditch the guy. How am I going to carry all of these bags up those flights of steps?”

    “Need a hand?” A demonic voice from behind Patricia asked.

    “Sure!” Patricia said smiling before turning around to meet a demonic pair of golden eyes. A loud scream escaped her mouth as Moonmon screamed as well simply out of reaction by Patricia.


    After completing their hearty meal, Xander and Nina spent most of their time going through a few chemistry problems and equations for Xander’s benefit. Although things started off a bit slow for Xander at first, after a few run-throughs of problems, he was getting the hang of this level of chemistry. By this time, the traffic that came through the diner was winding down and Benji was wiping down a few tables as he glanced over at Xander again, trying to get his attention. He did not realize that his boss was trying to get his own attention.

    “Benjamin!” the short, fat man yelled at his fellow employee.

    Benji turned around quickly, profusely apologizing for his lack of hearing. “Uh, yes sir?”

    “I need you to close down the diner tonight. Wash those remaining few dishes and, for Christ’s sake, get those two out of here. We closed thirty minutes ago. Pronto!” his boss said as he immediately left without any farewell. An exhale escaped Benji’s nose as Xander nodded at Benji momentarily before going back to finishing up a problem.

    Benji went to the break room as he took off his apron and hung it on the hanger. He glanced at his large athletic bag and noticed a much larger bulk inside of it than normal. He quirked an eyebrow and walked over to it to investigate. What was inside surely did not surprise him.

    “Frimon… come on man, you can’t be taking folks’ aprons and using them as cushions!” Benji said, placing his hands on the sides of the back and gently, but violently shaking it back and forth to wake the little guy. Frimon's appearance was similar to that of a ball-shaped lion head with a tail. When Benji did not get a response from the slumbering creature, he shook the bag even harder causing the little guy to pop out of the back. “Wake up! It’s time to get going. You’ve slept my entire shift.”

    “How long was I sleep?” Frimon said with a smooth yawn.

    “Oh… I don’t know… six hours?” Benji said sarcastically.

    Another yawn escaped Frimon’s mouth as he gave Benji a smug expression, “Maaan… that was a good nap.”

    “Yeah,” Benji snorted. “Now come on, back in the bag, bro.”

    Frimon gave a simple scoff and said, “Just another snooze for me, man.” He hopped back into the bag as Benji snatched the aprons from the inside of the bag and hung them up again.

    Benji walked past the kitchen area and noticed that he had already washed the dishes. Tonight had been a long night. That was for sure. He slung the bag over his shoulder and walked through the doors that led to the bar area and saw Xander standing there with an engaging look on his face. Meanwhile, Nina was still sitting at the booth, seemingly fiddling with her purse.

    Xander gave him a weird look as he said, “Call me crazy… but were you talking to someone back there?”

    Benji thought for a split second and gave him a smooth, cheesy grin and said, “What? Hell no! I was washing dishes. You a’ight man?” Nice going, Frimon…

    Thinking about it for a moment before shaking his head, Xander disregarded the thought saying, “Eh, maybe I’m just going crazy. College is just… mind blowing. But anyway, what did you want? You kept trying to get my attention before.”

    “Your friend,” Benji said in a low voice, glancing in the direction of Nina before looking back at him. “She’s cute. Is she dating anyone? Or talking to anyone?”

    Xander looked back at Nina for a moment.

    “Don’t look at her!” Benji said in low but loud tone as Xander, shocked by the response, turned around quickly. It ended up getting Nina’s attention, to the dismay of Benji.

    “Uh well…” Xander stammered with an unsure look on his face.

    Before the duo of young men knew it, Nina had walked over to them, placing her purse on the counter top. “Um… yeah. I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation umm…” Nina said, a confused look on her face as she tried to remember Benji’s name.

    “Benjamin, but you can call me Benji,” Benji said with a smooth grin on his face.

    Nina nodded at him and said, “Right. Benji. I don’t mean to interrupt, but Xander I’m actually about to get going. I have to catch a cab back to my place so… I’ll see you around?”

    Xander nodded as Benji blurted out, “Hey, I’ll drive you home. No sense in you wasting your money to go home when you’ve got somebody who can take you home for free, right? You can ride too, Xander. You still live at that apartment complex on the other side of town right?”

    “I do and thanks, Benji!” Xander smiled. “Saved me a long walk home.”

    Nina shared a genuine smile and said, “Thanks, but I’m a big girl. Maybe next time.” She reached into her purse and pulled out a five dollar bill, placing it on the counter. “Bye guys.” She walked out the diner door and headed to jump in a cab.

    Benji reached for the bill as he slid it to himself and placed it inside of his pocket. “Man, I don’t know whether to be flattered or to be embarrassed. I got dissed and I got a tip.”

    Xander remained silent for a moment, trying to refrain from laughing at Benji. “So… is that ride still on? Or was that just a ploy to get Nina in your car?”

    Shooting Xander a ‘shut up’ glare, he chuckled and said, “Yeah, come on.”


    Benji parked his car in the apartment complex’s parking lot as he stared at the buildings in front of him. He looked to Xander and then back at the complex and then back at Xander. “Man, you live in a dump.”

    “Yeah,” Xander nodded in agreement. “But it’s my paradise of a dump.”

    “I’m disturbed,” Benji said as he shook his head. “Well… a’ight man. I guess I’ll see you around, huh?”

    Opening the passenger side door, Xander got out the car slinging his bag over his shoulder, unbeknownst that the zipper slipped all the way open. “Yeah. I’ll see what’s up with Nina for you, if you’d like?”

    Benji waved it off saying, “I just thought about it and… nah… I think I’ll do it on my own. I’ll see her around again. It’s kind of lame having someone hook you up with someone else anyway.”

    “Well,” Xander closed the door. “I wouldn’t know anything about all of that stuff since you’re the expert, apparently, haha.”

    Suddenly, a loud rumbling noise erupted in Benji’s trunk, causing the entire car to shake and rattle. His eyes widening, Benji glanced to Xander quickly, trying his best to remain calm, but how could somebody explain a random movement in their trunk. A repeated movement at that. Benji quickly got out of his car and popped the trunk as Xander walked around to the trunk as well to see what was going on. Benji already knew what it was, but he hoped that Frimon was sensible enough to not get out of the bag. As he opened the trunk, Benji groaned noticing that his partner had eaten through the once durable athletic bag.

    Benji looked to Xander and said, “Uh… it’s my little brother’s?”

    “That… lion has no legs or feet…” Xander’s voice trailed off.

    A snarl escaping his lips, Frimon glared at them both saying, “There’s no time for conversation. I smell a Digimon!”

    Almost right on cue, DemiVeemon had burst out of Xander’s backpack and immediately faced off with Frimon. The two butted heads and stayed in place as if to challenge each other’s strength. Xander and Benji exchanged silent looks as their two partners prepared to wage in what would appear to be a fierce battle between munchkin Digimon. But before the fight could even start, the two calmed down, seemingly settling their differences quickly.

    “Okay, wait a minute,” Benji pointed out. “You have a Digimon too? Man, that’s crazy!”

    Xander picked up DemiVeemon and said, “Yeah… you know, DemiVeemon did say he smelled another Digimon. Actually two Digimon. I didn’t believe him because I had never met someone else who had a Digimon, but… I guess he wasn’t lying?”

    DemiVeemon folded his arms proudly and said, “Told you! But there’s another Digimon around here somewhere.”

    “He’s right,” Frimon added after being picked up by Benji. “There’s another Digimon around here.”

    Benji shook his head and said, “Oh no… I ain’t got time to be fooling with some other little critters like y’all.”

    Frimon looked up at Benji and said, “It’s not like you have a choice. Digimon, although friendly, have a natural desire and instinct to fight. Sometimes it’s out of competition other times it’s for the protection of others.”

    Benji gave Frimon a ‘yeah, right’ look, saying, “Bro, you’re too lazy to do any fighting.”

    Frimon shot Benji a cheesy grin and said, “You don’t know that!”

    DemiVeemon interrupted the two and said, “Frimon’s right. Digimon do have a natural desire to fight, but it’s not for competition this time. Someone is in danger! It’s our duty to protect them. If you try to stop us, it’s only hurting us.”

    Frimon nodded, “Exactly. You have to trust us, Benji. I’ve known you all of my life. I trust you! Do you trust me?”

    Breaking his silence amid the conversation, Xander looked at Benji and said, “They’ve got a point, Benji. DemiVeemon’s my best friend and I wouldn’t doubt him for a second. Maybe we should see what’s going on.”

    A sigh escaping his nostrils, Benji nodded and said, “A’ight… Everybody load up in my car. Frimon, you’ve got a pretty good sense of smell, I’m sure you can figure out where this danger is. Care to lead the way?”

    “Certainly,” Frimon said as everyone loaded up in Benji’s car. "Can I take a quick nap on the way?"

    "No!" Benji exclaimed.

    The night went from completely normal to abnormal in a matter of a half hour. Xander did not expect for someone else to have a Digimon, let alone someone he knew on an associate level. The thought of Benji having a Digimon as well sort of relieved him. Maybe he could answer some of the questions that he had about Digimon. Then again, Benji appeared to be just as clueless about Digimon as Xander was. One thing was for certain though: the road that lies ahead was going to be a long and challenging one. Never before had either of them faced the danger that both of their Digimon spoke of until now. Eventually, Frimon’s scent had led them to the parking lot of a much more upscale apartment complex a few blocks down from where Xander lived. As everyone got out the car, the two humans held on to their Digimon tightly as they examined the scene.

    The parking lot was relatively ful of cars but no peoplel, so there was no telling where the danger was. Instantly, DemiVeemon and Frimon broke free of their partner’s grasp and began to bounce and run forward towards their ‘sign of danger’.

    “Hold up yall!” Benji shouted.

    “Yeah, slow down!” Xander added.

    Eventually the two Digimon led them to a luxury looking car that had all of the doors ajar and the trunk opened. There were several bags of clothes in the trunk, but no sign of a person near the vehicle. Having courtesy for the owner of the vehicle, Xander and Benji took the liberty of closing the doors and trunks as DemiVeemon and Frimon looked around for any clues.

    “This is a nice automobile…” Benji said walking around, speculating the value of the car. “Whoever owns this car is definitely living the good life.”

    Xander watched Benji spectate before realizing that the two Digimon were heading off into the woods that were on the outskirts of the apartment complex. “Come on Benji, this way!”

    The two young men chased after their Digimon as they continue to lead them deeper and deeper into the forest. After a chase that seemed to carry on for numerous minutes, DemiVeemon and Frimon stopped in an opening at the middle of the forest where a big tree was conveniently located. Both Digimon looked up the tree as the footsteps of their partners indicated that they had finally caught up with them. Tired and out of breath, both Xander and Benji keeled over, placing their hands on their knees as they caught their breath. It was dark in the forest, but the light of the moon provided a bit of illumination so that they could see some things a bit more clearly.

    “Okay… where’s the danger?” Xander said, still trying to catch his breath.

    DemiVeemon pointed up the large tree. “There.”

    Both of the humans looked up at the tree, but they could not make out what the Digimon were seeing. “I don’t see anything.” Benji said, trying to squint to get a better look.

    “Me either.” Xander said, exchanging unsure looks with Benji.

    “I think you’ve been sleeping too much, Frimon. It’s messing with your train of thought.” Benji chuckled, finally catching his breath.

    Xander laughed a little as well and said, “Yeah, DemiVeemon. Maybe you’re getting my nightmares too.”

    Frimon’s expression was not amused as DemiVeemon gave Xander a mean look saying, “Oh yeah? Well look up there again!”

    A large humanoid figure, granted silhouetted by the night sky, appeared on a large branch of the tree. It walked intently towards something else that appeared to be tied around the branch of the tree, a pitchfork at hand. Just before it could make a violent jab at its prey, the group below interrupted it quite quickly.

    “Hey! Anybody up there!?” Xander shouted, catching the attention of whatever it was up there. After hearing the boy's voice, the figure then reverted its attention to the visitors from below. Reacting instinctively, it jumped down, sprouting wings on its back as it made a full-fledged charge towards the young men and their Digimon.

    “Aw crap!” Benji shouted, diving out of the way with Frimon. Xander and DemiVeemon dove in the other direction.

    “Mmph!” Xander grunted as he landed, holding on tight to DemiVeemon before slowly standing up after a few seconds, “What the heck!?”

    Soon enough, the demonic figure that had swooped down at them appeared in the sky again before landing right in front of them as they managed to get to their feet. He was hidden by the darkness, but emerged into the light of the moon. By all means, this was not a friendly looking creature, whatever it was. It was muscular looking with red wings and purple innards on the aerial devices. Tattoos covered its body and a menacing grin was on its face as it clenched its pitchfork with the intent on killing whatever stood in its way. To make matters worse, it had the ability to speak. Judging by the tone of voice, the species of this creature was masculine.

    “I… am Boogeymon, prince of terror!” He began. The Boogeymon tossed his pitchfork up carefully before catching it and pointing it at the two young men and their Digimon. “You… have interrupted my ceremony. I was just about to feast on a little… human morsel and her pitiful excuse for a Digimon until you came and reared your ugly heads!”

    DemiVeemon snarled, nostrils flaring. “You’re one to talk, Ugly Pants!”

    “Quiet!” Boogeymon shouted, causing the crows in the trees to disperse elsewhere. A sly grin emerged on his face as he licked the tip of his pitchfork. “I was in no need to be greedy this evening like one of our leaders, but… you’ve tempted me with your appearance! I think I could make room for... dessert!”

    DemiVeemon and Frimon hopped out of their partners grasp, each prepared to fight Boogeymon together. Xander and Benji exchanged unsure looks, but they put their trust in their Digimon. However, the odds looked surely against them if someone else had faced this Boogeymon and failed. Besides, whoever she was, she had a Digimon too and she did not succeed. What would make this situation any different from hers?

    “Oh! A challenge?” Boogeymon smirked teasingly. “I absolutely love it when my prey fights back. Makes it more satisfying hearing their screams of PAIN when I eat their hearts out, literally. Let’s dance, shall we?” His golden eyes started glowing in a familiar manner. Xander’s face made a quizzical expression as he recalled these eyes from his dreams.

    “We’re not scared!” Frimon said, bouncing forward. He leaped up and did a forward flip before smacking his tail across Boogeymon’s face, “Tail Whip!” Boogeymon was completely unmoved by the attack and simple swatted the little Digimon back into the direction of his partner.

    DemiVeemon soon pursued Boogeymon after Frimon and jumped up trying to head-butt the demonic Digimon. “Pop Attack!” Boogeymon let out a maniacal laugh and battered DemiVeemon with the shaft of his pitchfork. DemiVeemon, too, was sent back in the direction of his partner.

    “Mwahahaha!!! You fools are no match for me! But I commend your effort. I will say that the girl and rabbit Digimon did pose more of a threat than you two!” Boogeymon glared with an evil smile on his face before saying, “My turn!” He swooped forward using his powerful wings. “Ruby Eye!” Boogeymon’s eyes turned a ruby red color as a beam of dark energy spiraled towards the four. Each of them dove out of the way and immediately started running for their lives.

    Benji grabbed Frimon as Xander grabbed DemiVeemon. “Alright fellas, any ideas?” Benji asked, leaving the question open to the floor as they each ran in the opposite direction. There was a brief silence. “Yeah, I thought so.” Benji half joked as the running continued.

    “We’ve got to digivolve if we’re going to stand a chance!” Frimon said.

    “Digi-what?” Xander said looking down at DemiVeemon.

    DemiVeemon jumped out of Xander’s hands and began running on his own, “Digimon can Digivolve to another level. Basically, we get stronger if needed!”

    “Now would be a good time to get stronger, definitely!” Benji said as they heard the laughter of Boogeymon in the air. They stopped in their tracks.

    “So what are we gonna do?” Xander said, looking at Benji.

    “I don’t know man.” Benji shook his head.

    Tired, frightened, and fearful for the life of the other person, the duo clenched their fists lost in thought as their pockets started… glowing? Xander looked down at his pocket and noticed a blue glow emerging from where he had his cell phone. He pulled it out, noticing that his iPhone was slowly transforming into a completely different device. The phone itself enlarged while the screen completely altered into a different one, not native to the traditional Apple Company. Benji pulled out his phone as well, noticing that it was giving off a green aura, shape shifting into a device similar to Xander’s. Eventually, the glowing of both devices stopped and a completely new device was held in their grasp. Xander’s was accented in a blue color, while Benji’s was green.

    “What is this?” Xander questioned out loud, not mindful of the incoming laugher of Boogeymon. Benji was about to chime in but he was interrupted by DemiVeemon.

    “No time for that!!! We’ve got to Digivolve”! DemiVeemon shouted angrily.

    “Right! If we can figure out how to do that…” Xander’s voice trailed off as he flipped through the home screen of the new device. Oddly enough, there was what appeared to be an application that had the word ‘digivolve’ on it. “I think this is it, Benji. Maybe we should access the Digivolve App?”

    “It’s worth a shot!” Benji stated, pressing the Digivolve App on his own device in unison with Xander.
    Instantly, both devices started to glow again as DemiVeemon and Frimon were shrouded in a color of light coinciding with color of their partner’s Digivice. They both rose into their air as their bodies began to glow and grow at the same time. Xander and Benji shielded their eyes as the wind began to pick up suddenly around them.

    “DemiVeemon digivolve to…” DemiVeemon’s body parts began to grow considerably. His arms and legs grew longer and were more defined in terms of muscles. His head grew bigger as markings appeared on his face. Claws emerged on his now defined fingers and toes, while his tail grew thicker. Finally, a much larger looking figure burst out of the light and landed on the ground, taking a fighting pose. “…Veemon!”

    “Frimon digivolve to…” Like DemiVeemon before him, Frimon body began to grow exponentially. A torso grew outward as a set of four legs appeared on his frame. Frimon’s tail changed into a more feline looking one while his mane changed into a furrier red one on the top of his head. Silver claws came out of his paws while a holy ring collar tagged with a green amulet appeared around his neck. Opening his blue eyes, the newly evolved Digimon landed on the ground taking a swipe forward. “…Leormon!”

    Soon enough, Boogeymon appeared, swooping down towards Veemon and Leormon, firing another Ruby Eye attack. Both Digimon dodged the attacks while their partners kept their distance but stayed close.

    “Vee Headbutt!” Veemon shouted as he darted towards Boogeymon, butting heads with him. Boogeymon flew backwards from the impact of the attack and was a bit faltered temporarily.

    “Leo Claw!” Leormon shouted as he managed to catch Boogeymon off guard by smacking him in the face with his dangerously sharp claws. Boogeymon yelped out in pain, falling to the ground appearing to be defeated.

    “Good job, Frimon!” Benji shouted.

    “You too DemiVeemon!” Xander chimed in.

    “That’s Veemon,” Veemon said, giving Xander a thumbs up.

    “And… Leormon.” Leormon nodded, reassuring his partner. “But our work isn’t done yet.”

    Boogeymon got back up to his face laughing a bit more maniacally than earlier. “So, you’ve managed to digivolve your Digimon. But this proves nothing! They are still so weak! I will show you the true definition of absolute power!” He flew back up into the air above them as his muscle enlarged. The tattoos on his body began to squiggle around his skin as he held out his pitchfork towards the opposing two Digimon. “Death Crush!” A golden beam of energy fired towards the two Digimon, knocking them clean into the big tree, weakening them considerably.

    “Damn it!” Xander shouted running to their Digimon with Benji right behind him. “You alright, Veemon?”

    “What about you, Leormon?”

    “We’re… fine… go get the other human…” Veemon gritted his teeth, physically unable to stand.

    “He’s… right…” Leormon struggled, baring his teeth as well, “…someone has to… make sure… she’s… safe! We’ll… hold him off.”

    “Y’all are in no condition to fight. We can’t leave you two here with him and feel good about ourselves.” Benji said, holding up Leormon to console him.

    Xander wanted to say something, but Boogeymon was nearing again, floating slowly towards them as he emerged from the darkness. Unable to speak words, Xander simply looked to his digivice for answers as Benji did as well. Without command or question, both of their digivices started to glow once again and the Digivolve App started bouncing up and down in place on their home screen. Once it stopped bouncing a single gold star emerged below the actual app as a voice from within the digivice said, “Version 2 activated! Digivolution ready!”

    Benji looked at his digivice and said, “You ain’t gotta shoot me twice. Let’s do it, Xander!”

    Both young men pressed the Digivolve App yet again on their digivices as they both started to glow yet again. Veemon and Leormon both were surrounded in a more powerful glowing aura matching the color of the digivices of their partners as their bodies grew bigger than before. Xander and Benji took a few steps back as they allowed their Digimon to do what they wanted to do all along. Digivolve.

    “Veemon digivolve to…” Veemon’s muscular frame grew to giant proportions as the appearance of a dinosaur emerged before them. His body was still blue and white, but a blue ‘V’ appeared across his chest. In addition, horns emerged from Veemon’s ear and nose as sharper claws came from his hands and toes. His tail looked more powerful than before and he grew a set of menacing teeth. Spikes grew down his back as the newly evolved dragon pounded his chest before sending out an intimidating roar. “…Veedramon!”

    “Leormon digivolve to…” Leormon’s body grew even larger as well, taking on the form of a fully grown lion but three times the size. Leormon’s red mane grew to a brown one all around his head, with rubber bands holding the bottom portion in place. Hoop earrings emerged on the larger Digimon’s ears as his much more muscular frame landed on the ground. A pair of tails swooshed on his backside as he let out a powerful roar that would scare any lion in the savanna. “…Liamon!”

    With their much larger and much stronger Digimon in front of them, there was a renewed sense of confidence running through the veins of Xander and Benji. Boogeymon was outnumbered at this point and, quite frankly, outmatched against two Champion level Digimon.

    “Veedramon, I’ll help you weaken him but you’ve got to finish him off!” Liamon said, sprinting towards Boogeymon. “I’ve got to get the human and other Digimon out of the tree before any harm can come to them!”

    “Roger that!” Veedramon said, following behind his comrade in battle. “V-Nova Blast!” Veedramon charged a ball of flaming energy in his mouth before releasing it in Boogeymon’s direction. Quickly, the demonic Digimon dodged it, but not before meeting with Liamon.

    “Thunder of King!” Liamon shouted as a beam of electric energy was released towards Boogeymon from his mane. This time, Boogeymon was not so fortunate to dodge the attack, getting shocked by the electric current.

    Fearing for his life, Boogeymon resorted to other tactics to distract the Digimon as well as their partners. “Ruby Eye!” he shouted as he fired a beam of energy away from the fight and towards the direction of the big tree. The attack met dead on with the branch that held the young lady and her Digimon, causing it to fall from the sky.

    “Liamon!” Benji shouted as, right on cue, the Holy Beast Digimon leaped up and caught the woman and Digimon on his back landing on the ground safely. As the large branch kept falling, Veedramon managed to swat it in half using his claws, which led to Boogeymon striking the dragon with another Ruby Eye attack.

    Veedramon fell to the ground but quickly recovered and began charging towards Boogeymon, swatting him with his claws. Boogeymon flew back-first into another tree, sliding to the ground in apparent defeat. The demonic Digimon opened his dazed eyes in time to see Veedramon and Liamon standing right before him. A crazed chuckle seeped out of his mouth as he said, “Oh… this is only the beginning. You may have defeated me, but I’m sure that I’ve made my superior’s message clear. This world as you puny humans know it will cease to exist!”

    Snarling, Liamon said, “We’ll see about that!”

    “Let’s end him!” Veedramon shouted as he fired off another flaming V-Nova Blast while Liamon shocked Boogeymon with another King of Thunder attack. The combination of the plasmatic attacks was more than enough to destroy Boogeymon’s entire body into pieces of data that dispersed in the direction of Veedramon and Liamon as they both absorbed his energy. Eventually, both Digimons’ bodies started to glow and shrunk down to the size of their prior forms, Veemon and Leormon.


    “Man, how long is she gonna be sleep?”

    “I don’t know, Benj, but I don’t think it’s safe to be in her face like that.”

    “Relax, Xander. I’m just trying to get her to wake up so we can get the heck up out here. My little brother is probably having a fit right now.”

    “He’s gonna have more of a fit when he sees that I’m not Frimon anymore.”

    “Ugh, I’ve gotta get used to my body as Veemon. Things were much easier. Well, at least I can kick some Digimon tail…”

    “Stay away from her, please gentlemen!”

    Digimon? Patricia’s eyes slowly started to open. Things were unclear for a moment, but she finally opened her eyes and saw that she was in her room of her apartment with… guys? Two of them no less. And, other creatures? She screamed. She screamed as loud as she possibly could, but her mouth was met by Benji’s hand.

    “Shh! Quiet down girl! Getting you inside of your apartment was a struggle enough! We don’t need any further attention brought to us!” Benji said, placing his index finger over his lips as he whispered loudly at her.

    “Wh-where’s Moonmon?” Patricia said, unable to familiarize herself with any of her visitors here. She had to have been hallucinating.

    A white bunny with large lops that were outlined in a dark purple coloring climbed on top of the bed. She smiled at Patricia happily and said, “Remember? I’m Lunamon now. You helped me digivolve when we fought against that Boogeymon.”

    “The red guy… I remember… but who are these guys? And… why do they have… Digimon too?” Patricia asked.

    Lunamon smiled happily and said, “This is Xander and his partner Veemon and this is Benji and his partner Leormon. They came and rescued us from Boogeymon when he tied us up.” She nodded at the two gentlemen and their Digimon. “They… have Digimon because… well I’m not sure of that, but they both did have the same scenario as you did with their phones changing into digivices.”

    “You mean…” Patricia said, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a device that was similar to Xander’s and Benji’s only hers was yellow, “…this?” Xander and Benji both pulled out their digivices to show Patricia which sort of shocked her. She took a deep breath as she held her head and said, “Okay… this is way too much for me right now. Digimon attacking me, strangers in my house, my clothes are… wait where's my stuff I bought?”

    Xander nodded his head towards the closet, “We kind of already hung them up for you.”

    “Yup,” Benji added. “Brought ‘em in and everything. You’re welcome!”

    Patricia sighed in relief and said, “Okay. Now get out...”

    Xander and Benji looked at each other confused and said in unison, “Wait, what?”

    “GET OUT NOW!”

    A moment later, both young men were on the outside looking at Patricia’s large apartment complex with their two Digimon beside them. Fortunately it was extremely late so no one was outside of the complex, especially since these were the upperclass ones.

    “Man… I tell ya,” Benji snorted. “Ungrateful… Let’s go Leormon.” Benji said walking toward his car. Once he got in with Leormon, he shouted to Xander and Veemon. “You guys coming?”

    Xander looked down at his digivice and noticed that there were six circular slots at the top of the home screen. Three out of the six slots were colors with Blue, Green, and Yellow. The other three slots were colorless. He looked back to Benji and said, “Yeah I’m coming!” He turned his direction towards the window of Patricia’s apartment window and said to himself, “I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her yet. Not one bit.”
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      This was an interesting start. Probably because I'm not used to older characters with Digimon. Are they known as Chosen or DigiDestined or Tamer in your fic? I'm looking forward to more of their back story, like how they were chosen, and why those particular humans. Though maybe I'm still stuck in how the anime does things.

      Digivolution is interesting in this. Gone is the need to have a burst of shared energy and putting yourself in danger. I'm looking forward to seeing how these new D-Touches work, and if there's any limits put on them, since it seems like evolution is kind of easy to make happen.

      I will say that your writing has really improved between your old Pokemon fics and this. Right now, I will say that the only things I noticed are grammar-related (but I wasn't really looking that deeply). It's mostly how you punctuate dialogue. Like

      Xander nodded his head towards the closet, “We kind of already hung them up for you.”
      The comma after "closet" should actually be a full stop.

      It's just things like this that I noticed. Maybe just a read-through before you post will catch those, since at other lines you know how to punctuate.

      Really, that's all I'll say for now until I see more, since this is just getting started.

      Also, those Digimon images are adorable and thank you for leading me to another Digimon site.

      The prologue begins now! Before you start to run
      Reach out with your hand and grab your freedom
      An absolute protagonist, a perfect hero...
      Sadly, these are things I'll never become

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        Thanks for the review Astinus! I'll admit, I'm a bit... off when it comes to realizing where and how to punctuate quoted dialogue, but I will continue to keep your critique in mind when developing my future chapters!

        Yes! Traditionally, Digimon is centered around younger characters, but I think it would make for a much more interesting and emotional story if the characters were at least of legal age. This would leave room for more plots to do since the characters are capable of doing things that younger kids couldn't do (clubbing, drinking, relationships, etc.). I'm interested myself to see how things turn out as I write. (:

        As far digivolving, yes it appears a bit easy given the circumstances, but I plan to elaborate a bit more on that topic and much more down the road.

        I'm glad you enjoyed the first episode!

        To my anonymous readers as well, thank you! Episode 2 will (hopefully) be up pretty soon! I am currently in the process of mapping out each episode, figuring out what exactly I want to happen for each of the characters in the story. I promise to not disappoint you!

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