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[Expanded/Shining Legends] Raichu GX / Vikavolt GX

TCG Deck Reviewing List cards of your card decks here to get them rated!

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Old October 31st, 2017 (7:39 AM). Edited October 31st, 2017 by countryemo.
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x1 Oranguru
x3 Grubbin
x2 Charjabug
x1 Vikavolt w/ Strong Charge
x2 Vikavolt GX
x3 Pikachu w/ Thunder Wave/Electro Ball
x3 Raichu GX
x1 Raikou w/Shining Body
x1 Raikou w/Booming Thunder
x1 Tapu Koko Promo
x1-2 Tapu Koko GX
x2 Field Blower
x4 Max Elixer
x4 Rare Candy
x3 Ultra Ball
x3 Aether Paradise
x1 Bridgette
x2 Guzma
x4 N
x4 Professor Sycamore
x3 Choice Band
x2 Float Stone
x9 Electric Energy
May try to squeeze some double coloris in.

My brother did some stuff like added the trainers he thinks I should use and told me to use the non gx Tapu koko and Vikavolt along with the shining body Raikou. Which I'm so/so about. I'd like to keep the deck on the cheaper side, and some of the trainers seem like a bit much. I'll only be playing against my brothers Drampa/Garbodor deck, and my other brothers probably Waterbox deck for the most/only part.

He did try to edit it more by removing Raikou in total for the gen 5 eel line, well the first two. While greater benifet on the bench, I don't like the idea.
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Old November 7th, 2017 (3:12 AM).
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Like I said on discord, drop all the vika stuff for electrode lines and extra lightning energy. 9 lightning is only 180 damage, you need a higher output.

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