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It's sooo interesting and not what I expected to see at all!! Has anyone else watched? What do you think?!


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I just watched this! Definitely cute. Reminds me of the fact that Cuphead tv show is coming out soon. Tbh, if I hadn't seen this appear on my Youtube feed, I probably wouldn't have even known it existed. ;; Scraggy in old timey animation was really cute, also. I hope they make more of these!


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A friend of mine pinged this to me because of my love for the pantslizards and it's actually really cool! I love the style and the charm of the classic cartoon style and I would also love to see more.

Poor Scraggy though, just got tempted by Pokébeans and lead to mayhem.
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This short was an interesting concept. It's not often that we get to see Pokémon involved in slapstick. Pretty alright, but I felt it could be better without Mimikyu vocalizing. It just sounds kinda odd in a rubberhose-style animation.


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It was very fun and charming! I liked seeing the references (the old-timey titlecards and iris-out effects recalled my childhood, what nostalgia!!!), it was also a bit funny how they sticked so close to the character model (not much squash and stretch!!), but the mickey mousing with the music when done was fun, the backgrounds warm, and the squash and stretch that was done, like the dancing train, was lovely, spot-on!
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dang just watched this now. love the looney tunes style! also i'm really a fan of stuff like this without dialogue. the creativity that show makers exhibit when given a task like this is awesome!
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I remember doing that…….


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Just a heads up people, this short is now available in the Pokémon TV app with English titles! (Predictably, it's called "Scraggy and Mimikyu.")

Give it a watch, and if you've already watched it, then go rewatch it anyway! It's too cute!