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To the point it’s even easier than XY? I mean, I don’t wish for it to be that you would never lose, and I know that practically every first game in each generation barring BW1 were easy, but still. Is it weird that I’m willing to accept a game that can be easily beaten here?
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I would like a middle ground. I don't want to play through and have everything feel completely mind numbing, but I don't want to feel like I can't progress either.

Emerald was probably the closest example. Gym Leaders had been competent enough and even utilized some sort of tactic. (For example Overheat and White Herb for Flannery). Yet there was no point it felt unwinnable or even too difficult. At least it made me think of what moves I was selecting.

Ultra Sun/Moon had maybe began crossing the threshold. Felt a little restricted at times unless I wanted to suffer for having fun. For example, feels like I need a direct solution to Ultra Necrozma and if I go about adding a bunch of 'fun' Pokemon I'll be punished later.

I think this game will be very easy. Only a predication based on how the direction of the series.


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I personally think that the "difficulty of a pokemon game" discussion is pretty complicated and obviously I think that the best thing to do would be allowing to the players to choose a level of difficulty. As a person who has played almost any pokemon game, I still have much to learn and a lot to improve, but that's also one of the reasons why i wouldn't mind having a more difficult game. Difficulty can be intended in different ways: I would like a challenging game. But I see and agree this is what many other people don't want and I don't blame them for that. That's why we would need a way to select difficulty.

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I'd like a middle ground, too. I am typically bad at video games and like an easy mode in my games but Pokémon is often the exception. I feel like it's gotten too easy already with all the friendship bonuses and avoiding things that normally are 100% effective. Feels a little cheap sometimes, was especially bad for me in BDSP. So nothing too easy would be my preference - rather somewhere in between. Ideally they'd include a difficulty setting but I guess that would be too confusing in co-op so it's not something I ever expect to see.

Or in the end, just let me disable friendship bonuses. I don't want my Pokémon to avoid disaster 3 times in a row! At some point it just becomes too handhold-y and that is my threshold.


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I think it would be best if they incuded a bunch of options that you can toggle on or off in a menu. Things like Exp-Share, Friendship behavior, etc. That way people can cusomize their own games the way they want. That is, not a direct way to set specific difficulty levels; but rather a more nuanced approach.
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Nothing wrong with wanting a game to be easy really. People play video games for a variety of reasons (and sometimes the reason for a person varies between games) , and ones that aren't "I like challenges" or "I'm a masochist who only feels joy when a rusty rod is violently shoved up my ass" are valid too. At the end of the day all that matters is that you enjoy it.

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If we’re talking about the difficulty level of a main story play-through before becoming champion, then practically all Pokémon games are laughably easy. We definitely don’t need Pokémon games to be even easier than they already are, or else we'd get Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee again. If anything, I am hoping that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are more much more challenging than the other Pokémon games, but my hopes are a long shot. One of the reasons I loved the fifth generation of Pokémon games is because the developers introduced “Challenge Mode” that at least attempted to make the games more difficult. Nevertheless, the target audience is children and the developers want to make the games as simple but enjoyable as possible for them. I believe the main reason the games are so easy isn't because of the friendship/affection bonuses or even the Exp. Share. If anything, the friendship/affection bonuses make the game more fun for me and the Exp. Share makes raising Pokémon much less tedious. Instead, I believe the lack of challenge exists in the gameplay. For example, too many trainers, namely gym leaders and Elite Four members, always specialize in one type of Pokémon, which makes them easy to beat. You also have the ability to spam items such as Full Restores and Revives to prevent yourself from losing. To make the games more challenging, I believe the developers should make the gym leaders and Elite Four focus more on certain battle strategies rather than specific types all the time, disable Bag item usage in all trainer battles (but wild battles are fine), prevent plot-significant battles from becoming too easy due to over-leveling by temporarily setting all Pokémon to the same when facing gym leaders, rivals, villain team bosses, and the Elite Four, similar to the Battle Tower. Will this ever happen in Pokémon? Never in a million years, but it doesn't hurt to dream, right?
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I would prefer a tougher challenge for the main story. In fact, if its open world the game isn't linear so the gym leaders should, in my opinion, have their ace be the same level as your highest level in your party. I don't know if they'd implement that though, but with the never ending xp share, I'd hate to have to have 2 teams just because I like exploring.


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I won't lie.....yes..? I am open for an easy time as I enjoy that a lot more than it being TOO hard.


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Something the simple implementation of difficulties (something we had 12 years ago) would solve.