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Your characters' "Game of Thrones"-style titles!

Started by Venia Silente May 12th, 2019 6:12 PM
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Venia Silente

Inspectious. Good for napping.

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Character histories are dark and full of epithets.

With "Game of Thrones" and the fight of bloodlines over the Iron Throne soon to end (one week left; feel free to scream now), one thing as a recent follower of the series I would certainly miss is the manner of titles, honorifics and epithets the various characters have attached to them, by any a multitude of reasons.

The franchise is full of the likes of "Queen of the First Men", "Kingslayer", "Giantsbane", "(Number) of His/Her Name", "Queen of Thorns", "The Onion Knight", "Mother of Dragons", "The Mad King" and all that stuff for everyone! (sans Jon, says Ser Davos "This is Jon Snow!" Seaworth).

They can range from the mocking and backanded to the fearsome and awe-inducing, from the formal and long-winded to the simple and witty, and from the everyman descriptors to truly larger-than-life stuff.

Don't they sound cool?

But we're not here to talk about their characters, no.
We're here to talk about

They are, after all, the ones who carry your story onward. Under your wing, they might have grown into entities of their own mind, trying to find or make their own fates. So, who are they?

Maybe it's the main characters, the ones we already meet sometimes with the title of the story itself; maybe it is characters who hold a position of leadership, royalty or ruling in your story and setting, giving your world the solidity that it needs to function and have a story play out; or maybe it is the characters who are respected or feared by others, due to their role as heroes, villains or even forces of nature.

In this thread, feel free to bring up your characters and introduce them to us in full Game of Thrones ~stylish~ & ~fashion~!

Also of course feel free to discuss. Ask other members about their characters' titles, reveal your (back? future?)stories and their influences, discuss how to make these sobriquets even more (or less) larger-than-life-sounding, and wonder if and how would these titles come to even be a in-universe thing for them!

PSA: As befitting of titles in the GoT style, these may represent past or future grand achievements, or unrevealed inheritances and bloodlines, and thus revealing those titles here for your characters might be spoilery regarding their stories of origin. At the same time however, those titles tend to be quite flowery and sometimes metaphorical, so perhaps not everything is just plainly revealed.
As such, this thread should be considered a ~potential spoilers zone~!

For starters, allow me to introduce:

(my protagonist from “Beyond Today”)

Dalvin the Prinplup, the cliff-wandered from the South. Breaker of the Frozen Seas and of the Frozen Time. Head explorer of Sharpedo Bluff and Bringer of the Unveiled Ocean's relic. Dethroner of Amp Plains. The one who entered Time's Realm and reverted the Paralysis. The Chirpy. The Prin-crest of Justice. The Time-crowned, wearer of the Most Illustrious Brand.

(image courtesy of

Your turn now!
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Main character of my unnamed story
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Other main character of my unnamed story
Wilfred the Reptilian, Poetice Wil, King of the Grumpy Visage. Princely Atonement for WrongDoings. The Reckless Savior, as he is sometimes known. To The Kinship, he is Mutant Scum. To his loved ones, he is The Will of All Things Lawful. He's the Hider of the Nothing and the Great Seer-Thru of the Decietful. The Loyal Pariah.

Main character of my unnamed Pokemon fanfic
Rin, Trainer of Kalos. She is the Sobriquet Giver, Trainer of Special Needs Pokemon. She is the Monotone Dark Beast, Cynical Abettor. Reverie of the Animals and Queen of Running Head First into Recklessness. To her family, she is the Light of the Full Moon and the Garnerer of Great Compassion.


Not gonna lie, I don't really know anything about GoT, so I had no idea what I was doing, but I hope it was adequate ^^"

Haha, Dalvin is cute! The Chirpy xD That's adorable. It's fun to see PMD fan characters -- just seeing the Pokemon be Pokemon in their own little civilization is enjoyable.
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