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Compare and Contrast

Started by gimmepie March 31st, 2017 12:13 AM
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Take a look through all your characters. Which one is the most similar to you as a person and which one is the most different?


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Jokes on me, all my characters invoke aspects of myself. All are more on the incompetent scale.

Priam is a coward. (Contrast: he has a realistic chance of a happy-ish romantic life).

Reza makes god awful jokes.

Maryam is a sarcastic ass.

Roza is a giant weirdo. (Contrast: Roza has the guts to pursue her crush. Although it may be in a less than legal way).

Artean from OMaM is extremely socially awkward.

Only real big contrast is my old character from Hearts Reborn, who was a happy person who liked the simple life.


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Posted May 17th, 2019
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Well all of my characters are bisexuals who constantly make references to everything. Other than that some characters have realistic worldviews, some have similar tastes and senses of style etc, etc.

Vast contrast? Well they have superpowers.
All jokes aside, some of them are really outgoing and happy, and some are a floating ball of gas who happens to be an amnesiac. Some also have lady parts and belong to a different sex than I.

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Posted July 18th, 2019
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Jebediah from GP is most like myself at least in some of the ways that we think and our personalities. If I had magical powers and was a little more outgoing (and more mentally unstable) I'd say we'd become pretty close to exact copies.

The character that is furthest from myself would have to be Caroline from Dust seeing as how I tried to make her as different from myself and my past characters as I could.

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Posted September 6th, 2018
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*uses revive*

I would say that, while I'd hope I'm not as pretentious as Cicaro in Cornered, we share our love of surrealism and duality. We also like gaudy things, but he likes them more as a form of anti-art and I because of their artifice. He also dissociates a lot, but to a much more severe degree.

As for Rhodes, we share our love of non-sequitur responses and flirtation. That's about it. She's a loon.

And I'd like to think that every VIP in OTM is a small part of me translated through various bad accents and jargon. :)

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