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Posted February 25th, 2019
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Superpowered Acrobatic Hypersonic Extreme Battle Bowling: Ball Stars!

Mount Olympus houses the biggest bowling alley of all. Since the era of the Gods, the best bowlers have played on these lanes. Every century, the best and brightest bowlers play ball to earn the title of Baller and the godlike powers that come with this position in the tournament called: The All-Star Bowling Tournament! Mega!

This century’s The All-Star Bowling Tournament! Mega! has players from all over the world that will try and qualify to play. From the Norwegian legend Odin Thorson, to the French queen of bowling Sunflower Latorre, every famous bowler is at the foot of Olympus trying to bowl their way to the top. And you, you’ve arrived as well, basking in the glory of this magical bowling alley. The goal is to use your bowling and your magic abilities to outplay every bowler and become our century’s Baller.

The All-Star Bowling Tournament! Mega!

The trial begins in a free-for all bowling match. The rules are vague, but you know it’s dangerous. Unlimited people enter. Only 32 leave. Make sure to survive this round, and then the journey really begins.

Now you’ve worked your way up to the points of legends. The only thing standing between you and godlike powers is winning this tournament. Your past the point of regular 10 pin bowling now. You’re playing in Platinum Rank.

The first thing in your way is the group phase. Every bowler is put into a group consisting of 4 people. Each will play a game against another player in the group phase, and get awarded points for either winning or losing. The best two players will continue to the next round.

The next round is the Round of 16, where the 16 best bowlers will take each other on in a one-on-one bowling game. From here on, losing means you’re out of the tournament. The game will change. Rules will shift and be adapted from the group phase. The winner continues to the quarter-finals.

The quarter finals leave only 8 bowlers to bowl it out. The best bowler proceeds. Yet another version of bowling. This kinda just goes on until we’re at the finale and I guess someone wins there and gains godlike powers.

Your powers: Strikers

Every bowling player has this special ability, their Striker. A striker is magical ability, and inherent and extremely important to a bowlers ability to play. Strikers can vary from the ability to split your ball up into two, shorten the bowling lane, to having thunder strike the pins. Strikers can out in a plethora of different ways, some being more subtle than others. Knowing your opponent’s Striker ability is the key to winning, especially in a game of Battle Bowling™.

Your powers: Balls

Some bowlers have found that they can throw more strikes using different kind of balls. These balls, and the way they’re thrown, can vary from player to player. Some players prefer a bowling ball shaped more like a rugby ball, while others might prefer even more unorthodox shapes. An example of this is Norwegian legend Odin Thorson, who uses a hammer rather than a bowling ball.

Olympia Alley

The Olympia Alley is the biggest and baddest bowling alley of all, and it’s more than that. It’s a self-sufficient town, covered underneath the giant and magically supported roof of the bowling alley, that only has inhabitants once every a hundred years. But that’s the name of the game. The alley has its own mall in the building, with a plethora of clothing shops, restaurants and other common facilities as well as a big flat that serves as the dormitory. Here the players each get their own bed- and bathrooms, although the living room and kitchens are shared. It is where the rivalries brew, they say.

The biggest part of Olympia Alley is of course taken up by the tournament stage, an arena that fits half a million people. It is easily adaptable and can house all the varieties of bowling that are played during the tournament.

Close to that humongous arena is the practice area. It’s as big and holds lanes for every possible variety of bowling, and even other sports.

The biggest money maker is of course the bowling stores though. Another mall exists besides the regular mall, filled with a shop selling souvenirs, caps, shirts, bottle openers, and bowling balls for one of the contestants that placed. That’s 32 shops already. Then there’s a big bowling shoes store, a big bowling ball store, a big bowling supplies store, each also intended for contestant use.

There’s also a parking lot.


  • No Joint Posts. Interaction is done in the IC. This is so the RP won’t be stagnated in a JP limbo.
  • Rated T
  • GM’s word is final on all matters
  • A post a week is required. If the absence of a post cannot be explained, I can kick you out.
  • Phase shifts and game starts can only be done by the GM.
  • No powers that affect another player character’s mental agency.

Character Sheet:

Either fill in this sheet or make a narrative sheet addressing all these elements.



Nationality: (fake countries allowed too)



Striker & Ball:

Roleplay Sample: 200 words minimum (don’t worry, it’s not much). Must include dialogue. No linking to other RP posts

Accepted Players:

  • Ice as Cpt. Captain Shantyboi
  • Sweet Dreams as Shar Striker
  • Ech as Cal
  • Jauntier as Butternut
  • NatShakira as Keiko Amagi


Seen 4 Weeks Ago
Posted February 25th, 2019
3,451 posts
5.3 Years
Captain stared gleefully at the bowling alley as it neared. Just a blink of an eye and a short moment away from godhood.
"Faster," he yelled at his crew, as they let their rowing paddles hit the grass and dirt of the Olympian fields. His first mate, Short Mark Copper, or Shortmarkcop for short, had taken of his eye patch to judge the distance.
"Almost there, captain!" he exclaimed, his voice like waves hitting rocks.
"As are we," a smug voice covered in honey and dollar bills said. Phantom Rich, playboy and speedboat enthusiast, passed by Captain's ship. "I see you and you're pathetic crew are participating as well."
"We've literally had conversations about this, you fiddledick," Captain said.
"Oh, yes, I must have forgotten." He laughed, his laugh like a leather wallet slapping a golden table. "Well, see you there!" The speedboat kicked into the next gear, and slowly sped up. It was maybe two miles an hour quicker than Captain's, which was a lot for a boat.
It stayed awkwardly quiet for the moment. Captain refused to speak when still in hearing range of Phantom. The two parties did not manage to create a distance notable enough for either to continue conversing amongst themselves, though. They both parked their boats in the landbound harbor that adorned the Olympus bowling alley and went their separate ways.
"Boys, get your balls," Captain said. "We're going to murder some landlegs."
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Entry One
Dave didn't understand how or why he was roped into this folly but he was convinced he had no other choice but to submit to the whims of this manic minor as she dragged his abused body by the feet, across the asphalt that was heated from the sun. She was impatient for she gave a quick tug whenever he showed any resistance, or even any indications that he was anything more but a hapless man turned into a child's play thing.

"Come, come!" she playfully pleaded, seemingly oblivious to how rough she was being, "we're almost there!" She pointed upwards to their destination, though this was a fruitless gesture given Dave's point of view was firmly intimate with the ground.
She came to a halt after realizing that her companion responded to her enthusiasm with silence. Though relieved that his face was no longer scraping against burning pavement, he was alarmed as to why the pair stopped; who knows what this little she-Devil was planning. Dave lifted his mauled face and was met with one of the most exaggerated display of puppy dog eyes he had ever seen. Though he didn't want to provoke her, the sight of this monstrosity actually pouting and acting in such a bashful manner got on Dave's nerves—like, what could she possibly be upset about in this situation?
"Oh, gosh—!" she mumbled, stumbling over her words. "I—I just realized that I actually don't know how to bowl! What are we going to do, Onii-chan?"
He winced as he saw some pus trickling out of that monster's odiously formed appendage, almost as if it were sweating from panic. Dave prayed for a miracle. If nobody normal turns up and saves my ass right now, I'm literally going to kill myself.



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Posted February 25th, 2019
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People fell like bowling pins as Gary, secretary of death and god of ill-timed things, rolled a strike on humanity. The ground turned into the same ground but spikier, and people turned intl the same people but with holes in 'm. They died as they lived, written as caricatures.

Somewhere hidden in a bunker burries underneath America, the reflection of ctv footages of this event paints light in a dark room. The camera, the pov one, not the cctv one, pand am now we see a chair. In it sits a goateed man, smiling, while sexily and sinisterily stroking a three-holed heavy circular object. "There never was another way, was there... Kelly?"
And the eviler woman behind this figure nods. The camera pans up to her now, finally revealing her identity. And indeed, it's Kelly. It's foreshadowed a lot better in the manga, but sometimes you have to deal with that. No adaption's perfect. The camera stops at her skirt and for a moment we see under it. It's fan-service, not sexism. Thank me later. Kelly undulates and strokes a bigger bowling ball. If the first one was a cat, this one's a tiger. The bowling ball purs, and the camera focusses on it. A spiritual fourth hole, like a third eye but for balls of bowling, opens up. I won, the bowling ball ponders. We fade to black and freeze frame at the same time. Credits roll, like a ball over a lane. Then the credits disappear. We see Stan Lee. He bowls, makes a joke, and credits continue. Again they fade. Now we see Nicole Kidman sign a contract to play a role in the movie adaption. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, unexpectedly, black.

A bowling ball will return in Attack on Titan 2: this time i's big pins not big dudes.
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