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Pokemon Blizzard™ Page 4

Started by Tyrantrum July 14th, 2008 11:35 AM
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Which fire type should be the starter?

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  • 2.86%
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I like the snow tiles for it, anyway you should add the snow to the buildings as well, and I can do it.
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Posted November 15th, 2016
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I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of this one. The concept is really nice; an entirely snowy Region to explore is a great idea, to break from the mould set by the official Pokemon games. Of course, snow is also my favourite kind of weather. XD
Just as Glaceon is my favourite Pokemon. ^^

Set by the wonderful Twinx



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Posted July 16th, 2010
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U need to put some screenies eeveon?!

uhh...yeah? was it not obvious from the above post? If you're urging him....don't

he has to finish scripts before doing that, and as we all know,those take a while.

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Posted July 17th, 2017
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Maybe This may hELP A Pokemon Sprite by me edited...
A Winged Umbreon you the type of it is Ice i.. Credits with me and the internet(Because i got the sprite
of umbreon (Shiny))

Uh oh- it's splices D:<.

Eeveon might like it, but In my opinion I hate them :\.



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Posted June 26th, 2016
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I'm sry, but the sprite is a little funky.
I'm currently learning a level script for the hack.
Thanx for the banner Ryousha! ^_^
I love it. :)

I'm going to accept 5 votes for this.
Should I put Shaymin's sky form in the game too?
Vote: Yes or No.

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