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The Idea Exchange!

Started by Nolafus January 4th, 2014 2:45 AM
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Posted March 11th, 2017
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If you have a few ideas you're probably not going to write about, or you're a writer looking to be inspired, you've clicked on the right thread. The purpose of this thread is simple, if you have a couple ideas for a story, but they're not quite what you feel like writing about, drop them off here. If you're a writer struggling to come up with ideas that interest you, try looking through what other people have posted and see if anything stands out. Now before you go through and do whatever you want to do, let's cover some ground rules to try to keep this as organized as possible:
  • Only post ideas you are comfortable with other people taking.
  • Don't post "claiming" an idea. If another writer feels inspired by the same idea, there's nothing you can do to stop the other person from writing about it.
  • Posts can be anything from sentence beginnings to full fledged plots.
  • You may posts requests here.
  • If no one takes your idea, don't pester people about it.
  • If you have selected an idea, but want some help fleshing it out, check out this thread.
  • Feel free to discuss about ideas people have posted.
  • Have fun with it!

Now that we have laid out some ground rules, here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

Here are some opening sentences. Useful for short stories and writing exercises.
I sat down again and waited some more.
"I could have been a postman," Jack said, wistfully.
You know that feeling you get sometimes when you're on fire?
I also have a couple plot ideas for novels that aren't exactly up my alley:
A prisoner is being tortured for information of some sort. He stays strong and doesn't reveal anything. One day, a woman is introduced into his cell. At first, the two fight and bicker like there's no tomorrow. However, after some time, they start to like each other. And I mean like like each other. Then it turns out that the woman is working for the other side and uses his love for her as a means of getting the information.

A young girl seems to have everything she could ever want in life. She's pretty, talented, and rich. However, when a boy she really likes decides to leave town to pursue his own life and career, he invites her to leave her perfect life and come along. She refuses and after he leaves, her life seems to fall apart before her very eyes.
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Posted November 18th, 2014
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This is a really good idea for a thread. This could really be helpful for some people.

I have had loads of ideas (which I'm too lazy to work on :D) and I'll post 'em here whenever I remember 'em.

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Posted September 24th, 2019
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This sounds like a great idea! :) Okay I have an idea that can accompany both Pokemon fanfic writers(like myself) and ones who doesn't.

Pokemon Idea
Well, it happened, somebody screwed up, badly. I mean, BADLY. Now look, it seems like a another supernatural thing that happens in the Pokémon, right? You see this? This is a portal to OUR world, you know, the one with us in it. Yeah.....well now we know about the whereabouts of Pokémon, and now many of our countries are using them as resources for war and other things. Talk about selfish. Hey, plus, now they want to war with all the regions.......that's a big problem. Champion Cynthia is hanging in Canada. Proffesor Sycamore in France! You see?! Someone messed up BADLY, and we are all going to pay. So what do you choose: Modern Earth or Pokémon World?

You could literally go ANYWHERE with this idea, Oak becoming dictator, or Kim Jong making a pact with Sinnoh, you name it. I'm too lazy to write it, soooooo you guys can have it :p And yes, interdimensional portals are cliché.



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Posted June 27th, 2018
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This is a neat little idea for a thread. I'd never noticed it before now.

What I have isn't so much a plot as a premise. I've never managed to evolve it beyond the initial idea.

Pokémon in a 'swords and sorcery' setting. Pokémon are kept as familiars by mages, who seal them into runestones. Some mages battle Pokémon for sport, as in the usual universe, others confine them to the runestones forever, and use the Pokémon's power simply to augment their spells.
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Posted July 26th, 2017
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Oh, I'm so glad there's a thread for this!

Pokémon idea:
In the Kalos region, some time after the events of Y, Prof. Sycamore is alerted to the presence of an unidentified pokémon--a Fire/Grass dual-type that loves stealing pretty objects, like jewels, to admire. Sycamore sends the kids out to catch it, and they do. When the kids bring it back to Sycamore, Sycamore becomes certain that the pokémon is the reincarnation of Lysandre. The children give the pokémon to Sycamore, as they feel it's only right, but Sycamore isn't the brightest tool in the shed. Can he learn to appreciate this rare pokémon on its own merits?
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Posted August 16th, 2014
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^ Hilarious. Just saying.

A few years ago, a group of crazy, competitive Pokemon battlers were banned to an island void of both Pokemon and humans. When I say crazy, I meant it in a good way - they just like battling. Why? Because it was too chaotic. Not even the arenas specifically for battles could withstand their style. Then one fine day, Pokemon started to disappear, but they came back before things got too bad. Things slowly go back to normal... but why are the Pokemon so terribly weak?

It's actually about breeding... I don't mind if you see it in a different way though.
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Posted July 18th, 2019
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I was browsing around on 4chan when this idea came into my mind. There was a thread that said "I buy souls in return for favors. Respond with your desire. If I respond to you then your desire cannot be completed as requested." and someone replied to this thread with saying something to the effect of if there was someone or something out there with this power it would know what you were wishing before before you even knew what you wanted and wouldn't have to ask what you wanted. Which gave me the idea of:

Someone finds some item, hears a voice in their head saying something to the effect of "your wish has been granted" or "your wish is being considered". If you went with considered then you could make the story a tale of someone being put through trials by someone or something to prove themselves worthy of a wish that they haven't even wished for or possibly even thought of yet and over the length of the story they might come to either rethink the wish or come to figure out what it was they wished for or should wish for. And if you go for that it has been granted, then you could go with something like either a bunch of random weird stuff starts happening in their life that leads to them finding out what the wish was or you could have some other thing try to stop the wish from being granted and then big adventure. Or pretty much do whatever you want, I just thought the idea of a wish granting whatever having the ability to know what you wanted to wish for from the moment you come into it's presence and then if it can do it then it would make your wish come true and it wouldn't be clouded by selfish desires, or it could really be clouded by selfish desires because it would be what you truly wanted to wish for not just what you were pressured into wishing for because of the experience.

Haven't ever read of or even heard of anything with this idea behind it, so it'd be neat to play around with, but I never finish anything that I start so it'd be a shame if I tried to do something with it.


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Posted July 17th, 2018
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Okay, I have an idea that at least I think is good.

10 years after the events of Shadows of Almia. When Team Dim Sun fell, Almia entered a period of prolonged peace lasting a decade. The Light Crystal atop Altru Tower now provides clean energy to the whole region. Altru Inc. is working to restore Almia Castle. Celebi restored Almia's forests, and rain is falling on Haruba Desert. An overall happiness has come over the Almia Region and it's people.

But unfortunately, the peace was not to last. Pokémon Rangers have been disappearing all over the region. They vanished without a trace and the Union can't even trace their stylers. More and more trainers are disappearing by the day, and their partner Pokémon vanish as well.

Meanwhile, in what could be the Ranger Union's last hope, the Ranger School, a teenage girl with her honey-colored hair tied into a messy ponytail is setting out to become a better Ranger than her older brother, Kellyn.

No one has posted here in a while and that's a shame because this seems like an awesome thread.
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Posted August 6th, 2017
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There has been plenty of stuff with the idea of banning pokemon battling, but I've been throwing around one where it's prohibition era america or unova. I don't think I'll be writing it, far too much on my plate, but oo that could be cool.

throw in a little noir, a bit of blue, a sprinkle of jazz, and you have a real interesting setting for pokemon.
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