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Posted September 20th, 2019
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I have been playing Pt for some time and think that the 4th gen is a retelling of the bible, subverted in various ways.

-Lucas/Dawn is introduced to Pokémon Battling by Barry. Jesus is introduced to salvation by John the Baptist.

-Lucas/Dawn is told by Professor Rowan to catch every Pokémon in Sinnoh. Genesis 1: 28 tells to rule over the animals.

-Lucas/Dawn clears the Galactic Eterna HQ of the grunts, akin to Jesus clearing the temple of false believers and mercahnts.

-Cyrus's Team Galactic, a cult that believes the world must end, despises Lucas/Dawn and his/her doings. Judaism leaders at their time, despite believing in the same Revelations and Rapture, villainizes Jesus and claims he must die.

-Lucas/Dawn and Looker(International PD officer) head to Galactic HQ to stop Cyrus. Romans head to Galilee to arrest Jesus and his followers. Jesus does not stop them, and like that, Cyrus lets you go your way and free the legendary Pokémon.

-You get 7 badges before Cyrus initiates his world-ending plan. 7 seals are broken in the bible to bring in the end of the world and Rapture;

-After the 1st gym, Team Galaxy begins their plan by trying to steal experiment results from Rowan and hijacking the power station. The 1st of 7 seals is Conquest: taking over things claiming it is for a bigger peace.

-After the 2nd gym, you fight through a lot of Team Galaxy's grunts. The 2nd seal is about War: taking down those who oppose you en masse.

-After the 3rd gym, you stumble upon Hallowed Tower, a towered graveyard. The 4th seal is death(I know it kinda sounds wrong but bear with me).

-In the 4th gym, you reach Veilstone City, a place that drain you of money on Casinos and the mall. The 3rd seal is famine, not having what you need and being taken of your resources(4th and 3rd change there).

-After the 5th gym, a bomb blows up in the Safari Zone by a loyal Galaxy grunt. The 5th seal is about the cry of Martyrs who died for a cause.

-After the 6th gym, another bomb explodes at Lake Valor. The 6th seal talks about a devastating earthquake that scares the people.

-After the 7th gym, Cyrus begins his world-ending plan. The 7th seal is about God hurling all the rage of the fallen onto Earth, beginning the end of the world.

-Jesus and Cyrus dies(goes to Giratina's hell) for a new world they both wanted.

Whaddya think? Comment below!