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Old November 7th, 2010 (9:46 AM).
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yo im bread and bread is me
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I've been wanting to do this for a long time. This hack is the sequel to the so bad it's good PokeHack "Quartz" in which these "bandit's" try to expand the sun. But this is more important. Hopefully I'll get somewhere with this.
"Hey, you got the acid, dude?" I said. I wanted to try it once. the Gary handed me it, and I launched to the moon. Today was the start of my Pokemon adventure.

Never buy from ebay.

Isn't that like a pig or something?

Shuricloak vs a newt with no feet?

Shuricloak seems pretty happy for someone whose gonna get his ass handed too.

Intimidating roar, ey?

Here comes the kick.

Boom! Headshot.

I'm not sure what the hell.

I learned circuit boards in the 6th grade. I got this covered.

It's good to see Zoidberg the God for once!

Damn it!

Well atleast the little guy is happy.

Wait, I remember hearing this story back in like, 2005 about this chick named Foxy that went mentally insane? She looked almost exactly like Ran. In a matter of fact, I think she is Ran. Some fridge horror right there.

You already ruined one region you don't need to ruin another D:

I 'unno why they sent this to me. I'm in kanto. not "Garna" or whatever.

Prof. Oak? Did you take botox or something?

So you broke into my dreams to tell me good night?

Well, I once knew a guy with a dog.

I'd like to see how you do on a blind date.

That's a midget in a sheet.

That's the sound of him being choked with a sock D:

Like snorlax! He ****ing ownz in this movie.

There dogs retard.

Why don't we, then.

I'm in a jumpsuit? That's... pretty cool.

That's my outfit? Man, I'm pretty dislodged from the fashion community D:

So you're this "Gary mother****ing Oak" everyone talks about? That's pretty....non-frightning.



Really? I herd he was a real douche.

I wish you hadn't interrupted my dreams, though. I bet I was having some dream about asian porn or something.


Can't sleep...dream man

Wow, bad dream. Well, I'll put that behind me and just get my Charmander.

Mom, has anyone been in your dream lately?

Um, thanks mom, but, can you answer my question?

Wow, Pallet Town sure looks, different. And what the hell plants are they growing?

Fat Albert :D

I kinda knew you were coming if I went into the grass. Guess I'm some sort of Nostrdomus or Bruce Willis or something :D


So the doucheyness begins. Just give me charmander.

Charmander?! IS THAT YOU?!
I guess he just got a brain tumor or something.

Oh, yeah, lovely. Next.

Alright, is this kanto? Cause I signed up for CHARMANDER. Not a ****ing rat.
I'm scared. I really am.

It might not be the best, but I've been wanting to play this game for a hella long time. If you will, leave constructive critism, if you want to, and which one of these..."pokemon" should I pick? And a nickname. And I need you to burn my duster.

Relevant Advertising!

Old November 7th, 2010 (12:56 PM).
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In my times...!
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Let's see how this develops.

Also,I'm quite partial to Todad
what the fudge
Old November 7th, 2010 (5:10 PM). Edited November 8th, 2010 by Cello.
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Wow, this was moderately hilarious, and I usually dislike screenshot LP's with a burning passion.

Way to go! Looking forward to reading more.
Old November 8th, 2010 (3:12 AM).
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bowties are cool
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Oh man, I was about to make an LP of this game. >_>
Anyways, good luck with this!

EDIT: Oh and choose Coalchu and name it "Mouse Pro". Epic. xD
Old November 8th, 2010 (2:18 PM).
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Dragiiin Dragiiin is offline
yo im bread and bread is me
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Wherein
Gender: Male
Posts: 33
Just need one more vote for a pokemon then I can continue the game.
Old November 8th, 2010 (9:15 PM).
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Oh, a Let's Play for Pokemon Marble! Good luck.

Hrm. I think you should get Coalchu. C: Just because you want Charmander so much.

Azumi あずみ||:::
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