Sword & Shield What was your uniform number? Page 2

Started by Sheep February 3rd, 2022 7:00 AM
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42, because I love Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and a British region is the perfect place for a reference. 😌
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99, because it was the year that I was born in.
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617 & I think 236. I don't remember, and I'd have to look for Shield on what my uniform number was there. I haven't revisited shield in awhile.

617 for Nagi Rokuya from Idolish7, and 236 for Yamato, Mitsuki and Nagi in idolish7. I distinctly remember wanting my uniform number to be related to Idolish7 & nothing else since in idolish7 they're very heavily themed around their numbers since all their names relate back to numbers.


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Lately, it's been 626. It's Stitch's experiment number because I adore him.
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I always pick 401 just because I tend to tack it onto the end of already taken stuff, also happens to be my birthday numbers so....


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468 because that's the National Dex number of my favorite Pokémon, Togekiss!
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It's my favourite three-digit prime number.
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One of the funny internet numbers because I am a child.
This. Good thing Cherubi is in this game.