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Old March 12th, 2018 (6:18 AM).
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It's actually not that official but oh well. Who really cares tbh. I don't.

Oh hi friends. If you are viewing this post, you probably should join the 2nd Annual Official PokéCommunity March Madness Bracket Challenge!

Basically, there's some big college basketball tournament starting in the US later this week. The goal here is to blindly guess who wins with little to no actual research and see who gets the most right. This requires 5 minutes of your time and no actual basketball knowledge. You also don't actually need to watch the tournament. That's my job. Winner gets announced after the thing is over around the beginning of April.

This is a free group, so no entry fee. There will be a prize, likely some super cool Pokémon that doesn't cost me anything other than time because my net worth is approx. $0.

Visit THIS THREAD to learn more and to discuss the tournament!

Brackets lock Thursday at Noon, so sign up before then! And yes, I'm aware the thread says Tuesday. It's actually Thursday though.

Ok bye now have a nice day please sign up thanks.
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