FireRed Pokemon Orange Islands (Complete Beta 5.5 Released) Page 4

Started by kalarie November 3rd, 2017 7:37 PM
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Hey I post walkthrough gameplays of your game and am so grateful to you cause that kick-started my YT channel ! Thank you for your continuous work on this game very much appreciate it!

Also many people keep asking me when will it be updated! So now I have an answer??????

Also there is a mistake that I pointed out in my latest part of the series (ep 10: ) it is that the single quote mark (') is wrong in one of the climber's dialogue who has a onix where the nurse joy looks a bit different (the brown skin one). Also would be very happy if you could support my channel and series BTW channel's name is Ad-guy1 ! Would be so happy if you commented there ?????? and again thanks for such a wonderful game!!

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WOHOOO! This Hack is back with another update! I don't mind starting from scratch again especially since I throughly enjoyed beta 3!
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So, I'm not familiar with the anime but I wanted to play your game anyway because it looks great. I'm stuck (maybe?) *Spoiler Alert* What do I do on Tangelo Island after I talk to Tracy and he tells me that the 1st gym is North? I've talked to all the NPCs I could find, hoping to get Surf or something but all I got was the Miracle Seed.
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Was I supposed to not train my Lapras? Because it's moveset is currently: Water Gun, Body Slam, Sing & Mist. It's also at level 14...
What was/is supposed to happen? I'm guessing Lapras is supposed to have Surf instead of Water Gun maybe?
When you get Lapras at lvl 10 it already has Surf... It's also not possible to unlearn it without the move deleter. So I find this very strange...

Done anything notable in particular?
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I'm not sure if anything I've could count as notable. Could playing the game in Turbo mode maybe be the problem? Other than that, I'm just not sure... I tried deleting my save file and starting all over again just to be sure but I still wound up getting stuck at the same place. My Lapras didn't know Surf.
Maybe lets just wait until your next update/fix. If no one else makes the same report as mine until then, then I'll just keep trying to find a fix on my end. Maybe it's the ROM (I'm using the Squirrels one) or emulator (Visual Boy).
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I just tried it out with Beta 4.2 to make sure and I can't replicate your problem. The only thing I could come up with is that there is something wrong with the base rom you're using (like you said). So I would advise to make sure you have a clean Fire Red 1.0 (Squirrels) ROM and patch the ROM by using the Beta 4.2 patch among with LunarIPS.

Please let me know if that worked;)
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Happy to finally see a Pokemon orange islands game.
Will play this for sure.
Also good luck with completing this.
Just one question how do i fix a white screen glitch how do i fix it.
P.S. The file name has to be changed from having ips at the end to gba but this will cause the problem i am having
The ips file is a patch, not a game. You have to apply the patch to a Firered 1.0 rom.


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Great quality hack, details are incredible, the story seems interesting, great work mate.
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