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Old October 10th, 2011 (4:29 PM).
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    Here is my team, so far.
    I havent gone through the E4 or Victory Road yet.
    By the time they get through Victory Road I gonna get them to lvl 60.
    Just rate my team.

    Garchomp-Level 50
    Shadow Claw: Good against Physcic Lucian
    Draco Meteor: Good against Cynthia's Garchomp and an all out good attack
    Dragon Claw: A good dragon-type move
    Crunch: Same as Shadow Claw

    Honchkrow-Level 50
    Fly: Good against Aaron's bugs and Cynthia's Roserade
    Nightslash: High crit-hit
    Pursuit: May replace
    Wing Attack: May Replace

    Gyarados-Level 50
    Hyper Beam: A super good attack, use only if foe's pokemon is in yellow
    Surf: Good water type move that effects all users in battle
    Hydro Pump: Probably the best water attack
    Dragon Rage: May Replace

    Torterra-Level 50
    Razor Leaf: High crit-hit
    Mega Drain: Really good when Torterra is low on health
    Earthquake: One of the best ground attacks
    SolarBeam: One of the best grass attacks

    Dialga-Level 50
    Metal Claw: May Replace
    Ancient Power: May Replace
    Dragon Claw: Same as Garchomps
    Roar of Time: The best dragon-type attack

    Machoke (Soon to be Machamp)-Level 50
    Cross Chop: Very good attack with high crit-hit
    Karate Chop: Also very high crit-hit
    Rock Smash: Definently going to change
    Strength: Definently going to change

    So everybody give me your ideas and tell me what I should replace the 'May Replace' with.
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    Old October 10th, 2011 (4:44 PM).
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      you may want to do some research on pokemon natures... on which base stat is higher and better for that pokemon.. for example... (Gyarados... Hydro Pump on him sucks. he has a higher base Att stat than SpA. so thats why you would give him waterfall cus waterfall is a physical move, not special like hydro pump.) that'll help you a lot. trust me. and if you want to go into getting the best out of your pokemon, research EVs... and even more into it... research IVs.

      all you pokes must have an item on them... so research what items are best for each pokemon.
      then once you have a good solid foundation on making your team. i can give you in depth suggestions.
      but as of now. you didnt provide enough information for anyone to make suggestions.

      pm/vm me if you want to learn more about natures/EVs/ect.
      i'll be glad to help.

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      Old October 11th, 2011 (9:53 PM).
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      Just because the person doesn't understand physical/special splits, it doesn't mean you should tell them they need to learn that before getting rated. :( imo, with a rate explaining all that it'd be a lot easier to understand than reading a whole lot of confusing pages.

      Anyway! Garchomp is a physical attacker, so you'd need mainly physical attacks (which you do), so Draco Meteor isn't really useful. I can understand why you'd use it, but you'd be much better off with just Dragon Claw if you plan to keep Garchomp in (if you do the maths, it's weaker by about 50 than physical so you're already losing out, while Dragon Claw's attack is actually raised from an already good 80 to much higher) then Draco Meteor isn't much use. Give it Swords Dance and Dragon Claw will pretty much repeatedly be stronger than Draco Meteor, which is useful. If you want, you could also give it Stealth Rock to set up but it's up to you, you're just better off keeping Dragon Claw and going w/ Swords Dance.

      So as mentioned, Honchkrow has higher attack, so you've been correct in choosing the type of moves, however, having both wing attack AND fly just loses you another spot for a potential attack. Generally most Pokemon have one attack of each type (usually their strongest, or the one which is most likely to annoy the opponent, so for example you wouldn't have waterfall and surf on the same Pokemon as they do basically the same thing, but one is attack-based and one is spA based). Fly is pretty useless because 95% accuracy <-- flying up high, leaving yourself open to a miss and something OHKOing you with something you're weak against, so you'd best be replacing that. I suggest Aerial Ace instead of Wing Attack, because although it has the same in terms of strength, it's actually better as it cannot be evaded, always hits, etc. I think you'd be fine with Sucker Punch, too, as you has high priority and you'll always hit first. You could keep Night Slash and Pursuit, though Roost could be useful too, so it's up to what would be greater use for you, recovering or just hitting hard and covering everything (however, in-game trainers usually don't switch out, so Pursuit has less of a use than the other attacks).

      For Gyarados, as mentioned, it's physical so you'd need physical attacks. But firstly, Hyper Beam isn't useful on any Pokemon really. It leaves yourself open for a turn and is generally dangerous both in-game and competitive. It also isn't a STAB attack for Gyarados so it isn't really helping anything. Hydro Pump isn't always the best, by the way, since it's likely to miss. :x Try Dragon Dance, since it'll allow Gyarados to come in and sweep most opponents with the raised attack and speed. As for everything else, it depends on what you want to use Gyarados for. It has a lot of good coverage attacks so there's a few choices. I'll leave that up to you though since other than Waterfall + DD, there's a lot of other ways Gyarados can be used and you'd probably understand that best from experimenting (just make sure they're physical attacks).

      Solarbeam is only good if Sunny Day is up, if not, then generally not useful. :x Torterra is physical though, so you're right in choosing EQ. Mega Drain, however, is special and its max HP can be pretty high so you could always try Leech Seed for Mega Drain's purpose and stick on a big root or something, idk. Either way, Razor Leaf, although has a chance for critting, is still not really that useful, but Wood Hammer is much better (it's physical too), make sure you set up Leech Seed first to absorb the lost HP. :x

      As for Dialga, Roar of Time isn't necessarily the best. While it's strongest, Draco Meteor does just a little bit less but allows you a turn, whereas with Roar of Time the opponent gets a free turn to hurt you but on Draco Meteor, you can switch and everything can go as normal, so it's a much more useful attack. :x There's other things that could do with changing too but I just wanted to mention that really.

      Finally on Machoke, Cross Chop has 80% accuracy and has a chance of a critical hit. If you were lucky enough to get a No Guard Machoke, then you could effectively use Dynamic Punch with the same power all the time which will definitely confuse the opponent. If not, then wait until you level Machoke to 100, move tutor a Seismic Toss and you'll always get a 100 power attack with 100% accuracy. Again, other things too need changing but that's all I'm commenting on.

      Good luck with your team and the elite four!

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