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Tutorial In depth Advance Map tutorial Page 23

Started by link12552 November 29th, 2008 7:09 PM
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Posted January 17th, 2017
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Jst edit and rename the maps that are already there that you are going to use. It's much simpler that way. Creating a bunch of new maps will take up WAY to much space in your rom. As for loading .map files, just click File --> Map... --> Open Map. Then press the insert map button and insert it in whatever bank you want, though I do recommend putting it in the same bank as other similar maps.
I opened one of my maps, and it's all messed up. It's like it drew a line down the side, and switched what was on each side of the line.

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Posted July 1st, 2019
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I opened one of my maps, and it's all messed up. It's like it drew a line down the side, and switched what was on each side of the line.
I never inserted maps in a ROM by importing.
But I think your maps are messed up because u haven't imported map blocks , 1st and 2nd tileset and 12 palettes.
export those from the map you inserted(from ROM where u got .map file) and import on newly inserted one.


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Posted December 24th, 2016
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But then what about the maps I don't overlap? They will just sit there and take up space. And how do I rename maps?!

And thanks for the .map tip
It's fine that the maps you don't use sit there. you never know when you might need them, and if you are using a firered rom then there's still plenty of space. if you run out of space you can always expand the rom, which you can find a tutorial on. If you want to rename a map, click on the header tab. assuming you're using advancemap, the name of the map should be listed twice: once on the top-left and once on the top-right. change the name on the top right and click the "Change Name" button and you're done!


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Posted June 18th, 2019
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Does anyone know how to make a surf warp in Pokemon Fire Red? What I mean by surf warp is a warp that functions the same way as the surf warp present in Lillycove city in RSE when you enter the Aqua Hideout as I tried copying it but the person does not stay on the Pokemon when you enter the new area (I'm using a waterfall to serve as a secret entrance) which makes using surf impossible meaning you have to fly out.

Pokemon Platinum friend code 4th generation= 0948-1529-1887 (Discontinued due to Nintendo Wi-Fi being disabled)

If you want to port over the new routes introduced in HeartGold and SoulSilver that lead to the Safari Zone, then head over here and watch the thread for updates. So far, Cliffs Edge Gate, and Route 47 are done. Next up is the Cliffs Cave.

Working on a POKeMON Emerald hack. This will feature POKeMON from Shinnoh, but just the ones that evolve from POKeMON already in the Pokedex (Gallade, Dusknoir, Probopas, Frosslass, Magnezone, Rhyperior). The one exception may be EEVEE if I can get more evolutions added in so you can evolve to LEAFEON and GLACEON.
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Posted June 29th, 2017
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So I'm having a boarder issue and I have no idea how to fix it and its certainly not from a lack of trying. It wont let me post a screenshot since its technically a link and i haven't posted 5 times yet >.>
But anywho the issue isn't the map itself I've created the map just fine but the border that is used to fill the outsides of the map which is usually trees is stones and stuff and i don't know why. any help would be appreciated.
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Posted July 31st, 2017
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This is an incredibly simplistic question but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask it anyway? Where in AdvanceMap is Viridian Forest? Obviously not all of the location names are in English, and I can find the area that leads to the forest no problem, but can't find the forest itself, where I wanna change the wild encounters?

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