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Posted November 23rd, 2012
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I was fiddling around in the item excel sheet and this error popped up when I tried to start the game. Since then I have pasted in the default item sheet and this error still pops up. Help please!

The error message is below
Message: Field 1REPELRepel1350An item that prevents weak wild Pokémon from appearing for 100 steps after its use.200 is not a positive integerFile PBS/items.txt, line 1Compiler:219:in `csvPosInt!'Compiler:478:in `pbGetCsvRecord'Compiler:472:in `each'Compiler:472:in `pbGetCsvRecord'Compiler:812:in `pbCompileItems'Compiler:811:in `pbCompilerEachCommentedLine'Compiler:615:in `each_line'Compiler:615:in `pbCompilerEachCommentedLine'Compiler:612:in `open'Compiler:612:in `pbCompilerEachCommentedLine'

Nevermind I got it to work.