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Let's Go Do you plan to complete the dex?

Started by Sheep December 30th, 2018 9:38 AM
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Those of you who haven't completed the dex yet, do you plan to? If you have already, when did you complete it? (EXTRA) Do/did you do a living dex (get one of each Pokémon, including all evolution stages)?
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I completed it two days ago, actually. And no, I didn't do a living dex.

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I'd love to complete the Dex, but unfortunately, I can't because of the Trade to Evolve Pokemon like (Alakazam, Gengar, Machamp etc). It's unfortunate that stuff like this still exists in the game and they can't just put some NPC in the game to evolve it, it's irritating to people like myself who just want to play solo.

It's going to be quite challenging to look for shiny Pokemon without the Shiny charm and relying on Catch Combos and Max Lures.
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eventually when i feel up to it. at least that's what i keep telling myself but i don't know when i'll actually bother to do so


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I did, because I don't generally consider a Pokemon game complete unless I do. Took me around 35 hours in total, I think? I didn't do a living dex because I honestly couldn't be bothered; it wasn't THAT fun, and chaining for hours to catch duplicates of rarer Pokemon with multiple evolutionary stages, then chaining MORE to level up them, sounded like a chore.

...excluding Mew and Meltan/Melmetal btw, because I don't have a smartphone for Pokemon Go and I flat-out refuse to buy into Nintendo's paywall.


This is fine.

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I will because I'm fairly close to it already and have GO for any additional transfers needed. Not counting Mew because screw paying that much for the add-on, and Melmetal... maybe one day, not exactly fussed on it though.

I won't bother with the living dex however for this game.


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Posted February 28th, 2019
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Not really. I'm not gonna say I won't, but it looks unlikely due to my sister not wanting to buy either game (she said she'd rather save her money for an entirely new Pokemon game than buy a remake), and my brother saying he'd go with Let's Go Eevee to get the one that's a bit more different from Yellow.

I got Let's Go Eevee for Christmas, by the way. I don't forsee myself buying Let's Go Pikachu, since the game is fun, but not to the point to where I feel like I need both.


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Posted January 3rd, 2019
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Eevee player here and I actually have real ambitions to complete the Pokédex and need a Pikachu player who is in the same boat. Basically I need a swap day for version exclusives and trade evos. I have everything I need. Unfortunately I also need an Omanyte. I can get you Kabutops but I don’t have Kabuto. Send me a pm if interested!


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No, if Let's Go Johto comes out I may change my mind on this, but as it stands, unfortunately the game isn't interesting enough to me.

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This is fine.

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I ended up completing it, with a bit of combo chaining on Chansey and a bit of Rare Candy usage, and some transferring from GO. :V If bank support is confirmed I will consider doing some chaining for Shinies, so at least there's that.
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