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Hey guys whenever i click Game.rxproj i get an error 'Unexpected file format' meaning i can't edit my game. I'm able to load Editor.exe and Game.exe but not the main editor. How can i fix this? As i can't restart i've spent too much time on the game so far.;-;
Unfortunately this means that your data got corrupt and that you basically have lost the project.
I hope you have a backup ;-;

What OS are you on ?
if on Vista .... im sorry.... this will likely happen again..
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Os means operating system

You CAN recover your data though
You have to go to whatever folder your game folder is on and right click it then select "restore previous versions", however this can only restore what progress you made the day previous to when your data got corrupt, but hey it's still something.


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I had that same problem too but i had a backup one in my SD card. Lucky me right?
Hey there! Keep in mind this thread hasn't had a post for over a year now making it an inactive/dead thread. Try to avoid bumping topics this old in the future, and feel free to read through the forum rules for a list of what is/isn't permitted here if you need a refresher. :)

Thanks much! Aaaand thread locked.
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