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Seen August 18th, 2017
Posted August 14th, 2017
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I'm relatively new to Pokemon Essentials, but I've begun working on cut scenes for the game which I am working on. A problem which I have had in a few different cut scenes is that the walking animation does not appear when I use the 'Set Move Route' tool.

I attached the whole cut scenes event commands and left a comment at each part where walking happens, but the animation doesn't play.

I've marked each of the 'Move Route' commands which the walking animations do not work for with a comment. There are a few times I messed with starting and stopping the walking animation, but even the first time that I started the walking animation, it did not work. I'm hesitant to continue working on the game until I figure this out, and advice is welcome. Thank you!


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Posted May 2nd, 2019
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try putting a wait for moves completion after those that don’t work
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