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Animals you Like Page 2

Started by Palamon June 7th, 2019 3:43 PM
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all of them

CiCi Sama

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All of them! ♥ Even the gross and ugly ones, like slugs and anglerfish (goblin sharks! :3). I do play favorites, though, haha.

Wolves~! ♥♥
Bunnies x3 ♥♥
Bats (specifically hognosed "Vampire" bats, but I like all kinds of bats!)
Most every reptile ever especially the big ones and the small ones and the extra medium ones (Lizards, turtles, snakes, etc)
Komodo Dragons
Smart-aleck birds like Macaws, African Grey Parrots, and White Cockatoos (newborn baby birds are soooo cute ; -;)
Praying Mantises
Jumping spiders

Then I like plenty of others like tigers, bears, zebra, horses, clownfish, lionfish, most kinds of colorful or interesting fish, snails, bees, cats -- I think you get the point. I love all animals. I make decisions based off of my refusal to exploit or consume animals because I would never want to hurt them. And none of my pets are ever just pets. They're family members with whom we're all connected, with thoughts, feelings, and a desire of self-preservation. I'm just hoping I didn't forget anyone important! x3
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the duck is among the most majestic of all animals


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I love dogs, especially this particular dog:

He was about a month old when I took this pic, now he's about three times bigger, but just as cute.
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I first and foremost love cats, including both house cats and the bigger species of felines. All kinds of reptiles are cool too, and I also have a fascination with sharks. :smile:

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All animals, except cockroaches. Those things are disgusting.

Scorpions are my favorite, no particular species. I like dik diks, because who doesn't want a cat-sized antelope? (Also it's funny seeing the looks on people's faces when you say the animal's name). Snakes are also pretty cool, don't understand why so many people are scared of them though. If I could have all animals as pets, I would. But for now I'll settle for my chinchillas, rabbit, dogs, and tree frogs that I'm raising.


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I'll be honest here:
Anything that isn't a human, pretty much

I think i'm growing to really dislike people. Too much hurt they've caused me over the years. I'm sensitive and I just can't take the drama this species causes overall. I'm not saying all people are bad, but i've had enough. I've seriously had enough.

But, overall, I like plants more than animals. They're more peaceful. Generally, I mostly like plants for their pretty flowers, for now. But over the length of time i could just grow to like them overall in general (and, for the time given, i am pretty extremely into flowers. they're really innocent looking to me :3).

But the thing with plants is: They never hurt anyone, anyways. They don't even 'eat' the way people and animals do.

They feel like an overall ideal type of living thing to me. :)

It really shocks me i wasn't more into grass type pokemon when i was younger....(though thankfully i don't obsess over this issue as much as i used to around some earlier years of realization)
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The fact that there's only one mention of giraffes in this thread is sad. They are somehow both the most and least graceful animal out there, and watching them fight is kinda like throwing a slinky down the stairs and waiting to see what happens. If there were pet-sized giraffes available, I'd probably have a dozen of them.


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Love lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, cats, dogs, bears, sharks, etc.,. As long as they aren't hornets, wasps or bees, we're all good. 😅
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