Games we finished this year in 2021

Started by ZeoStar November 14th, 2021 10:04 AM
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What stuff did you finish in 2021? What was your favorite and least favorite? Are there things you plan to finish by years end or what have you dropped?

With brief opinions, I finished-

Xenoblade 2: I didn't grasp the combat system until a while in. The story was cute and lighthearted, even when it tried to be serious. Got the DLC and never did much with it.

Ocarina of Time: I got the expansion pass (because of love for my little cousin, would not have done this otherwise). I ran through ocarina in about 10 days.

Persona 5 Royal: I really liked this one. My favorite game this year that I played. I still need to do the third semester. This was the longest, taking me 90 hours. I hadn't played anything in the series.

Hitman 3: As a fan of the series, this wasn't worth $60. It was a fun 20 or so hours. But yeah can't justify $60 for this. Weakest of the trilogy, but not bad.

Life Is Strange 2: I liked it, but i'll never play this again.

Last of Us 2: Enjoyable. I was bad at it, but I liked it. I don't have a strong attachment to the series, and Joel wasn't a favorite of mine, so that stuff didn't bother me.

FF7 Remake: Was too young so have no nostalgia to the original. I played it and felt underwhelmed. I really did like this remake.

Stuff I didn't finish-

Dragon Quest 7: 100+ hour story game that I've picked up off and on.

Fallout New Vegas: Another off and on game. I'll go back.

Red Dead Redemption 2: 100% was driving me insane. I needed to put this down.

New Pokemon Snap: I got bored. I'll go back.

Final Fantasy 4: Probably not going back. It was okay.

Final Fantasy 8: I'll be finishing this soon.

Subnautica: Legit scares me.

I plan on playing Mafia 1: Defintive next. It'll probably take a week or two.



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Wow well done on finishing those!
I finished Nexomon Extinction and then Nexomon 1/original in that backwards order lol how it was released on Switch.
Game Dev Story & a Pokemon Crystal Clear replay and that might be it for finished lol, a whole load of halfwayish runs I guess.
Maybe I should count AC too since I had done all the pre update/dlc stuff but it's not a game you ever really complete but I had a put a lot of time into it and was kinda done with it at the time.
At some point I replayed a load of old PS1 games on an emulation console but I'm struggling to remember if that was this year or last year, I think it may of be last year but maybe it spilled over a bit!


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Wow, I'm actually struggling to remember what I finished. I suppose I completed NEO TWEWY, but otherwise there doesn't seem to be much..? I've mostly just played MMOs and been overall very lazy with games. x_x;;


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So I've actually completed more games than with my reading challenge lol. A few I've finished:

-My Black 2 fire monotype run
-Bravely Default 2- While I prefer the first BD's story and Bravely Second's features, this is still quite fun and it's nice to play a Bravely game again.
-The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles- Ahhh been waiting so long to play this game and the wait's worth it

I haven't played all the much this year. The only other game I've been playing is Animal Crossing New Horizons but that one is never ending lol
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Will only go over new games I've played/started this year so anyway...
  • Trails in the Sky 1 - Not sure if I finished it this year or not (Steam says the last I opened it was Feb 1 but, I swear I finished it in late 2020). Anyways, originally I dropped this game because I thought it was very boring but, a friend told me to keep going and I got hooked. Love the characters, story was pretty slow until the mid game, and the gameplay was eh
  • Trails in the Sky 2 - One of my favorites in the entire Trails series, love the character developments (especially with Estelle) and I thought the gameplay was pretty fun despite being really absurdly challenging at times
  • Trails in the Sky 3 - By far my favorite game in the series. Love all the character and historical side stories from the doors and I liked how customizable it is, thought it was a great conclusion for the Liberl Arc overall
  • Trails from Zero - Pretty whelmed by Zero honestly, I thought the SSS were pretty mundane bar Randy (they seem to always have the exact same interaction + overused catchphrases). Plot was pretty interesting but also a bit expected in a sense
  • Trails of Azure - I did enjoy Azure more, the SSS definitely improved and I liked knowing about their backstories more along with expanding the backgrounds and characterizations of previous characters (Wazy, Noel, etc.). Gameplay was pretty solid, didn't like how they locked backstories to final bonding events for some characters and the final dungeon was an absolute slog.
  • Trails of Cold Steel 1 - Was pretty good, I like the high school setting and how each chapter focused on a small number of characters at a time. Gameplay was pretty fun and the plot was alright
  • Trails of Cold Steel 2 - Not one of my favorites, didn't like how they handled Class 7 and didn't like how they handled the plot twist from CS1. Plot was not great but, I thought the gameplay was better than CS1. By far had one of the best "final" dungeons of the series
  • Trails of Cold Steel 3 - Definitely my favorite game of the Cold Steel arc, NC7 definitely had a better dynamic than OC7. I liked how each chapter focused on a small number of characters, plot was alright overall
  • Trails of Cold Steel 4 - Way too overwhelming since the cast is so bloated and they felt the need to give everyone a voice which resulted in a lot of fluff. Too much plot-convenience (especially with "deaths"). Gameplay was fun with all the customization options but, it was still way too easy
  • Persona 5 Royal - Hot take but, I wasn't really a fan of 3rd semester since I thought the game ended on such a weird note (whereas I thought normal P5 ended where it should ended). I like Maruki but found Yoshizawa kind of like the game really needed to find ways to squeeze her into the plot whereas Maruki slid right in. Gameplay was too easy for my taste compared to vanilla but, I still had fun
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Very beautiful game and has such an amazing soundtrack to compliment it. Loved the addition of boss fights and I thought the gameplay was fun overall. Story is very straightforward but, it was still effective as there wasn't any nonsense/fluff to detract from it
  • YS 8 - Fantastic game, loved the setting of the Isle of Seiren and I thought the characters were great. Plot took a bit of time to get going but once it did, I was absolutely hooked. Gameplay was fun even if I wasn't very good at it as a long time turn-based RPG player
  • YS 9 - Not as good at YS 8 but, I loved the exploration with all the Monstrum abilities. I was hooked on the plot early on but as the game progressed, it got more generic/cheesy and a slog so I ended up taking long breaks from the game before finishing. The gameplay is definitely more polished and balanced compared to YS 8 though
  • Pokemon Ultra Moon - Never actually finished the game (I still had an unfinished run on cart) but, I had fun playing the game for the Halloween costume challenge. Difficulty was nice but, the pacing was still kind of off (though it was better than SM) and I wasn't a fan of the new ending compared to the OG one
  • Tales of Vesperia - Still chipping at it day by day but the characters (bar Yuri and Repede) are still absolutely grating. Not sure about the combat since I'm honestly not very good at it (esp with combos) so I can't give an answer on it. Plot is ok so far but also pretty expected, I'll have to see the more I play
  • BoTW Age of Calamity - I'm pretty sure I stopped playing once I got into my Trails of ... kick so it got sidelined. However, I had tons of fun playing the game and I liked how every character felt like they had a unique kit and not just alternates of previous ones. Not sure how I feel about the plot but, I'll see once I reach the end
  • Bravely Default 2 - Honestly, not sure why I dropped but I did drop it pretty early on (I only have like 4 asterisks). I guess gameplay is pretty good so far (I liked the addition of counters to prevent repetitive strategies), not a fan of the new overworld mob encounters though
  • Valkyria Chronicles - Tbh I did find it pretty mundane after awhile. Not really a fan of the ranking system with how it emphasizes 1 turning (which means Scout rushing) and I found all the classes to be poorly balanced (Scouts are clearly OP and the Edelweiss is pretty bad bar a few chapters). Plot is kind of eh but, I'll probably finish it at some point
  • SMT V - Just finished my first route and I plan on finishing the remaining ones before I chalk this up as finished. Exploration is fantastic, the gameplay is great but the story and characters are pretty bad honestly bar like 2 which are salvageable at best.

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World of Final Fantasy (PS4)
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered (PS4)
Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PS4)
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PS4)
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit & Life is Strange 2 (PS4)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (Switch)
Nier: Automata (PS4)
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (Switch)
Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Part 1) (PS5 Upgrade)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (PS4)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (PS4)
Akiba's Beat (PS4)

Those are all of the ones I finished (to my liking anyway) this year... so far. I'm currently playing Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on Switch. I'm not sure if I'll finish it before the end of this year or not. I've been liking it a lot and playing it a lot so I might but I can't say for sure.

The ones in bold I got the Platinum trophy in.
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According to make Backloggery profile, this year I've finished:

Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox One)
Summon Knight: Swordcraft Story 1 and 2 (GBA)
NEO: The World Ends with You (PS4)
Shin Megami Tense IV (and Apocalypse) (3DS)
AI: The Somnium Files (PS4)
The World Ends with You (DS)
Bravely Default 2 (Switch)
OMORI (Steam)
Super Robot Wars: Original Generations (PS2) a fan-translated game
13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (PS4)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PS4)

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is more like a visual novel with some combat sprinkled in, but the characters and sci-fi story and setting was just too good, man. Star Wars: KOTOR is an older game that I skipped over during the original Xbox days because at that time I had no interest in Star Wars, but being finally able to play it in this current day makes me realize how ahead of it's time it was. The lore, dialogue. and worlds are incredibly well done. Also really surprising story twist too!