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Off-Topic Hang out with people and talk about whatever. Feel free to suggest a better description for this forum as everyone seems to have an opinion. :D

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Old July 15th, 2018 (7:58 PM).
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    Originally Posted by Epilogue View Post
    I've been meaning to make this post for quite some time now, and I guess today seems like a fitting day to do so! Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be too long, ahaha. *sweats nervously* Ahem, anyway! I thought I'd show some appreciation to a few people who have been on my mind lately. Here goes nothing!

    VisionofMilotic, HyperMorian, and Arma -

    I know this is looooooong overdue, but I sincerely want to thank the three of you for restoring my spirit here a few months ago. Back when that whole incident happened in March, I was horrified by the disarray surrounding the forums. Seeing the way everyone around us was leaving made me afraid that the site was going to die off. I honestly didn't think there was any hope left, but it was you three who cast light upon my darkness.

    VisionofMilotic, you wouldn't believe how much positive energy you were spreading in spite of the hopeless atmosphere! You fought passionately to salvage what was left of this place, and let me tell you: your zeal is infectious! It was inspiring to see how much you cared for the community, all while still having fun in the process! Too bad you couldn't stop your dolls from becoming cursed with an evil spell, though! Maybe Ghetsis will show mercy next time. =p

    HyperMorian, your dedication is absolutely remarkable, and you have poured in so much effort to make Pokémon Choice Quest a super fun experience! I admire how you were still determined to continue running the game even when it seemed like our final moments were fast approaching. That was very empowering to witness—keep being awesome! Just don't shoot me with your eye lasers, okay? We all know you're actually Cuddles in disguise. ;)

    Arma, you probably have the lamest sense of humor on the entire planet OOOOH BURNED, but even so, that lameness managed to put a big smile on my face when it mattered most. I really mean it! It was totally fun seeing you fail miserably at Super Pokémon Hangman, hehe. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll gain a tiny bit of skill someday! Just a TINY bit, at least! Now come back or else. :D

    Really though, my heart was hurting from the entire situation, and you three made that pain magically disappear. "Now's the time to be laughing," I realized. PokéCommunity is like a home to me, and if it was really going down for good, then I wanted to spend every last moment here having as much fun as possible. And through that fun we had, I began to feel reassured that everything would be okay. It was a miraculous feeling—one that still stays with me to this day. That hope you gave me turned into a source of motivation, and it even helped me finally overcome an unrelated depression that had been plaguing me for nearly two years now. So, yeah! Thanks again for being wonderful members!! ^_^

    PokéCommunity's Admin Team -

    I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for everything you've done to keep our site running. You entered this situation knowing it wouldn't be easy, yet you still willingly chose to fight the tough battles on behalf of our community. I know you've been through a lot of hardships over this, and words alone aren't enough to convey how much love and care you've put into this place. All of your hard work deserves tons and tons of appreciation! <3

    Zemanahrad, -Nonsense-, Resolve, EmTheGhost, strangerhypno, LilyGardy, ZeoStar, Pudding, semi, XNaut, Caite-chan, Sheep, Blue, noa, Dawn, PageEmperor, FeraligatrMaster, Hikamaru, Starry Windy, Phosphophyllite, LadyJirachu, Enpatsu Shakugan, Damien.aspiring.fandev, MysticalNinetales, Aldo!, TailsMK4, and CodeHelmet -

    Thank you all for making the Pokémon Trivia section amaaaaazingly fun during these past months! It's been a real blast playing games with you all! I love seeing how each of your unique posting styles adds so much extra flavor to the section. You guys are always giving me something to look forward to every time I come back to play the games! You're the best! :D

    Hairy Arachnid Nanoscopic (Lycanthropy) -

    LYCAN! I don't even know where to start with this one, haha. We've always been evil twins from the beginning of #TeamTrivia, and I couldn't possibly imagine how things would be if you weren't there. We shared all of the same laughs during the happiest of times, and we've also braved through some pretty horrific times together, as well. You were always a great motivator, and you'd very often bring insightful ideas to the table! Not to mention, your levelheadedness was a huge asset when we modded Pokémon Trivia together! I could really learn a thing or two from you, ahaha. Thank you so much for everything, Han! I feel really blessed to have a friend like you! And don't worry—no one else knows about your secret identity! What...? Don't give me that look! Why would I ever report Poisoned Ice Cream Sandshrew to Officer Jenny? I'm not some kind of double agent, you know! >:(

    Clover/Lanayru (Hyzenthlay) -

    Aaaaargh, why do I even have to write about you, Clover? There's just too much that I want to say! You're such a sweet, pure-hearted person, and you have the power to warm the hearts of people around you! I'm so happy for your promotion—you really deserve it! You have been wonderful to work with, and it's very obvious that you're giving it your all to make Pokémon Trivia as fun and exciting as possible. It's always a joy playing silly games with you in PT, and it's just as fun hanging out with you outside of PT, as well! Talking to you always makes my day brighter, and I've cherished our little music-sharing sessions, hehe! I couldn't be happier to have known you; thanks for all the amazing times! And, um... don't even think about disappearing for another two years again, got that? N-not that it really matters to me or anything... b-baka!

    P.S. Before you get mad at me for stealing your favorite line...


    Whoops, sorry! Looks like I stole your GIF image, too. :D

    Ozzizilla/Friedozzy/AppleOzzyCabbage (Squirrel) -

    I've already written waaaaaay too many walls of text about you, so I'll keep this one short. Next time we meet, I'll make sure to utterly demolish your silly Burgesstomas with my Yang Zings (AKA Cosmic Dragons, if that makes you feel any better xD). So you'd better thoroughly prepare yourself, or else you're in for a humiliating defeat! ;D

    ...Oh yeah, and you're great, by the way! ^^

    Flushed -

    You're one of my favorite people ever and I hope you're doing well these days! Thank you so much for all the care you've poured into the YGO Club back then! Dueling with you always got me super excited, and I really enjoyed all of the chats we had during our duels! I used to be too afraid to duel with other people online, so I had only ever played by myself in A.I. Mode, haha. It was you and the YGO Club that gave me such a wonderful impression of PokéCommunity, and that's the biggest reason I decided to stick around and become active in 2015!

    colours -

    Can't forget about you, colours! I'm very, very thankful to you, but I've never been able to properly express myself about it! You're a really caring person, and that definitely showed when you reached out to me last year. I sort of hit a low point in 2017, and it was almost as if you had sensed that. You kept going out of your way to check up on me to make sure I was doing okay, and you wouldn't imagine how much of a difference that made to me! Although I was absolutely horrible at responding in a timely manner, it really warmed my heart when I saw your messages. Thank you so much! :D

    Astinus -

    ASTYYYY! I really appreciate everything you've done for the forums, and I always secretly looked up to you, ehehe. You're so laid-back and approachable, which makes you super fun to talk to! Also, it's great to have another Digimon/Appmon fan around here! (You have good taste. xD) I still haven't forgotten that time when we jokingly plotted to infiltrate staff in hopes of turning this place into a Digimon forum, haha. You rock! ^^
    Sometimes spoilers can really save people time scrolling :) Also you’re welcome when it comes to Fire Type Emblem. I hope to smack that Rowlet of yours around to maximize its contribution to the group, lest you sleep through the entire battle. Speaking of which... sleep sounds rather good right about now...

    Old July 16th, 2018 (9:31 PM).
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    i appreciate juno
    she's pretty wonderful, even if she does have 40 trash emblems on her profile
    on break! i'll be back soon xoxo
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    thank u for appreciating me after I asked for it twice over 6 months
    Old July 20th, 2018 (2:33 AM).
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    I appreciate the ship above
    Old July 23rd, 2018 (7:52 AM).
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    Everyone working on and participating in the Get together is amazing but I think Tokyodrift deserves a massive shoutout for their hard work especially.
    Old July 27th, 2018 (3:54 AM).
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      Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
      Everyone working on and participating in the Get together is amazing but I think Tokyodrift deserves a massive shoutout for their hard work especially.

      I am one of the participants and as a participant. I am thanking you for the appreciation. I am agreeing to you in the case of Tokyodrift. He has contributed a lot for this get-together.

      Edit:- I am really enjoying the get-together. Though, sign ups are closed for many events at the get-together. I would say that the "24 hour counthon" was the most amusing. Hoping to get more good "24 hour" series on the future
      Old August 14th, 2018 (2:55 PM). Edited August 14th, 2018 by Nick Wilde.
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      Fairy, Peridot, adventure and Forever right now are just the cutest psyducking adorable dorks and I like that despite the muk we - by we I mean myself because I'm an asshole - give each other we can take in each other's strides and still be happy to talk to each other the next day. <3

      Also the rest of the staff team for accepting and putting up with me being as grumpy and miserable as sin, thanks.
      Old August 14th, 2018 (3:13 PM).
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      I gotta give some love to CodeHelmet and She for being awesome members of M&G. I know I've said it before but, really, they deserve some credit. <3

      Also, got to know some of the other staffers better recently and I love you all.

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      Dragon, colours, and Adventure for being some of the most awesome and accepting people on the planet.

      bobandbill for being plain awesome and someone I will always look up to

      CodeHelmet for his consistent dedication and activity. It's unparalleled.

      ilu all

      pair family twin mal llsif bandori ffxiv art
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      Just wanna make a post real quick to appreciate Dragon and Code Helmet. You two do great muk all over the place, especially in Previous Gens, idk what I'd do without you. Keep being great
      Nah ンン
      “No, I... I have to be strong. Everyone expects me to."
      Old 3 Weeks Ago (5:10 AM). Edited 3 Weeks Ago by Logan.
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      Marin is doing some good muk rn
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      I wanna give a little love to Laslow for being a cool guy, CodeHelmet again for being fun to chat with, gimmepie for literally the best OC drawing ever (seriously please go check it out <333), and to Nah for always expressing his honest opinions. :)

      Old 2 Weeks Ago (3:43 PM). Edited 2 Weeks Ago by Ursula.
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      Thread restarted - thanks again, Dragon!
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