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Dawn in Alola

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Old May 13th, 2018 (8:04 AM).
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    Here is my new story, this will be Dawn in Alola, it will contain Pearlshipping and Lagomorphshipping

    Dawn walked through the beautiful islands of Alola, in the distance she saw a tall building, which was the Pokemon school, that was where she was heading for.

    Dawn's outfit consisted of: a black tank top with a white shirt underneath and a very short pink skirt. On her head, covering her bright blue hair, she wore a white beanie with a pink Pokeball print on it. On her feet, she had pink knee high boots on. She also wore a short, red scarf and a Poke watch. Over her shoulder, she carried a yellow backpack.

    Next to her, out of their Pokeballs, were Piplup and Buneary.

    Dawn had quite a good reputation as a Pokemon coordinator, she had recently re-entered the Sinnoh Grand festival and had been quite successful, winning it.

    After she had won the Sinnoh Grand Festival, she decided to got and have a relaxing holiday in the beautiful Alola region.

    After two days of looking at the wonderful sights and lush green fields in Alola, she had heard about the Pokemon school. Normally Dawn wouldn't have cared about the Pokemon school, but she became interested after she heard some people talk about a talented trainer with a Pikachu, called Ash Kethchum.

    After hearing Ash was there, she decided she would visit the school and re-meet up with him, so she got in contact with Professor Kukui and asked if she could visit the school. The professor said she was defiantly welcome and that it would be fantastic to have a brilliant Pokemon coordinator like her in the school; she even agreed to try and help get contests popular in Alola

    It was currently morning as she entered the gigantic, Pokemon school, she walked up to the the massive gated entrance.

    Meanwhile, in the cosy classroom sat Ash Ketchum along with his other classmates.

    Ash's outfit consisted of: a blue and white striped shirt, some brown shorts, some stylish looking red trainers and a short cap.

    Ash was talking to Pikachu about Pokemon battles, when suddenly, Dawn entered the classroom with Piplup and Buneary by her side.

    Ash and Pikachu immediately recognised her and they instantly ran towards her.

    Ash had recently seen the Sinnoh Grand Festival on TV, he had been rooting and cheering for Dawn to win the Grand Festival, he was so happy when she won it. Ash sometimes still sung his and Dawn's duet they sung together when they were in Sinnoh (High Touch)

    Pikachu ran up to Piplup and high fived and then Pikachu and Buneary both gave each other a hug. Meanwhile, Ash ran up to Dawn and they both hugged each other, they were both so happy to be re-united again.

    Once Ash and Dawn stopped hugging they started talking to each other, they were both delighted to see each other again.

    "Dawn it's so great to see you again, I watched every battle of yours in the Grand Festival, you were brilliant!" Ash exclaimed.

    "Thanks Ash, but how have you and Pikachu been doing in battles lately?" she asked him, curiously.

    Ash and Dawn proceed to talk for a while until Professor Kukui stopped them.

    "You two can talk later," Kukui told them, "now Dawn why don't you explain about contests a bit?"
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    Old May 13th, 2018 (8:06 AM).
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      Welcome to Chapter 2 of my Fanfiction. A new character, who is a friend of Ash and Dawn's, will appear in this chapter.

      Dawn had just finished explaining how contests work to the class, when she decided to go outside and demonstrate some moves to them.

      "Hey Ash, want to help me show the class some contest moves?" Dawn asked him.

      "Sure thing Dawn," Ash replied.

      So the class followed Ash and Dawn outside; they walked over the lush green hills, until they saw a massive Pokemon battlefield, which they quickly ran over to.

      While they were heading towards the Pokemon battlefield, Ash and Dawn began to talk to each other.

      "So Dawn, I saw you use the Counter Shield move we made together during when we were in Sinnoh, you used the move in the Grand Festival," Ash told her.

      "Yep, that move has helped me a lot in contests, I'm so glad we both came up with it together." Dawn replied.

      "I used it earlier today, in a battle against some trainer with a Rowlet, it was enough to beat him," Ash said, positively.

      "That's great to hear Ash, that move was a brilliant idea of ours" Dawn said to Ash.

      "It sure was Dawn," And then both Ash and Dawn high fived enthusiastically.

      When they finally arrived at the massive battlefield, Dawn took out six pokeballs and released the following:

      Piplup, Buneary, Pacherisu, Mamoswine, Quilava and Togekiss. Dawn then started to speak,

      "So here are all the Pokemon currently on my team," Dawn explained, while introducing the class to her Pokemon.

      Now I will show you some moves; Buneary, please could you come forward to show some moves?" Dawn asked her adorable bunny.

      "Buneary" she replied, while nodding and then doing one huge bounce onto the field.

      "Now this first move is called…"

      Suddenly the whole class could hear another voice.

      "Ok Beautifly use Gust!" A female voice commanded.

      Ash and Dawn both recognised the voice and turned round to see a female, standing not too far away, training her Pokemon.

      The girl's outfit consisted of: an orange tunic with no sleeves, some white gloves, a green bandana, black shorts and red shoes. Her brunette hair contrasted beautifully with the emerald green bag at her waist.

      "That's May!" Ash exclaimed, recognising her straight away.

      "Hey May!" Both Ash and Dawn yelled while running towards her.

      May suddenly turned round as she heard her name be called, then as soon as she saw Ash and Dawn she smiled happily, she recognised them straight away.

      When Ash and Dawn reached May, they instantly started talking.

      "Hey May what are you doing here in Alola?" Ash asked.

      "Oh, I was taking a short holiday in Alola, I've finally got all 5 ribbons I need to enter the Johto Grand Festival, so I just came down here to relax and train for the tournament, it starts in 2 months.

      "Also Dawn, congratulations on winning the Grand Festival, you were amazing," May praised.

      "Thanks May, also remember when we last saw each other during the Wallace cup? We both said we will battle each other again the next time we meet, so lets have a battle right now."

      "Ok, sure Dawn, we can have the battle now, it will have to be a regular battle instead of a Contest one though, since we don't have the right equipment to have a contest battle."

      "That's fine," Dawn replied confidently, "We'll do a 1 on 1 battle on this massive battlefield"

      "Ok sure," May replied, May then quickly threw out a Pokeball, "Go Beautifly!" she shouted, while the beautiful butterfly was released.

      "Go Buneary!" Dawn shouted, as the cute Bunny was released.

      So that was Chapter 2, May and Dawn will finish the battle in the next chapter.

      Chapter 3 will be up soon, Bye.
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